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Chapter 42 – The Great Wave

The endless mountain range was no longer tranquil as the various experts roamed about. Some of them were here for Stone Village’s Guardian Spirit, while others wanted to investigate the mountain treasure. They came quickly and in bunches, so Little Lonely Mountain Town was packed with people.

The head of each clan did not act blindly without thinking. They all felt that this willow tree was extremely mysterious, and held a deep and immeasurable feeling.

During these past few days, quite a few experts entered the depths of the mountain range. They wanted to see just what kind of divine object was worth fighting over for more than two years non-stop by these Archaic Descendants.

The group of experts made up of individuals from different tribes combined to form an incredibly powerful army. They broke through the outer region, massacring all the fierce beasts in their way before entering the heart of the mountains.

“What kind of treasure do you think it is? To be able to hide for over two years without being found, could it possibly be a living creature?”

“Wu, perhaps it could be a holy medicine that’s capable of flight.”

The group was chatting amongst themselves, but they didn’t neglect to make some preparations. They set out towards the mountains and each of them had some sort of expectation. If they couldn’t obtain the treasure, then even obtaining some sort of legendary medicine would make this trip worthwhile.

Of course, if they were to see for themselves the carcasses of Archaic Descendants who fought to their deaths, their hearts would be much more anxious. Without a doubt, each and every one of those creatures was a priceless treasure.


Suddenly, a dull roar echoed from within the heart of the ancient mountain range, shaking the entire mountain. Huge rocks tumbled down and crushed the towering trees. It was as if the mountain exploded.

“We didn’t even enter that deeply yet, how can there be such a terrifying roar?” Everyone was startled.

Violent winds whistled past, swaying the ancient trees. A strong odor assaulted everyone’s noses from within the forest, making them all feel disgusted. At the same time, a wave of frightening and fiendish aura assaulted them.

“Not good, the vicious beasts are moving about. Quickly get into the defensive formation!”

A Golden-Furred Bear rushed out while running upright. It was over ten meters tall, and a large horn stuck out between its brows as it rapidly arrived.


Although its body was huge, it wasn’t clumsy at all. Its speed was incredibly fast as it arrived. It slammed a palm into the ground before anyone was able to react. One unlucky person was directly squashed by the fan-like bear paw into a pile of meat.


One of the experts activated his precious technique and attacked the single-horned Golden-Furred Bear. Bone Text spread out and flames blazed downwards toward the bear. However, this bear was not at all interested in fighting with them. It leapt up over twenty meters before disappearing far away in a flash.

“Not good, quickly run away! It’s a beast flood!”

Everyone cried out in alarm. That bear was incredibly powerful and ran at the forefront. Behind it was a huge horde of other vicious beasts that flooded over like a vast expanse of darkness.

Their hearts and bladders began to tremble; no wonder there was such a strong odor that previously assailed their nostrils. Frantic winds whistled past, and an enormous group   of vicious beasts advanced.

The ground was shaking, and many ancient trees were broken apart. Groups of huge beasts ran away violently, flattening the mountain ground. They ran from within the heart of the mountains in tight groups, and all of them were incredibly powerful.

“Motherf*cker… what happened? Why are there so many vicious beasts?!” Everyone ran without the slightest hesitation. Within such a large beast flood, even the clan lords would find it to escape; no one dared to face this head on.


Another thunderous roar echoed from within the depths of the mountains. Rubble flew into the sky and mountain peaks began to vibrate. Huge mountain rocks incessantly tumble down. An extremely terrifying situation was occurring.

“Heavens… an Archaic Descendant! That’s a Devil Ape!”

Everyone turned around and shockingly discovered that a black ape king appeared. It was shrouded in a black mist that overflowed into the heavens, making him look like an unrivalled demon king. It stood upright in the sky and flapped its two large demonic wings as it looked down on everything. It was the Ape King that was driving away this group of beasts.

What shocked people even more was that this tyrannical Archaic Descendant had one of its arms snapped off, and it had only one arm left. Its eyes revealed a vicious light as it stared at this place.

The group of experts escaped as fast as they could, yet they were still discovered in the end. The Demonic Ape flapped both its wings and with a flash of black lightning, it stirred up a violent gale. Rubble began to tumble as it swooped down from the sky.

The person running at the head of the group suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes lost all expression as blood began rushing out of his head. His skull flew away from his body, and that Demonic Ape opened its mouth to directly suck out all the brain tissue within his head.

It did not stop there. Its body suddenly flashed in front of another person like black lightning. It was a speed that no one could react to.


With a light flick of its fingers, another head flew off. It opened its mouth to suck the brain from within the skull, and it licked its scarlet lips before finally letting go.

In the face of death, that person who had his brain emptied released a miserable howl that stopped spontaneously due to all of this happening way too quickly.


Everyone was in absolute horror, and couldn’t help but scream for their lives. Their heads became numb with fright, and none of them could have ever imagined that they would meet an Archaic Descendent as soon as they entered the depths of the mountains. It was an enemy they absolutely could not attempt to fight with, and the only option was to run for their lives.

However, this struggle was obviously in futile. The Demonic Ape began to flash about, leaving the place in a wretched state. Heads flew off of people’s bodies non-stop as it basked in the pleasure of this delicacy.

Ultimately, not a single person was left alive. Each and every one of these experts lost their lives in that place.

If the people of Stone Village were here, they would recognize the creature right away. This was the Archaic descendant that fought against the Suan Ni back then, however now, it was even more ferocious.

The beast flood was astonishing as it destroyed huge portions of the forest. They converged into a great tsunami and rushed out of the mountains like a tempest. Not only were the villages within the vicinity nervous, even the experts who came from far away were apprehensive. They thought that something definitely happened within the depths of the mountains for so many beasts to be scared like this.

From afar, a large black shadow emerged. It looked as if it was covering the entire mountain range, and countless vicious birds escaped from the mountains at their utmost speeds.

“Wu, what a terrifying beast flood. Originally, I thought this desolate and harsh land lacked spiritual essence, and it was improbable that an extraordinary creature would appear. I never could have thought there could be so many vicious creatures!” Golden Wolf Tribe’s clan head stood atop a mountain rock as he overlooked the beast flood. His brows were locked. A Golden Wolf Deity stood beside him on the mountain summit all high and mighty as they stared toward the distance.

“Yi, It’s an Archaic Descendant that’s driving away this group of beasts….” The Golden Wolf Tribe’s clan chief exposed a shocked expression and said to himself, “Such a powerful descendant, it seems like it’s taking orders from something else?”

After he came to this conclusion, he was suddenly shocked. That was an Archaic Descendant! No one within a large distance from here could be its match, yet currently, it was under the bidding of another.

He understood vaguely that since the mountain depths were being forcefully evacuated, the mountain treasure must be coming into existence!

At the same time, the Lightning Clan and the Great Floating Pool’s most powerful individuals understood as well. They were the strongest within their respective clans, and although they controlled enormous tribes within their lands, currently, they could only let out a sigh. They knew that it was impossible for them to claim the mountain treasure, as they lacked the strength to seize it.

After four hours, the beast flood dispersed into every corner of the outer forest. Also, this was merely the first beast flood. The weakest creatures were chased out. Clearly there was a second wave. This huge land would no longer be in peace.

The experts retreated back to Little Lonely Mountain Town as they felt that the situation was becoming more and more problematic. The scene at the mountain range was too terrifying, and it was impossible for them to even enter. Forget about the mountain treasure, they could not even obtain the carcass of a beast descendant.

“Ai, we came for nothing. I never thought the mountain range was this frightening. A powerful Demonic Ape was only in charge of driving away beasts, and this wasn’t even the deepest region of the mountains. What kind of inconceivable thing do you think appeared within this endless mountain range?”

“Perhaps a holy medicine or a heavenly bone from ancient myths?”

“I have no idea, but we wasted our time here today. I don’t want to stick around any longer. I’m leaving tomorrow, otherwise, I might just die here.”

Everyone became dispirited. Many tribes joined together to muster up this large force, yet , the end result made everyone irreconcilable.

“Ei, right, within this territory, didn’t some of the strongest tribes come here to fight against some small village? What happened, I heard they suffered some major losses?”

“Isn’t there a disciple of the Golden Wolf tribe and an expert from the Great Floating Pond here? Let them speak.”

Little Lonely Mountain Town was bustling. The foreigners almost reached the number of the native population. Golden Wolf Tribe, Lightning Clan and large quantities of other experts entered and awaited orders.

“That village wasn’t simple, it caused the strongest groups within this vast land to experience great losses.”

“Are you bullshitting me? I don’t think it’s possible. The Golden Wolf Tribe and Great Floating Pool were both aristocratic groups. Don’t they have the power to shake this boundless land?!”

None of them could believe it, and they all revealed astonished expressions.

A cold grunt echoed through, and an expert from the Golden Wolf Tribe came. He had an indifferent expression, and he spoke with ice cold eyes. “That village is almost finished. They are going to be wiped from existence!”

He was extremely confident since the Golden Wolf Deity from his tribe came with them. This was the strongest Guardian Spirit within a circumference of 50000 li, and it had already lived for a long time. His clan lord might not be this area’s number one expert, but this Golden Wolf Deity could certainly be the guardian spirit of any of their clans!

All the experts were alarmed. Golden Wolf tribe is instilling such thunderous methods, how could the village possibly resist?

“Within the mountain range, kings of Archaic Descendants lived there. Our tribe has no methods of fighting over the mountain treasure. However… eradicating a village that does not know how high the heavens or how thick the earth is wouldn’t take too much effort.” A disciple from the Great Floating Pool said in awe.

Not long ago, they were met with a huge tragedy. Their leaders as well as Jiao Cang suffered great losses. The experts they dispatched were practically all exterminated, and this made their entire clan furious. This time, the strongest experts within their clan came personally, so how could they lack the strength to exterminate a simple village? They wouldn’t believe it even if they were beaten to death.

“Right. We don’t stand a chance for the mountain treasure, so we’ll settle with getting revenge on that village. They obtained the precious carcass of a Suan Ni. How could a simple village possess such a holy creature?” The people of Lightning Clan said.

“Ah, Zishan Hou arrived!” At this moment, voices of shock swept through Little Lonely Mountain Town.

A round purple sun covered the sky. It was three feet above the ground as it rushed straight past the front of Little Lonely Mountain Town, heading straight in the direction of Stone Village. Although he passed by instantly, the terrifying aura that followed behind made everyone shudder.

Apart from the hidden family — Cloud Clan, that is to say the powers from the mysterious Heavenly Cloud Palace, everyone knew that within a circumference of 50000 li, Zishan Hou was the number one expert.

Even he came! Could it be he also wanted to eradicate this no name village?

“The number one expert came. If he took action, perhaps only the Lightning Clan, the Golden Wolf Tribe’s Guardian Spirit and a few others could resist him!”

“Heavens… It’s actually Zishan Hou! Let’s quickly take a look and see what he’s going to do.” The other experts were inspired because these utmost powers rarely went into action. Each time they did move out, however, a great tsunami would occur.

“Clan head made his move, and naturally it’s to flatten that village. They offended our clan Lord!” A youngster from Purple Mountain Clan said proudly.

“If Zishan Hou made his move, who could fight him? It he truly went all out, that group would certainly be extinguished,” said a few people as they sighed. They had experienced this long ago. In the past Zishan Hou personally exterminated powerful tribes.

Precisely at this moment, the people of Lightning Clan, Great Floating Pond, and the Golden Wolf tribe all seemed to be acting on some kind of order as they rushed into the forest. Soon after, Purple Mountain Clan’s people started moving out as well.

Several huge clans were actually moving in one direction. What was their target? Stone Village.

“They couldn’t obtain the mountain treasure, so they left to exterminate that village.” Someone said with a sigh.

“To actually go as far as to make several huge clans act against them and even making the four clan lords come, this mountain village really isn’t simple!” Quite a few people were surprised.

Purple Mountain, Great Floating Pool, Lightning Clan, and Golden Wolf Tribe’s people moved out in an orderly fashion. This was a rare occurrence, and when people discussed it, they all became excited. This was truly a weather shifting war.

The land’s number one expert Zishan Hou, the number one Guardian Spirit Golden Wolf Deity, as well as several other clan lords of large tribes all came. This was truly going to be a fierce battle.

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