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Chapter 197 – Octadic Treasure Chicken

The beast skin pouch they gave Hairy Ball was tossed aside a long time ago and was practically useless. It was tugging on a vine with eleven stalks of sparkling spiritual medicine as it returned, hiccuping along the way.

“Are you some God? You went in there once and directly came out with eleven stalks of spiritual medicine?” The big red bird was shocked until its eyes almost popped out. This was simply too ridiculous.

One has to understand that a single spiritual mountain was only able to grow one stalk of spiritual medicine. How many spiritual mountains did it climb?! It was likely that only an area dyed in the blood of a phoenix like this was able to have so many spiritual mountains.

The little guy curled his lips, and his heart was about to trickle out blood. Hairy Ball must have wreaked enough havoc in there. What it brought out was clearly the smaller portion, as the larger portion had already entered its stomach.

“Shameful wasting…” He muttered.

Golden multicolored light dazzled around Hairy Ball’s body. It was perfectly content, and every time it hiccuped, there would always be multicolored light shooting out. Only the heavens knew just how many stalks of spiritual medicines were harmed.

As a result, anyone could make the guess that it was quite possible that everything within the Fallen Phoenix Ridge might have been done in by Hairy Ball.

“Hairy Ball, what kind of things are in there exactly?” Qingfeng asked out of curiosity.

As soon as this topic was brought up, Hairy Ball immediately became extremely excited. A pair of small claws began to gesture about. Its large eyes were widened until they became round, and it really wanted to get the little guy and the others to surround and capture that fellow inside.

“Being such a rare spiritual thing, what exactly is it?” The little guy was able to grasp Hairy Ball’s meaning, but he didn’t quite know what to call that thing.

“What do we have to do to catch it?” Qingfeng asked.

Hairy Ball made some more gestures. It was implying that the creature could easily escape into thin air by burrow down into the earth. Hairy Ball almost caught it before, but it fled in the end.

“I have a premonition that we might have encountered an extremely amazing thing. However, how can we obtain it?” Second Baldy’s heart was also moved.

That spiritual object did not seem to possess any type of fighting strength, but it had the ability to pierce through earth and stone. It left no tracks in the earth, and was extremely difficult to capture.

Otherwise, with so many Rain Clan experts moving out, why would they fail again and again?

“Let me test the waters. I guarantee that it’ll be easy to obtain.” Within the little guy’s hair, there was an inch wide stone. It was transparent and brilliant, and there was a faint golden luster about it; this was precisely that divine striking stone.

When the little guy heard this, he became extremely excited. He felt that it was qualified for this task.

Since the ancient times, only a few of these divine stones have appeared. Equipped with divine might, they could hit anything. One strike meant one accurate hit. This was something that even the ancient saints greatly desired, as it could be refined into a supreme treasure.

“Good! I’ll leave it to you then. While everything is still in disorder, slip in together with Hairy Ball. After striking it, bring it back!”

The Fallen Phoenix Ridge was in complete chaos. Countless experts were chasing and searching for that spiritual object, and it got to a point where they were practically digging up mountains. They wanted to uncover this creature that understood the ways of moving through the earth.

The mischievous stone was made up of stone, so it naturally knew the methods of moving through the earth and seizing the luck between the heaven and earth. Together with Hairy Ball, they moved stealthily to quietly capture it.

Not long after, the sound of berating could be heard within the spiritual land. Many people were shouting and crying out loudly.

“What kind of thing is that? How did it appear so suddenly?! It struck the spiritual object!”

“Quick, block them off! A golden rat climbed out from over there and it dragged away the rare creature!”

“It’s not a mouse, it’s a spherical small monkey. Yi, how can that stone be able to run as well? Aiyou, damn it, it hurts like hell! How come it can fly as well? It smashed my bones!”

The Fallen Phoenix Ridge was in great disorder. Immediately following that, the group of people were alarmed, because the supreme treasure spiritual object was seized away. This was something that the Rain King ordered to be caught and offered up, so how could they afford to lose it?

Hairy ball and the divine striking stone rolled the entire way while dragging with them the knocked out creature. They were in a sorry state as they fled. Occasionally, they would have to use the broken sword to hack apart some symbol formations they encountered as they quickly fled.

One was a natural born thief, and the other understood how to move through the earth. This gigantic mountain ridge simply could not obstruct them. They sped along the entire way, and their escape was in sight.

“This spiritual earth really is good stuff!” The divine striking stone cried out with aoao sounds as it ate with large gulps.

The red soil was visibly flying about like a mountain torrent towards it, and it seemed as if the divine striking stone was going to get buried.

Hairy Ball didn’t care anymore. Sand filled the skies, even making its fur dim. It was covered in mud and ashes, and as it hacked apart the formation in front of it, it dragged that creature and ran, leaving that mischievous stone there.

“Hairy Ball returned! Was it able to bring back that heaven defying thing?” Qingfeng widened his eyes.

Far away, a golden light flashed, and Hairy Ball rolled out from an underbrush. With its nose wrinkled, it continuously coughed and spat out dust. It was extremely discontent. It used one of its small obese claws to drag a fainted creature.

The big red bird and Second Baldy rushed over. These two fellows pushed and shoved to be the first to divide up this rare creature.

“This is the extremely rare creature that the Rain Clan speaks of? The creature that even the imperial palace only has one of and is rarely seen even once every hundreds of years?” The little guy was a bit stunned.

Qingfeng was also struck dumb. He stared at that extremely fat creature and felt a rather confused. He gave Hairy Ball a look; this can’t be a mistake right?

“Sigh, is this a relative of yours?” Second Baldy bumped the big red bird and asked quietly.

The big red bird became furious. A palm slammed down on Second Baldy’s head as it said, “It clearly looks like you. Are you sure it’s not your brother?”

The big red bird was extremely angry. It used gestures to tell them that this was the rare treasure. Inside its body was powerful spiritual essence, and it grinded its small snow white fangs in preparation of digging in.

The little guy believed in its spiritual instincts. This fellow was extremely sensitive toward spiritual medicine divine objects, but the creature at their feet was simply too unlike what they expected. He picked it up and turned it around; wasn’t this just a free-range chicken? It was merely a bit larger than a pheasant.

This brown chicken was only half a meter tall, very fat and round. Its feathers were a yellow brown color, and if you were to throw it into a pile of dirt, most likely no one would be able to notice it. This was the so called extremely rare treasure? He scratched his head.

“Heavens, where did all the spiritual medicine go? They were all ruined by someone!”

Right at this time, a miserable shriek rang out from within the Fallen Phoenix Ridge. The voice sounded extremely urgent, as if there was a murder. Chaos immediately ensued.

“Someone invaded the spiritual medicine field! Damn it! All of the medicine have been stolen! Find whoever did this!”

“Who else could it be? It’s obviously that strange creature that appeared just now. Don’t let it get away! Not only did it destroy our spiritual medicine field, it even stole our rare spiritual creature!”

Within the Fallen Phoenix Ridge, everyone from the Rain Clan were exasperated. This was simply a disaster, and they were so infuriated to the point that the rage reached their hearts. They were close to vomiting blood, because all of their hard work was about to go south.


A huge storm was brewing. All of the precious blood colored soil began to fly into the air before centralizing in one direction. It was as if a vortex appeared.

“What is it now?! Are they trying to eradicate this place? Stealing the spiritual medicine is already said and then, but they are going to destroy everything too?!” Everyone from the Rain Clan became alarmed. Even though much of the essence energy from the phoenix blood in the soil had already dissipated over the years, it was still an incredibly precious place to grow medicine.

“We have to leave quickly! The Rain Clansmen are definitely going mad!” The little guy shouted. He couldn’t do anything about the divine striking stone. He picked up that chicken and scampered off frantically.

The group followed behind him, and they all disappeared without a trace.

“Wait for me!” From behind, a wisp of scarlet smoke soared high up into the air. The divine striking stone was jutting its buttocks as it chased after them. After overturning that entire place and swallowing the scarlet earth’s essence, it began to run this way.


They were grouped up together and all of them climbed onto the big red bird’s back. It flapped its wings, and they disappeared like a wisp of smoke into the mountains and ravines.

The Rain Clansmen went crazy! Their spiritual medicines were stolen, and the rare creature was seized from them. Even this entire treasure land was destroyed! Their hearts were leaking blood, and one could imagine how furious the higher ups were going to get after receiving news of this.

The eyes of these people were completely red. They chased murderously through the mountains and forests while searching everywhere.

However, they weren’t even able to find a trace, because the big red bird was too fast. After cultivating the divine peng’s precious technique, its scarlet wings carried a tint of gold, giving it extreme speed.

Two hours later, they dropped down on to the ground. They were already far away from that region and were currently in a hilly area.

“This chicken woke up.” Qingfeng spoke quietly.

The little guy had it in his hands from start to finish. He was scared that it would escape, because according to Hairy Ball’s gestures, this fellow could escape into the ground. Once it touched the ground, it would be able to disappear.

“Don’t worry. With me here, it has nowhere to run. I’ll just smash it directly.” The divine striking stone spoke with conviction. It was extremely self-confident.

This chicken didn’t have much courage, and was extremely nervous. A pair of small eyes moved around, revealing its fear.

“Isn’t this just a chicken? Why is it some rare thing?” The little guy was puzzled. He could not tell what was special about it.

The chicken lifted its head at once, approving of this. It was implying that it was better to quickly release it, since it did not have any uses.

The little guy immediately became happy. A chicken can’t understand human speech. This fellow had intelligence, so it seemed like it truly wasn’t an ordinary creature. Scaring it a bit, he said, “Since you’re only ordinary, I’ll simmer some chicken soup. It’s better to just cook you.”

Immediately, this chicken began to violently struggle and gurgle. It was truly frightened.

‘I remember, this is most likely… An Octadic Treasure Chicken!” Second Baldy suddenly spoke, and then it revealed an incomparably excited expression. It immediately swallowed down some saliva.

“What is an Octadic Treasure Chicken? Why does it sound so familiar?” The little guy scratched his head.

“Archaic Octadic Treasures… Even the deities would drool at the delicacy of the eight treasures. This is one of them.” Second Baldy’s eyes revealed a green glint as it directly pounced over. It truly wanted to swallow it in one gulp.

The big red bird gave it a slap on its head with a pa sound. “This big brother hasn’t eaten yet, so the younger brother has to wait on the side first.”

The little guy immediately remembered and understood its priceless value.

The Octadic Treasure Chicken was known as a divine treasure delicacy, able to make even deities drool. The meat’s quality was rarely seen under the heavens, and during the ancient feasts, there was indeed such a dish.

Apart from this, there was spirit blood in its body, and that was a nourishing medicine. It far surpasses most spiritual medicines, and its medicinal effects only fell short of holy medicines. It was truly a spiritual object.

In addition, it would lay an egg every half month. The egg carried an extremely powerful medicinal nature that was comparable to spiritual medicines. Even though deities might not think much of them, to normal creatures, its value was too great.

“It’s a spiritual medicine laying hen?” The big red bird cried out strangely.

After the little guy found out about its origins, his eyes immediately became round. This was truly something that not even a mountain of silver or gold could be exchanged for…

After he saw Hairy Ball’s small white fangs and Second Baldy pushing closer, and immediately gave them each a slap. They were all pushed aside as he stared and said, “Don’t even think about it. Whoever eats the Octadic Treasure Chicken, I’ll eat that individual!”

“This is an Archaic Octadic Treasure, a delicacy that even a deity would like to consume. Don’t you want to try it? Even a bit of spirit blood is good too!” Second Baldy said.

“No way. I need need to bring it back to Stone Village and raise it, allowing it to lay eggs for the villagers!” The little guy resisted the enticement. Even though he really wanted to eat it, he was still scared of harming the Octadic Treasure Chicken’s vitality, so he did everything he could to hold himself back.

Even within Archaic era, there weren’t that many Octadic Treasure Chickens, or else it wouldn’t be one of the eight rare treasures. As for their population now, it was easy to imagine. It was difficult for one to appear even after hundreds of years.

Currently, only the Stone Country imperial palace was raising one.

“Is this a hen?” The little guy thought of an important question.

“Yes, that’s right.” The big red bird nodded.

“That’s good. In the future, we’ll raise it in Stone Village and get an egg comparable to spiritual medicine every half a month. It truly is too great!” The little guy was extremely happy.

Qingfeng was also extremely happy. Like this, the children in Stone Village, as well as the adults and Grandpa Chief would be able to enjoy spiritual medicines frequently.

The Octadic Treasure Chicken took the opportunity to try and escape, but in the end, it was trapped by the little guy’s hand. At this time, its magical powers were shown. An earthen yellow gas circulated around its body, allowing it to travel through the earth. It almost made its way in.

“Too great, it truly is an Octadic Treasure Chicken! There shouldn’t be any mistake. This is more valuable than digging up a hundred spiritual medicines. Truly a rare divine object!”

While the little guy, Qingfeng and the others were cheering, everyone within the Fallen Phoenix Ridge were about to go crazy. At the same time, they felt dread within their hearts. With the loss of such a rare spiritual creature, the Rain King might just decided to kill them all.

“Let’s go. We’ll return to Stone Village, and in the future find a few special spiritual bugs, pythons and others for it. It might be able to cut down on the time it takes for it to give birth, and we might be able to eat spiritual eggs every day.

After the little guy’s group obtained this rare creature, they no longer dared to tarry any longer. They moved quickly, and wanted to immediately return to Stone Village, because they were scared of something unfavorable happening here.

Several days later, news was sent back to Stone Country’s emperor. Within one of the ancient palace halls in the Rain Clan mansion, a cold shout rang out: “Useless!”

With just this one word, it made the entire clan shake with dread. It created a huge shockwave that made everyone tremble with fear.

After everyone within the Rain Clan received news of this, they all became furious. Fallen Phoenix Ridge was destroyed, almost all the spiritual medicines were lost, and the scarlet earth even lost its divinity. However, what made people faint was that they actually missed out on an Octadic Treasure Chicken! Even the magnificent imperial family only had a single one!

“The Rain King needs the Octadic Treasure Chicken’s unique ancient blood. You bunch of waste material actually let it escape!”

Soon after, news were transmitted out. It even shocked the emperor, and everyone was astonished. A second Octadic Treasure Chicken actually appeared, making people amazed.

This created a huge sensation, but the little guy’s group was completely unaffected by this.

They sat on the big red bird’s back and traveled westward the entire way. In the end, they arrived at Stone Country’s border and entered the boundless three hundred thousand li great wastes.

There were many ferocious beasts within the mountains, and there were even more terrifying vicious birds spiraling in the air. However, the big red bird was not someone easy to deal with. At the same time, it was also an Archaic descendant, and even though it was still young, its ability to preserve its life was extremely great.

Along the way, they were startled many times, but they weren’t in any dangerous situations. They crossed the endless large mountains, and even though they were being chased after by descendants several times, in the end they were able to break away.

“Wa, this is the Moon River! In the future, we need to come here often to refine our bodies. My cultivation involving the fire dao needs precisely this type of refinement.” The big red bird sighed.

Within the great wastes, there was a great black river rolling in waves. It was unknown as to just how many tens of thousands of li it stretched as it cut across the endless mountain ranges.

Back then when Hairy Ball stole the Rainbow Peacock’s divine eggs, the little guy and the unicorn were forced into this river to flee for their lives.

“Let’s hurry back to Stone Village.”

They hurried along their way and traversed through many mountain ranges. They experienced many battles, and were now finally about to reach their destination.

“Finally returned!” The little guy was emotionally moved. He was already extremely familiar with the mountains and rivers in front of him. He once carried boulders that were tens of thousands of jin in weight for training within this region.

“We’ve returned!” Qingfeng was shouting and screaming. He was so happy that tears were flowing from his eyes.

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