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Chapter 191 – Deity’s Rain

The heavens were shaken as war cries rang out from both inside and outside the Heaven Mending Pavilion. All types of creatures were attacking to take advantage this opportunity. Regardless of whether it was the Sacred Storage Pavilion or the spiritual medicine fields, they were now all battlefields dyed in blood.

“The Sacred Storage Pavilion is empty. The scriptures have all been carried away! Hunt all of their upper level figures down. Some of them must have secret texts on them!” A large silver-colored crocodile bellowed.

Its body was about ten zhang in length. Shiny silver scales brilliantly and magnificently covered its body. As it swung its body, its sharp claws tore apart the great earth and giant boulders were sent flying. It was like an unrivalled devil king.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples were blocked off, so they used all their strength to charge together. Since the opposing party already took action, they were definitely the enemy. The only way to keep the pure land safe was by exterminating all the enemies.

After the walls collapsed, everyone pushed their way in. There were all types of great races and countless creatures. They all came to divide up the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s divine treasury and loot this place completely clean.

Of course, there were old enemies here as well, such as the Tuoba family that had had grudges with the Heaven Mending Pavilion since the ancient era. There were also the Western Tomb Beast Mountain and others who were even more terrifying. Their actions were ruthless as symbols covered the air and oppressed downwards.

“Such intolerable bullying!” The lightning elder Mu Yan’s eyes were even starting to turn red. He already took care of one of his old enemies, but he himself was also dripping with blood. He once again charged murderously into the group of enemies.


A thick streak of lightning flew out. It was extremely concentrated, and as it struck into the group of people, it created a honglong sound. Those malevolent creatures from different races immediately released miserable cries. Ten experts immediately turned into charcoal.

It was only a single strike, yet this area was completely cleared up. All of the creatures here fell. Their bodies were turned pitch-black,their bones were broken, and their tendons were torn apart; even their flesh was converted into a paste.

“The old fellow is truly strong. Go up together and kill him!” Someone shouted.

With a weng sound, Mu Yan flew over horizontally. A streak of lightning hacked down, and that person immediately exploded. His bones shattered and his body turned into a bloody rain.

Ferocious and tyrannical; Mu Yang was incomparably powerful. He weaved in all directions as he killed while being surrounded by his enemies. He also rescued the trapped disciples, allowing them to escape.


From the side, a giant silver crocodile pounced over. Its claws were incomparably sharp as it swiped out an expanse of multicolored light. It smashed open a mountain as it attacked towards Mu Yan’s backside.


Mu Yang turned around and met it head on with a palm. Lightning interweaved, and the large silver crocodile’s body violently shook. However, its scales were extremely powerful precious artifacts, so it was able to block off a large portion of the electricity as it forcefully pressed down. Next, it released a streak of divine light constructed of of symbols from its mouth with killing intent.

At the same time, two individuals charged over from the side. They were all old characters from great schools, and it would be difficult to see them outside normally. Now, there were actually two that appeared, and they attacked Mu Yan together.

“You mass of never ending worms! All of you can go die!”

The lightning elder erupted into rage, and his temper flared. Normally, he was incomparably bold and powerful and looked down on these types of cultivators. He spared no effort in his attacks and engaged in a great battle with them.

A string of sparkling purple spheroids that looked like translucent purple agates appeared and covered the sky. It was so bright that it made it difficult for one to open their eyes.

At first, no one felt anything, however they quickly became terrified. This was because those two ancestors’ faces were completely white as they retreated as fast as they could. One of them began to spurt out a large mouthful of blood, so he ignited essence energy in order to quickly increase his escape speed.

The string of purple spheroids bursted into a supremely powerful thunderstorm. The big silver crocodile’s flesh exploded on the spot, and the precious artifact scales became useless.

Meanwhile in the distance, the two ancestors also suffered from this enormous attack. They both cried out miserably as their flesh became lacerated. A scorched black color appeared on their bodies as they barely avoided this disaster after great difficulty.

The big silver crocodile was furious. It was the head of a school, so its methods were excellent. It was the most powerful expert within its race, yet it actually suffered such a loss here.

Its body soared up, and a silver radiance began to burn around its body like an incomparably bright and dazzling deity . Its symbols were like an ocean as they flooded forward, exhausting everything to suppress and kill Mu Yan.

“Ten Stars Piercing the Sun!”

The lightning ancestor’s treasure was similarly dignified. Following his shout, ten shining purple spheres flew out, forming a string. It ignited a sphere that was like a giant sun, and it dropped onto the big crocodile’s body.


This place was immediately lit. Nothing was visible anymore. This was Mu Yan’s thunder technique; purple spheres of lightning collided against each other and erupting with an unmatchable power.

The sky-covering expanse of symbols created by the big silver crocodile was immediately dispersed. Its entire body was bloody, and as it shouted miserably, all of its crocodile skin came off.

From this, one could also see that it was extremely powerful and terrifying. Such a powerful and severe lightning dao technique was not enough to completely destroy it.

A human figure rushed past. The lightning ancestor Mu Yan once again took action. With the lightning divine hammer in hand, he smashed down on the large silver crocodile’s body, making it crack apart as lightning radiance danced about.

Following a pu sound, a rain of blood splashed out. Mu Yan put away his precious artifact and personally tore apart the silver crocodile. Its body was ripped into two pieces, and fresh blood gushed out. The two halves fell onto the great earth.

This battle made everyone tremble. Many creatures were terrified, because even though the Heaven Mending Pavilion was no longer as glorious as in the past, it still had no lack of experts.

The result of this battle made everyone scared and upset. In just a split second, this area was completely cleared up. All the powerful individuals from various clans fled, escaping from the bloodied devil deity-like lightning ancestor Mu Yan.

On another front, elder Liu was also completely furious. He was battling with a white tiger, and his entire body was shining. Golden symbols emerged and a pair of wings unfolded, splitting the heaven and earth. With a slight tremble, a thunderous weather began to rumble.

“Golden Peng wings!” The white tiger was shocked. It felt a chill in its stomach as blood began to gush outwards. It was practically split in half by the golden wings.


With a roar, it drew out over ten silver battle spears that were refined from tiger teeth. These were terrifying precious artifacts that could turn into over ten whips as they thrusted forward.

With a weng sound, elder Liu shifted to the side with extreme speed. His pair of golden wings spread out and interweaving symbols filled the sky. After a kacha sound, the ten or so precious artifacts were all chopped in half.

“Walking the path to becoming a saint with your own strength. You have to rely mostly on your own precious techniques.” The white tiger was astonished. Its opponent did not have a precious artifact, but he was even more terrifying.

Elder Liu’s body was declining, and it looked like his essence energy was even drying up. However, his physical body was actually this powerful, and while combined with a precious technique, he was a stronghold that was almost impossible to overcome.

The White Tiger roared loudly. The sound waves were like an ocean, and symbols rushed about in disorder, submerging everything in front of it. At the same time, it charged forward with killing intent, its innate golden aura filling the air as it laid out a killing formation.

However, what shocked it was that with a shake of elder Liu’s wings, a golden rain of light scattered outwards, disturbing the array of the symbols. With a stamp of his feet, he shook the great earth. The golden symbols flickered, quickly making the formation lose its effectiveness.


Elder Liu rushed forward, and his entire being became a golden color, including his fingers. He was like a humanoid great Golden Peng, and as he rushed over to fight viciously with the White Tiger, he turned into a circle of light.

In just a brief moment, they exchanged over ten attacks. Following that, they quickly separated.


The White Tiger coughed out blood and roared towards the skies. In the end, it still helplessly fell because its forehead had cracked open before ultimately shattering.

Although Mu Yan and elder Liu were strong and capable of prevailing over a number of experts. The countless number of enemies still seemed to overpower them. There were simply too many people who came.

They quickly executed their murdering spree as they helped the trapped disciples. Their bodies became completely bloody, and they suffered some injuries due to meeting a few powerful enemies during this period of time

Suddenly, huge expanses of light drizzled from the nine heavens. They were numerous,  incredibly splendid and beautiful.

“It’s come. A true opportunity is here!”

Many people were cheering for joy. They raised their heads and looked towards the sky. They opened their arms to welcome the raining light.

This was true especially at the Guardian Spirit’s resting grounds where its ancient courtyards were filled with people. There were even many battles that had occurred here because they were fighting for the best positions.

If one carefully examined, he or she could see that the younger generations of aristocrats were scattered all over the genius camp. They were originally disciples of the Heaven Mending Pavilion; however, they were now being protected by their clansmen. They had killed their way over here in order to receive a baptism.

A long time ago, many great powers had doubts that the Guardian Spirit of Heaven Mending Pavilion would not have long to live. Many clans were laying out plans in order to capture this huge opportunity.

“Kill ah…”

It was clear that the troops that charged over from outside had lost their decisive opportunity. They couldn’t get close to this area, and was quickly locked down.

The clash of opposing forces naturally resulted in action. The creatures from various clans all took action, and this place became a chaotic battlefield.

The aristocratic children that had lead their people here weren’t all stuck in this situation. They had already seized the opportunity to collect some of the soil that the Guardian Spirit took root in. Scattered everywhere, they borrowed its power to collect the rain of light in the sky.

“The divine vine is perishing and this is its divine essence. It absorbed this from the great earth, so it will eventually return into the endless great wastes. This is an enormous opportunity.”

The people all shouted as their eyes turned red with greed.

A plant Guardian Spirit’s cultivation path was not simple. In order to rise up, many of their experts made huge vows during their initial phases of cultivation. Receiving, and then returning to the great earth that had nourished them. When they finally perish, they will return as divine rain.

It was clear that the old vine could not handle it anymore as its body was declining. Some leaves fell from the sky, and they seemed incredibly yellow without a hint of green. They were completely lifeless.

It took some heavy injuries up in the nine heavens, and started to scatter its essence. It was going to die at a moment’s notice.

“Great Guardian Spirit!”

Everyone from the Heaven Mending Pavilion cried out loudly. The old vine that protected them for countless years was going to fall in battle like this. They were all filled with grief.


An overcast shout was transmitted from the ninth heaven, and a huge golden crack appeared. This was the seventh time it constructed a passageway that allowed everyone to leave.

In the end, divine light was boundless as it was once again broken. This time, it failed again.

“Great Guardian Spirit, you don’t need to worry about us anymore. We will break out on our own. Moreover, a portion of disciples from our school has already escaped through the help of your passageway. Sooner or later, there will be a day when they will make their appearances again and reconstruct the Heaven Mending Pavilion!”

The Heaven Mending Pavilion established a total of seven strongholds. Even though three of them were destroyed, there were still four that were not touched. Their hopes and wishes lied there.

“Do you all really think the remaining strongholds can exist forever? I have already been informed about them a long time ago, so there is no point in holding onto hope!” There was someone who coldly and indifferent spoke.

When these words were spoken, it made the remaining Heaven Mending Pavilion members’ hearts tremble. They all shuddered and seethed in anger. They felt a wave of sorrow and despair.

“I feel it, a wave of thriving life force. This is a tremendous opportunity, and my physical body is being baptized!”

Someone cried out, and his hands grasped the soil the Guardian Spirit took root in while receiving the rain of light from the sky. After it scattered down on his body, he felt comfortably warm and incomparably peaceful.

“Kill ah…”

Both the inside and outside of the Heaven Mending Pavilion was in chaos. Everyone frantically rushed in to seize the light rain and receive its baptism.

Raindrops scattered down. It was incomparably sacred, sparkling, and translucent. They were like petals as they fluttered about, as if they were polluted with the divine creature’s aura. This was an area of great opportunity.

The shouts of slaughter rang out incessantly. Every creature was fighting with everything they had to seize the most advantage positions.

Experts from every clan was struggling and killing. It was mostly for the clan’s younger generation because this shower of light was most beneficial for younger people. Although old experts could also receive some benefits, they were not as evident.


A huge noise echoed outwards from midair as a blazing ball of light exploded. An endless shower of light fell down that was even more concentrated.

The Guardian Spirit let out a sigh and said, “Goodbye, I cannot protect you any longer.”

Its life was on the verge of reaching its ending. It was going to return to the earth and become soil.

“Great Guardian Spirit!”

Everyone from Heaven Mending Pavilion was grieving. Even the pavilion master who was currently in a blood-soaked battle had tears falling out of his eyes. He could not help but bawl out; was this show on the verge of a conclusion?

Because the old vine had made a promise, it had never left from the ancient era until now. It had protected the Heaven Mending Pavilion since then and had fought bloody battles with many divine creatures and saints. After countless years, it had paid too much.

From start to finish, it had experienced countless ages. It always guarded this pure land, and sheltered them from one huge battle after another. From the ancient era until now, it had never abandoned them.

For this reason, the old vine had suffered a few major injuries. Otherwise, it would have lived longer than it would have now.

The sound of sadness was all over Heaven Mending Pavilion. Everyone was grieving because the old vine had given them so much, and it was finally going to pass away. Moreover, it fought until the very last moment.

“Haha… The destruction of Heaven Mending Pavilion is at hand. Everyone who is bathing in the shower made by this divine creature, just cheer and go crazy. Let us commence our killing spree and exterminate this pure land!” An old monster from the Tuoba clan let his hair loose and began to laugh loudly. His body was covered in blood, but it was not his own. He had kill many elders from Heaven Mending Pavilion, as he was one of the most powerful experts from his clan.

“Exterminate all of them if possible in order to avoid misfortunes in the future!” People from the Western Tomb Beast Mountain answered.

Even under these circumstances, the people from Heaven Mending Pavilion could not avoid being blocked and killed. Tuoba family and the Western Tomb Beast Mountain did not want to let them go in fear of disasters in the future.

Everyone’s eyes from the Heaven Mending Pavilion had turned red. These people were bathing in the shower of light from their Guardian Spirit and was receiving a baptism, then they were going to commence a large murder spree here. These people were truly unbridled, despicable, and intolerable bullies.

“Group of bastards, bullying my Heaven Mending Pavilion like no one is there, Flame Rhino tribe is here to help!” A loud roar was transmitted from the distance. A powerful expert that lead a large group of people appeared. They flickered with symbols, and were all powerful individuals.

“After taking advantage of my Heaven Mending Pavilion so excessively, you all will inevitably pay the equal price in blood. Marquis Lingwei is here, and I will protect my pure land!” Another loud roar was emitted, shaking the space there. It was clear that the person leading these large troops was an extremely terrifying character.

The people were shocked. This was a noble, someone who used to cultivate within the Heaven Mending Pavilion that came back to provide assistance. He was an extremely outstanding figure back then within this pure land, and currently even carried the title of a marquis.

“Divergent Mountain Clan lord has arrived to protect our pure land!” Someone cried out.

“Scarlet Sun Tribe has arrived to lend our aid!”

“Marquis Lingtian has arrived as well. To violate my pure land, none will escape death!”

“Stone Country’s war king has arrived, and will fight with those who violate the pure land!”

Screaming sounds rose and fell from all directions. Powerful experts appeared one after another. That Marquis Lingtian shook the great wastelands, and his fame was equal to that of an incredibly powerful expert. As for that war king, his military fame was even more outstanding. Outside of the emperor, he truly did not have that many opponents.

These were all experts that have exited the Heaven Mending Pavilion. They have all cultivated here in the past, and after so many years, their names have shaken the land. Some were now lords, and others were bestowed the title of Marquis.

Now, many of them have returned. As soon as they received news that their school was facing troubles, regardless of the difficulties, they traversed the great wastelands to provide their assistance.

Their reputations had spread in all directions, and even though some of them only possessed ordinary strength, their presence here signified their intentions. It made many of the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s people’s eyes brim with tears of excitement.

“Kill, slaughter these brutes clean!”

“Those who violate my Heaven Mending Pavilion will be killed without mercy!”

Everywhere in the pure land, people’s blood began to boil. Their eyes were filled with hot tiers, and they all raised their weapons in preparation to fight to the death.

The various great races that invaded were all shocked. They felt a wave of coldness down their bodies. The Heaven Mending Pavilion has passed down their tradition for an extremely long time. Their disciples were numerous, and there were many that shook an entire region. Their connections were truly deep!

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