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Chapter 199 – Happy

“Aunt, before you cook it, make sure to stuff its body with several old stalks of old ginseng and herbs. That way, it’ll turn out better.” The little guy generously gave his suggestion.

When Aunt Hu heard this, she immediately gave out instructions. “Snotty baby, hurry up. Go and dig up a few stalks of old medicine from the back of the village. In a bit, we’ll stuff this fat bird’s stomach up and cook the whole thing.”

Second Baldy cried out, making the group of aunts extremely shocked. They carried it by its neck, grabbed its neck and pulled at its wings as they carefully looked at it.

Second Baldy cried out miserably. He saw that the water inside the black iron-cooking was about to boil. It was so scared that it lost strength in its legs; it was afraid of being thrown in and getting cooked.

“The flesh is sturdy, and you can tell with a glance that it’s precious medicine.” Aunt Bao was currently sharpening a knife. Kaka sounds rang out, and sparks flew off the whetstone. After seeing this, Second Baldy began to feel cold all over, and it began to desperately struggle for its life.

“There’s also a big red bird here. It was also brought back by the two kids.” The group of aunts then stared at the big red bird with the bright and beautiful wings.

The big red bird withdrew its neck and widened its legs. It immediately scampered off. This group of women were too doughty, daring to eat anything.

Unfortunately, there was still that divine tree at the village entrance, making it unable to behave atrociously.

Only Qingfeng was kindhearted. After hearing Second Baldy’s miserable cry, he quickly ran over and said, “Aunties, you can’t eat them.”

“What kind of people are these?” After the big red bird and Second Baldy entered the village, they both developed lingering fears. They were a bit scared and upset.

They left for two years. When the little guy and Qingfeng saw the familiar village, they felt extremely warm. Being surrounded by the large group of villagers, they felt as if there were endless things to talk about.

“Uncle Linhu, Uncle Feijian have you guys broken through?” The little guy was amazed. During the time he left, these two already broke through and entered the Blood Transformation stage. Moreover, they now opened heavenly passages.

“Haha…” The two individuals both laughed.

They first ate the Suan Ni flesh, and then they ate a strange Guardian Spirit — Golden Pangolin. The problem of cultivating late was solved, and they could now climb the cultivation ranks.

“Brother Dazhuang, Ermeng, and Pihou’s group have also entered the Blood Transformation stage!”

Within the genius camp, this naturally wouldn’t mean much, but in a small village, this was already amazing. It was extremely difficult for these childhood companions to step into the road of cultivation.

One has to understand that even a comparatively larger tribe wouldn’t produce many cultivators, and this as only a single village.

The group of youth all laughed. They laid down a really good foundation with the clan chief’s bone tests. Moreover, they’ve been refined within the cauldrons since they were young, and even swallowed the flesh of Suan Ni and blood of a guardian spirit. As a result, their established an extremely good cultivation base.

Other than this, there were Dragon Tassel Fish within the large lake, and there were small Luans ashore. They were all body enriching and energy promoting rare creatures. Towards the people from Stone Village, this was definitely a type of great gift.

You have to understand that even within clans with greater populations, ordinary people would never be able to eat these types of spiritual creatures.

Within Stone Village, regardless of whether it were the robust men or the children, their strength all increased by a large amount during these two years. Their cultivation also naturally increased smoothly by quite a bit.

The village was bustling with noise, and the group of people were all grouped together. They had endless things to talk about, and loud laughter would ring out from time to time.

Right at this moment, a small child walked over unstably. The child seemed only about a year old, and only learned how to walk recently.

“Uncle, uncle, little uncles.” His words were inarticulate and was a bit confused as he shouted towards the little guy and Qingfeng.

“Ah, this is?” Qingfeng was astonished.

The little guy was also puzzled. He was only a child as well, and a few years ago he was just like this. How did he become an uncle in the blink of an eye? Whose child was this?

“Sister bao, this is your child?” The little guy was shocked.

“Yes.” A young lady roughly around sixteen to seventeen had a smile on her face. She was not bashful at all, and happily began to tease this small fellow, telling him to say uncle.

“Why do I feel like he looks like…” The little guy was suspicious and turned around towards his companions from his former days, looking at them one after another.

“Hehe…” The group of people immediately laughed.

Among them, one of them was extremely embarrassed. He was clearly feeling awkward.

“Brother Dazhuang!” The little guy was extremely shocked. During these past two years, his childhood playmate not only got married, but even had a child as well. This was a bit too fast.

“Daddy…” The barely one year old little fellow shook his butt and began to waddle towards Dazhuang. He reached out a pair of small hands, indicating that it wanted to be carried.

“Brother Dazhuang, you are so fast!” The little guy sighed in admiration. And then he reached out his hands to take the little child from Dazhuang’s hands, saying, “Let uncle carry you.”

He himself was only a child, yet in the end, he discovered that Stone Village had another child. This was a completely new feeling for him. He continuously played with the little fellow.

Shi Dazhuang felt extremely embarrassed, acting completely different from his ordinarily outspoken and straightforward attitude. He looked over towards Ermeng, Pihou and the others, saying, “What are you laughing about? Didn’t you guys all get married as well?”

“Ah?” Qingfeng was shocked. They only left for two years, but the changes that happened were truly great. Many of their companions have all married.

Ermeng and Pihou both became bashful. However, sister Bao and the others were completely calm as they stood there, criticizing how they were like big girls.

After thinking about it for a bit, the little guy became relieved. Dazhuang, Ermeng, and Pihou were older than him by about five or six years. Currently, they were around sixteen years old. It was normal for the villagers to marry early, and having a child was perfectly normal.

“Uncle, what is there outside?” The one year old child asked as he wriggled his small body.

“The world outside is extremely vast, and there are all types of ferocious beasts. There are grand structures and ancient countries. When you are a bit older, uncle will bring you to take a look.” The little guy smiled as he spoke.

Following that, he took out a stalk of spiritual medicine from the heaven and earth pouch. The fragrance immediately assailed the nostrils. This was a stalk of snow jade ginseng. Its aroma was rich, and it was scattering out multicolored light. It was extremely miraculous.

“This is mine and Qingfeng’s meeting gift for you. We can’t be called uncles for nothing!” The little guy laughed as he spoke, putting it in his small hands.

“Ah…” The group of people all cried out in alarm, because they naturally knew what it was. This was a rarely seen spiritual medicine, and it was extremely beneficial towards cultivation. It could allow one to break through and ascend another cultivation level.

This was especially true for everyone within Stone Village. There were youth at the Blood Transformation stage, and the robust men were at the Heavenly Passage realm. After eating this kind of spiritual medicine, it could definitely allow them to rapidly break through.

“It’s too precious, we can’t accept it.” Sister Bao and Dazhuang immediately refused it, not allowing this child to accept it.

“Brother Dazhuang, you guys should just accept it. Little brother still has more.” Qingfeng persuaded.

“I didn’t say I was giving this to you guys. I’m giving it to my little nephew. Save it, and use it for the foundation of his cultivation. Later on, I’ll personally help him absorb it into his body.” The little guy directly squeezed the little child’s small hands.

Soon after, he looked towards Ermeng, Pihou and the others. “You guys have children too right? Bring them here, I will give them gifts as well.”

These fellows all found this problematic. Normally, they were extremely lively, but as soon as this subject was brought up, they immediately became shy. They simultaneously shook their heads, meaning that they didn’t have children yet.

“Little guy, you gave little nephew such a rare gift. Did you forget about the rest of us?” The snotty kid moved closer. His age was similar to the little guy’s. He was extremely daring as he laughed.

“I have gifts for everyone. This time, I came back with many good things. I promise that you guys will be satisfied.” The little guy laughed as he spoke.

When the group of youth heard this, they immediately cheered. All of them waited anxiously, because you have to know that they were all extremely envious after seeing that spiritual medicine. If they had it, they would immediately break through, and their strength would rise rapidly.

Even Shi Linhu, Shi Feijiao and the other robust men were widening their eyes.

“Child, you might have obtained some opportunities outside, but you can’t squander it like this. You need to cultivate as well.” An elder spoke.

“Right, you are one of us, so you don’t need to act like this.” The villagers were extremely down to earth. All of them nodded, and the older generation in particular advised him not to waste anything.

“Grandpas and uncles, you all don’t need to worry. I received many good things, and how could sharing them with you all be wasteful? You all are my loved ones, moreover, I still have a lot.” The little guy happily laughed as he said this to the villagers.

Following that, he began to looked around the village for a suitable place to grow spiritual medicine and improve the density of the spiritual essence here.

When the little guy opened the heaven and earth pouch, a pile of brilliant and flickering spiritual medicines were revealed. It almost made the villagers suffocate. They released shouts of alarm, and the people simply couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“Grandpa Chief, uncle, now you guys can relax, right? I have quite a few spiritual medicines here. If I successfully plant them, it could completely change the richness of spiritual essence here.” The little guy smiled as he spoke.

Everyone was struck dumb. With such a huge pile of spiritual medicine, just the excellent and undamaged ones amounted to thirty to forty. This was too shocking! They were flowing with light and color as their fragrance wafted through the air.

“Is this all real? I’m not dreaming?” An elder began to tremble. He gently caressed the spiritual medicine, and felt his entire body becoming peaceful. This was due to the fragrance of the medicines entered his body.

This place became brilliant, and every single spiritual medicine was shining. A rain of light scattered down, and the strong fragrance was everywhere. It made this place shine with brilliant colors, enveloping everything in divine multicolored light.

At this moment, everyone felt as if they could breath without worry. While they were bathed in the rain of light, even their pores opened. Divine clear essence were everywhere, and their bodies were about to float.

“Too great! Even if we don’t eat the spiritual medicines, under the cultivation of such rich spiritual essence everyday, our cultivation levels will quickly improve.”

“Child, you were able to bring back so many spiritual medicines, but can you successfully plant them? I heard that each spiritual mountain can only raise a single spiritual medicine.” The clan elders were moved emotionally, and even their voices were trembling.

“It shouldn’t be a problem. I brought back divine earth, and it could nurture spiritual medicine and allow them to mature here. This place will then seize the luck between the heaven and earth and slowly form a cycle.” The little guy laughed as he spoke.

If it was outside, then he definitely wouldn’t leak out all this information and definitely be prudent and careful. Within the village, he naturally wouldn’t hold anything back. He returned with many rare spiritual objects for the sake of sharing with the villagers, and he also wanted to change this place into a pure land.

The little guy received help from Ermeng, Pihou and the others. They carefully chose different spots and dug up holes one after another, evenly distributing them within the village.

The little guy took out a huge beast pouch from within his heaven and earth pouch, and as soon as it was opened, golden light rushed into the skies. Propitious vapors surged, as if golden waves were pouring out.

“Ya, what is this?” The villagers were all startled.

“This is silt from the Immortal Spring. It possesses the divinity of immortality, and if each stalk of spiritual medicine is planted in a small handful of this, it should be enough to raise them.”

“Child, what kind of places did you visit to be able to acquire even these types of things?” Chief Shi Yunfeng was shocked. There was even less of a need to describe the reactions of the others.

“Grandpa Chief, uncles, brother Dazhuang, I still have many treasures here that are even more precious. Later on, I’ll give them to you, and it’ll definitely make you guys extremely happy,” the little guy said.

Everyone revealed shocked expressions, but began to cheer soon after. They were incomparably happy, because just this alone already shocked them.

The little guy laughed happily. The village was very warm, and since he grew up here, he was filled with affection. Every single villager was sincere and honest, and they were all dear to him. He was willing to share everything, and he brought all of the spiritual medicine and prey back, because this was his home where he felt a sense of belonging.

Seeing his clansman happy and joyous filled him with smiles as well.

Stone Village’s people moved together, placing the golden silt within the holes they dug up. Then, they planted the spiritual medicines within before putting back the topsoil to avoid golden light leaking.

“Ya, it seems like we successfully planted everything. These spiritual medicine are starting to emit even more splendor.” Many people were amazed, revealing happy expressions.

A total of thirty nine undamaged stalks of spiritual medicines were suitable for growing. They took root within Stone Village and overflowed with color. They were incomparably brilliant and emitted a sweet fragrance. AFter absorbing the essence of the sun and moon, their leaves became transparent, and propitious vapors curled up about them.

“After a long time, this place of ours will become a holy ground!” The group of elders were shaken and extremely moved.

The group of youth were extremely happy as they ran within the village and inhaled the fragrance. Multicolored light flowed about, and everyone was in high spirits, excited to the extreme.

“This child really grew up. He actually brought back so much good fortune for our village.” A group of valiant aunts were smiling as they were unable to conceal their happiness.

“It seems like the number of opportunities you’ve received aren’t few.” Right at that moment, the ancient tree at the village entrance gently swayed. Its branches were transparent and sparkling, and as they swayed with the wind, it spoke these words.

“Willow Deity, I also have presents for you. There are several that are extremely rare, and you might find uses out of them. They are all rare and precious treasures,” said the little guy.

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