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Chapter 203 – Back in the Void God Realm

Broken pillars and destroyed walls littered the area. Rubber and debris covered the ground, telling a story of sorrow and joy, of the end of a glorious age. Was this a world where deities became deities, or was it hiding something else?

Collapsed divine mountains appeared one after another. The mist of primal chaos curled up, boundless and without limit. The little guy hurried along, his black hair fluttering behind him. He was as fast as lightning, his speed extremely quick.

Finally he reached the end. He stepped on top of the golden passageway. Multicolored light flickered, and he disappeared from his original position and arrived at the starting ground.

“Who is this? Why are you squatting on the passageway? Do you really think you are the devilish brat, and want to pry out two pieces of symbol bone?”

“Do you have nothing better to do? You can learn from anyone, yet you try to copy that fellow!”

After coming to the starting ground, he immediately began to squat down on the large limestones to carefully observe. There were several precious bones imbedded within, and he felt as if they were even more brilliant and splendid than before.

Of course he wouldn’t dig them up again. He had already been expelled once before, so he definitely didn’t want to be permanently expelled from this place. He was just reminiscing a bit, thinking about past things.

He was currently squatting while in deep thought as he tapped the large limestone. His strange posture naturally drew the attention of the people nearby. People began to point at him as they chattered.

The little guy did not reveal his true appearance, and wanted to understand the circumstances first.

“Hello? Youngster, don’t truly think of yourself as that devilish brat.”

“With the way you are acting, you are basically asking to be beaten up…”

When the little guy heard this, he was at a loss. He stood up and looked around him. The starting ground did not have many changes, and was the same as before.

“Did the devilish brat come?” He asked the question even though he already knew the answer.

“How would he come? He died at the Heaven Mending Pavilion. This is the result of being too lively, throwing away his small life as a result,” someone said.

“Not necessarily. It’s not like his corpse was found, so how could you guys be so sure that he died?” Someone argued.

“Yeah, right. He’s undoubtedly dead. Think about it, with his nature, if he was still alive, why isn’t he already here in the Void God Realm? Two years and one month has already passed, so his restriction has already ended.”

At the starting ground, people came and left. It was extremely bustling, and when the matters regarding the devilish brat were brought up, many people became interested. Quite a few people began to discuss amongst themselves.

Someone sneered. “With only himself to rely on, do you really think that he can escape from the Heaven Mending Pavilion? He was turned to ashes a long time ago. Rumor has it that even their old ancestors were killed off. Even though his natural talents are terrifying, he’s only a small child. It would be extremely hard for him to survive.

“Aiyou, aren’t you from the four great clans? I recognize you within the ‘human mountain’ that the devilish brat created two years ago. Why are you still in the starting ground? Why didn’t you leave yet? With your cultivation, shouldn’t you be able to enter the higher levels of heavenly paradise?” Someone mocked.

“Did you not hear? Regardless of whether it is the four great clans or the great powers that have hostility towards the Heaven Mending Pavilion, they all came to the starting ground today to await news.”

“Rumor has it that there were a few that escaped the Heaven Mending Pavilion encirclement, making the large clans rather uncomfortable. As a result, they spread out their people and searched everywhere.”

The little guy was astonished. The Void God Realm wasn’t peaceful either, and was more complicated than what he thought. Even though the battle at the Heaven Mending Pavilion had already concluded, the aftereffects had not yet disappeared. The waves created did not calm down.

When he thought of that battle, he immediately clenched his fists tightly and felt extremely uncomfortable inside. So many of his senior brothers and sisters died in battle, and their blood died the pure land red. As for the elders, practically none of them were able to survive. For the sake of escorting the disciples out, they gave up their lives one after another to resist the great enemy.

The little guy squeezed through the crowd and walked towards the distance. He silently thought about everything alone, and only after a long time did he calm down.

He once again changed his appearance, using Hairy Ball’s precious technique to adjust his height. He now seemed like a bamboo pole, and was quite different from before. After that, he cleared his throat and said, “The devilish brat didn’t die, I just heard someone say that they met him.”

He was just trying to see what the reaction would be, but in the end a group of people rushed over. They all carried murderous intent as they shouted at the same time.

“Where is he? Who saw him?”

“Tell me! Where is that savage youth, and when did he appear?”

Their voices sounded urgent, and all types of symbols moved about their bodies. It was clear that they were unsatisfied and about to forcefully take action.

The little guy could feel several different types of bone texts instantly. There were people from the four great clans, and there were also individuals with a hazy mist surrounding their bodies. It was likely that these were the Rain Clan’s people.

Other than these people, there were still men from other powers. They all gathered here as well, and it was obvious that there were people from the Tuoba clan and others.

Back then, various schools joined together to destroy the Heaven Mending Pavilion. It was not just Tuoba Family, Rain Clan, Western Tomb Beast Mountain, and Four Great Clans; there were still a few other extremely formidable powers.

A strange glint flashed within the little guy’s eyes as he laughed coldly inside. These people were truly souls of the dead that had not yet dispersed. He ended up encountering them even within the Void God Realm, and they were looking for him even here, trying to eliminate any remaining roots.

It seems like there are quite a few people who felt that he was still alive. As a result, they spread out their search everywhere, hoping to find some clues. After all, the natural talents he displayed were too terrifying. Even some of the large ancient powers feared his survival, as that might lead to great trouble.

“Quickly, speak! Where did you obtain that information? Who was the one that spread the rumor?!” The tone of these people were not good. They immediately used threats, their voice carrying cold killing intent.

In addition, even more people began to gather. They were all full of killing intent and bad will, and the only thing on their minds was finding out the devilish brat’s whereabouts.

The little guy directly stated that this was something he heard, and not something that was definitely true.

“Less useless words, hurry up and tell us!” Someone from the four great families shouted.

“Don’t mess around, or else you might lose your life!” The Rain Clansmen were even more direct.

“It was two old men. One had a bird on his shoulder, and the other one seemed rather devious and lowly. They were the ones quietly discussing these things,” the little guy said.

“What? Bird grandpa and coin elder?!”

“Go, look for those two old things quickly. They are always at the starting ground, and never went to any of the higher heavenly paradises!’

This group of people directly rushed out like a gale of wind. Even though a small group rushed towards the little guy to capture him as well, he took advantage of the crowd to quickly disappear.

Back then, because these two individuals sold out all types of real and fake information regarding the little guy, they became rather infamous. As a result, many people knew who they were.

The little guy was a bit amazed. Two years had already passed, yet these two old things still haven’t left? This was truly a bit queer.

Coin elder was the type of person where one could tell with a glance was rather lowly and shady. He was currently going for a stroll when he was suddenly surrounded by a group of people, almost receiving a beating.

Bird grandpa was not far away, and upon seeing this, he immediately made himself scarce. In the end, before he could even take more than ten steps, he was stopped. He had a similar group of fiends targeting him.

“Youngsters, don’t act recklessly. This old one’s identity isn’t normal! If you all act rudely towards me, then your clan instructors will blame all of you.” Coin elder had the appearance of someone great from the outside world.

The group of people all rolled their eyes and looked at him with disdain. They all sneered. Was this old thing not scared of getting beat up after putting up so much bullshit? If not for the fact that they wanted information from him, they would have cleaned him up already.

“Everyone, don’t act impetuously. If you have something to say, then say it.” Bird grandpa was also gesturing with his hands, not allowing the people to get closer.

“Less nonsense, you two swindled so many people back then. Right now, we have things to ask you two. You guys better not lie.” Someone spoke in an extremely fierce manner.

“Speak, where did you two discover the devilish brat?” The Rain Clansmen interrogated in a domineering manner.

“Devilish brat?” Coin elder’s high and mighty look immediately changed. In the blink of an eye, his two eyes began to spin around before he quickly reacted, saying, “If you want information, you need to first take out a hundred coins.”

Furthermore, he quickly added, “It’s a hundred coins per person. I won’t publicly announce it. Whoever wants to pay, come up and make the deal quickly.”

The little guy was absolutely dumbstruck as he watched from the side. This old fellow was truly lowly! He was clearly being surrounded by a crowd and he knew absolutely nothing, yet he still dared to peddle out fake information. He was truly an old shameful person…

“You old cheat, how many coins did you cheat us during the last two years? You still want to swindle us?” Someone immediately became furious.

“The information is reliable. If you guys don’t believe me, then there will naturally be people within the darkness that will sell it for a higher price. Don’t start regretting later.” Coin elder spoke unyieldingly.

“I’m going to skin you alive!” Someone was going to take action.

However, that individual was stopped. The people turned around and looked at the bird grandpa that seemed a bit more simple and honest. “Old fellow, what about you?”

“One piece of information for two hundred coins.” Bird grandpa responded calmly.

“Motherfucker! You crazy old thing. After asking you for information, you also want to charge us? In addition, it is also double the price!” Everyone became furious.

“The information I’m selling is real. That fellow’s information is fake, so mine is naturally more expensive!” Bird Grandpa also spoke in a composed manner.

Coin elder was discontent as he said, “You old thing, you dare slander me. If we are going on the bases that whoever’s price is higher is offering the truth, then I’ve decided that I’m going to sell my information for three hundred coins.”

“Pei! You even dare to pass off fake information as real. You are only a cheat, I treat everyone fairly.” Bird grandpa gave him a look of disdain.

“Nonsense, you are the old swindler!”

The two individuals began to argue with each other. They puffed their beards as they stared and picked at each other.

Everyone became stupefied. When they caught these two to interrogate them, not only did these two end up raising the prices, they even began to fight and argue with each other. It simply made people go mad.

“Enough, are you guys finished? Hurry up and tell us where that devilish child is. Where did he hide his body?” Tuoba Clan’s people showed up. They were extremely domineering and were absolutely fed up with them.

“Bring the coins over. Even if there’s one missing, we won’t tell you!” The two old fellows shouted in unison.

The little guy was speechless. These two old fellows didn’t forget to cheat others even in this type of situation. They truly weren’t people of good character.

“Truly acting recklessly!” There was someone who burst with fury and couldn’t take it anymore. The individual forced himself forward and directly took action.


However, even though he came fast, he left fast as well. He wanted to teach bird grandpa a lesson, but in the end he was sent flying by the bird on his shoulder. The individual crashed into a mountain far away and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone was shocked and couldn’t help but take a step back. This was definitely an expert! In addition, it was a bit excessively powerful.

At this moment, every single person’s faces change. They no longer dared to act blindly without thinking. They suddenly understood why these two fellows were able to do as they pleased until now without anyone acting against them. It turns out that they were a quite difficult to deal with.

Behind the crowd, the little guy had a strange expression on his face. These two fellows weren’t ordinary after all. Afterwards, he began to laugh. Maybe he could pull these two fellows in and do business with them.

The reason for the devilish brat’s return this time was not purely for the training of his body. He wanted to create a gargantuan disturbance and pay back his debt of blood to his enemies. He was going to deal with the ancient schools that destroyed the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

With his natural disposition, he naturally wouldn’t immediately fight with these great enemies directly.

Just now, he had already tested the waters and calculated everything. He was going to sell out information about his own appearance, making the large school pay an enormous cost in coins and precious bones.

He hoped that the other party would be ‘enthusiastic’ and use these gifts to ‘welcome’ his appearances.

Originally, he wanted to do all of this solo. He was going to change his appearance each time and sell out information to the various large schools.

Now that he encountered these two old fellows, he felt that he had to let go of his previous plan. After all, his relationship with these two was still not too bad, and these two old fellows’ shamefulness was not simple. They seemed to be able to keep things under control, and the most important this was that these two were ‘habitual criminals’. Towards extortions and swindling, they could be considered experts, as they were simply too proficient at dealing with them.

The little guy didn’t waste any time and quickly transmitted his voice. In secret, he told the two individuals a few things, quickly and simply communicating with them.

In the end, the two individuals became immediately stirred up. Their eyes brightened and began to emit green light. They cleared their throats, shaking the entire starting ground. The surrounding people were so frightened they couldn’t help but take a few steps. They feared that the situation might turn back if these two old individuals went crazy.

“I’ve decided, state your prices. You can only use precious bones or Archaic descendant precious blood to exchange. In addition, they must be from a sufficiently valuable species. Otherwise, don’t think about doing business with us.”

“Let’s say it like this. We know where the devilish child’s body is, and we also know that he is training himself within the Void God Realm. It is definitely real news. If it is fake, we are willing to use our own lives as compensation!”

“In addition, we have to add that you small fry shouldn’t come and be an eyesore. It is better if your clan race’s masters come directly and exchange with rare treasures. Otherwise, we have nothing to say!”

When one of these fellows said something, the other added something as well, continuously complementing each other. They declared a sky-high price, and their conditions were harsh as well. However, they vowed that their information was definitely real, using their own heads as vouchers.

Soon after, the starting ground began to boil with action. The devilish brat didn’t die, and was about to appear again?

In addition, news quickly travelled to the higher level heavenly paradises, triggering a huge tempest.

When they were completely finished with their cocky speeches and their mouths dry and tongues parched, the two old fellows squinted their eyes and gave each other a glance. They began to quietly mutter when no one was around them.

“This devilish brat’s heart is truly dark! He suddenly emerged and wanted to make people exchange for the information with precious treasures. Truly too shameful…”

“The youngster’s skin is too thick, and his heart is truly dark. He’s clearly jumping out on his own to get vengeance, but he’s making it look as if others are begging him to. What a cheat!”

“Are you guys talking about yourselves? I feel like the descriptions are rather appropriate!” The devilish brat darkened his face and argued pointlessly.

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