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Chapter 33 – Genius

Using both of his arms, a godly force of 8000 jin was exerted. For a child that wasn’t even four yet was unheard of in Stone Village. All of them were stupefied, and were gaping in awe.

The group of people shouted with strange noises and hurried to the little guy’s side before hoisted him up in the air and pinched him all over. Is this really not a Hou in human form?

“Little guy, what are you made of?” Er Meng’s father was rather rough, and with his mouth wide open, he exposing his snow white teeth while pinching him.

The entire group of strong men were all like this. They were all pretty rough. Afterwards, a group of children also made a large commotion and ran towards him. They pinched him all over for a long time until they released him after a long while.

The little guy’s body was spotlessly white, sparkling and translucent. Divine splendor covered every precipice of his body, and pitch black, soft and long hair draped all over his shoulders. His eyes were sharp; he was full of energy and was in very high spirit.

“The heavens truly spared my clan, giving us this kind of child!” A few clan elders were incessantly chatting amongst themselves while trembling with excitement.

“Child, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere at all?” Shi Yunfeng asked, afraid that the transformation would leave behind some dangerous side-effects.

The little guy’s voice was young and tender and earnestly replied “Nope, I feel really good. I feel so energized, like I have unlimited stamina.”

The chief laughed heartily and completely now. He examined the little guy all over, and he suddenly looked as if he was ten years younger as many of the wrinkles on his face disappeared.

Soon after, the little guy lifted up the 8000 jin Hou symbolled cauldron again and walked around the empty space. Although it was extremely heavy, he wasn’t panting at all. This divine strength was truly startling.

When he put down the Hou symbolled cauldron, the earth shook around it, causing cracks to appear as the surface shook. The villagers were shocked to the point that their eyelids started jumping out.

“Such a powerful strength, making a weapon for you in the future will be annoying.” An elder smiled with delight. There wasn’t a trace of annoyance on him, but rather a very happy expression.

“Bring the clan’s strongest bow over here. Let’s see if the little guy can pull it!” Shi Linghu said with a smile on his face.

This was a huge Precious Rhinoceros Horned Bow, however it was a pity that it was too thick. Although the little guy was able to pull the bow right away, his arms were not long enough, and could not completely pull it backwards.

“Fortunately, your arms are short. Otherwise, you might pull too hard and snap this precious bow.” Shi Linghu wiped off his sweat, and the villagers all bursted out in laughter.

The villagers were all down-to-earth people, and all of their feelings were sincere. Everything they had on their mind could be seen on their faces. Although they were all quite crude, the feelings they send off were all very warm.

“Little guy, come eat barbecue at big Auntie’s house.”

“Child, you’re almost four years old, you should be considering your marriage by now. What do you think about Uncle Linghu’s daughter?”

“We were talking about weapons, where are you guys going?”

The villagers were all elated. Having a child like this, as long as he grew up, he would undoubtedly shake the world. He would protect this region, and help Stone Village grow to the peak of its power.

“Little guy, although your baptism was successful and your strength raised tremendously, you cannot be too prideful. There are many experts in this world, and they are all extremely terrifying.” The chief warned seriously

“Grandpa Chief, I know!” The little guy nodded.

Shi Yunfung was still not completely at ease and intentionally said “They say that, during the Archaic Period, there were Divine apes wielded iron sticks that weighed 108,000 jin. They did this without the use of any precious techniques, and only relied on the strength of their flesh.

The group of children were petrified and the adults were even more shocked as they became speechless. This was simply too terrifying; to simply lift up a weapon and actually wielding it were two entirely different concepts. How strong was it to actually be capable of such a feat?

Afterwards, the villagers told Shi Hao to jump to see how high into the air he could leap. This time, they were frightened right away. The little guy jumped as high as he could and ended up 30 meters above the ground, and with a dong sound, he dropped to the floor. Like a steel spear, he inserted himself solidly into the ground, cracking the earth in all four directions.

“My god, when we go hunting in the forest from now on, you should follow too. I feel with your strength right now, you are on par with those huge beasts!”

His body was extremely strong. The little guy’s organs were sparkling and his bones were shining. His entire body was baptized, as the flickering symbols had combined with his flesh. His entire body was doused in a divine light.

There was a speck of light on every inch of his flesh making him look like a deity. They embodied the symbols, and endless extracted luck from the heaven and earth before drawing it into the body.

Chirp Chirp….

Three little birds made their way towards the group of people. Their scales were emitting light as they fluttered their wings. Their eyes contained traces of divinity, and looked as though they wanted to open their mouths and speak. They had extraordinary strength, and so the group of children were easily pushed aside when they made their way inside.

“Da Peng, Xiao Qing, Zi Yun!” The little guy shouted and rushed over.

The three hatchlings chirped in high spirits, and used their heads to rub against his arm, showing great affection and joy. During the past half month, they were protecting a cave behind the village to guard their mother. They would only occasionally run inside the village to find the little guy.

“Aunt Green Scaled Eagle should no longer be in any trouble right? Using the medicine by Grandpa Chief and the Mythical Flaming Devil Bull’s True Blood. A complete recovery should will definitely happen.” The little guy asked in concern. These two days, he was in his baptism and did not know the condition the Green Scaled Eagle.

“When we dismembered the Archaic Descendant’s precious body, we already delivered it a lot of the Suan Ni’s flesh. It should currently be working hard to refine the essence inside the blood.” The chief said.

This time, the reason they were able to fight over the Suan Ni’s precious body was all because of the Green Scaled Eagle, and it fought life and limb in several bloody battles. If they didn’t have its support, it would have been impossible to return with such rewards.  Stone Village would naturally not forget its kindness and bravery. These past few days, under the utmost care of the clan, the vicious bird that was on the verge of dying was slowly making its recovery. Only, since it was in such a terrible state before, unless it consumed a bit of the Bull’s True Blood to detoxify itself, there might have been permanent damages. Recently, it had been gradually began to recover as the people of Stone Village fed it the flesh and blood of the Archaic Suan Ni.

“If it consumed a bit more of the Archaic Descendant’s flesh and blood. Perhaps it could obtain some great benefit.” The little guy said.

A bird cry pierced the vast skies like the descent of thunder and lightning, shocking everyone’s ears until they were in pain. A huge vicious bird with green light circulating around its body soared into the skies from behind the village. It hid within the skies and covered the earth before circling around the village for a bit and then charging straight into the depths of the mountains.

“It had recovered already. Could it be that it left?” The little guy waved and yelled “Goodbye, Aunt Green Scaled Eagle!” His long cry echoed through as he said his farewells. Then, it disappeared into the clouds.

“It might be making a breakthrough and decided to isolate itself in another place.” Chief Shi Yunfeng’s face congealed and said.

“Breakthrough?!” A group of men exposed a bewildered look on their faces as they looked towards the clouds in the sky. If it strength advanced to another level, it would definitely be stronger than that vicious Wolf from the Wolf Village.

Afterwards, the villagers were all extremely happy. The Green Scaled Eagle already owed them its life and also entrusted its three children to them as well. The stronger it was, the better it was for Stone Village.

“You guys grew up even more!” The little guy smiled.

The hatchlings’ body lengths had already reached three meters. Their scales were shining with precious splendor. For the past few days, they had also been eating the flesh of the Archaic Descendant and gained tremendous benefits.

“Chief, when will we have our baptism?” The group of children looked impatiently. After seeing the little guy become so strong, they were all envious, and were no longer afraid of any sort of pain.

“We start now, but you guys would never be able to bear a medicine that powerful. We can’t use that; we’ll have to dilute it.” Chief Shi Yunfeng stated.

Suddenly, Stone Village was bustling once again. One huge cauldron after another started boiling. Archaic Descendant’s True Blood filled them up, and the villagers all benefited from it.

Today, Stone Village wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves. Although the children all clenched their teeth to bear their pain, they were still unable to endure it and started to cry incessantly.

After sundown, everything was over. A few able-bodied men also consumed some flesh and blood. Of course they were the same as the children, unable to eat a lot of it and baptize themselves. Normal people could definitely not bear the pain.

Stone Village finally calmed down after two days. The remaining True Blood and precious meat were all sealed up. They would all be slowly refined, and not even a single bit would go to waste.

After handling it for several days, chief Shi Yunfeng took out a glowing white bone as big as his palm; it was precisely that bone with the primitive symbols left behind by the Suan Ni. After the able-bodied males’ several days of effort, they finally manage to retrieve that bone from its body.

Luckily, after the bone produced symbols, it was no longer connected to the forehead. It had been separated for a long time and became another piece of bone all by itself. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to move.

The chief said with an extremely serious tone “Little guy, don’t do anything else for a few days; instead, remember these symbols safely within your heart. After a few more days, the activity on this precious bone will disappear and this symbol’s mysterious imprints will disappear along with it. After it disappears, the bone would only become a precious artifact and would not yield any precious techniques.

It was similar to the white gem-like beast tooth bracelet from the Wolf Village; if the white beast teeth had already condensed its symbols, its most divine secrets would no longer visible. It could only become a precious artifact and did not contain any precious techniques.

The little guy heard what was said and nodded earnestly. For the entire rest of the day, he single-mindedly carried the glowing white bone while carefully analyzing it. His eyes didn’t even blink, and he was concentrated to the extreme.

Although it was just a symbol, it represented an entire race, and the precious technique would soon shock the world. The imprint constantly fluctuated like the stars in the vast sky. They moved about incessantly, complicated and mysterious. Only until late at night did the little guy finally successfully force himself to remember all the different variations, storing them inside his heart.

“Grandpa, I remember them now, but the Suan Ni’s precious technique is too complicated. I won’t be able to understand it for a while.” The little guy said honestly.

Shi Yunfeng did not say anything. If someone understood it, then they would be able to recreate the Archaic Descendant species’ divine power. No one could do it right away, as this took time to digest and comprehend.

“Take your time, you’ll understand it sooner or later. Right now, you should first comprehend the Archaic Devil Bird’s precious technique thoroughly. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, keep that in mind.

“Grandpa, I understand!”

Two days later, groups after groups of experts charged into the mountains with the intention of entering the heart of the mountains. There was a clan riding on silver unicorns, a group of aristocratic heirs flying on top of a large beast bone, and a group of powerful individuals sitting on a flood dragon.

“Ya, grandpa, quickly look. This village’s Guardian Spirit is so strange, why does this thunder-stricken willow tree have only a single tender branch?”

An old man as well as two youths and two young maidens as pretty as fairies stood atop a snowy feather measuring five to six meters long. The pupils of their eyes were lively, as divine and holy light circulating around them.

“What an ancient and strange Guardian Spirit. Even in such a condition, it’s still not dead with only one branch remaining; it must be extraordinary. After being struck by lightning, it must have given birth to a powerful force. It must certainly be rare and valuable treasure; no one fight with me over it, this willow tree is mine!” A five or six year old child that was still ten meters above the ground jumped off the back of the Jiao.

“What kind of village is this, how can there be this kind of Guardian Spirit?” Within the people and horses of another group, a youth stared at the old willow tree that was charred black with a startled expression.

“So odd, it was met with a calamity and yet it gave birth to such power from its destruction. This tender branch must be an absolutely priceless treasure.” A few people said.

“You few people all want to fight over it with me, I want to see you try. Let’s see who the number one genius is!” The child who jumped off the back of the Jiao sneered.

“Good, then let’s have a fight. This time, we are gambling with absolute treasures. If it’s not precious blood that can transform your entire body, then don’t take it out!”

Then, a group of adults also stopped. Their eyes contained a strange light and stared towards the willow tree. They did not oppose to the children having a battle and even encouraged the gambling over precious blood.

“Fight then, and see who amongst you is an absolute genius. In twenty years here, let’s see who sinks or floats.”

“But don’t easily go around and killing people’s Guardian Spirits!”

A few adults opened their mouths. They were all experts whose names shook the lands.

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