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Chapter 21 – Suan Ni

In the middle of the clouds, the silhouette of the Green Scaled Eagle trembled as its heart was terrified. The Suan Ni unexpectedly had not died. They were just fighting over its carcass, how could such a terrifying turn of events occur?!

“Yiya, how is it alive again?” The little guy scratched his head, puzzled.


A world-shaking roar came through the mountain. That Demonic Ape angrily howled. Its wings got torn off while it was still alive, causing it to go mad. Fresh blood was still spilling out from its wounds.

It used his remaining arm to attack, smashing the old beast shining in heavenly golden rays with its fist. The Suan Ni did not appear to be slowed by its age at all, and with a flash, it instantly reappeared over a hundred meters away.

With a Hong sound, the Demonic Ape smashed through the other remaining half of the mountain with a godly might that shocked the desolate forest. After hitting only the air, it did not stop. With one leap, it jumped over two hundred meters high with the intention of spreading its wings and flying away.

Although it was angry, it was clear-headed enough to realize it wasn’t the elder Suan Ni’s opponent.

The Suan Ni’s pair of golden eyes were extremely cold. Cloud vapors surged from its entire body like a tsunami. Moreover. it rushed forward like a golden streak of lightning, and an explosion sounded as it struck the back of the Demonic Ape.

Ao Hou…

The Demonic ape howled loudly and its entire body shuddered. Blood blossomed 10 feet into the air, and just like before, it once again suffered a great tragedy under the effects of the Suan Ni’s horrifying precious technique. A shining hole of blood appeared on the front and the back of its chest.

The formidable Demonic Ape immediately dropped down. It opened up its bloody mouth, exposing snow white fangs. It charged forward with one arm, and its entire body lit up with symbols as it began activating its precious technique.

On the other side, the Mythical Flaming Devil Bull’s entire body was covered in a scarlet fire with a texture similar to a silky fabric. It also went mad, and its entire body was lit up with symbols as well. Its intention was not to battle the Suan Ni to death, but to take advantage of an opening to escape.

However, the Suan Ni was too fearsome. It shot two light beams out from the depth of its eyes. Following that, it struck the body of the Mythical Flaming Devil Bull with a thundering sound, causing its symbols to dissipate and streaks of bloody scars to appear.


The thirty meter long scarlet red devil bull became furious. The flames on its body reached the heavens, and its mythical flames were ignited. It rose up, spread open its huge mouth, and spouted out a stream of flourishing scarlet red in all directions, causing rocky peaks to become magma.

With this attack, there were unfathomable numbers of vicious birds and ferocious beasts that turned to ashes on the scene. They did not even have time to scream.

The Suan Ni yelled, and the golden light rays on its body intensified. Its gaudy magnificence caused the entire mountain region to become a sea of gold. A mist surged out and blocked the mythical flames.

In the cloud banks far away, the little guy murmured to himself “The Suan Ni was actually feigning its death. Wanting to eliminate its enemies, it deliberately attracted the Demonic Ape and the Mythical Flaming Devil Bull to come. As expected of a wise race, it is sharper than a human.

Demonic cries rang out, and mythical flames overflowed the heavens. Mist and lightning interweaved, and the area was already boiling with intensity. In this confrontation between three archaic descendants, the noise shocked the heavens and moved the earth, shaking this entire desolate land.

On the Suan Ni, Mythical Flaming Devil Bull and the Ape King’s bodies, mysterious patterns interweaved. They were densely packed together and light rays burning fiercely like an electric snake fluttering in the breeze. Tyrannical strength began to stir, causing the weather to become unstable as the precious techniques began to activate.


Ear-splitting noises spread out one after another, as if an immortal lightning was descending onto the ninth step of heaven. Red lights rushed into the skies as clouds and mists filled the air as electricity and fire fused together. The Suan Ni, Demonic Ape and the Mythical Flaming Devil Bull all trembled. The entire mountain region ruptured as if the end of the world was near.


The Demonic Ape flew out horizontally from the mountain with godly golden splendor. Its entire body was bloodied, and many of its bones were broken, however, it finally broke out of the Suan Ni’s mist controlled region.

With a dong sound, it split open the earth with one step, and with a spread of its demonic wings, it transformed into a hurricane. Bringing with it a black mist that overflowed the skies, it charged towards the depths of the mountains.

The Demonic Ape not only had one of its arms snapped off. Several of its internal organs were smashed, and even more of its bones were broken. It needed to immediately find a calm place to rest and heal. Otherwise, if it was found by some old enemies, its death was certain.


The Mythical Flaming Devil Bull shouted out, and the oppressive roar shook the entire mountain. Its entire body was covered in blood as it escaped with great difficulty. Fiery rays of light cooked the entire sky red. It knocked over a mountain peak and treaded on lava before escaping to the mountain abyss as well.

There was only a Suan Ni left at the scene. Its entire body covered in gold fur dazzled as It loudly whistled in high spirits. Like the appearance of a tornado, grass and bramble were lifted off from the Earth. Huge trees were snapped in half, and mountain rocks tumbled down, causing a huge mess.

The Suan Ni swept its indifferent gaze through the surviving formidable lifeforms. With a low groan, it immediately caused them to scramble into every direction as if they just received amnesty. In a flash, they all escaped.

In reality, eighty percent of the birds and beasts were already dead here. Especially after the Suan Ni, Mythical Flaming Devil Bull and the Ape King battled. The effects were widespread, causing an unexpected calamity.

The mountains were quiet again. Lava began to cool, only leaving behind the smell of blood on the ground. The old Suan Ni stood alone over there with its huge godlike body enveloped in a godly splendor.

It was a bit lonely. The radiance in its pupils gradually dimmed, and from his mouth spilled some blood. After this shocking sight, the radiance on its body exploded, and its body cracked as it collapsed onto the mountain floor with a rumbling sound.

“Ah, it died again. Is it for real this time?” On the back of the Green Scaled Eagle, The little guy widened his eyes. “It’s truly too old and already at the end of its lifespan. It’s a pity that after using its ultimate technique, it still could not kill its foes.”

The Green Scaled Eagle flashed rays of light from its pupils and wanted to throw itself downwards, but it was still scared that the Suan Ni was not completely dead. If it was really like that, then it was simply suicide.

That region of the mountain was tranquil, and not a single thing dared to approach it. All the vicious birds and ferocious beasts were scared away by the Suan Ni and did not dare to turn back, and ran without knowing how far out they should escape.

“Aunt Green Scaled Eagle, this time the Suan Ni should really be dead. Let’s go take a look.” Shi Hao quietly spoke.

The sound of wind whistled through and green scales flashed through the clouds.

How could this wise creature not be aware? It still moved prudently and carefully, circling for a while before descending downwards.

“Ya, it’s really dead.” The little guy and the Green Scaled Eagle arrived in front and poked the Suan Ni. Right now, its body had already cooled down, and its life was already definitely gone.

The Green Green Scaled Eagle was incredibly roused up, and clapped his wings with great force causing sand and rubble to fly everywhere. Quickly, it came back from afar with the Demonic Ape’s arm. This was also an Archaic Descendant filled with rare True Blood.

Kengchi, Kengchi, The little guy carried that Mythical Flaming Devil Bull’s several meter long horn over and laughed simple-mindedly. His eyes quickly took the shape of a crescent moon because this was also a priceless treasure.

“Auntie, let’s leave quickly.” The little guy reminded.

The Green Scaled Eagle was especially excited and showed a different side of it than its normal fierce nature. Right now its eyes were half blind, practically drunk.

“Aya, what happened auntie?” The little guy cried out in alarm.

The Green Scaled Eagle grabbed the Suan Ni’s body and wanted to flap its wings and never thought that with a stumble, it almost fell onto the floor.

“Ah! Auntie you’re poisoned. You have not been completely dispelled yet. “The little guy’s large eyes were filled with worry.

In that fight not long ago, it was bitten by that purple snake. Although it decisively cut off a large chunk of its poisoned flesh, it could still not completely block the spreading of the poison.

Also, it was attacked by the blood sable as well the fearsome mouse king who consumed metal as food. Its injuries were not light, causing its body to be much weaker; as a result, the poison spread even faster, making it hard to contain.

“Auntie, let’s hurry up and leave. Let’s go back to Stone Village and let Grandpa Chief help you cure this poison!” Little Shi Hao anxiously yelled.

The Green Scaled Eagle flapped its wings and attempted to fly again. This time, it finally lifted up that huge Suan Ni and took to the skies towards the direction of Stone Village.

En route, it shook several times and nearly dropped down. Its body was incredibly weak and almost ran out of strength. On normal days, it could easily lift prey that were twice as heavy as this.


After flying through a rocky cliff, its steel wings collided with a huge boulder, hacking open a huge chunk of the cliff before almost dropped head first into the ground.

The little guy anxiously said “Auntie, if you can’t do it, let’s throw the Suan Ni or the mythical bull horn down here first and then look for it later.

The Green Scaled Eagle was strictly against this idea right away. It told him to sit on its back and hold that several meter long scarlet horn and that Demonic Ape’s arm, not wanting to leave anything behind. In addition, both its claws tightly held the Suan Ni, and trembled the entire way. It flew close to the mountain and rushed towards Stone Village.

Finally, Stone Village was near. The little guy carried the scarlet horn and the Demonic Ape’s arm. His heart was filled with happiness and laughed heartily.

This time, it was very dangerous. They almost lost their lives several times, but they actually brought back the Suan Ni’s precious body. In addition, they also brought back the extra Ape King’s arm and the Mythical Flaming Bull’s horn. Their harvest was truly magnificent.

“Grandpa Chief and uncles. You kept hiding from me your worry about my five year old baptism, but I actually knew everything. All is well now, we have three Archaic Descendants. There is definitely enough True Blood.”

He was incomparably happy, and his expression was brimming with happiness. His sweet laughter was so pure. In the middle of the sunset glow, it was especially splendid.

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