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Chapter 190 – Divine Mountain Guests

“Follow me. All of you must live.” One of the elders warned repeatedly. Following that, he roared loudly and began to open up a route as he killed his way out.

There were numerous people outside Heaven Mending Pavilion. In addition to humans, there were many other types of creatures. They were all waiting for an opportunity because once a great holy pure land such as this collapsed, the divines treasures left behind would definitely be amazing.

Additionally, there were still huge opportunities they were looking forward to. There hadn’t been a chance like this for eons. For this reason, many clans had brought their younger generations over.

“Some of the aristocratic children are currently within that pure land, and they definitely hold a major advantage”

“Even the human emperor’s heart shook with greed and began to scheme for the benefit of his daughter. It seems that this can’t be fake!”

Outside the heaven Mending Pavilion, countless creatures had appeared and surrounded the area. They already began to move, preparing to rush in and kill everyone.


The battle immediately erupted, and symbols interweaved. The body of the elder that charged out from the Heaven Mending Pavilion first was quickly turned bloody. He suffered heavy injuries because there were too many people who came

Behind him, the group of disciples’ faces changed. This route was no longer an option because it was completely blocked.

“Kill! We will break through them there!”

Ten or so elders were opening up a path from another direction. All of them were bathed in blood as they activated their precious artifacts. They forced open a bloody path and carried a group of disciples out of the siege.

“No one is allowed to leave!” From the distance, an elder roared loudly. He descended from the air while stepping on a piece of ancient beast skin. The golden divine sword in his hands hacked down as he descended.


The mountains collapsed and the great rivers’ routes were skewed. No one knew how tyrannical that sword was, but it sliced apart the great land and created a black slit in the great earth. The corpses of many disciples were buried within, and several elders also lost their lives.

“Tuoba family, you all came after all!”

Within the Heaven Mending Pavilion, a lion roar rang out. The lightning ancestor’s hair were all spread out like iron needles. Electric radiance curled up around his entire body while he wielded a divine hammer. His stepped on a divine feather and quickly charged.

With a honglong sound, the purple-colored divine hammer lit up and hacked out a thick streak of lightning, forcing that individual back. After that, the lightning ancestor rushed up violently.

The Tuoba family almost founded an ancient country during the Archaic era; however, their clan’s guardian spirit was struck down by the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s divine vine. This one stumble made it unable to rise again. Thus, they had a great resentment for this pure land.

“The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s destruction is imminent. Even God can’t save you if he comes now!” The elder with the golden divine sword from the Tuoba family was the one that spoke.

“Whoever wants to mess with my Heaven Mending Pavilion must pay the price in blood! I will kill you first!” The lightning ancestor Mu Yan roared loudly. His entire body was surrounded by electricity as he rushed forward murderously.


In the sky, dark clouds gathered densely. A great rain poured down, making people overwhelmed with shock. He actually summoned the natural lightning directly within the heavens and earth!

“Not good!” The old ancestor from the Tuoba family was horrified. He never could have imagined that there just so happened to be two clouds drifting over like this, making it extremely unfavorable for him. For those that cultivated lightning, as long as dark clouds were summoned, it would exponentially increase their strength.

As expected, the two dark clouds collided. With a honglong sound, the thick lightning hacked down with a mountainous might down on the great earth.


The Tuoba family’s ancestor cried out with fury. He did everything he could to avoid it, but no matter how quick he was, could he be faster than the speed of lightning? As soon as he saw it come, he was already blasted flying. His entire body was charred black, and he coughed out blood as he quickly escaped into the distance.

“Kill! Children, siege together with me. Even if I lose this old life, I will still deliver you all to safety!” The lightning ancestor Mu Yan roared.

The battle unfolded and this was only in one of the directions. There people everywhere around the Heaven Mending Pavilion, and all the elders were trying to lead the disciples out.

The great catastrophe arrived, and if they did not fight with everything they had, they wouldn’t even have the slightest chance of living.

Within the depths of the Heaven Mending Pavilion, the few elders did everything they could. However, it was all futile. The golden void passage created by the guardian spirit was destroyed, and it was clear that this was the result of supreme experts making their move.

At this moment, the battle on the ground was still a battle of manpower, but the battle in the sky was definitely much more terrifying. It made people fear for their lives, because it was difficult for them to understand just what type of level their fight was at.

The divine vine charged into the heavens as it pierced above the clouds to stand against those few supreme experts. Its entire body was bright green as dazzling light exploded forth. Orderly symbols emerged one by one as they fluttered around it.

“You have truly lived a long time. An ancient god who became famous during one battle, yet you still live in this world today. However, every glory much eventually reach a predestined end.” A man shaped creature said while standing on a golden passage of light.

Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Guardian Spirit was indifferent because there really wasn’t much it could say to that. So, it did not speak at all.

“I came here for nothing else but the divine seed. Since you’re going to die anyway, why not just leave it with me? If you do so, I will make every effort in protecting the Heaven Mending Pavilion.” An enormous vicious bird covered the sky and the earth as it surged with torrential black mists. Its two eyes were like two bloody moons that appeared particularly terrifying in all this darkness.

“Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, do you have a hint of reputation? You were a descendent, and your teacher kindly transformed you into a pure-blooded creature. What did you do? When your teacher, the easter swan, was on the verge of dying because of old blood, you swallowed it!”

Some people from the distance sneered. When these words were spoken, this devil bird immediately became furious. Black mists surged and filled the cracks between mountains and rivers.

“You’re pretty much at your limit. You might as well just straightforwardly hand over the divine seed to me. You should know of my identity. I came from the Southern Meteor Divine Mountain. I will not go back on my words. I will assist Heaven Mending Pavilion to the best of my abilities.” On the several tens of thousands of li long golden passage, that man-shaped creature whose entire body was doused in a precious splendor gently said.

Whether it was in the sky or on the earth, everyone breathed in a breath of cold air. What kind of place was the Southern Meteor Divine Mountain? It was rumored that it might be a resting place for deities!

The old vine still had not spoken. From the distant past until now, it had seen it all. It had even fought with deities and splashed their bloods into the heavens. It was not willing to give anyone its trust now.

“Is coming from a divine mountain that amazing?” An enormous vicious beast appeared from the north. It was also wrapped in mist, and its pair of green eyes burned like radiant torches.

It was releasing a killing intent that overflowed into the heavens, and its body was incredibly huge; even the clouds in the sky was smaller than its palms. If not for the mists that lingered around it, the clouds alone simply could not conceal its body.

“Qiong Ji, although you’re a descendent, you always know how to amaze people. You’ve obtained the fortunes of heaven and earth, and now you stand amongst the supreme experts. But what did you do? You were once the Guardian Spirit of an ancient country, but once you absorbed all of their faith, you would not protect them anymore. You even went so far as to swallow every person in the nation. You are truly atrocious!”

The voice from the dark echoed forth once again regarding the past of the Qiong Ji in the clouds.

Weng, the world trembled. A large claw covered the skies as it slapped forward. It hid the skies and covered the earth, submerging everything in its path. The Qiong Ji made its move.

This overwhelmed everyone. The power in the claw was too great. It was covered in symbols, and could completed break apart an entire mountain range. This was the devilish power of the Qiong Ji; fortunately, it was in the skies and far from the ground!

Streaks of multicolored light numbered in the tens of thousands, creating a multitude of auspicious colors. A godly silhouette sat cross-legged in mid air and illuminated everything with its divine splendor. A divine halo emerged behind its head as it sat there like a buddha, blocking the path of that huge claw.

The little guy who was inside the Heaven Mending Pavilion saw and heard this entire scene; his heart trembled.

He did not know anything about those two man-shaped creatures, and did not know where they originated from. However, this was not the first time he had seen that Devil Bird and Vicious Beast.

Originally, at the depth of the mountain ranges where Stone Village was, a treasure was born into this world. Four great creatures had a decisive battle over it, and destruction spread over hundreds of thousands of li. After the event, Willow Deity vaguely said that the Devil Bird was a Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and the Vicious Beast was a Qiong Ji.

“Expert from Mount Yi, you once swallowed the saint of the Little Western Skies. However, he broke out of your body and made you surrender.”

“You were the Guardian Spirit there. Even though endless years had passed and you had returned to the divine mountains, don’t think I forgot where you came from.” The Qiong Ji shouted.

Everyone was shocked. The Guardian Spirit from the Little Western Skies was still alive?

The Little Western Skies was extremely powerful. It was also considered an ancient country, an absolutely terrifying force that possessed astonishing and terrifying power. Their Guardian Spirit was for sure a very old existence.

He actually came from the ancient divine mountain – Mount Yi!

Mount Yi was the name of an amazing ancient divine mountain that humans knew of. There could actually be genuine Golden Winged Pengs and other creatures that lived there.

The man-shaped creature that sat in midair had a divine halo behind his head. His entire body was doused in divine splendor, appearing very solemn and dignified. As it blocked the Qiong Ji’s large claw, it appeared very divine and powerful.

“If I give my divine seed away, will you people leave?” The old vine finally spoke. It was still that calm, without any joy or worry. It was not going to be sad from its own death.

“Only if you give the divine seed to me; otherwise, I will still fight them to the death. This land will have a tough time avoiding destruction.” The man-shaped creature from the Southern Meteor Divine Mountain spoke atop the golden passage of light that was tens of thousands of li long.

Mount Yi’s creature also spoke, “Old vine, don’t think anymore. You should know that many people have been awaiting your death. Why did I send my son and daughter into the Heaven Mending Pavilion? It was to baptize you.”

“Although it sounds very plain and simple, it’s the truth. Heaven Mending Pavilion should also know; otherwise, they would not send them away.”

The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s figure was enormous. Its length was perhaps tens of thousands of li long. It covered the entire entire sky and blocked off the sun, covering the entire land in pitch darkness. It sneered and said, “For the last hundreds of years, you pretended that you could not endure anymore in order to set a trap to kill supreme experts. You couldn’t be setting up your old tricks today right? It’s useless.”

The divine vine sighed. It had once pretended to be weak in order to kill its foes. How could it have that much power today? Even the same strategy wouldn’t work anymore.

“Then let’s fight!” It shouted in an instant. The gourd vine shone, and that green skinned gourd emitted waves of ripples that seemed like the creation of the world. Even the aura of primal chaos was surging outwards.


The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow beared the brunt the force and immediately let out a long hiss. Its feathers fluttered in the breeze as its blood immediately splashed out. It was clear how powerful that divine seed was. It was the essence of that old vine’s existence.

Weng. The Qiong Ji also made its move. It stretched its large claw forward in order to tear that old vine apart and steal the supreme treasure.

A great battle broke out. Fortunately, it was in the sky; otherwise, the earth would have been wiped clean just like how the tens of thousands of li around Stone Village ended up, with every inch broken and covered in blood.

Even so, the skies were still extremely terrifying. The people below did not dare to fly and no one dared to fight in the air. They all descended onto the ground.

Chi chi sounds constantly fell upon people’s ears. Divine feathers flew outwards as the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow hacked forward. Over ten of its thickest feathers curled up in orderly symbols like immortal swords.

The Guardian Spirit’s entire body shined. All of its leaves made hualala sounds like green waves rolling downwards. They erased all the symbols, then burned and exploded those ten divine feathers.


On top of that green vine, the green-skinned gourd swayed. It collided together with the large hands that stretched forward and emitted hundreds of thousands of meter long streaks of lightning. The expert from Mount Yi retreated as its hands ruptured and fresh blood spilt from them.

“A celestial battle!” The old vine charged upwards into the depths of the sky. Disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Qiong Ji and the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow chased and attacked as they followed closely behind. They soared into the nine heavens with symbols that looked like rivers of stars engulfing them. The symbols were like vast oceans as they ascended.

Clearly, the battle in the nine heavens reached an incredibly intense degree and was extremely terrifying. The old vine started summoning meteorites from space as if it wanted to destroy the world in order to attack those supreme experts.

In an instant, thunderous clouds violently surged in the nine heavens. Meteors started shining as symbols interweaved like dense rivers of incredibly splendid stars. Blood started splashing everywhere.

However, no matter how strong it was, it was useless. Its body was dried up and its leaves were turning yellow; its life was nearing its end.


On the ground, everyone from the Heaven Mending Pavilion started to break out of the siege. They formed ten groups and charged into every direction.

This was an incredibly desperate and bloody battle. Amongst the interweaving symbols, bones and limbs constantly flew outwards. In a time like this, life seemed incredibly frail.

“Elder!” All the disciples from Heaven Mending Pavilion roared in sadness.

Ahead of them were several elders who lead the breakout. For the sake of protecting them, they used their own bodies to block the enemies. Symbols drowned them, and they fell one after another. This path was impassable; several extremely terrifying experts oversaw the obstruction of this route.

“Go that way!”

A powerful ancestral elder of Heaven Mending Pavilion flew over. He defended all of the disciples and protected them from harm. His entire was burning as he blocked those attacking symbols. This allowed the other disciples to quickly retreat and escape from another route.


He spat out a large mouthful of blood. Half of his body had cracked due to the tyrannical strength of the symbol. He immediately suffered a heavy injury.

“Eastern tomb beast mountain residents, you all actually came!” Divine rays of light shone within the one who protected the Sacred Storage Pavilion, elder Liu. Like an angry lion who just woke up, he rushed over to protect assistance. His palm thrusted forward, and caused a white tiger to retreat a few steps. He started an intense fight with it.

The white tiger leader attacked. Its terrifying innate golden aura surged into the heavens. A tiger roar echoed between the heaven and earth. It trembled the tens of thousands of mountains and valleys, shocking the world.

However, elder Liu was also extremely strong. His entire body shined, and as soon as they came into contact, he ripped off a lump of tiger skin that was dripping fresh blood. He was completely different from his normal appearance of always being half awake. Right now, he seemed like a revered war god.

Every single direction was like this; incredibly desperate battles erupted everywhere.

Apart from there, there were even a group of people who did not direct participate in this bloody battle; however, they were even stronger. They protected their younger disciples and charged all the way inside the depths of the Heaven Mending Pavilion, close to the place where the Guardian Spirit rested.

“That moment is almost here!” They faced the skies with expectations.

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