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Chapter 192 – United As One

“Did you really treat my Heaven Mending Pavilion like this because you thought there was no one here? We have all returned. We will definitely fight you all to the death and wipe this place clean of intruders!”

The people who returned hollered, all of them activating precious artifacts one after another as they killed their way over. There were human figures in every direction, and all of them commanded a large group of experts as they assisted the pure land.

Originally, the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s morale was downcast from top to bottom. Now that they saw the return of their school’s people, there wasn’t a single one whose blood wasn’t boiling. They fiercely rushed towards the enemy to fight with their enemies.

A great battle unfolded. The deity’s rain scattered down from the sky like layers of crystalline petals. They were extremely beautiful; however, the ground reeked of blood.

“With me, Marquis Lingtian here, who dares to invade my masters’ school?!”

An extremely valiant figure wearing silver armor lept over. Destruction was left wherever he went. Once he revealed his symbols, the enemies in front would immediately be blasted apart and turned into a bloody mist.

“Marquis Lingtian, you aren’t being a proper leader for your clan. You ran all the way here to mess around. Be careful, or else you might just throw in your life as well!” An Archaic descendant roared. This was a black crow that was as dark as ink. It was ten meters long, and its voice was ominous as it overflowed with dark light.

It was an adult expert within the bird race. It massacred everything it could around here. It was bold, powerful and unrivalled. Just now, it cleared open an area and lead a group of crows here to baptise themselves in the deity’s rain.

“So noisy. Such a small crow dares to call itself a king and go crazy here. Kill!” Marquis Lingtian shouted. A huge bow appeared in his hands, and he began to draw back a large arrow. He pulled back the bowstring and released it with a chi sound.

The arrow’s feathers were like a rainbow, as the arrow shot out like a silver torch. It sparkled with brilliant radiance and pierced through the heavens before rushing towards that giant crow. The arrow itself could alter its directions, locking itself onto the crow as it moved.

That crow let out a long cry. It spat out dark colored flames that turned into symbols, burning that arrow.

However, the arrow was splendid, and silver symbols shone around it. It pierced through the dark flames like a hot knife through butter. With a soft pu sound, the silver arrow shot through the crows’s body and exploded. Its body cracked apart and blood sprinkled everywhere.

With the power of this one strong and ferocious arrow, he instantly killed an Archaic Descendent. Marquis Lingtian’s might and awe made others tremble. In just the blink of an eye, this entire area cleared up, and no one dared to block them anymore.

“With Divergent Mountain’s lord here, all those that invade my pure land will be killed without mercy!” An elder was like a furious lion as he soared over. His palm propped up a precious mark; with a wave towards the wind, it quickly enlarged and flew out until it became even larger than a mountain peak.

He quickly pressed downwards ferociously and forcefully. The great earth began to collapse inch after inch. The creatures below all became alarmed. They couldn’t defend against it at all, and were pressed into meat paste by the large symbol.


The murderous shouts shook the skies. No one knew just how many Heaven Mending Pavilion supporters came from every direction. Their bodies were all bloody as they killed their way over from the distance.

There were traces of enemies everywhere within these mountains and rivers. The flames of war were scattered throughout, and everyone’s eyes were red with killing intent.

Regardless of whether it were the experts that shook an entire region or ordinary experts, by appearing in the pure land, they all carried a type of imposing aura. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have came here to provide assistance.

This pure land flared up. There were sounds of murdering and battles in every direction.

Everyone from Heaven Mending Pavilion was incredibly excited. Warm tears tumbled from within their eyes. Regardless of whether it was 100 years ago or even from the past ten years, with all of these disciples here, it induced a crying feeling from everyone here.

Even lightning ancestor Mu Yan, elder Liu and others had tears in their eyes. Their battle power was more than enough now. They were killing their way through every direction, specifically targeting those ancestral level monsters.

“Heaven Mending Pavilion is done. Your Guardian Spirit is on the verge of death. What else could it have up its sleeves? With all these great powers acting together, this land was destined to be burned to the ground. All of us together will speed up the destruction of this land.”

An old monster spoke. This was a genuine ancestral level character who rarely had a worthy opponent. It held great animosity towards Heaven Mending Pavilion. These kinds of people were seldomly seen in public.

“Are we done just because you say we’re done?!”

A dazzling sun that made everyone unable to open their eyes rose up. That all came from one person, and he was shining and illuminating this entire area over the pure land. He appeared exceptionally terrifying.

“It’s the War King!”

Everyone’s expressions changed. This man possessed an indomitable figure. The War King’s prestige was renowned far and wide, and it was all carved out through his own killing feats. Back then, he went to the Heaven Mending Pavilion to cultivate, and he had returned today.

It had to be mentioned that he was truly powerful. When he lifted his hand, symbols glittered like an ocean wave pressing forward. He immediately caused that old monster to tremble and split out blood.

“Kill!” That old monster opened his mouth and spat out a sword that was less than one chi long. It was vibrant and flowing as it transformed into a whip that hacked over.

This sword was refined from an unknown ancient beast’s teeth. Its entirety was was crisp green and seemingly unbreakable. From the moment that this old monster was born, it had always used this sword. It was able to sweep everything away, and even a mountain could be easily sliced open.


However, at this moment, the war king directly shook his finger. He firmly met the sword head on, confronting it without a hint of fear.

The dark green precious artifact shook and symbols radiated; it almost dropped from the sky.

“Kill!” The old monster spat out an area of essence energy. It entered the green jade sword, allowing its radiance to become even more magnificent, as if a divine river flowed through it.

Dang dang dang…

With a flick of the war god’s finger, ten fingers continuously struck down on this precious artifact while utilizing the powerful divine force of symbols. It shook this entire area, and a mountain nearby even collapsed from the sound waves.


In the end, the dark green divine sword actually cracked apart by the repeated strikes from the war god’s fingers. A terrifying precious artifact was destroyed.

The old monster released a loud roar and was thoroughly mad. This was the weapon that he refined his whole life, and never would he have thought that today was the day it would be destroyed. It made his eyes red with fury as he spat out blood.

“This old man is going to fight with you to the death!”

“Then you should just die!” The war king coldly shouted. He shone like a sun and killed his way forward.


Divine force shocked the world. The war king threw out his fist, creating a sea of symbols that completely scattered the old monster’s precious technique. Afterwards, he was sent flying outwards before exploding in midair.

He possessed an absolute and unmatched strength. This was a man that had no qualms about fighting the human emperor for his title. His brilliant prowess were completely earned from his countless battles.

“Senior brother, after being separated for so many years, we meet again!” The war god began to laugh heartily. After killing into the depths of the pure land, he met the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Master.

As soon as the words ‘senior brother’ were heard, these two individuals immediately sighed.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion Master’s memories surged. War king only cultivated here for ten years before leaving because he attached more importance to Stone Country. However, no one expected him to come back today to save this pure land; it could be said that he truly valued relationships and values.

“Today, no matter how many people you have, it’s all useless. The divine vine is about to die, so what can you all rely on? You all are destined to be destroyed!”

A silver Flood Dragon spoke. It brandished its enormous body and rushed forward. This was a descendant that held huge animosity for the Heaven Mending Pavilion. It was extremely terrifying, and was a large source of the slaughter here.

What it said still made some sense. Even if people came to assist the Heaven Mending Pavilion, it was still difficult to change the situation. After all, there were too many enemies here, so even if they combined all of their strength, at the crucial point, it would all be ended by the supreme beings in the nine heavens.


The Heaven Mending Pavilion master did not say anything and just raised his hand. It turned into a lump of light that flew over and pressed down on that silver Flood Dragon. With a raise of his hand, lightning interweaved, charring its body black and splitting its scales on the spot.

The creatures in the vicinity were all shocked. This was a Flood Dragon king, and was definitely not some ordinary Archaic descendant. However, it was actually severely wounded as soon as it went up even though it had such a fierce and unrivalled appearance just now. This left a deep impression on everyone here.

When the war god saw this, he rushed into the distance and continued to fight fiercely.

The silver snake was absolutely furious. It spat out an expanse of divine light to suppress the Heaven Mending Pavilion master. Meanwhile, it soared into the air and depended on its powerful body to tear at its opponent.

With a weng sound, an area of multicolored light surged from behind the Heaven Mending Pavilion master. A pair of golden divine wings appeared, producing waves of astral winds and thunder-like booming sounds.

This was the divine Peng technique, and it was full of an extremely terrifying variation. At this moment, the pure land’s core teacher’s body directly enlarged, turning into a large golden bird.

“What?! So terrifying, he has already reached spirituality, and turn himself into the shape of a divine bird!” Many people cried out in surprise.

The cultivation of precious techniques were many and varied. One of the more bitter routes was to genuinely embody oneself as another creature. Even though the conditions were harsh, its power was great, and could sometimes repair damaged precious techniques.

With a peng sound, the large peng flapped its wings and swooped down. A pair of giant golden claws snatched up the silver Flood Dragon and fiercely tore at it. Blood splashed out, emitting countless light.

The silver Flood Dragon began to develop dread. The Flood Dragon Race naturally feared the Peng race because they could suppress it. According to legend, the great Peng would swallow creatures like the Flood Dragon everyday and use them as food.


The silver Flood Dragon struggled, but it was difficult for it to escape its destruction. It was ripped apart alive, dying on the spot.

All the creatures’ expressions here changed. As soon as the Heaven Mending Pavilion Master was freed from rescuing and assisting all the disciples, he indeed became terrifying to the extreme.

He began to search specifically for powerful Flood Dragon experts. This was a terrifying intimidation towards everyone.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion was united as one. They currently had an unprecedented unity. Even though there were heavy casualties, they still did not lack the power to fight this war.

“Do you think this will work?” From the distance, golden light shone brilliantly. An unfathomably great enemy appeared. Even though it was in a humanoid form, golden fur covered its entire body. It was obvious that it wasn’t a human, and its terrifying aura overflowed into the heavens.

“Golden Beast!” Everyone was shocked. This was a creature that came from the Archaic Sacred Mountain and known to be a divine servant!

With the appearance of this creature, everything could already be inferred. The supreme experts that fought in the sky already decided Heaven Mending Pavilion’s conclusion.

“Hehe, haha…” Laughter echoed down from the nine heavens. The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow spread its wings and attacked upwards because it had sensed that the Guardian Spirit’s energy had been exhausted. After all, it had withered a long time ago and had difficulties a tough time supporting itself.

“The divine seed is mine. You cannot defend this pure land any longer!” The Qiong Qi was also incredibly indifferent. Its dark green eyes were emitting a cold light, and its killing intent spread everywhere.


Large patches of light rain exploded in the sky. The divine vine dimmed, appearing all sickly high on top of the sky. It did not have a speck of green to it at all, and all of its leaves had withered. Its enclosing vines also looked the same.

The only thing that still had any essence energy left was that green gourd. It still had plenty of life force left.


A rain of blood splashed through the air. During the final battle of this old vine, it injured the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. It cut down its feathers, and made its blood splash out.


The green gourd swayed. A primitive sword aura shot towards the human shaped figure from Mount Yi. It injured him and made his golden blood splash high into the air.

“Hou…” At the same time, the Qiong Qi was furious because it was pierced by one of the old vines. It spat out large mouthfuls of blood and its skull was almost split apart.

The old vine was on the verge of death. Countless droplets of light sprinkled onto the great earth.

“Farewell!” It spat out these two words, and no longer had even an ounce of fighting strength.

“Great Guardian Spirit!” Within the pure land, many people cried out with sorrow.

“Struggling at death’s door until today, you should have died a long time ago!” The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s voice was extremely callous, and its bloody pupils were incomparably cold. Its killing intent was like an ocean tide, and with a kacha sound, it snapped apart a withered yellow vine.

“Your body is already dried up. What other tricks can you use to fight? Today, you won’t even be able to completely turn into light rain. I am going to grind you up into powder and refine you into a pill before devouring you completely!” The Qiong qi also bellowed cruelly.

The old vine was very calm. Even though it was on the verge of death, it still gazed calmly downwards towards that ancient yard that had been ruined in wars. It was born there, but today, it was the place where everything would come to an end.

“Lord Guardian Spirit!” Everyone from Heaven Mending Pavilion yelled. They could hardly accept this result. They were very angry, and could not help but tear up.

The little guy clamored and yelled. This was the first time that he had felt a sense of belonging, but ite was broken by this ruthless and cruel reality. He held onto the broken sword in one hand and the little pagoda in the other. Then he charged, wishing that he could soar into the nine heavens and participate in that great battle.

Suddenly, the broken sword shined, and that dishevelled haired elder appeared. An ancient sword was stuck into his head, dripping with black blood.

The ghostly grandpa appeared. This time, not only could the little guy see him. Everyone else could see him as well.

He took the broken sword from the little guy’s hands and gently stroked it with his hand. He appeared rather perplexed, but soon after seemed to have woken up. Following that, he erupted into fury and rushed into the heavens.


Everyone was mind-blown. This long haired elder held the broken sword in his hand and directly sliced off the claw of the Heaven Swallowing Swallow that tore apart the vine, causing blood to gush out.

No one thought that he was actually this powerful and terrifying. Moreover, it was all so abrupt; he suddenly appeared high up in the sky.

Light rain scattered down. The divine vine was on the verge of disappearing, and its entire body was burning. It turned into a beautiful deity rain.

“You completed your promise to me and protected the pure land until you turned old and died in battle.” An elder with dishevelled hair and empty eyes spoke towards the Guardian Spirit.

“Who are you?” The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow erupted in anger as it reconnected its broken claw. Its entire body emitted light as it swooped down.

Hou… The completely ash gray haired elder roared towards the sky. He was like a demonic deity, and as he rushed up, even the winds and clouds began to revolve.

The Heaven Devouring Sparrow was shocked and evaded with extreme speed. That wave of killing intent was too powerful!”

“You planted me, and gave me my life…” The Guardian Spirit softly muttered as it gazed towards the elder who had an ancient sword pierced through his skull. It became indistinct within the rain of light, gradually disappearing.

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