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Chapter 30 – Little Lonely Mountain Town

Little Lonely Mountain Town, a town not too large, was located in the external parts of the boundless mountain range. Its population was a bit over 2000 and just over a hundred Li from Stone Village.

This world was boundless. The forests were endlessly vast and flooded with vicious beasts and poisonous bugs. Human territories were situated within this ancient mountain range, and they were isolated, making contact with the outside world was difficult.

Although this was a town, neither Stone Village nor Wolf Village would visit during the year. The hundred Li of mountain road were sealed off by ancient trees, and there were extremely dangerous birds of prey, poisonous bugs and vicious beasts.

In fact, it was like this everywhere. This was a widespread situation. Even Stone Village and Wolf Village, being separated by just ten Li, would not meet each other for months on end.

However, today, Little Lonely Mountain Town was filled with shining armor and the neighs of foreign horses. A group of armored horseman that had tread through the mountains arrived. They passed through the endless mountain range, crashed through the domains of all kinds of vicious creatures and safely arrived here.

These ten mounts were all Scaled Horses. The few people in the center were riding on long unicorns. Its body was pure white and silver scales flickered on these mutated scaled horses; its divine presence was out of the ordinary.

Lead by a middle-aged male with his black hair draped over. His eyes shone with a blossoming multicolored gold light and even his pupils showed traces of gold. When he gazed into the middle of the town, he shot out two terrifying beams of golden light from his eyes.

Riding on the other unicorns were two young men, a young maiden, as well as a little boy and two small girls. They looked smart and intelligent, and they were all cute and adorable.

People of Little Lonely Mountain Town were bewildered. Normally, very few people would come to their town. However, for the past few days, waves after waves of people came. People from over ten different huge clans all arrived, and they were all unimaginable experts.

According to this trend, the amount of people would only increase. The forgotten hostels in the middle of the town were all filled up with people. Other people who could not find a place to stay and had to live in other people’s households.

After one group of people had just entered, another group arrived. Their prestige was even more shocking. There was a legendary flood dragon that headed the way. It was over twenty meters long, and it was covered with dazzling scales all over its body. It also had a huge pair of wings that allowed it to cross the sky. It casted a huge shadow over the ground, and a middle aged man as well as three children were sitting on it. One of them was about five or six, another eight or nine, and the last one looked to be around eleven or twelve; all of them were brilliant and promising youngsters that had extraordinary gifts.

Around ten meters from the ground, the three children jumped down. The wind whistled beneath them, and after seeing this, the middle-aged man shouted “Slow down, don’t be too rash.”

“No problem!” The youngest child shouted. His eyes were shining and beaming, and it looked as if they belonged to a Golden-Winged Peng’s offspring. He descended in a spiral and with a hong sound, he landed on the ground with an imposing aura.

Upon seeing this, the town folks’ hearts all skipped in fear. That was only a child who was five or six years old, yet he had that kind of vicious and fierce aura around him. He could jump from a height of tens of meters into the air, and could certainly tear apart a vicious huge beast with his bare hands.

“This town is called Little Lonely Mountain. Could it be their Guardian Spirit it a mountain?” That eleven to twelve year old child said to himself.

Near the entrance of the town was a stone tablet. On the tablet, three words were inscribed: Little Lonely Mountain.

“You guys look, it’s actually a living mountain. It could be assumed that the townsfolk all sacrificed many vicious beast to it. Its interior could perhaps be filled with strange and rare true blood. Third uncle, kill this Guardian Spirit for us. After we get back, I want to use its True Blood to refine my body. There would certainly be great benefits!” The youngest child was only five to six, but he had a incredibly imposing aura. His eyes terrified people like a vicious beast with its mouth wide open.

The townsfolk hear this and all paled. To kill their Guardian Spirit was no different than destroying their town.

Fortunately for them, the middle-aged man did not do as he was told and reprimanded “Jiao 1 Peng, if you dare babble such nonsense again, I’ll really send you back home!”

“It’s not like you haven’t killed one before. When I bathed in a Guardian Spirit’s blood years ago, it possessed a strange effect to it.” The youngest child was called Jiao Peng.

“Shut up!” The middle-aged man’s eyes shined with conviction like two streaks of lightning flashing across. He opened his eyes wide and said “We can’t disturb Mountain type Guardian Beasts; otherwise, we could be provoking a Mountain Deity.”

“So boring. Can’t look for treasures deep in the mountain and can’t capture Guardian Spirits. Why did we come to this barren land anyway?” Jiao Peng murmured.

“Child, you are quite spirited.” A laughter echoed from far away.

Outside the town in the middle of the Ancient Forest, a thick beast bone over six to seven meters long floated an inch from the ground. It was an unknown vicious creatures that emitted brilliant white rays of light, and its dense symbols flicked before rapidly charging forward while floating.

There were a few silhouettes standing there lead by an old man wearing feathered clothing. He wore a golden crown and his entire body was covered with strands of purple air. He was faintly distinguishable, and it was difficult to distinguish his power.

At his side, there was a young man around twenty years of age. He had a pressuring heroic spirit. There were also two young maidens around ten years old. They were as extremely beautiful, and looked as if they walked straight out of a painting. Additionally, there were also two more young boys with sharp and spirited eyes.

When they came close, they strode down the beast’s bone. With a flash of light, that huge six to seven meter long bone shrunk to the size of a palm. Gentle like a sparkling gem, it dropped into the hands of the elderly man.

Clearly, this was extremely valuable Precious Artifact, as it was able to fly off the ground while also having the ability to shrink down to size of an inch.

“Turns out it’s the Purple Mountain clan’s heirs. Nice to meet you!” The middle aged male riding the Jiao opened his mouth and said.

The elderly man was Zishan Hou’s uncle. He smiled and said, “The Great Floating Pool is quite fine, being able to develop this kind of youngster. He’s not even six years old yet and is already this strong. After ten years, his name will certain shake the world.

“You’re praising him so much that his tail is almost pointing up.” The Great Floating Pool’s middle aged man shook his head.

“Elder of the Purple Mountain clan, how about letting me and that your grandson have a fight?” The five to six year old Jiao Peng said. He had a fierce gaze in his eyes while looking towards those two children with a provocative expression.

One of the children’s eyes suddenly started shining purple like a hibernating Suan Ni. His aura immediately became much stronger.

Evidently, these two clan’s adults did not have a harmonious relationship. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such hostility between their children. After just seeing each other, they wanted to fight.

“What an interesting little guy. Do you really want to exchange pointers? How about this, this old man will add an incentive. I have a very rare and precious jar of a vicious beast’s True Blood here. Whoever wins gets it.” The elder smiled and then looked towards those middle-aged men.

“Wu, let it be so. I have no reason to say otherwise. I have here a rare jar of a strange vicious bird’s blood.” The Great Floating Pool’s middle-aged man said.

“Heh, fights, my Lei Clan likes that the most. How can you have these types of things without us?” A rumbling of thunder passed through from afar.

In the ancient jungle, an ancient beast’s skin was flickering with symbols. It was floating three inches from the ground and was several meters long. A plain azure aura circulated around it as if it was an Archaic Descendant reborn, causing people to tremble in place.

The beast skin carried several people. One of them was a young man of roughly twenty, and the others consisted of an old servant as well as several children both male and female varying from five to ten years old.

There were black lightning flowing around their bodies. From a long distance away, one could already hear the rumbling noises, and it was loud enough that it violently shook the mountain earth.

“I will also wager the True Blood I have on me. Ming Yuan and Ya Ya, you two come over. Make Zishan Hou’s two dearest children kneel before you!”

With a flash of brilliant light, the beast skin became the size of a palm and landed in the young man’s hands. They were already standing on the ground.

“All geniuses together in a fight to determine who is the strongest. We have also fought many times in our lifetimes, so let the young ones exchange pointers as well.” The townsfolk also spread rumors and started coming over.

“Naturally, we have to gamble. Don’t bring anything other than an Archaic Descendant’s True Blood.” Someone spoke out. This made many people take extra-long breathes as the stakes were truly shocking.

Little Lonely Mountain Town was bustling over the last few days. In the middle of the town, the indigenous people’s hearts were all jumping out of their body. During these past few days, many experts had come, making them very restless.

“Correct, let those children around ten or younger fight to determine who’s the strongest, revealing the absolute number one genius!”

Little Lonely Mountain Town’s weather all began to converge at this time. Over a hundred li away, Stone Village was quite peaceful and auspicious. All of the villagers were in a cheerful mood because some large event will happen soon.

Little Shi Hao took barely half a month to finish his cultivation, and completely merged the Bone Text into his own flesh and blood. His entire body was shining all over and there wasn’t a single speck of dirt on him; using Precious Techniques would never harm his own body again. Now, he was starting to refine it into heavenly and earthly powers, drawing divine life force into body to lighten and invigorate his body.

The chief decided to use the Suan Ni’s precious body, the Mythical Flaming Devil Bull horn and the Demonic Ape’s arm to start his baptism, refining his body with the True Blood of Archaic Descendants and Treasured Bones.

The other children would naturally not be left behind. There was such a large Suan Ni and an abundant amount of blood, so the children were all able to experience such fortune.

The chief’s expression was solemn and asked: “Child, are you ready yet. Typically, you need to be five years old before undergoing the baptism, however, now you’re doing it in advance. You are still young, and I’m scared you won’t be able to handle it.”

“Grandpa chief, I’m not scared. I can certainly hold out until the end.”

“Well then, I’ll have those people carry the golden Suan Ni, the Demonic Ape’s arm and start today!” Shi Yunfeng made his serious decision.

“Grandpa chief. If the baptism is successful, how would my strength evolve?” The little guy blinked his large eyes and asked inquisitively.

“There will be a nice surprise, and you won’t be inferior to those geniuses from those large clans. Even if you do end up facing off against them in the future, although you’re younger, I believe that you will still display an extraordinary performance.” The chief said conscientiously.

Despite seeing little Shi Hao grow up, he was still shocked one time after another. The little guy’s displays were extremely shocking, making people wonder whether he was an Archaic Descendant’s offspring in human form.

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