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Chapter 54 – Blood Transformation

“God damn monkey! Stay still for this old woman!” A big burly woman chased a fist size ball of gold holding a hundred jin beast leg within the village. It escaped in a way that seemed like it was rolling on the ground while also rapidly nibbling at the food during its escape.

What made this unbelievable was that it was only three inches tall; however, by the time it escaped to the village entrance, that hundred jin of smoked meat all went into its stomach with only a bone remaining.

“Damn monkey, can’t you go to another family. This is the sixth time in half a month!” The middle-aged woman shouted like a lion, took the half meter long bone and directly whacked its head.

Dang, sparks flew everywhere like iron striking against a rock. A look of innocence loomed over this golden ball’s face. Its eyes were wide open, and it wasn’t retaliating, nor responding.

“Aunt Hu, it’s not a monkey, it’s a Zhuyan,” the little guy corrected and then he picked up the golden ball and carried it backwards by the tail.

“That’s right. It’s also very annoying. I hate it more than pigs!” The middle-aged woman was still angry. She used the big bone to whack its head again, but it was as useless as trying to hit metal.

“Little Zhu, for the past half month, you stole from the entire village. Is your little stomach still not full?” Shi Hao pulled its ears several times.

“Zhi! Zhi!” the golden ball protested in dissatisfaction to the nickname.

“Not Tree Pig’s Zhu, it’s Zhuyan’s Zhu 1. If you don’t like it, I’ll call you hairy ball.” Little Shi Hao laughed as he let it roll around his palm.

The golden Zhuyan was extremely angry. What kind of nicknames were these. It was very displeased since it was either a pig or a ball.

Shi Hao pinched and rubbed it all over. In the middle of the Zhuyan’s protest, they arrived by the lake and prepared to cultivate.

A group of children had gathered here in a circle on the grass a long time ago. They were all very serious in bitterly cultivating the Bone Text. After a huge battle, everything within a circumference of one hundred thousand li was extinguished. This stirred the children’s fighting spirits and made them strive to become stronger.

“Hairy ball got into trouble again right? I just heard Linghu family’s aunt Hu roaring like a lion.”

“Haha, when does it not get into trouble? It’s really puzzling how it can eat so much; its stomach is like a bottomless pit.”

The group of children got up and smiled as they circled over. They pinched the spherical body of the Zhuyan since it was very comforting to touch.

“This past half month, it must have stolen smoked meat in the weight of a Dragon-Horned Elephant already right?”

The little guy heard and nodded. “It could just be really hungry. It was sealed under the lake for over a year without anything to eat or drink. It must be recovering its energy right now.”

The jade lake was crystal clear and sometimes a big golden fish would leap out of the water. The group of children sat in a circle by the lake again and continued cultivating.

For the past year, Shi Hao’s strength advanced leaps and bounds like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon. Just by using his flesh, he could already lift a huge thirty thousand jin rock. He was only a six year old child when he did it, and the entire village was amazed.

Furthermore, he was still cultivating in the essence of the Bone Text and had already gained extremely profound knowledge of it. With this speed of growth, it’s hard to imagine what kind of stage he will reach!

Actual cultivation didn’t just include refining the human body; it also involved understanding the primitive symbols to tap into the strength of heaven and earth. Otherwise, no matter how strong one’s body is, it’s hard to step onto the peak.

Actual Divine Beings didn’t differentiate between the flesh and the Bone Text. While they were refining their corporeal body, they could create traces of mysterious power to break them down to be absorbed by their body. This was done by transforming the Bone Text into divine light to nourish blood and body and refine it like a furnace when practicing.

Then humans began to become aware of this. As soon as they started, they tried to combine as much of the Bone Text and the corporeal body as possible and cultivated both as a whole.

Naturally, this road was very challenging. In a village of several hundred people or even a town of several thousand, it was tough to find even one person who can walk the path of cultivation.

The realm of Blood Transformation is the genuine first stage of the path of cultivation. Under normal circumstances, one person out of ten thousand people who achieved this in a tribe would already be lucky considering the difficulty of walking this path.

This realm required circulating all the blood essence within one’s body, roiling it like thunder, refining the Bone Text, and emitting divine light from one’s own blood to achieve the refinement of heavenly and earthly fortunes to nourish the body.

Simply put, the realm of Blood Transformation is combining blood and symbols and transforming them into divine light to nourish the corporeal body; to seize the fortunes of heaven and earth in order to strengthen the body and achieving the goal of cultivation.

The initial stages of Blood Transformation already had an astonishing destructive capability. One could easily suppress Shi Linghu, Shi Feijiao or other people who had five to six thousand jin of godly strength with a wave of their arms.

If one really wanted to measure this with numbers, the initial stages of the Blood Transformation realm had a destructive force of at least eight thousand jin!

The little guy also absorbed symbols into his flesh and blood to create divine light. Only after attaining an eternally burning furnace constantly supplying him with the divine essence of heaven and earth did he truly step into the realm of Blood Transformation.

People as strong as Shi Linghu or Shi Feijiao were not in this realm either because it was truly too difficult. If one person within a tribe with ten thousand people could pass this threshold, it was really good already.

Mid stage of the Blood Transformation realm had a destructive power of twenty thousand jin and the late stage was even more shocking: able to explode with fifty thousand jin of divine strength. This strength allowed people to push and shove their way through a group of huge beasts.

Even if a tribe had several tens of thousands of people, and a few were able to step into the Blood Transformation realm, in the end it would be extremely difficult for them to reach the late stages to able to utilize such shocking strength.

The little guy was only six, but with only the strength of his flesh, he could already lift thirty thousand jin. If one added the mysterious force of the symbols to his flesh and blood, he would be even more amazing, practically be considered at the apex of the Blood Transformation realm.

In the past two years, Shi Hao advanced at lightning fast speed. Shi Hao had already read all the bone books that the chief had gathered and his comprehension was incredibly profound. He already reached the extreme limit of his refinement, and was at a point where he was ready to break into the next realm.

However, Shi Yunfeng did not let him to do so because the little guy’s cultivation speed was too fast. It was unbelievable that at such a young age, he already reached a point where many people couldn’t for their entire lives. He felt that he needed to let Shi Hao establish a better foundation first, and that it was better to wait for the recovery of the Willow Deity and listen to its suggestion.

During these past few days, the little guy had flipped the pages of the bone book rotten, and he had completely mastered all the symbols within. He didn’t have much to study anymore, and the only thing he could do was to experiment around and research slowly.

Additionally, he was also researching precious techniques. One of them was the primitive symbols of the Archaic Devil Bird, and the other was the Suan Ni’s divine powers. Both of them were able to make a tribe with a population of ten million’s eyes red with envy.

When the sun was about to set and the sunset glow dyed the horizon red, the lake appeared even more gorgeous. A group of birds frolicked on the water until they were suddenly thrown into chaos. All of the huge birds flapped their wings and cried out incessantly.

Within the water, an egg that was the size of a human head rolled at an incredible speed. One could see it was being dragged by a hairy golden ball from far away.

A group of children looked dumbstruck. The golden Zhu Yan stole an egg of the vicious birds. Those several meter long Scarlet-Feathered Cranes which were fiery red colored all over were angrily crying out non-stop.

“Hairy ball, although this type of egg is very sweet after cooking, it’s not considered a good medicine. Go and take some of those little Luan’s eggs from their nest. Those are the good stuff.” The nasally kid instigated. Although he wasn’t very big, he was pretty naughty.

“Zhi! Zhi…” Hairy Ball cried out. It became a streak of golden light and suddenly disappeared with a whoosh. Its speed was too quick!

By some grass at the lakeside, a group of little Luan were angrily chirping soon afterwards. They fluttered their wings and splashed out big ripples of water to relieve their rage within their hearts.

The efficiency of the fist-sized ball was extremely high. In a short amount of time, it stole over 20 eggs. If Shi Hao didn’t restrain it, it would have continued.

“So sweet!” The children raised a fire and cooked the bird eggs by the lakeside to enjoy the delicious food with Hairy Ball.

Although there weren’t that many eggs, they were very fresh cultivation medicine. They ate to their heart’s content, but were worried all over. The golden Hairy Ball was not hogging all the food as well and happily shared.

However, its large eyes kept rolling around and had already started pondering which of these children’s family it would visit next. It couldn’t just steal eggs for them for nothing right?

The night descended and the willow tree at the village entrance suddenly emitted a shroud of light that enveloped Stone Village like it did in the endless mountain ranges every night.

The hibernation that it was in for the past year had only ended just now.

“Willow Deity recovered!” the villagers cried out in alarm.

At this moment, all the golden hair on the Zhu Yan’s body were erect and it stared nervously yet tenaciously at the lustering green branch of the scorched black willow tree with its perfectly round eyes.


It suddenly scuttled towards the willow tree and wanted to nibble on its tender bud. It sensed the abundant divine essence and the incredible life force it contained.

“Hairy Ball, don’t!” Shi Hao cried out in alarm.

The lustering green willow branch dropped down and immediately constrained Hairy Ball in mid air. If someone didn’t examine it too intently, they would have thought it was suspending there by itself. This unforeseen event caused both its eyes to widen with amazement as it tried its hardest to struggle free.

The little guy hastily explained. “Willow Deity, don’t bother with it. Although it’s an Archaic Descendant, the symbols in its body already shattered and it might have lost all its memories.”

The Willow Deity only let go after a long while. Obviously, it was very mindful of this golden Zhu Yan, but it didn’t say much about it.

After Hairy Ball broke free, it shrieked and tumbled down onto Shi Hao’s shoulder right away and hid behind his hair. Both of its big eyes stared at the willow tree and didn’t dare to mess with it again.

Everybody from Stone Village came over and piously prayed to the willow tree to express the reverence in their heart.

Finally, the chief with an daring attitude, recounted the little guy’s cultivation results and asked how he should proceed.

No one thought that the willow tree would actually answer, but instead, its divine message was “During the ancient era, the descendants of the strongest vicious beasts such as the Genuine Hou or the Golden Winged Peng could lift a hundred thousand jin of divine metal when they are young.


Everyone was shocked because this was too mind-blowing.

What kind of existence was the Willow Deity? It would never speak any lies and was much more reliable than any legends they had heard before. It was only because this information was too astonishing.

“That strength came purely from the power of their flesh, without any of their species’ special supreme precious techniques.” The Willow Deity added.

Golden Winged Peng, Genuine Hou, these Archaic vicious beasts could step into the heavens without even thinking. Their precious techniques would be absolutely unrivalled and unparalleled.

All the villagers were stupefied and speechless.

“Therefore, you don’t need to be anxious in making a breakthrough. It would be most beneficial if you strive to break through the barrier of having a corporeal strength of one hundred thousand jin in the shortest amount of time possible,” warned the willow tree.

The villagers stared blankly. Clearly, the willow deity treated the little guy favorably and spoke more things than it had in the last ten years because of him.

“I will do my best!” The little guy blinked his large eyes and clenched his little fists. Then afterwards, he timidly asked, “Willow Deity, can you help me look into my subconscious? I want to know what happened in my past.”

He was very nervous and was afraid about learning the cruel truth, but he truly wanted to know what exactly had happened during his past.

“I can,” the willow tree succinctly responded with these two words.

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