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Chapter 167 – Demonic Cattail Tree

Within the pure land, multicolored light danced about in the air, and the spiritual lake shone with a brilliance like that of jade. However, currently, a great battle was destroying the peace here, because a group of heaven warping geniuses were causing havoc within the divine monkey’s nest.


A divine monkey howled. It leapt into the air, latching itself onto the body of a bright horned dragon. Opening its ferocious mouth, it revealed a mouthful of snow white fierce teeth before grabbing the dragon’s tail and immediately biting down.

“Get lost!”

The Horned Dragon snarled and used all of its might to shake its body. As a pure-blooded creature, his body was incomparably powerful. With the support of symbols on top of its natural strength, it could easily make a mountain collapse.


The divine monkey’s fierce teeth were broken, making it cry out miserably. However, even though it suffered this injury, it was still incomparably savage. Its claws were extremely sharp, and with a flicker of cold light and dense mysterious symbols circling about, they landed on the Horned Dragon’s tail.

The Horned Dragon released a muffled grunt. Its tail was bleeding, but this wasn’t because it was weak. Two days ago, it was attacked by the divine monkey king. After the monkey threw out its battle spear, the spear pinned the dragon by its tail onto the ground. Even though the Horned Dragon already used precious medicine to reattach the broken tail, because it had already broken off before, it was still not as strong as before.

The divine monkey was sinister. Using its sharp claws, it tore off a chunk of the dragon’s flesh before bringing it to its mouth. Divine blood splashed out, arousing the vicious natures of the surrounding golden monkeys. They threw themselves over together.

That was precious flesh medicine, and in their eyes, it was more precious than anything else.

Hou… The Horned Dragon screamed in anger, and its precious artifacts began to light up. It did not hesitate to use up its essence energy, and wanted to kill those who offended it.

On the other side, the Zhujian was also bathing in blood as it fought against a large number of monkeys. Meanwhile, the Crack Demonic Butterfly, Bifang, and other monkeys were engaging in a muddled warfare.

When the battle reached this point, every side began to stake it all as they fought bloodily.

Back then, this group of golden monkeys were extremely savage. Under the lead of the divine monkey king, they killed more than one king, and even stole the four small stalks of divine medicine. Currently, a group of young ones actually dared to extract a tooth from the tiger’s den! This wasn’t something that they could tolerate.

Shi Yi walked over with large strides. Astonishing multicolored light circulated about his body, and he was one step away from pulling up the silver Immortal Peach Tree. He was truly extremely powerful, and nothing could stand in his way. Beneath his feet, there were quite a few monkey corpses.

Within the ancient forest, the little guy was standing behind an old tree trunk as he calmly observed everything. The battlefield was extremely intense, and every side was engaging in bloody warfare. He did not utter a single word, and silently observed the battle.

Suddenly, he felt a bad omen, and his eyebrows jumped. At the same time, the little wolf also cried out with an aowu sound, as if it noticed something extremely dangerous.

Snowflakes scattered down one after another. Transparent and glistening, they were extremely beautiful as they drifted about within the ancient forest.

“Not good!”

He had a bad premonition. At the same time, his right arm became sore, as if it was bitten a few times by bugs. Some type of seed had taken root in his flesh, and was quickly sprouting.

The little guy was alarmed and furious. He widened his eyes to see what was happening at the mountain region ahead. Those were not snowflakes at all, and were pure white wads of cotton that were fluttering about in the air!

“Demonic Cattail Tree!”

During the Archaic years, there was a matchless Demonic Cattail Tree that brought about a devastating calamity. Blood flowed like rivers from the great wasteland, and as long as it decided to make its move, no one could be its opponent.

The divine seeds it releases can also be called Cursed Devil Tassels. They could take root inside an expert’s body and absorb the essence from their bodies to continuously strengthen itself.

During its most powerful years, even the most powerful guardian spirits worshipped by the various races would retreat. None of them were willing to fight back, and that was truly years of darkness.

Later on, it planted the Cursed Devil Tassels in a God’s body and absorbed its essence. In the end, it sucked its essence energy dry, allowing itself undergo another advancement and becoming unrivalled under the heavens.

Due to its murderous nature, in the end, the saints joined hands to apprehend it together. After fighting fiercely for an extremely long period of time and paying a heavy price, it was finally defeated.

Those were terrifying years. When the Demonic Cattail Tree appeared, it would become quiet everywhere. No one dared to provoke it, and even the honored deities from the ancient countries would retreat, because it was simply too terrifying.

After endless years, this race no longer appeared.

Without a doubt, the Demonic Cattail Tree that entered this small world was not ordinary. It dared to walk together with the pure-blooded creatures, so if it did not have the strength, how could it have so much confidence?

At this moment, it decided to choose the little guy as its opponent. As soon as it approached, it released the Cursed Devil Tassels. It moved noiselessly, and by the time the snowflakes could be seen, it was already too late to to defend against.

The little guy’s entire arm was shining, because he wanted to force the divine seed out.

The Demonic Cattail Tree appeared. It was not that tall, but it carried with it a type of divine might. Surrounded by brilliant sacred radiance, it was like a divine tree that came from the ancient world, absolutely intimidating.

Its leaves were bright green and glistening. Filled with the aura of the dao, its body had a snow white round shape. While emitting a sparkling luster, it was like a full moon, scattering down a few Cursed Devil Tassels from time to time.


The little guy shouted loudly, and a ripple proliferated from his body. It forced back the divine seeds that covered the sky.

However, his arm was in pain. Two devil tassels had already taken root, trying to suck up the nutrients and divine energy from his flesh. The Devil Tassels had already sprouted, giving birth to tender branches.

Aowu… The small wolf cried out softly.

“Once infected by the devil tassels, it’s difficult to escape death.” The Demonic Cattail Tree spoke.

Its stolons were thick and powerful, allowing it to walk about like human feet. Its entire body was covered densely in silver colored symbols. Even though it was a tree, there were still five sense organs on its body, allowing it to open its mouth and speak.

Chi chi sounds could be heard, and the demonic tassels in the sky flew over. They flickered with cold light fell like a starry river.

“What a powerful precious flesh medicine!” The Demonic Cattail Tree released a even more ferocious assault, and when it opened its mouth, it looked somewhat sinister.

The little guy’s eyebrows stood up. He was trying to operate the bone text recorded in the True Primordial Record to refine the seed in his arm while withstanding the sky covering demonic attack.

“Break!” He shouted. His arm shone, and with a forceful shake, a large amount of blood immediately gushed out, bringing with it a chunk of flesh. It directly squeezed out those two divine seeds.

“Come back!”

The Demonic Cattail Tree yelled, retrieving those two seeds. From them, it could receive the little guy’s blood as well as traces of the absorption and mysterious power.

“Can’t collect it!”

The little guy screamed, and with a kengchi sound, he directly bit down on a dark green soft shoot. His small snow white teeth shone, and after a few bites, he crushed apart the demonic tassels that were harder than steel.

Afterwards, he… Directly ate it!

The Demonic Cattail Tree became stupefied; this was the first time it met this type of opponent. Usually, it was the one absorbing other people’s flesh, yet today, it actually met a savage that directly ate its seed.

The other demonic tassel could not avoid this fate either. The little guy took out the the Suan Ni bone mirror, stopping it in its tracks. It was like he was chewing on a radish as he bit apart the budding seed, eating it completely.

“Such powerful teeth!” The Demonic Cattail Tree was shocked. The Cursed Devil Tassels were precious artifacts, and their sturdiness surpassed one’s imagination. The opposing party actually could bite apart and eat it, this was simply unbelievable.


The little guy left behind an afterimage where he previously stood and began to fight fiercely with the Demonic Cattail Tree.

Symbols filled the sky, and divine light covered the sun. The little guy was extremely angry, because the opponent was actually trying to devour him by planting the demonic tassels in him. He attacked his opponent with everything he had.

The Demonic Cattail Tree was truly extremely powerful, and the entire tree was flickering with multicolored light. Mysterious symbols and precious techniques enveloped this entire region.

The divine seeds in the air were shining with light as they condensed together with the various symbols. They arranged together into an Archaic demonic formation, trapping the little guy in the center to carry out refinement.


The little guy held the broken sword in his hand and sliced outwards. Meanwhile, the Demonic Cattail tree began to sway. It released a lump of light, and it was actually another ancient artifact. As soon as it appeared, it was already releasing a ridiculously large amount of demonic light and endlessly ringing with wuwu sounds.

“So terrifying. It shouldn’t be a precious artifacts left behind by that deity murderer, right? How could it create a terrifying scene like this?”

On top of the divine blanket, the Nine-Headed Lion and the others were all shocked.

An indistinct and unusual scene appeared. On the bloody earth, all living creatures were howling in grief. Countless creatures were massacred, and there were even ancient countries that were destroyed. A heaven reaching demonic tree ruled over the boundless mountains and rivers, and even deities were retreating.


The broken sword in the little guy’s hands hacked down on top of that lump of light, revealing the Demonic Cattail Tree’s precious artifact. It was a scorched black magic staff, and it circulated with an aura that could suppress the sun, moon, and stars.

“This was the weapon of that demonic tree back then! A piece was actually left behind until now.” Huo Ling’er became fearful. She came from the Fire Nation, and was naturally knowledgeable about the dark years of the ancient world.

It was clear that this small demonic tree had quite a terrifying relationship with that unrivalled demonic sovereign from back then!

With a weng sound, the broken sword and that scorched black staff collided together. Divine splendor blazed, and heavenly stars appeared one after another. There were also deities shouting, and both parties turned into a sea of stars. They were stuck to each other as they fiercely collided, both of them trying to swallow up the other.

This was an extension of the ancient saints’ fight, as if it had lasted from back then until now!

The Demonic Cattail Tree emitted light, and its entire body became sparkling and transparent. Leaves created hualala sounds, and green light surged together with dense smoke.

Its own body was already a precious artifact, allowing it to conquered everything before it. Its stolons in particular were like ten arms, and they penetrated the boulders that were several tens of thousands of jin in the surroundings. The stolons then wrapped themselves around the little guy.

The savage child naturally did not want to be outdone. Lightning radiance danced about on his body, and the silvery white divine moon was like a blade as it hacked outwards.

“Not good. Once wrapped up by the Demonic Cattail Tree, one will inevitably die. There truly is no one that dares to fight with it,” said the Flame Crow.

The Demonic Cattail Tree was extremely cold, and strand after strand of stolon wrapped itself around the little guy. Soon afterwards, sharp blades appeared, piercing towards his body, wanting to suck out his body’s essence energy.

“Not necessarily. It isn’t clear who is going to eat who yet.” The big red bird still had quite a bit of confidence in the savage child, because it even saw him swallow the True Supreme Water before.

The divine striking stone nodded, and it had the same feeling, because that fellow even ate divine sand before. The silt was completely grinded in his mouth before being swallowed, and after all that, he was still healthy and active.

The little guy’s body emitted golden lightning radiance, blocking those stolons. Even though there were some parts that had been penetrated, making him bleed, he was still not scared. He held the Demonic Cattail Tree and madly bit down.

Kengchi kengchi

The Demonic Cattail Tree violently shook, because a hole was bitten out of its trunk. The savage child’s eyes were bright as he ate with gusto; he chewed madly nonstop.

What the f*ck, was he still human?! Why is his teeth sharper than an Archaic vicious beast’s? It truly was almost heaven defying. The Demonic Cattail Tree cursed, and was in so much pain that its entire body was shaking.

It penetrated through the little guy’s body and devoured his blood essence. However, this human youth didn’t become weaker at all. Precious techniques erupted, and his small teeth became bright and shiny. He was trying to bite apart its trunk ah! He directly ate a large piece of its truck with incomparable speed and viciousness.

In addition, his arms were struggling and his feet were stamping with extraordinary strength. He was trying to tear apart its stolons and branches.

If it was anyone else being wrapped up by the Demonic Cattail Tree, they would definitely be absolutely terrified, because being caught like this meant inevitable death. However, the little guy was fearless, and was actually competing with it to see who was faster as he devoured the tree’s body.


The little guy’s divine force was absolutely shocking, almost cleaving apart the Demonic Cattail Tree. He forcefully tore off an extremely thick branch, and as precious techniques danced about, lightning radiance shot into the tree’s body.

The Demonic Cattail Tree had enough. With a sudden shake, it released all of its stolons before quickly retreating. It withdrew that scorched black staff and labeled the little guy as the most savage type of creature. It kept a considerable distance from him as he stood across in confrontation.

The little guy still had blood dripping out from his body. That green and lush branch was flickering with multicolored light, and as he hugged it, he began to chew with kengchi kenchi sounds, quickly devouring it into his stomach.

When the Demonic Cattail Tree saw this, it was utterly speechless. It did not say a single thing and silently retreated, disappearing into the depths of the jungle. From start to finish, it was completely taciturn.

“Truly… Strong teeth!” From behind, Huo Ling’er, Nine-Headed Lion, big red bird and the others were all speechless after watching this. None of them knew what to say in this situation.

“Sugar cane taste, it’s somewhat sweet.” THe little guy blinked his large eyes and ate the last branch with relish as he spoke.

In the depths of the jungle, the Demonic Cattail Tree’s body shook before turning rigid. Afterwards, its entire body shuddered, before erupting in a bright and resplendent radiance, making this pure land quake and tremble!

However, in the end, it still did not turn around and decided to silently depart.


A conclusion was reached by the spiritual lake. The purple-haired girl brandished her golden divine horn, obliterating all types of symbols. A large group of monkeys were blown back, allowing her to rush towards one of the silver immortal peach trees; she wanted to pull it up by the roots.

The group of monkeys went mad and decided to attack her together.

At the same time, the Bifang, Zhujian, Horned Dragon, Demonic Crack Butterfly and the others also made their moves. They killed their way over, using their supreme treasures to force back the group of monkeys.

At this moment, the space around them began to tremble. Shi Yi took action. From his left eye flew out a Bi’an, and his right eye released a golden peng; they were all constructed from symbols. It sent all the monkeys around one of the immortal peach trees flying.

As he held his precious artifact in his hands, he was dazzling like a blazing sun. Following that, he released two great precious techniques using its dual pupils, increasing his power by many folds.

String after string of symbols interweaved. They were bright and dazzling as they wrapped up one of the small silver divine medicines. They were on the verge of leaving this place.

“This is bad!”

The Nine-Headed Lion was amazed, because someone was finally going to obtain one of the divine medicines.

The little guy who was silently standing within the ancient forest suddenly moved out. He turned into a streak of light, and with a honglong sound, a mountain peak in the distance was immediately broken apart. He lifted up the broken rocky peak and directly smashed it down in front of him, completely enveloping the people below!

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