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Chapter 185 – Guardian Spirit’s Battle


The huge crevices extended as if the earth collapsed. The entire Heaven Mending Pavilion cracked into many pieces; this sight overwhelmed everyone!

Looking down from high up in the sky, one could see that the ground was filled with black crevices. It reached out like an intersecting spider web, and a huge black hole appeared in that area.

The little guy clenched his fists tightly. He quickly jumped up, and a pair of divine golden wings appeared behind his back. Although he did not soar high into the sky, both his legs were practically levitating off the ground as he quickly charged into the Guardian Spirit’s resting grounds.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion was very chaotic, and eight or nine spiritual mountains sank into the abyss. Huge black crevices extended everywhere, causing ancient buildings to collapse and many spiritual mountains to crack  apart.

At this moment, everyone’s hearts were alarmed. They all vaguely had the feeling that this originated from where the old vine was resting. They were not aware of the strange changes that were happening there.

The little guy’s speed was extremely fast. Every time the the tip of his foot landed on the ground, he would fly far away. The Peng wings created the sounds of thunder and gales. It was extremely astonishing as it even wrapped his entire body in a golden light.

Along the way, he saw a few collapsed ancient halls. Their walls were destroyed, and the buildings were in ruins. Debris was scattered everywhere, and under the swaying of the great earth, they were completely leveled and ruined.

This was sight that couldn’t help but draw gasps of surprise. Not even the formations were able to protect those enormous palaces, and under this indescribable heavenly might, even the Heaven Mending Pavilion was turned into a scorched earth, becoming a thing of the past.

Fortunately, this was only a single region. There were many other palaces on other spiritual mountains that were still in a good state. They were still shining as a testament to the glory of this school.

“Great Guardian Spirit!”

Very quickly, the little guy crashed into this forbidden area. As he looked at that ancient courtyard, not only was he dumbstruck, he simply did not believe the sight in front of his eyes.

There was not an old vine there, but an enormous tree instead. It hid the skies and covered the earth as it emitted the energy of primal chaos. This sight was truly shocking.

He rubbed his eyes, and then carefully watched. The ancient tree covered in dark green leaves reached into the sky. They flickering multicolored light that condensed into a mist, making it seem like the world before it was created.

“It’s still the same creature – the Guardian Spirit!” He was a little dumbstruck

The gourd vine became thick, and its roots became a tree. It rose into the sky along with its enormous leaves. Crashing noises echoed through as light flowed brilliantly. Clouds and mists from primal chaos surged forth, appearing incredibly mystical.

“What is that?” The little guy was a bit apprehensive.

Multicolored light circulated around the gourd vine, and the vine had divided. Among them, one was like a shining green battle spear as it penetrated a hole through a huge creature. Fresh blood constantly dripped and trickled downwards.

That blood was very special. It emitted a divine splendor while flickering with rainbow rays of light as dense vapors evaporated from it. It was unspeakably mysterious and powerful.

Even though there was quite a distance, it was still intimidating to the point of making people tremble and worship it. It was unimaginably strong and incomparably terrifying.

If the rainbow blood drops were already this terrifying, it was very difficult to guess how strong this creature was.

The little guy quickly moved to get a different point of view. He wanted to see the true body of that enormous beast, and couldn’t do so right now from all the green leaves blocking his vision.

Enormous pure white wings covered the sky as they emitted a precious splendor. It was dyed in a rainbow colored blood that appeared extremely terrifying. At first, the little guy thought that this was a devil bird, but underneath those wings, he discovered that he had been wrong. Beneath the cover of those wings were a pair of strong and powerful legs.

“Human-shaped creature!”

He rapidly changed directions and continued watching. Finally he could clearly see its true body.  

This creature was over ten zhang tall, and its entire body was covered in a pure and holy splendor. He had a man’s body with an enormous pair of completely white wings on his back. His face was quite heroic, and a vertical eye rested between his brows. As it opened and closed, deafening thunderous light flickered.

He did not die yet. He was still struggling as the vertical eye between his brows emitted the sounds of clapping thunder.

His full head of golden hair draped over. They seemed as if they were casted in gold as splendid rays of light shone with blazing radiance. Furthermore, there was even a pair of dragon horns between his hair. They were fully purple and covered in symbols as dense purple mists evaporated from it.

What kind of creature was this? It was truly too strong. Its stomach was pierced, and rainbow color blood was dripping from it, yet it had not died. Its vertical eye emitted a thunderous light that seemed like a rumbling and surging ocean as it struck towards the divine vine.

However, a green skinned gourd gently swayed on top of the vine while emitting divine sounds. The air was filled with the energy of primal chaos as it absorbed all of the thunderous light.

The little guy was shocked. What realm was this expert at? He went so far as to offend the Guardian Spirit.

This battle was already near its end. Although that enormous human figure was enveloped in a splendid divine light while emitting waves of trembling vibrations, it was still no match, and would eventually die.

The green skinned gourd gently swayed, and echoes spread out like a ripple. It struck against the thunderous light and cracked his vertical eye, causing blood to spurt from it.

“So strong!”

The little guy was alarmed. They seemed like gentle looking ripples, but they had the ability to instantly destroy that man-shaped creature’s eyes. Furthermore, the ripples continued to spread out towards his dragon horns.

The man-shaped creature violently struggled. His dragon horn was splendid as purple light evaporated from it, making it seem like it was burning. It emitted a dragon cry, and a large purple dragon materialized with the goal of twisting the vine apart.

The green-skinned gourd’s swaying became more intense. A light of primal chaos shot straight towards the dragon horn. Glittering rays of light busted out with kacha noises, and the pair of dragon horns exploded into dust.

At the same time, the dark green vine shook as it took out the tip that pierced his stomach. Then, it charged straight up towards that man-shaped creature’s head, concluding this battle.

The sky was filled with dense symbols as if all the deities were chanting. They had only disappeared after this battle had ended.

The little guy was stunned. He did not see all of the intense battle, and was only able to catch its conclusion. He thought that the start must have been very intense; otherwise, how could it split Heaven Mending Pavilion apart?

The sky was brilliant with multicolored light. The man-shaped creature burned into the most basic essence until its body gradually disappeared. Even its head had been refined as strands of divine light entered the gourd vine.

Those dripping rainbow colored blood was also similar absorbed by the stem of the Guardian Spirit in order to become its nourishment. Its dark green leaves swayed as it gradually shrunk into just a vine again.

Dust drifted from the sky as that ten zhang man-shaped creature became dust and completely disappeared into nothingness.

The old vine’s roots shined as it extended into every direction. At the same time, the cracked earth started to seal, and those eight or nine collapsed spiritual mountains began to rise once again.

Even those collapsed palaces stood up again as they were restored into their original states. This scene was simply a miracle that tongue-tied and silenced everyone.

The little guy was petrified as his little mouth was completely agape. He stared with his large eyes toward the Guardian Spirit.

Was this truly a sickly old vine that was at death’s door? He always believed that the gourd vine was peaceful and auspicious. He did not imagine that it had such a ruthless side to it as it instantly killed an unimaginable existence.

Moreover, how did the gourd vine just become that enormous, able to connect the heaven and earth? Could that have been its original form?

“I am going to die.” Suddenly, the opened vine spoke. Its words had an unspeakable exhaustion to it.

“Senior, I feel that you can live for at least another thousand years.” The devilish brat quietly said because it had just seen how incomparably powerful this old vine was. It was absolutely shocking.

“I appear strong, but my insides are deteriorating. It won’t be long before I die.” The old vine gently spoke to him and those high-leveled individuals from the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

The pavilion master and several ancestral elders had all arrived. All of them silently stood by its side. They were pained yet helpless. If the Guardian Spirit was dead, would Heaven Mending Pavilion still be able to survive for long?

“Are you guys evacuating?” The Guardian Spirit asked.

“It is still being carried out.” The pavilion master responded respectfully with sadness.

“Hurry up, I don’t have much time.” Then it became silent.

“No matter what happens, I ask that master Guardian Spirit to leave behind a divine seed in order to be reborn one day. There will be a day when my Heaven Mending Pavilion will appear in this world, and its eternal glory will not be forgotten as you will rise again.” An ancestral elder spoke with sorrow.

“Are you talking about that?” The Guardian Spirit gently moved. On top of its body, the green gourd shined with light. The aura of primal chaos lingered around it with a very mysterious appearance.

“After hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps there will be a similar vine, but that won’t be me.” After the Guardian Spirit this, it became completely silent.

The pavilion master and several ancestral elders were in a lot of grief. Their tears dripped on the Guardian Spirit that had protected them from the ancient era until now. Heaven Mending Pavilion owed it all of their kindness, and it was finally going to pass away like this.

The Guardian spirit was very open-minded as it spoke about its death. It was calm and unperturbed, but this made everyone even more sad.

When the path to ascension is completed, the divine fires will be extinguished. After lasting through the ages, much will be left behind.

“If it weren’t for that ancient battle that left an illness upon your roots, master Guardian Spirit would certainly have lived for much longer.” The pavilion master clenched his fists tightly as he looked helplessly at the Guardian Spirit.

Tens of thousands of li away, a vicious birds covered the sky and hid the earth. Its shape was enormous to the point of being several thousands of li or perhaps even tens of thousand li long. Black mists surged around it as it pair of eyes as large as lakes shined in the dark sky like two bloody moons.

“The divine seed will be mine soon or later.” It spread its wings and charged into the heavens.

At another place, a figure covered in divine light said to himself, “Several hundred years ago, people said it was going to die, but a supreme expert was buried alive by it. Now, everyone said it had revived, but some did not believe it. In the end there was only another defeat.”

The figure faded away as he tread onto a golden passage before disappearing into the ends of the horizon.

At the same time, all kinds of unknown existences from different directions all left without hesitation.

After today, Heaven Mending Pavilion’s mood became somewhat strange. Many disciples were discussing with incomparable excitement. They felt that after their Guardian Spirit revived, it became even stronger. However, the ancestral elders were worried sick and full of anxiety. The expressions from the different levels of people were completely unalike.

The little guy got rid of everything else as he wholeheartedly devoted himself to cultivation. He was comprehending the methods in order to understand all the obscure mysteries of the world. He completely digested Zhulu Academy’s Peng techniques in order to perfect his own.

Afterwards, he took another month until he completely understood that Kun Peng bone thoroughly. He was familiar with all the variations of it!

He sat cross-legged in the pure land as a strange scene appeared behind him.

There was an immeasurably large ocean there that surged like the roaring sea. It appeared unimaginably majestic, and an egg that had interweaving black and gold patterns floated up and down upon the sea until it cracked.

Hong Long! Ocean waves struck the heavens and that divine egg hatched. A large fish with a length of several tens of thousands of li appeared from within as it stirred up the entire ocean.

A terrifying aura that shook the world was being released!

Finally, it was perfected. The divine egg hatched with its offspring, and a Kun Peng appeared in this world.

At this moment, every senior from the Heaven Mending Pavilion was shocked as they revealed their doubts. They all gazed towards the pure land, but no one dared to step inside and disturb what was happening within.

The large fish leapt up and turned into a Peng. It skyrocketed over ninety thousand li into the sky. Its terrifying might overflowed into the heavens as if it could refine everything and create an entire world!

This was the strange scene that appeared behind the little guy. It seemed like there was a real world that contained an endless ocean behind him. The Kun Peng spread its wings and flew deep into the heavens. The entire world could not contain it.

He succeeded. He had stepped onto this path, and reconstructed the divine abilities of one of the ten most powerful ancient creatures. Despite it not being perfect and that there was still a long way to long, it was already world shocking.

After all, he had already laid the seeds, and today they had sprouted. It only need constant nourishment to make it even more powerful. With the little guy’s innate talents, it was possible that he could recreate this unparalleled precious technique.

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