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Chapter 36 – Sudden Hostility

Deity. This word must not be used carelessly. To ordinary clans, this was an omnipotent and supreme being.

During the ancient era, the first natives held firm in their beliefs and paid close attention to the offerings they made to the Deities. They believed that Deities certainly existed, and in the utmost important times, they could be summoned for protection.

In fact, through the insights gained by later generations, it came to light that what the tribes kneeled down and worshiped to were actually unique and powerful creatures. These creatures included the true Hou and pure-blooded Pi Hou, and they were all creatures that could be considered the pinnacle of life.

In the distant past, the first natives worshiped these creatures with their respect and sacrifices in order to receive their protection.

However, there were mortals that dared to call themselves Deities, and they had the strength to battle with ancient vicious beasts. They had strength that defied the heavens, and with a wave of their hands, they could exterminate huge clans with an unfathomable level of divine power; it was simply impossible to resist.

Rumor has it that vast and boundless ancient countries were still sacrificing to the heavens and conducting ancient ceremonies to this day. Although endless years had passed by, there might be traces left behind by these ancient countries’ mysterious and terrifying deities.

The people of Stone Village addressed this willow tree as a Deity. How could people not be surprised? This title couldn’t be given sparingly.

“You are positive this senior Guardian Spirit did not oppose being called a Deity?” A youngster slightly over ten from the Purple Mountain Clan asked with careful consideration.

“Not at all, the Willow Deity is kind and always protected our clan.” Er Meng recklessly said

A Guardian Spirit that did not oppose being called a Deity. When this information was released, all of the experts immediately had a change of heart. They couldn’t help but take a step back, as they all feared this burnt back and dying willow tree

But all those life forms that became a human clan’s Guardian Spirit had some relations to a Deity. They could have even been a direct descendant of an ancient Deity. They were especially afraid of a title like this and did not dare to provoke and ridicule Deities; all of them held themselves back.

The willow tree in front of them had the impertinence to continuously act in such a manner, and did not oppose being referred to in such a way. This proved that its power was terrifying, and it most likely had the strength to defy the heavens long ago; it didn’t care at all.

There’s no way that it is actually an ancient deity whose strength was already on the decline and on the verge of dying right? This was what many people thought in their heads but did not dare to speak out.

Faced with this turn of events, they all felt reverence within their hearts and felt rather uneasy. They no longer dared to act as they pleased, and began to walk carefully and cautiously.

However, they still felt unresigned, and wanted to understand where this hidden clan came from. They also wanted to find out what kind of divine powers the “Willow Deity” had, and what divine artifacts it bestowed.

One must know that an artifact made by a genuine ancient Deity had to be extraordinary and heaven-defying. Everyone secretly hoped that if they offered their best sacrifices, the willow tree would in turn help them.

They politely said that they wished to stay for a while. But although Shi Linghu and the others were simple-minded, they weren’t foolish. They realized something was fishy and stated that there were only a few rooms and that there weren’t many places to live.

Although Shi Feijiao and the others wished that they left as soon as possible, these people certainly didn’t give up. One after the other, they expressed that they did not need to enter the village and that simply living outside would suffice. They claimed that their only wish was that they could drink water from inside the village.

Those powerful experts from the Purple Mountain Clan, Great Floating Pond, Lightning Clan, the Golden Wolf Tribe and the Heavenly Cloud Palace all stayed behind. They originally wanted to enter the depths of the mountain and scout out the mysteries behind the mountain’s treasures.

“Venerable brother, do you know about the matter within the mountains? I heard that there was some extraordinary mountain treasure that made the Archaic Descendants go mad over them. Did you guys go look for them?” The Golden Wolf Tribe’s leader said to Shi Feijiao amiably as he tied up his unicorn.

“I’ve heard about it, but our Chief won’t let us go. To obtain those things, you need to be either an especially talented individual or a vicious beast; otherwise, only death awaits.

On the other side, Lei Yunkun took out a jar of Spirit Flowers and placed them into boiling water. Soon after, they became a fragrant perfume, overflowing with spiritual essence. He invited the villagers who were close to him in age to drink and converse with them.

Comparatively speaking, the children were a bit purer.

The two young maidens from the Heavenly Cloud Palace were chatting and laughing with the little guy. Sometimes, they pinched the little guy’s tender cheeks because they felt that this child was too adorable.

“We’ve drank the rich, sweet milk of the Snow Scaled Leopard. When I was young, I drank a cup every single day.” A young maiden said happily.

“En, a beast’s milk is really fragrant and very delicious.” The little guy nodded as they unexpectedly started talking about milk.

“Little guy what kind of milk do you like best?” The two young maidens were identical. They were fine, exquisite and pretty. From time to time, they would rub the little guy’s shiny jet black hair.

“Fire Tiger, Moon Rhinoceros, Dragon Horned Elephant…. if you mix these together into a hundred beast milk then it’d taste the best.”

Zishan Kun, Lei Mingyuan and the others walked past here and rolled their eyes. What was this; they were unexpectedly talking about this stuff.

Especially Jiao Peng, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He was defeated and humiliated by a milk-feeding child. However now, under the assumption that this was a hidden clan under the protection of a deity, he could only be extremely angry; he did not dare to act imprudently.

After four hours, the group of experts began to have some doubts. Stone Village was a bit odd. They’ve been repeatedly investigating, only to find that most of them did not understand the Bone Text at all! Shouldn’t a hidden family be able to at least reflect that?

“Something’s wrong, it shouldn’t be possible that everyone is hiding right. Why can’t the presence of an expert who has mastered the Bone Text be felt?

“En, there’s a problem. It shouldn’t be that we’re scaring ourselves right?”

These people were sharp. If even the tiniest traces of evidence were placed before them, they would immediately find a trail or a loophole. Earlier under their first impression, they were misled by various weird things.

Only now did that end. After getting into contact with the people of Stone Village, they slowly detected abnormalities. They began to realize that it might have been possible that they were overly nervous and made a mistake. Many people’s faces were starting to become unpleasant.

Jiao Peng’s lungs were about to burst. Zishan Kun, Lei Mingyuan and the other geniuses were also depressed and those strong youths began to develop a downcast expression. All of them did not look well as they believed that they had been played.

If this news got out, they would become a laughing stock. A few strong clans were almost scared by Stone Village; this would eventually become a fantastic story.

“Uncle Cang, I just found out, this burnt willow tree had only appeared several tens of years ago. It can’t possibly be a Guardian Deity from the ancient era. Also, after so many years, this willow tree had never talked with this village at all. I feel like it has already lost many of its powers as a Guardian Spirit.” Jiao Peng’s face was ugly as he clenched his teeth.

Jiao Cang and the other could not hold out any longer. They made such a mistake under their first impression. Fortunately, no one did anything that would truly cause them to lose face such as offering a sacrifice in front of the willow tree.

The people from the Purple Mountain Ranges were muttering as well and came to the same conclusion. Purple clouds were rising above Zishan Shou’s head and mist began to curl around his entire body like a great purple furnace. He was furious, but he did not explode and quickly restrained himself.

“Grandpa, they won’t become angry right? If they find this village unfavorable, then what would we do?” The two young maidens from Heavenly Cloud palace began to worry.

“The majority of them won’t go far….”An elderly man who held the Snow Feather said.

When the sky darkened, these groups of people began to get a gist of what’s going on. They knew they were wrong. This wasn’t some hidden family, but it was certainly possible that they accidentally obtained the carcass of a Suan Ni.

After this speculation came to light. Not only the people from the Great Floating Pond, but even the Golden Wolf Tribe began to tremble as they thought about what kind of powerful precious techniques this Stone Village could hold.

Without a doubt, a Suan Ni’s primitive symbols were extremely precious, and it was to the point that even a large clan would covet and envy it. An expert’s precious techniques from an Archaic Descendant would usually be a family’s strongest and most remarkable ability.

For these types of things, the more the better. Moreover, under normal circumstances, a clan would only have one extremely strong precious technique with many other smaller abilities to assist that main technique.

It was precisely because they were so rare that made them so precious!

“Wei, you wild children have been boasting too much. Talking about chasing a unicorn and killing a Guardian Spirit, you’re not scared of lightning striking your tongue?” Jiao Peng’s face was terrible as he stared at Er Meng, the nasally kid and the others.

The villagers were astonished, especially the children. They felt waves of chilling air. How could they have a change of heart so quickly?

As geniuses, they were certainly unruly, and ordinarily, they were untamable. Jiao Peng had been holding out for so long; now he wanted to take matters into his own hands.

Jiao Cang did not stop him to see what kind of reaction Stone Village would have. The others watched with folded arms as they watched these course of events unfold.

“Big bro, why can’t you see reason?” The little guy walked forward and stretched out his little arms to block his path. He faced Jiao Peng before and knew how difficult he was to deal with. He feared that he might hurt Er Meng or the nasally kid.

Jiao Peng was young, but right now he gloomily replied, “Reason? You’re just a milk-feeding baby who doesn’t understand that in this world, reason could only reached as far as where your fist could!”

“Big bro, we stay away from worldly affairs and like peace. We do not want to have a conflict with you. Please don’t be offended or get angry. If we had mistreated you, we will apologize.”

A child talking with milk on the corner of his mouth made some of the experts feel embarrassed.

The elderly man from the Heavenly Cloud Palace stood up and said “Let it go. The people here are unsophisticated. Why make things difficult for them.” When he said these thing, he looked towards the middle-aged man from the Great Floating Pond, Jiao Cang, because he was needlessly polite towards Jiao Peng.

However, everyone from Stone Village ate a Suan Ni and obtained a holy object — the precious bone. It made many of these experts’ eyes green with envy. Many of them wanted it for themselves and had a hard time composing themselves.

“This village was playing with us. There were indeed things wrong here.” The people from Golden Wolf Tribe said.

Chirp Chirp….

Suddenly, a few chirping sounds echoed through. Da Peng, Xiao Qing and Zi Yun, the three hatchlings all fluttered their wings and ran towards them. They were incredibly intelligent and rushed towards where the little guy stood.

These few days, they constantly underwent transformations. After devouring the Suan Ni’s flesh, to these devil birds whose blood vessels were strong, they obtained unimaginable benefits. Da Peng’s eyes became gold, and splendid stripes appeared on Xiao Qing’s wings. Zi Yun’s purple scales became even more splendid.

There was no need for explaining. After seeing those three hatchlings, they immediately understood that these were rare birds who had certainly inherited the true blood of an Archaic Devil Bird. Additionally, they underwent some transformations, so they were even more precious.

“These are my prey, none of you will steal them from me!” Jiao Long said in an overbearing tone. He removed a precious bow from his back and directly pulled it fully to shoot an iron arrow.

Jiao Cang from the Great Floating Pond did not stop him. He only watched coldly from the sidelines.

“Do you think it’s yours just because you say it is?” ZiShan Kun and Lei Mingyuan also came and similarly took out their bows and considered those three hatchlings their prey.

The group of experts were all amazed. These were three abnormal transformed hatchlings. If they grew up, they would be extremely powerful, and would become incredibly powerful Guardian Creatures.

“You can’t hurt Zi Yun and the others!” The little guy and the others became angry. His eyes lit up and stared at Jiao Peng and the others as he extended his little snow white hands to block them.

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