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Chapter 189 – Doomsday

With the formation of the lightning dao precious technique, the little guy seemed to have a new type of force about him. The tyranny of lightning represented a supreme power, and as it accumulated within his body, it raised a type of unique aura.

Of course, this was only one of his precious techniques, and did not affect his true temperament. The only thing different about him was that his glistening eyes contained more determination.

His head of black hair scattered about. He now cultivated two great precious techniques that had evolved from two of his original divine abilities in order to become more formidable and robust.

The Little Devil Wine’s effects were extremely great, creating strand after strand of multicolored light that flew about Mu Yan’s body. His bones created pipa sounds, and his flesh moved about rhythmically. He was currently growing new bones and reforming his body.

Originally, he was on the verge of death, but now he was being pulled back. The Little Devil Wine that was slowly refined out of ten different types of spiritual medicines had tyrannical and violent medicinal effects, accelerating the connection of tendons and recovery of bones.

After a full day and night of carefully circulating symbols while seated, Mu Yan finally recovered. There were no longer any major hindrances to his body; being able to live this time could be considered another miracle.

“Truly formidable. To be fortunate enough to drink the legendary Little Devil Wine, it truly makes this old one feel pleased.” Mu Yan laughed heartily.

The little guy was moved. Even though the lightning ancestor’s temperament was fiery and his attitude was harsh as he made the little guy endure such hellish training for the past month, he was still truly a good person. He almost threw away his life for the little guy.

“Very good.” When they returned to the Heaven Mending Pavilion, Elder Liu also nodded and revealed a joyous expression.

“What kind of place is the Archaic Sacred Courtyard?! Is it some place I can enter?” The little guy asked.

The two elders both sighed and shook their heads.

“That place is a actually a small domain. It had existed from the ancient era until now, and only opens once every hundred years. Insights and imprints passed down by saints exist within that place.”

“It is different from the Hundred Shattering Mountains. The Sacred Courtyard only opens up for few select individuals.”

The two were extremely regretful. If not for Shi Yi being a heaven warping genius, surpassing their expectations and directly forcing his way in, they would have done anything to get the little guy in there.

It had already closed, and regardless of what they did, it was too late.

As for when it decided to open, it did not have a set time. Even if the Heaven Mending Pavilion no longer existed, that Ancient Sacred Courtyard would have still remained unaffected. It would only show itself in front of the people when the time comes.

“Perhaps there might be some knowledge left behind by ancestors there, and you have a chance at obtaining an immense opportunity. However, everything has an equal trade off. Your path of cultivation will be smoother, but cultivation is ultimately about tempering your body and self. If you go through this route, you will lose the process.”

“How about this. I’ll just make my way across this mortal path and walk forward step by step.” The little guy nodded his head.

During the following days, the little guy studied the precious techniques and flipped through the bone books. Every day, he would chant the sutras, and after consolidating everything he had gained in the past half year, his body became increasingly stronger.

“Why did this guy have a change of heart? If it were the past, he wouldn’t have been able to sit still and would have created a huge mess already.” The big red bird was muttering.

“He spends the entire day chanting sutras, and as soon as he sits down, he won’t get up until the day is over. He really is like a buddhist on the path of ascension.” Second baldy sighed as he spoke.


A streak of lightning flew over. The two individuals’ bodies lit up before emitting black smoke. They fell onto the ground and began to twitch.

“Why is that fellow’s ears so sharp? It seems like he can hear us no matter how far away we are.” The two were furious.

The little guy’s lightning technique was released. Its power had risen sharply, and was now worthy of being considered a top level precious technique. If he was confronting anyone seriously, he would naturally become even more terrifying.

“Little junior brother, something is going on.” At this moment, some people came searching for him.

“What happened?” The little guy widened his eyes and stood up.

“These days, there have been several figures wandering around outside our mountain gate. We caught one of them, and it was actually someone from the Kun Clan that rushed over for you!” A senior brother informed.

The little guy frowned. The Four Great Clans Li, Yuan, Kun, and Meng had a conflict with the little guy within the Void God Realm. Therefore, they wanted to kill him in the Hundred Shattering Mountains and get their revenge on him, but in the end they were wiped clean instead.

Now, another one of them appeared; these were truly souls of deceased that refused to disperse.

“Nothing to worry about. Do not fear, junior disciple. Our Heaven Mending Pavilion is always united. If junior brother has any issues, we will all make our moves as well. If the situation gets out of hand, the elders within our school won’t just watch from the side with folded arms.” A group of senior brothers walked over.

“Thank you seniors.” The little guy was thankful.

“What are you all waiting for? Go and slaughter your way out! Let them see how powerful our Heaven Mending Pavilion is!” The Big Red Bird yelled out fiercely, forgetting that it wasn’t even a disciple of the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

“Let’s find out some information first and see just what kind of people came,” the little guy said. He told the Big Red Bird to look around. This guy was born to be a thief, and by using its extreme speed, it was most suited for scouting out information.

Soon after, the Big Red Bird was like a supernatural being that appeared and vanished. It brought over the news that there were quite a few people outside the mountain gate. The situation was precarious, as there were people from all different schools here.

The little guy frowned, because the situation wasn’t looking so good. They clearly came with the Heaven Mending Pavilion as their target, and all of them were trying to pry out information.

“The Li, Yuan, Kun, and Meng four clans have all come. They came here because of you. They are gnashing their teeth in anger, and have already received the news that you exterminated all of their people within the Hundred Shattering Mountains,” the big red bird said.

“Inform the elders first, then we’ll take action.” One of the brothers spoke.

A total of ten people came from the four great clans, so the Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples were enough to deal with them. However, they contacted the seniors just in case.

“I’ll go look for them.” Wufeng’s voice sounded. The genius camp still had a small amount of people. Most of them were ordinary disciples, but there were a few of the old monsters’ disciples who had not yet left.

Not much time passed before roughly a hundred troops were dragged out. Among them, there was no lack of senior brothers and sisters that were more than than twenty years old. All of were at least ten years old and were extremely powerful.

The little guy was shocked; the Heaven Mending Pavilion truly moved as one! They simply called out once, yet there were immediately this many people. If the disciples did not leave, just how many thousands of people would have came?

“Thank you senior brothers and sisters.” He expressed his gratitude.

“Savage little brother, don’t mention it. We cannot let any of our disciples from the Heaven Mending Pavilion be bullied. We will change the minds of anyone who dared to act errantly in front of our gates.”

“That’s right. Even if it had been any other disciples, we would have acted this way as well.”

The little guy looked at those twenty years old or so senior brothers and sisters as well as those who were similar ages or a bit older than him. He instantly understood the meaning of a school, and gained a sense of belonging.

Although he did not feel any fear, he still felt the warmth of being protected by all the senior brothers and sisters and experienced the harmonious and candid nature of a school.

“Go, give them a lesson. Since they dare to act atrociously at our Heaven Mending Pavilion and bully our junior brother, go sweep them away!”

A vast amount of people rushed towards the gates with the moxie of tigers and wolves. Symbols filled the heavens as they instantly swamped the four clans with their attacks.

It was similarly beautifully outside the mountain gates with its pleasant scenery. There were some medicinal fields belonging to the school there, and there were normally taken care of by some people but had been somewhat neglected lately.

The people from the four great clans were stupefied. So many people had rushed forth, scaring them instantly. Then, they quickly counterattacked before retreating.

In the end, this was the Heaven Mending Pavilion. If they truly wanted to made a huge ruckus, they would have to bear with the consequences. They only came here to wait for an opportunity. It would have been great to eliminate that devilish brat, but it was not the end of the world if they weren’t able to do so.

Their primary goal was to investigate the real situation inside the Heaven Mending Pavilion because of the sudden restlessness in the rest of the world. Word got out that this ancient pure land might be going under a huge change, and many huge clans were trying to take advantage of the situation.

The secrets held by an ancient pure land were deep. If they were truly defeated, the leftover things would allow many clans to abruptly rise to the top. This invoked the greed out of many sects.


A streak of lightning hacked forth from the little guy that instantly landed on over ten people in front of him, turning them into coal.

“Little kid, you actually dare to come out!” Some people were furious. A middle-aged man was anxious, because his child was among the people who had just died. He immediately turned around with killing intent.

Clearly this was an expert, and with his cultivation realm, he would be able to suppress many youths.

“No matter who it is, if you come to our Heaven Mending Pavilion to act so atrociously, we will kill you all!” A senior brother around 26 years old spoke from the rear. He jumped to the sky and threw down a blazing symbol that covered the entire area where the middle-aged man was.

With a hong sound, the precious techniques collided. That thirty year old or so middle-aged man was actually no match. He spouted out a large mouthful of blood and flew straight out. Then, he exploded in midair before transforming into a lump of ash.

“It’s senior brother Lin Mu. He has not left yet and stayed within the school!” Many people were astonished, then exulted.

He was a powerful genius who had entered the school over ten years ago. He had extreme prestige, and were liked amongst all his junior brothers and sisters.

“Little demon, you’re too excessive. Heaven Mending Pavilion is gradually rotting and will soon fall to pieces, yet you still dare to be so insolent. Hand over your life!”

The silhouettes of people flew. Three elders showed up in succession and attacked. One of them wanted to capture the little guy, another was suppressing and attacking senior brother Lin Mu, and the last one was killing the core disciples of the school.

They were all extremely terrifying experts whose methods were excellent. They charged into the group of people, and suddenly exploded forth in a truly terrifying fashion.

“No matter how much Heaven Mending Pavilion is declining, we still won’t tolerate your insolence!” At this precise moment, a few figures appeared as they streaked across the sky to attack ahead.

These were precisely the elders of the school. The group of youth were not reckless. Before they had came out, they had already reported this to the school as preparation.

Hong Long

In only a few encounters, the entire sky was filled with symbols. Then, blood blossomed and splashed outwards as the elders from the four great clans were killed. They were absolutely not a match for the elders of the Heaven Mending Pavilion.


Over a hundred disciples charged forward like a torrential flood. They trapped the people and horses of the four clans, and started to suppress them.

In the end, lightning elder, Mu Yan, had personally showed up to personally carry out the extermination. He released a clasp of thunder and over ten rays of lightning shot forth that completely submerged the mountain and earth. Even the experts of the four clans who had started escaping a while ago were exploded into ashes.

“Those who dare to offend Heaven Mending Pavilion will not be spared!” He floated in mid air, and thunder and lightning interweaved around him as his shouts shook every direction.

Secretly, many powerful people were shocked, and they all took a step backwards; they did not dare to approach. Even though Heaven Mending Pavilion did not have its former glory, they were still a school that should not be provoked by ordinary people.

The little guy’s mind was nice and warm. He felt very excited, because this was the warmth provided by a school. Everyone had united together, giving him more of a feeling of belonging.

“There wasn’t even an opportunity for me to show off.” The big red bird was upset as it was not able to steal a single precious artifact.

his battle ended quickly. It was like breaking rotten wood and pulling apart rotten weeds. As soon it as started, it quickly ended.

Day after day passed by, and there were fewer and fewer disciples inside the school. Geniuses such as Xiao Tian, Yan Xin and others like them in particular were finally sent off.

Ordinary disciples from this generation alone numbered 3000; there were truly too many of them. Finally, the school decided to return to each of their respective tribes. Those who truly did not want to leave could remain, but they were transferred elsewhere.

Departures were destined to be sad. If they separated now, they might not see each other again for the rest of their lives.

The little guy had sent off group after group of senior brothers and sisters. Every person who had left pinched his little cheeks, telling him to cultivate with everything he had. In the future he would stand between the heaven and earth, surpassing all Guardian Spirits.

When that moment comes, even if Heaven Mending Pavilion did not have that divine gourd anymore, they would still not fear the outside world.

“Being so savage when you’re this young, we have our eyes on you. Work hard!”

One face after another, familiar and strange individuals all had very high hopes for him. They were still very optimistic and hopeful even during these moments as impending catastrophes were about to hit their school.

The little guy and Qingfeng had been sent off as well because the truly couldn’t procrastinate any longer. The Guardian Spirit’s state was far from reassuring. Some of its leaves started to wither; it truly couldn’t persevere any longer.

However, just when they were about to leave, Mu Yan and elder Liu frowned. At the last moment, they received some worrying news, and did not let this group of people leave.

Two days later, a terrifying news spread out. Heaven Mending Pavilion’s pavilion master immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He could not help but let out a sorrowful howl.

Mu Yan’s entire body was covered in electricity. He flipped over a spiritual mountain as he roared into the sky like an crazy and angry lion.

Even elder Liu who seemed like he was never awake was also furious as an oppressive ray of light shot out of his eyes. He was so angry that he spat of a mouthful of blood.

All the high levelled individuals from Heaven Mending Pavilion was trembling. Everyone went crazy. They could not tolerate this, and their blood and energy boiled.

There were news that out of the seven strongholds that Heaven Mending Pavilion had established years ago, three of them were taken out. There were disastrous damages to the number of disciples and experts there as they were practically eliminated.

This was a careful operation that had been prepared several hundreds of years ago, and everything was in secret. Those who were sent to the seven strongholds were the true elites from their schools.

This kind of loss was too huge. There was no way to bear this.

“Is the heavens trying to make my Heaven Mending Pavilion disappear?” Some elders sorrowfully cried as tears fell out of their eyes.

When the little guy hear the news, he was astonished before becoming extremely sad. Not long ago, he just saw many senior brothers and sisters off. He never could have thought that they would forever be separated in the blink of an eye.

He still remembered when they stole the elders’ wine and got drunk together. When they were drunk, everyone was noisy and bustling as they talked about rebuilding the pure land in the future. Not a long time had passed since this at all, yet they were now already separated forever.

There were many senior brothers and sisters that he did not know. Those who helped him battle the people from the four clans made him feel warm. They had all hoped that the Heaven Mending Pavilion would become stronger again because this place was a place like home.

He never could have imagined that after such a short time, he would already never be able to see these people ever again.

He touched his own little face and could practically still feel his senior brothers and sisters’ pinching sensations, encouragements and hopes. However, they were quickly separated like the sun and the moon.

Three out of the seven strongholds had been eliminated. Almost half of the people who were transferred from the Heaven Mending Pavilion had died. Furthermore, those remaining four pure lands were not exactly safe.

Now, those remaining people from the school could no longer continue their journey forward.

The entire Heaven Mending Pavilion was submerged with grief.

“As long as a spark remains, it could become the start of a prairie fire in the future.” In the depth of the pure land, a sigh echoed out from the Guardian Spirit’s resting grounds.

The divine vine recovered. Its entirely green glow reached the heavens. Its words were calm without any happiness, anger, sorrow or joy. The voice practically carried no emotion as it said, “I have decided to leave behind a divine seed. In the future it will protect the new Heaven Mending Pavilion.”

“Master Guardian Spirit!” Everyone was mournful. At this point, they had no way changing the past. The Guardian Spirit’s life had reached the end; a miraculous revival was impossible.

“Master Guardian Spirit, please point us to our road ahead!” Many people grieved.

“Kill your way ahead. As long as one person remains, Heaven Mending Pavilion will not die. There will eventually be a day of revival.” The Guardian Spirit said. It had survived from the ancient era until now and experienced too many things. For the sake of protecting the pure land, it had to pay an extremely heavy price.

Now, it rose from the ground. Green clouds rushed into the heavens as strands after strands of orderly divine chains interweaved and filled the sky. It began to speak. “The battle has started. My enemies are coming.”

Terrifying auras surged in the distance. There were divine halos shrouding the skies as supreme experts looked disdainfully towards the world. Many golden passages stretched towards this direction from over tens of thousands of li away, and it seemed as if the heavens were descending.

In addition, endless people surrounded the Heaven Mending Pavilion from all directions. There were all sorts of creatures in addition to humans that wanted to divide up this place.

“Go, let’s kill our way ahead. As long as one of us survives, Heaven Mending Pavilion will not die!” The elders from the school shouted loudly as hot tears welled up between their cloudy old eyes.

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