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Chapter 18 – Rebellion Within the Mountains

A group of people rushed straight towards the heart of the mountain. The Suan Ni’s life force had been completely exhausted as it passed away, meaning that an entire body of true blood and precious bones had become priceless treasures. How could they not be excited?

“Faster, we are moving too slow!” Shi Linghu and the others were anxious. They feared that they would arrive late, since ‘the early bird catches the worm’.

Lofty mountain peaks surrounded them one after the other. The mountains were endless, and the ancient forest was extremely astonishing. The tree tops towered into the towers as they reach over 1000 meters tall. They overshadowed some of the mountains, and were ‘hiding the sky and covering the earth’. Even vine grew for who knows how long, and even several adults could not wrap themselves around them. They grew alongside the mountains like a vigorous and young horned dragon.

The people of Stone Village madly rushed to get there, and when they arrived near the place where the Suan Ni perished, they felt a baleful aura. The aura was overbearing, and it was what the King of Ten Thousand Beasts left behind.

“So quiet!” Everyone felt that something was abnormal. This place was too tranquil, and not a sound could be heard, making it feel as if they were in a graveyard.

There wasn’t even a single bird present let alone ordinary beasts. Even the bugs and ants hid themselves within the caves in seclusion. The mountain forest was desolate, silent, and had a death-like tranquility.

“Before the Suan Ni died, it killed many vicious beats and started going crazy. The birds and animals here have all fled.” Shi Linghu said.

“Something’s wrong!” Chief Shi Yunfeng suddenly said in fright and immediately said in an urgent voice, “Linghu, don’t be in such a rush. The carcass of a Suan Ni is rare and precious, and I don’t think we’re the only ones here. A few vicious beasts here are spying on us, so let’s retreat for now and not act recklessly.

He felt waves of dangerous aura, as if some powerful and desolate huge beast was approaching from afar. Its eyes were ice cold, and the old chief felt a chill on his spine, and immediately ordered the villagers to retreat.

The little guy also felt this. His hairs stood up and he clenched his fists. Shi Hao also told everyone that he felt this sensation.

Everyone rapidly scattered away, and did not approach that crumbled rock mountain.

“We’re just giving up like this… this is really is difficult to bear!” Shi Feijiao smacked his own chest as he felt an incomparable urge to choke.

“Let’s not rush in first, we must wait for an opportunity. A person’s life is the most precious thing. Despite a Suan Ni’s blood being incredibly frightening and possessing precious techniques that defies the heavens, we must still keep our lives to use them.” Shi Yunfeng solemnly said.

They sped up faster and faster, and climbed up onto a vantage point on a tall mountain. They surveyed the surrounding from afar, and paid close attention to the circumstances from there.

There were a few traces of people. Sounds came out from that mountain nearby, and three groups of people came from different directions. Although they came from different directions, their goals were the same. They all rushed towards that crumbled rock mountain, wanting to excavate that Suan Ni’s carcass.

“As expected, it wasn’t just us who lusted over the ancestral descendent Suan Ni’s remains. Everyone who lives in this desolate area all paid attention to this.”

The three groups of people came into contact, and without any provocations, they immediately conflicted, causing sounds of murder to disperse from within the middle of the mountains.


Suddenly, five ferocious beasts appeared one after the other, and all of them were as big as houses. They all exposed their white carnivorous teeth, and suddenly pounced onto those groups of people who had the intention of fighting over the Suan Ni’s carcass.

At the same time, long cries could be heard from the birds in the sky. Violent gales erupted, and many vicious birds flew over. Each of them measured five to six meters long, and with a wingspan of over eleven or twelve meters, they dove down. Right away, over six or seven people were ripped apart as blood spilt everywhere.

This bloody scene was horrifying, and not to mention the people who were personally experiencing this, even the people of Stone Village who were observing from afar were all scared. Soon after, the vicious birds and the ferocious beasts all retreated; this was an absolute disaster.


Sure enough, beast cries could be heard occasionally from all over the mountains. The vicious birds and ferocious beasts who were scared away by the Suan Ni all came back. Their goals were to obtain the carcass of the Suan Ni and making themselves more powerful.

Not only did this happen in this part of the mountain, even other mountains from afar had movements from tyrannical living creatures. Cries of birds and beasts were occurring all over the place, and the entire mountain range was heating up.

All of the beasts began to revolt. The larger ones measured ten meters, and the small ones measured a few feet. In just a blink of an eye, over a few hundred of them appeared. These were all formidable species, otherwise, they would not dare to rush over. They resembled a flood as they swarmed over, violently howling along the way.

The same situation was happening in the skies as well. All kinds of bird species fluttered about with their steel beaks and sharp claws, ‘hiding the skies and covering the earth’. It was like they were a gust of wind rushing towards this piece of the mountain as scales and feathers fluttered in the breeze.


Those three villages lost over forty people, and they all jumped into the middle of a river. They used the water as a mean of escape, otherwise, no one would be left alive.

On the peak of the mountain, everyone from Stone Village who were observing all had a blank expression. They had previously thought there would be vicious beasts fighting over the remains of the Suan Ni King, but they never thought that there would be this many.


Those who thought they were safe after jumping in the water let out a blood curdling scream. There were several snakes over ten meters long rolling about. They opened their bloody mouth and instantly swallowed four to five people.


On the other side, a gold colored crocodile over ten meters long showed its presence. It opened its vacuum like mouth and instantly tore five or six people apart. Blood flowed through the cracks of its white teeth, dyeing the river red.

This sight made everyone’s bones shiver. The survivors quickened their pace and didn’t dare slow down again.

“So terrifying, luckily we decided to temporarily retreat. Otherwise, we’d likely end up in the situation as them.” Ling Shihu still lingered in fear after finding out his back had been doused in his own cold sweat.

“Looks like this Suan Ni’s body is much more precious than we thought, or else why would groups of birds and beasts fight over it with their lives?” Shi Feijiao said.

Over by the crumbled rock mountain, there were several hundred vicious beasts and birds of prey. They all fanatically battered ahead, wanting to dig one huge boulder after another to dig out the Suan Ni’s precious remains. They were also fighting each other at the same time; the smell of blood entered their nostrils and all kinds of roars and cries were deafening.

“There are too many fierce beasts, we’re not safe here. We can’t say for sure, but we might get involved.” An elder exclaimed.


After his words just finished, a violent gale erupted on the mountain. Two huge beasts suddenly appeared together. They were seventy or eighty meters long each and were covered in brown fur. The long and fearsome beasts appeared side by side.

It was actually terrifying tigers, and two of them showed up at once!

The tigers’ upbringing were strange. They were disdained by their mothers and never drank any milk. They were discarded since their mortality rates were extremely high. If they weren’t starved to death, they would just be fed to other mountainous beasts. If by chance, one survives to grow up, its power would shake the entire mountain, eating all kinds of fierce beasts.

Now, there were two tigers that appeared. This was truly shocking. They were much more difficult to deal with than normal fierce beasts.

“HUU”, a violent wind blew by. One of the huge tigers took action and dove down. It opened its bloodied mouth, and all of a sudden bit two villagers. Kacha, one of them had their body snapped in half. Blood spewing out violently, and it was truly a tragedy to behold.

“Shi Lin!”

“Ah Yun!”

The villagers all voiced out their sorrowful anger. Like rain, iron arrows were shot out.

This was all too sudden. These savage tigers could fly and they measure seventy to eighty meters long. These kinds of huge monsters’ sudden appearance wasn’t something they could protect against. Naturally, they brought with them a bloody massacre.


Shi Linhu and Shi Feijiao roared loudly. The others brandished their broadswords and rushed forward. They brought with them a few strong, able-bodied males and charged in the direction of that huge tiger.

Despite the fact that these species of animals did not have ancestral treasured symbols on their bones, their corporeal bodies were extremely strong and fearsome. Their killing power was unbelievable. On their normal hunts, the villagers made sure that they avoid these creatures at all cost.


The other tiger fearsomely roared and pounced from a different angle. With a wave of its claws, cold light flickered and the sound of ringing could be heard. Sparks flew in every direction, and broadswords as well as huge clubs flew out of the villagers’’ hands.


Among them, two people dodged a bit too slow, and their stomachs were tore apart. Blood spilled on the ground, and they suffered an unimaginably heavy injury. They were dragged towards the back by the other villagers.

“You overgrown cat, give my uncle Yun and the others’ lives back!”  Shi Hao grew anxious and charged in with symbols on both arms lit up like a shining constellation. In the middle of his palm, specks of light formed and a disked silver moon appeared.

This disked moon appeared very real, as if a godly moon fell from the ninth level of heaven. Holy light radiated everywhere and rapidly rushed towards a huge tiger.


The huge tiger waved its huge fan-like claw, and cold light spewed everywhere as it clashed against the silver moon. The sound of metal could be heard, shaking the entire mountain.

One must know that this silver moon could split huge boulders. Its strength was limitless, but just now, this huge tiger used its claws to shake it off.

In this brief deadlock, with a pu sound, this tiger let out a world shaking roar. One of its claws finally broke off, and blood poured out, painting the ground red.

At the same time, that silver moon’s strength did not decrease. With another pu sound, the moon chopped towards the tiger’s head. All of a sudden, it cleaved a huge crack, and a terrifying wound continuously bled out.

The beast’s roar shook the sky and trembled the forest. This huge tiger shook violently, and with a look of disbelief, the light within its eyes gradually faded. With a rumble, it dropped into the middle of a pool of its own blood.

This was in fact a precious technique of the Green Scaled Eagle, and its power was astonishing. With Shi Hao’s one strike, it beheaded a terrifying huge tiger.

“Good shit! Little guy, do it again!” Shi Feijiao shouted.

Shi Hao turned around and charged towards the other tiger. With the light on his palms lit again, the terrifying power of the precious technique showed its horrifying might again. The silver moon streaked across the sky, and that seventy or eighty meter long huge tiger’s neck started to bleed profusely. The silver light turned around, and chopped straight towards its head, and with a gudong, it dropped onto the floor.

That huge beast’s blood spouted out like a river, splashing all over the villagers’ bodies.

“Such a terrifying precious technique!”

This type of attack method was held in reverence by many of them.

After the little guy killed the two huge tigers, he was caught in a daydream. This was still his first time in the forest killing a beast. He looked down on his white and tender little hands and spend a long time speechless.

“It’s nothing, don’t fear the smell of blood child. Which male growing up in these desolate mountains didn’t come in contact with blood? Everyone’s like this.” Shi Linhu walked past and patted his shoulders

Shi Hao lifted his head with some effort. Even though his heart wasn’t at peace, right now, he tightly shut his mouth and didn’t speak too much. If he didn’t just kill those huge tigers, many more villagers would have suffered death.

“Precious techniques are truly difficult to comprehend, enabling one the power to kill huge beasts and save people. If we can obtain the Suan Ni’s ancestral symbols, it would truly be a great fortune.” After a long while, the little guy finally muttered to himself.

A loud bird cry sounded from the middle of the clouds, and a Green Scaled Eagle appeared before rapidly descending, bringing with it a fierce gust of wind.

The little guy jumped up before waving his hands and yelling loudly, “Auntie Green Scaled Eagle, help me! You’re the overlord of the outer mountain region, and I can also help you a bit. Let’s fight over the Suan Ni’s precious techniques together!”

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