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Chapter 175

“Go back and rest first. We have to make preparations to make sure everything is safe, and you need time to recover as well,” the Heaven Mending Pavilion Master said. His words were warm, and his body shined, making this ancient ground appear brilliant.

The Guardian Spirit had withered, and its entire body was sickly. It existed since the ancient era until now, and so extremely long time had passed. It already lacked vitality, and only had a few more years left to live if nothing unusual happened.

Many years had passed, and Heaven Mending Pavilion had tried out countless ways to preserve its life force in hopes of allowing it to live longer, but everything was ineffective. However, they had collected some rare spiritual objects, and prepared to use them all this time. It would be used in tandem with the moist soil of the Immortal Spring in order to display their greatest effect.

This required the most meticulous preparations, to the point where they even had to refine some divine remnants of Archaic Descendents. They were going to pour them into the golden sand to ensure success.

The little guy slipped away without a trace like a wisp of smoke. After obtaining such a conclusion upon returning, he was naturally incomparably happy. He would rest a bit first and enter the Sacred Secluded Pavilion after.

There was plenty of spirit energy within this ancient pure land, far surpassing the outside world; however, it could not compare to that of the Hundred Shattering Mountains. The spirit energy in the ancient small world was so dense that it liquefied and flowed on the ground. If was a sight rarely seen in this world, and consequently difficult to find.

The little guy ran between the mountains. Underneath each mountain was a patch of bamboo forest. Within the rows of bamboo houses was where the new disciples lived.

He couldn’t find Hairy Ball. Before he left, he left it within the Heaven Mending Pavilion. This has always made him uneasy, because this fellow’s teeth were too strong, and it could eat even more than him!

“Isn’t this junior brother? You’re back.” Many people simultaneous greeted him. Before he left, he had defeated a bunch of geniuses. This aroused a shock amongst the new disciples.

Naturally, some people immediately scampered and ran off in fear of encountering him. They knew that he had been possessed, and an ancient apparition was attached to his body. As soon as night fell, a ghost would follow by his side.

However, he was a cultivator, and it was daytime right now; the ardent sun was still high up in the sky. Many people had no fears at all, and they all came up to greet him. At the same time, they curiously staring at the big, bald, and wingless bird beside him.

Currently, the ordinary disciples did not even know who he was, let alone where he had been and what he had done in the past month. Only a few people within the genius camp and some of the senior disciples vaguely knew about how heaven defying this savage child was.

Obviously, this was a flame that couldn’t be covered for long. News of this will be exposed in the near future.

“Have you guys seen a little monkey? It’s plump, round, and only the height of a fist,” the little guy asked.

“You’re talking about that walking havoc! Of course we know about it! That’s right, junior disciple. I remember that it was being raised by you since it was always leaving and entering your room. Don’t you know that it provoked a large calamity?”

“That’s right. That little monkey is too difficult to deal with. It ate away an entire field, and it also ate away all the old medicine from some of the spiritual mountains. If it wasn’t for the fact that it slept under a stalk of spirit medicine after being full, it probably still wouldn’t have been caught.

The group of boys and girls around him were sighing as they recounted the events that happened recently.

The little guy scratched his head. His ominous premonition had indeed came true. Hairy Ball had ruined one of Heaven Mending Pavilion’s medicine fields, and was captured by an old senior.

“If I had known, I really would have brought it with me into the Hundred Shattering Mountains,” he mumbled.

At the same time, he felt that the ancient little world was too dangerous. With Hairy Ball’s ability to invoke disasters, if it was by its side, he might have been chased to death all day; thus, he left him at Heaven Mending Pavilion. Now, it seemed like a true blunder.

A large group of people surrounded him; they were all new disciples. The little guy was very open, and was able to befriend anyone after entering. Many people heard the news and came to see him.

Soon after, the little guy appeared at the genius camp, and suddenly drew some peculiar gazes. A few people heard rumors and vaguely knew of his origins. However, they were still not a hundred percent sure.

“Junior brother, I heard you made some major commotion in the outside world and instilled disturbances endlessly. Are there no geniuses in any clans who can match you?” A green clothed young girl smiled as she walked over. Her skin was fair, and her figure was slender. A smile hung on her charming face as her eyes swivelled.

She was truly a young, pretty, and elegant girl who appeared to be fourteen or fifteen years old. She had once fought with the little guy. Although she lost, she had no animosity towards him.

“What is pretty sister saying? Why don’t I understand?” The little guy pretended to be naive. Facing a senior sister a head taller than him, he was still acting like he did before as he exaggeratedly wiped his saliva.

“You’re really that devilish brat from the Void God Realm, and you even went into the Hundred Shattering Mountains this time to display your strength?” Another girl walked over. She wore a short skirt made of beast skin, and her skin had a brown tint, giving her a wild beauty like a leopard. Her figure was slender and fit, and even her expression seemed wild.

“Sister Piao Xue, long time no see. You’re even prettier now.” The little guy wiped away his saliva as he deliberately went off topic since he did not want to reveal any more.

A group of people surrounded him with a strange expression. This little rotten kid was not even ten yet, and was a head shorter than all these other youthful girls; yet he had the nerve to act like such a swine.

In fact, these people did not hold any animosity, and they also extended him their friendship. Originally, they had all been defeated by the little guy and lost a bunch of medicinal powder and bone books.

They continued to ask him question, because they all wanted to know whether or not he truly created some major events in the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

“Brother Yuhao, long time no see. I missed you a lot.” The little guy giggled and said, “Are you better now? When are we going to exchange pointers again?”

Zhou Yuhao had just undone his bandages, and he met this savage child once again. His face turned green, and quickly retreated. He did not want to have his bones broken again. The last two times, all his bones had been completely broken.

“Little brother!” A delicate and pretty child ran over with a face full of joy. He was precisely Qingfeng, and he had already entered the Heavenly Passage realm. In the past few days, he was more diligent than anyone else and did not waste any time at all. He had just known that the little guy came back.

“Let’s go! Time to find Hairy Ball.” The little guy dragged him and ran. He did not want those people to ask him about anything.

A spiritual mountain was currently being surrounded by flashing purple lightning. This area seemed like a sea of thunder as bristles of lightning lingered around it. An ancient palace hall sat on its peak, divine and majestic.

The Zhuyan1 had exposed its original form. Golden hair was shining all over its body, and a few divine chains tethered its hands and feet in the middle of the hall. The surrounding lightning flickered and wrapped around it, so that it was difficult for it to escape.

Hairy Ball was extremely unhappy and dejected. It had almost been suspended for half a month, and that old man still had not let it go. The divine chains were one of the most precious treasures of the Heaven Mending Pavilion; otherwise, it would have chewed through it a long time ago.

“Zhi Zhi!” When it saw the little guy appear, it immediately began to screech. It wanted him to save it as soon as possible.

“This monkey isn’t simple!” The strange bald bird immediately quivered inwardly. As it faced that fist sized golden sphere, it seemed as if it was facing a colossal dormant threat.

Although there was a big problem with the strange bald bird’s body, its powerful perceptive ability remained. This was how it was able to see clearly that the little guy’s body was cursed.

“Senior, please let Hairy Ball go.” The little guy pleaded.

“It destroyed my medicinal fields and ate my spiritual medicine. Its crimes are too grave!” A senior surrounded by bristles of electricity was sitting as he calmly displayed his power.

This was one of Heaven Mending Pavilion’s ancestors who practiced the law of thunder symbols. His strength was deeply profound, making him incomparably powerful.

“Senior, please give it a chance. Furthermore, my brother brought back the silt of the Immortal Spring that can save our ancient Guardian Spirit. Give Hairy Ball his freedom back.” Qingfeng also pleaded with his completely pure and honest expression.

“You’re that child?” In the hall, that old man suddenly appeared at the foot of the mountain. His entire body was dispelling a thunderous light, and a strange ancient symbol was on his forehead. Bristles of lightning interweaved around him, creating an extremely bright scene.

He looked at the little guy and said, “Can you understand this symbol?”

This is the mystery of lightning that had turned into symbols. All the laws had been condensed into one symbol. This is one of the best and most complicated one that he had cultivated.

“Such a powerful symbol. It’s so complicated yet easy to explain. This is made using endless thunder symbols and condensed into one divine symbol; it’s astonishing and heaven defying. Senior is truly talented and hardworking.” The little guy exclaimed in admiration.

He was incredibly respectful. This symbol was particularly enlightening to him, because he had studied the Suan Ni’s precious technique. He also researched lightning symbols, so he was currently absolutely fascinated.

After a long time, he came back to reality. He felt that it was really beneficial. Although he did not understand everything, it was as if he had just peeked into a brand new world.

“Not bad, you’re indeed as savage as the rumors states.” The senior nodded. The thunderous light on his body constantly flourish and rumbled.

The little guy embarrassingly said, “I’m really kind. I’m not savage at all.”

“Who believes that?” Second Baldy quietly muttered beside him.


The little guy slapped him over, and while he was at it, he released a streak of lightning, utilizing what he had just experienced. Second Baldy immediately began to emit black smoke as he twitched in place, electricity crackling nonstop.

“You really have an astonishing talent gifted by the heavens.” The senior praised.

The unlucky Second Baldy was emitting black smoke from all over his body. Bristles of electricity continuously spurted out of his mouth and nose. It cursed nonstop, because it was used like a test subject to see how strong the precious technique was.

“After you enter the Sacred Secluded Pavilion, you’ll be able to choose a few lightning dao ancient symbol bone books. Go through them slowly, and if you are confused about any part, you can come and ask me.” The ancestor of the Heaven Mending Pavilion said.

“Many thanks, senior!” The little guy was extremely happy, and was sincerely grateful.

“Thunder techniques were originally one of our Heaven Mending Pavilion’s supreme divine techniques. After being passed down until now, the essence of it was lost.” The elder shook his head. With a flash of thunderous light, he disappeared from the foot of the mountain and appeared once more within that ancient hall again.

“Brother, this is one of Heaven Mending Pavilion’s ancestors. He wants to teach you thunder techniques, so the power of your precious techniques will rapidly advance a lot!” Qingfeng was amazed as he loudly congratulated his brother.

“Senior, can you let Hairy Ball go?” The little guy asked.

With a qiang sound, those divine chains came loose. Hairy Ball immediately transformed into a streak of golden light and charged downwards. He landed on the little guy’s shoulders with a sou sound and hid behind him while staring with one of its eyes widened. It waved its small golden claws at the mountain top while baring its fangs.

stared at it with one of its eyes widened as it waved its little golden claw towards the mountain and grimaced.

“Look after it. It’s best that no one else see its true form.” The old man opened his mouth after releasing the golden Zhuyan and warned with a serious tone.

Clearly, he also saw that golden monkey had an enormous origin that could not be easily revealed in front of other people’s eyes.

“Let’s go Qingfeng. I’ll bring you to eat some delicious things.” The little guy brought Hairy Ball and Qingfeng and ran into the distance.

“Good, let’s go and celebrate. Tomorrow brother can enter the Sacred Secluded Pavilion. The Sacred Secluded Pavilion is a holy place with bone books that had been passed on since the ancient era. There has to be many mysterious techniques there. Perhaps you can even find some lost secret precious techniques.” Qingfeng was extremely happy for him.

When they returned to their residence, they saw a silver gowned youth who had a gloomy expression on his face. He had been waiting in front of the residences in the bamboo forest for a long time. His face was flickering between red and white as he clenched his fists tightly.

This was Xiao Tian. After he returned to his clan, he did not stay for long and immediately came back.

He heard all kinds of events that had happened within the Hundred Shattering Mountains, and increasingly began to suspect that savage child was the intimate friend that he had just met. After closely questioning others and researching, he almost spat out a mouthful of old blood.

Therefore, he did not stay for long, and returned to Heaven Mending Pavilion in order to clear everything up.

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