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Chapter 179 – Guardian Spirit’s Revival

“That golden bone is not ordinary. If there are no leads, then it might be pointless even if you spend a lifetime. The last time it appeared was two thousand years ago,” the senior at the entrance said.

“Could it be that it has senses, and can hide itself?” The little guy was shocked.

“There have been many mysterious events that had happened in the Sacred Storage Pavilion from the ancient era until now. Secret precious techniques have disappeared without a trace and turned into an unsolved mystery. No one knows what happened to this piece of golden bone either.” The senior lightly sighed because he felt that it was unfortunate to lose such a great ability.

The little guy was astounded. This place was possessed? Could it be that those bones could run by themselves? How could such things happen?

“These bones have existed for a long time. They had experienced the endless passage of time. Such special events happening can also be fathomed,” the senior said.

“The bone gained intelligence and transformed itself into a powerful precious artifact then ran away?” The little guy opened his eyes wide. He truly felt that this Sacred Storage Pavilion was special.

Then, he asked about the origins of that golden bone, and how it was different from everything else.

The senior shook his head. He did not know the origins of that bone either. It had only appeared three times in the past, and some people comprehended the symbols on it in order to invent the Golden Jade Ripple Technique.

This made the little guy even more passionate. He had always felt that this bone was not simple, and if he could comprehend it completely, it might be quite world shocking.

Afterwards, he calmed down. Those kind of things were truly rare. It was something that one could encounter but not wish for. Rather than spending time yearning for those things, it would be better to comprehend the bone books here at hand.

These were two pieces of dim golden bones that were cracking. Small characters were densely engraved on top, and the little guy was earnestly studying one of to comprehend the Golden Jade Ripple Technique.

After completely comprehending the first piece, he now moved on to the second volume. The conditions were just right, and his body completely grasped the Green Sky Peng’s precious technique. He was making progress without a hitch.

With a weng sound, a layer of golden whirlpool appeared on the little guy’s body. It slowly swivelled like a flickering divine golden wing. It seemed as if a large Peng was being born.  

Furthermore, during this entire process, golden clouds appeared from within him. They intersected over his body, as if he grew a pair of golden wings.

The little guy opened his eyes on the spot. This kind of precious technique was too powerful. This was extremely beneficial for him. After reading the second volume, not only was the protection technique more complete overall, he even grew a pair of golden wings.

“This is indeed a powerful technique!” He laughed. He was so completely happy and joyous that he might even be able to fly. He would soar through the air and wage battle with others in order to increase his own speed!

This was still just the second volume. If he completely comprehended the last volume, he expected it to make him even stronger. No wonder it was said that the three volumes would combine into a very powerful divine technique! Those were not empty words at all!

In the next half month, the little guy carefully studied. He comprehended the second volume to the highest level. Now, whenever he used it, his body would be covered densely with a golden whirlpool that was very difficult to pierce through.

Furthermore, the little guy really could materialize a pair of dim golden wings that allowed him to glide, increasing his speed by a lot.

Therefore, he was greatly looked forward to the last volume, and started to immerse himself bitterly in its comprehension. As a result, another ten or so days had passed, and the divine golden wings no longer appeared that dim.

Unfortunately, it was still incapable of flight. The golden symbols were relatively weak, so it was only capable of short-term gliding. However, its speed increased even more.

“Sigh, what do I have to do to make this more perfect?” The little guy sighed.

All in all, the Golden Jade Ripple Technique had been successfully completed. He was able to display a layer of spinning whirlpools that had the ability to dissolve incoming attacks, making it very powerful.

The little guy had always felt that the lost golden bone was much more terrifying than this. If he was able to completely comprehend that, it would certainly carry with it a world shocking precious technique.

He started to combine it with the Sky Peng and combined the two Peng species’ abilities into one. Although this process was difficult, it was not impossible.

The silver moon turned a dim golden, and genuinely turned into an egg. Bird cries overflowed into the heavens, and the Green Peng inside became even more ferocious.

Finally, he completely combined the two types of precious techniques. The divine egg could open up at any time he wanted it to, but the greenish-black devil bird that had some dim golden symbols was hibernating.

The little guy sat down cross-leggedly. His comprehension was deep, and he completely grasped the Peng’s precious techniques. He learned complicated symbols, and activating it would display a sky-toppling power.

He wanted to continue gaining insights and master it by studying everything related to it. This would increase the power of the Peng’s precious technique so that it could become an utmost powerful divine technique that could provide both offense and defense.

However, at this moment, Heaven Mending Pavilion’s people came to look for him. They wanted him to come out in order to participate in their Guardian Spirit’s resurrection.

This was because in the blink of an eye, he had already been cultivating in the Heaven Mending Pavilion for two months. Heaven Mending Pavilion had already prepared all the divine materials necessary for healing the gourd that survived since the ancient era.

Along the way, it was desolate and barren. Only until they were near the forbidden area did signs of life appear. There was a ruined garden there, but grass and trees flourished in an area that was full of life.

There was a family that had lived here in the ancient era, but the few courtyards had already collapsed. Grass and trees were overgrown, and the gourd was growing in the middle of the backyard.

Piles of rubble, tiles and broken walls all made this place appear desolate; however in this place, there lived an unimaginably terrifying existence.

The backyard was blazing like an ignited flame that overflowed into the heavens. It submerged the entire area, terrifying everyone to the point of making them tremble.

That was a gathering of the sun’s divine essence. The golden multicolored light was resplendent, as if a golden bird had been born into the world. Divine splendor surged in this entire area, and the light from the flames reached the heavens.

The Guardian Spirit was on the verge of death. However, whether it was night or day, it would seize the essence of the sun and moon in order to obtain what it needed to survive a bit longer.

One could imagine just how powerful it was!

A group of people walked over and broke apart the golden curtain of light. They approached the guardian spirit and saw its true body. What they saw at that moment was completely different from what they could see from a distance. The gourd’s vines were still dried up and withered all over, and its leaves were all yellow without a single flicker of radiance. It seemed like it was about to dry up and die.

A terrifying and strange scene appeared, but they all happened in the surroundings. Right at noon, the sunshine were like streams of gold as they converged!

That golden river did not flow into the ground at all. It was poured on top of the withering yellow leaves, and was completely absorbed. The huge volume of daylight energy became an effective supplement for the gourd.

However, it still could not change much. The vines withered, and the leaves had wilted. It could die at any moment.

From afar, it seemed unfathomably glorious. After entering the barrier of light, it was already wilting and incredibly deteriorated. There were two completely different appearances.

A group of seniors were speechless as they worshipped. The glory that Heaven Mending Pavilion had today were all obtained by relying on the support of this ancient vine. It had protected this place since the ancient era, and no one dared to offend it.

Everyone offered their prayers before taking all types of spiritual substances. They were all precious materials that could elongate the lifespan of botanical beings, such as large amounts of spiritual water, fertilizer mixed from ancient bones, and spiritual medicine.

Even the pavilion master took out a piece of dried-looking flesh. Although it looked black, it contained a powerful divine force. He presented it in front of the Guardian Spirit.

“What is that?” The little guy was curious as he quietly asked.

“A piece of flesh from a deity.” Tao Ye answered.

The little guy was startled, and became speechless for a while.

They even had flesh from a deity! Just how much hidden power did the Heaven Mending Pavilion really possess?! While watching them pay their respects, one could see just how urgent they hoped for the revival of their Guardian Spirit. At the same time, one could understand its terror and power.

Another senior held an ancient cauldron in his hand. He poured out a pile of earth that circulated with a blue light. It was the rumored Blue Spirit Earth; if it was spilled outside, it would give an utmost powerful aura of life.

Thunderous light flickered, and the ancestral elder Mu Yan, who once captured Hairy Ball, came out as well. He took out a little bottle that contained a drop of purple liquid. It contained the sound of thunder, and a terrifying aura erupted out from it.

The people were startled, because they did not think they could find such a thing.

finally able to refine a thread of life force that emerged from destruction. After refining it in every way possible, it became a drop of purple liquid.”

This was Liquid Thunder; it was rumored to be a precious liquid of the utmost powerful spiritual nature. Its value was priceless, and was simply impossible to find.

Today, for the sake of saving the Guardian Spirit, ancestral elder Mu Yan brought it out as a sacrifice.

The value of these types of objects were simply impossible to appraise. This single drop of liquid could allow Mu Yan to undergo transformation and advance his power by another step. For the sake of obtaining this liquid, he must have paid a great price.

The little guy did not hesitate. He opened up his Heaven and Earth Pouch and took out four bags of silt in succession. Each beast skin bag was very big and full. All the people gazed over with incomparable expectations.

The beast skin bags were slit open, and silt came out. Suddenly, golden light shined, engulfing this place like a huge wave. Everyone here became startled!

This was silt that had been nourished by the Immortal Spring for countless years. It contained a powerful divinity and life force. For plants, it was an utmost treasure that provided them with another life.

“Quick, commence sacrificing!” Someone shouted.

Heaven Mending Pavilion’s pavilion master, ancestral elder Mu Yan, and the others all took action. One symbol after another shined as they transformed the Blue Spirit Earth, Black god meat, and Liquid Thunder into a ball of resplendent light.

Then, they buried the golden earth underneath the ground in place of the original soil in order to pour in everything within the resplendent ball of light.

Wenglong. The entire ancient vine startled to tremble as if it had awakened from its deep slumber. The dried yellow trunks started shining as it diffused the mysterious aura.

At the same time, a green skinned gourd appeared from the mist. It softly swayed while suspending from a vine, and a loud divine noise sounded.

The sun was blazing in the sky as sunlight sprinkled out from it. Now, it was frantically being seized as golden streams converged downwards into the body of the Guardian Spirit.

“Just how powerful is this?” The little guy was inwardly speechless.

The Guardian Spirit was reviving; this development was heading in a positive direction.The silt from the Immortal Spring that the little guy brought back had divine effects. Of course, the materials that the people from Heaven Mending Pavilion prepared were also very astonishing.


The heaven and earth exploded. One lump of golden light ball exploded after another in midair, transforming into a shower of light. They were all sprinkled onto the withered yellow leaves and absorbed.

The Guardian Spirit was reviving! A supremely powerful fluctuation of life engulfed the heavens and the earth like a vast ocean, and diffused into every direction with incomparable force!

The little trembled. This was a deity?

The heaven and earth trembled as dense symbols covered it. In the blink of an eye, the life force in Heaven Mending Pavilion was like an ocean as it linked the heaven and earth.

In the sky, not only was the sun’s essence being seized and transformed into divine streams, even the light from the river of stars outside fell. They seemed like waterfalls that transformed the clear sky.

River of stars were illuminating the clear sky!

“Even this kind of strange scene appeared. Seems like it held out. What a pity!” In the distance, perhaps tens of thousands of li away, divine light illuminated everything. It covered the entire sky when it erected itself in midair. Its terrifying silhouette rose into the heavens, like a god descending upon the world.

“After living for so long since the ancient era, it can still hold on. I wonder just when it will truly perish.”

An incomparably terrifying vicious bird was surrounded all over in black mist. Its length was tens of thousands li, and its eyes seemed like two silver moons that were as large as lakes as they shine in the sky. Even swallowing the lives of thousands in a single mouthful was not a problem for it.

“I’m not convinced. It must be forcefully keeping itself alive, and is on the verge of falling. I will see everything clearly today!” In another direction, severals of tens of thousands of li away, a creature stood on top of a large mountain. Its divine radiance hid the skies and covered the earth as it shook the vast earth. Many large tribes and clans were trembling as they worshipped towards that divine mountain.

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