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Chapter 171 – Departure

The small world was on the verge of opening. As it opened, it became more and more dangerous because the indigenous species would go on their final violent hunt to harvest blood and flesh.

The exit was destined to be dyed in a field of blood since there would certainly be powerful individuals who blocked it in order to start their massive killing sprees.

Even though the exit was large and very difficult to guard, it was still fraught with dangers. No geniuses dared to act carelessly as they preserved their strength for the inevitable.

The night was tranquil. The little guy’s group practically all made breakthroughs and gained enormous benefits. The moon was still hanging in the sky when the horizon lit up, and a golden fog rose.

The divine blanket flew outwards. Everyone was well-behaved and did their part. No one carelessly looked around for opportunities, because the closer it was to the final moments, the more careful they needed to be; a single slip up might make them lose their lives.

Sure enough, massacres were happening within the mountain ranges and plains. The indigenous species rampaged about, chasing and killing many geniuses; they created a huge slaughter.

There were many humanoids living within this small world. Whistling sounds rang from between the rivers and mountains as fog erupted from beneath them. These humanoids were more cruel than vicious beasts. They weren’t really human because they were born with horns and wings.

Many geniuses were killed because they were too young. Their cultivation realms were not high enough, and had not fully matured yet. However, none of the indigenous creatures felt threatened, because many of them had ages of experience.

These fallen geniuses were once outstanding talents from their respective clans. However, in this congregation of young heroes, all the land their clans ruled did not seem that outstanding anymore.

This time, the mortality rate was extremely high. By now, roughly eighty percent of them had already died, and only twenty percent remained.

Along the way, the ground was stained with blood. The excessive killings they witnessed made them completely silent.

There were several times when the little guy jumped off the Void Beast Skin to lend help to the weak, however, his efforts were futile. If these events continued, this world would inevitably be filled with blood.

“Wu, it’s the people of Rain Clan!”

In the afternoon, the sun rose high up into the air. When they passed by a large pond, the big red bird’s eyes caught sight of two individuals. One was a middle aged man, and the other was a white-bearded elder; these two were precisely Yu Kun and Yu Wencheng.

“It’s really them!” The Nine-Headed Lion, who had just broken through as well, widened its eyes. Before the little guy had a chance to speak, it jumped straight off the divine blanket and charged towards the two individuals. Back when these two attacked the little guy, the Nine-Headed Lion was almost killed as well.

Yu Kun and Yu Wencheng were apprehensive. They had remained in this small world for too long. As restricted, although their strength were originally very strong, they didn’t want their graves to be in this place.

So far, apart from Yu Zimo1 who went to search for Shi Yi, the rest of their clan’s seniors had all died. This made them very anxious as they did not know how to explain this to their clan upon their return.

A multicolored yellow light began to surge as the Nine-Headed Lion dove down. This shocked the both of them, because in the brief time between their last encounter, this descendant’s power increased by an entire level.

“This grandpa is here too!” The big red bird clamored while flapping its wings. It carried its black pot as it swooped down.

An intense battle commenced. The two experts of the Rain Clan were shocked because they did not hold the advantage at all.

The Three-Eyed clan’s expert, Five-Colored Luan, Sable, and the Fire Crow all forced their way forward. Yu Kun and Yu Wencheng became uneasy, especially after they saw the little guy and Huo Ling’er together. There were even several restricted individuals behind them, making these two completely anxious.

“There’s nothing to say. I’ll send the both of you on a great journey.” The little guy spoke.

“You all are seeking death!” These two were feeling the pressure. They were fully aware that they could not withstand this many people, and that it was difficult for them to escape death. Unexpectedly, they instantly went mad and unsealed their restriction to commence their slaughter.


The little guy took action. He hacked forward with the broken sword in his hand, borrowing the endless sword energy to stop their advance. The two released strange shouts because they had no way of defending against this artifact left behind by saints.

They somersaulted backwards a few times before quickly backing away.

However, everything was over. Once they undid their seals, they could only carry out a few strikes before the small world’s laws begin to affect them.

They were forced to retreat, and their charge was completely futile. That broken sword was shining and stirred up an ocean of sword energy. It poured down on them like a torrent, leaving them with no choice but to retreat.


In the sky, a streak of bloody light dropped down. Fear was written all over their face as they began to cry out.


This was a blood colored divine chain created from the natural laws. It greatly resembled lightning, but wasn’t. It hacked across the sky and struck the two in half, frying their bodies until they became ashes.

“So terrifying!”

The group’s faces all changed colors. The law in this small world was too powerful. It instantly exterminated those two until there was nothing left.

The faces of the restricted beside Huo Ling’er all paled. Their hearts were filled with terror, it was simply too dangerous as the divine law chain flashed right in front of their eyes.

The only rejoiceful thing was, they did not need to use any of their unrestricted power. As a result, they did not enrage the small world by exposing themselves.

Four hours later, the little guy carried out a hunt together with the Nine-Headed Lion, big red bird, sable, and other descendants because they ended up encountering the survivors from the four large clans. It was clear that the only ones still alive were restricted individuals.

The wheels of fortune turned. They wanted to get rid of the devilish brat not long ago so they grouped up to hunt him down. Now, the situation had completely reversed, and they were the ones being chased.

“When we leave this small world, it will be hard for you to escape death.” A few of them threatened when they were chased to the point of no escape.

“What a pity. You will never be able to deliver the news, and that day will not arrive.”

These people’s fate had already been determined. A few were killed, and a few undid their restrictions; however, after encountering the laws of this small world, they all died.

“Ai, being unrivalled under the heavens is a great feeling. It’s as silent as snow.” The big red bird shook its head and sighed.

“The monkey king is here!” The Divine Strike Stone shouted.

Ceng! The big red bird instantly jumped up and flapped its wings with the intention of escaping. However, after seeing the group’s peaceful appearance, it suddenly figured out that it had been lied to.


Suddenly, an ear-splitting roar echoed past. A golden creature that was as tall as a mountain stepped onto the earth in the distance. It split mountains and rivers as its shining body made its way over.

“The monkey is actually coming this time!” Everyone became apprehensive as they hid within the divine blanket, concealing themselves in the sky.

“What is it going to do?”

“Not good, the Divine Monkey King is going mad. It lost two divine medicines, so it is blocking the exit and massacring everything in that area. It’s simply an awful and cruel scene.”

The Monkey King had some wounds on its body. It defeated a powerful expert in battle not too long ago, and suffered some unpleasantries as a result. What it absolutely could not endure was that it lost two trees’ worth of divine wine.

The old Flood Dragon, Golden Winged Peng and others were either dead or gravely wounded. The survivors gathered and defended together in order to not get eliminated one by one. They did not want to challenge it again.

“None of you should even think about escaping!” The monkey king angrily roared and shook the entire mountain range in its rumbling. It gave everyone the premonition that some large terrible event was going to occur.

“This… We won’t all be wiped out right now, right? Are we all going to die here?”

With the entrance of a king like this that wanted to obstruct the exist, just how many people would be able to pass him? No matter how many of them attacked it, it would simply not be enough.

“We might have hope if several pure-blooded creatures go in together. After all, they all have some type of supreme treasure on them, so creating a path to life shouldn’t be a problem.”

Soon after, everyone in this small world became aware of the situation. The Divine Monkey King went crazy, and it was going to commence mass murder. This immediately frightened everyone.

“This monkey child was actually this powerful! If I were to escape right now, I’ll most likely be swallowed whole by it.” The strange hairless bird said to itself.

“What are you talking about?” The big red bird asked.

“You guys go. Can you leave me behind in this world? I don’t want to go.” The strange hairless bird said.

“No, we have to enjoy and suffer through life together. You’re my younger brother. How could I abandon you?” The big red bird glanced at it. It clearly did not want to let it go.

The strange hairless bird was flowing with tears. Such a small bird dared to call itself the older brother. It was simply absurd!

Ga Beng

When the sun rose from the horizons once again, the small world shook and trembled as if it was going to split open.  Furthermore, it seemed as if the aura of primal chaos was surging forth.


Finally, an enormous gate that connected to the outer world opened.

A streak of green light charged forth. It was a very powerful jade bird that was the first to attempt an escape to the outer world.

The Divine Monkey was high up on the mountain as it blocked the front of the gate. It raised one finger, and with a pu sound, a streak of blood splashed, instantly squeezing a jade bird to death.

“I said, no one can leave!”

“If everyone charged for a door that large, could it possibly stop everyone?” A few shouted loudly.

No one took the initiative, because none of them want to end up like the head bird.

However, there was a limit on how long the door stayed open. As soon as the time limit passed, they would be sealed within this land. If they wanted to leave again, they would have to wait several hundred years.

Finally, the commotion and worry began to infect everyone. Many people could not wait any longer as time slowly trickled by. No one knew when this door would suddenly snap shut.


“Let’s charge forth together!”

A large group of densely packed creatures shouted loudly as they charged towards the huge door. When they approached it, they rapidly separated in an effort to avoid being taken down.

The monkey king let out a cold laughter. It opened its bloody mouth, exposing its fierce snow-white teeth. While charging towards the group of people, it shouting loudly. Beautiful lights instantly danced in the air as divine thunder shook the sky.

The sound was like a divine constellation striking down from the sky. The group of people spurted out large mouthfuls of blood before staggering backwards. A few people instantly exploded; their body and souls were instantly extinguished.

The survivors all had fatal wounds as well. Blood dripped from their ears as their heads ached and their bodies trembled.


A large foot descended from above. The monkey king activated its gigantification technique and became incomparably huge, only this time, symbols interweaved around its foot as it split the earth and stomped towards those remaining survivors. Many creatures immediately turned into meat paste because it was impossible to block the monkey king’s killing blows.

Everyone inhaled a breath of cold air. This time, it caused the violent death of a group of at least several hundred geniuses; it was truly an unfortunate event.

Time trickled by. This place was very peaceful. The monkey king glanced around while exposing the fierce teeth in its mouth. It guarded this land, allowing no one to pass.


The pure blooded creatures commenced their attack. The Bi Fang activated its most precious artifact to construct a golden passage. It turned into a streak of light before disappearing within in effort to escape.

The monkey king roared. The bristles of light within its hand shone, making a golden spear appeared in its hand. It thrusted forward, and with a hong long sound, the golden passage exploded. The Bi Fang spat out fresh blood after failing its escape.

It did not dare to stop, and escaped back to the small world with extreme speed.

Just like this, a whole four hours were wasted. Many creatures tried to approach the exit, but they all faced defeat. Even amongst the pure blooded creatures, not a single one could successfully force their way through.

This made everyone anxious. If the small world close, they would truly become turtles trapped in a jar. Even if they could survive, it would be several hundred years before they could escape.

The area flared up. There were constantly people trying to charge through but they all failed.

Half a day passed by quickly, and endless number of creatures were wounded or dead. Not a single creature could escape, and everyone present was fretful.

“I said, not a single one can leave. Everyone will die here!” The monkey king was like a huge golden mountain range as it roared. It completely blocked the exit.

“Is that right? Do you really believe you can rule this small world and do as you please?” At this exact moment, a crisp voice echoed over.

“Who!?” The Divine Monkey was astonished. This person was too terrifying, possessing a powerful penetrative force that made even him shudder.

“You better step aside, and avoid making a mistake.” This voice contained some magnetism, seemingly as if it originated from a middle-aged man.

The monkey  king suddenly turned around as it faced towards the huge gate. A pure aura lingered around the exit, but it was hard to see past it because the passageway was too long.

“You’re outside, and you can affect things happening inside. Who are you really?”

“You are… The human emperor!” Some people cried out in alarm.

“It’s indeed his majesty!” On the divine blanket, a few restricted were shocked.

Huo Ling’er’s large eyes flickered as she revealed a cheerful smile. The emperor personally came, so what was there left to worry about? They were going to be safe and sound.

“Emperor… You’re revered in the outside world, but you cannot enter this ancient small world. Do you really think you can do anything?” The monkey king roared.

“Don’t involve yourself anymore, or else a calamity will descend upon you from the heavens,” the emperor calmly uttered.

“You… Actually think you can interfere with matters in this small world?!” The Divine Monkey King sneered. It was not convinced that his adversary could step in here and wage battle.

However, with a hong long sound, a golden wave smashed over and instantly struck the monkey until it flew straight across the air, making it spout out large mouthfuls of blood.

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