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Chapter 166 – Great Harvest

The tree hole was full of wine. The fluid was sparkling and translucent like amber, and as if flowed, it emitted an intoxicating aroma. The little guy was full of happiness as he swayed back and forth in dizziness. His large eyes were squinted until they became crescent moons; this was truly an unexpectedly shocking surprise.

This was not some ordinary wine, but rather one formed gradually from various types of spiritual medicines. It was priceless, and if even a single cup making its way out into the public, many people would immediately break their heads fighting over this.

This tree hole even had silver colored Immortal Peaches fermented within. It made one feel shocked just by looking at it, because this was something that even experts from formidable sects would covet over.

The little guy drank a small mouthful. All type of fragrances overflowed, making his small face rosy. He was about to lose consciousness from being completely drunk. Multicolored light gushed out from his mouth and nose, and only the purest divine light was entering and exiting his body.

“Quickly collect it, otherwise it won’t be good if something problematic occurs.”

His body was powerful, allowing him to quickly refine this small mouthful of Little Devil Wine. He quickly became sober and used the broken sword to carve out a wooden stopper. Sealing up the sparkling wine again, he used both arms to pull up the entire tree before placing it within the heaven and earth pouch.

This was definitely a supreme treasure. Now that they obtained this Little Devil Wine, there was nothing to be regretful about even if they didn’t get the Immortal Peach trees.

From behind, the big red bird’s saliva gurgled. This was just like a dream! It was a wine made completely from spiritual medicines, and was actually discovered by them like this. It truly wished to jump over right now.

The Nine-Headed Lion, Rainbow Luan, Flame Crow and others were all astonished. Now that this kind of precious liquid came into existence, just how many people could enjoy such a thing? Those terrifying old folks would be happy just to drink a single cup. They would be as happy as children and regard it as a complete honor.

Even Huo Ling’er became stupefied. As the daughter of the human emperor, she was definitely experienced and knowledgeable. She drank Little Devil Wine before, but this kind of tree hole as well as characteristics made it an absolutely world-shocking Little Devil Wine. It was the first time she saw something like this.

As for the old restricted individuals next to her, they’ve long became crazy. Overwhelmed with emotions, Huo Ling’er really wanted to hit herself a few times because she felt like this was a dream!

“Little gray, is there any more divine wine?” The little guy’s eyes were shining. “Rather than fighting for our lives in front of the spiritual lake, we might as well look for some of these monkeys’ belongings.

The young deity’s large eyes resembled black gems. It was incomparably clever and smart as it carefully searched about with its nose moving about.

Within the mountain range, the divine monkey boss was not aware of what had happened. The little guy could collect anything within his heaven and earth pouch. It sealed off their odors, so no one outside noticed the strange things that were happening here.

The divine monkey king fought alone against the group of kings, and a huge battle unfolded. The golden fur rang out with kengqiang sounds, actually making metallic sounds. It was impervious to sword or spear as it attacked everyone, fearing neither fire or water.

The golden great Peng, Rainbow Peacock, Black Hou, Mang Ox, Ironblood ancient tree and the other group of experts launched their assault together. Precious artifacts flew everywhere and symbols covered the sky. They moved mountains and shifted the seas with world-shaking divine might; however, it was still not enough to subdue that monkey.

“Everyone, don’t conserve your strength anymore. If this ferocious monkey doesn’t die, none of our future days will be pleasant!” The Horned Beast shouted. Its entire body was silvery white, and bony outgrowth like those of a hedgehog’s were continuously being shot out.

With his loud roar, the other creatures began to reveal their most powerful precious techniques one after another. The divine monkey was like a large mountain that was pressing down on their heads. If they couldn’t overthrow it, then they would be killed off sooner or later.

Within the group, the golden great Peng was bold and powerful, and it was the only one able to contest the divine monkey physically. Its entire body emitted light and smashed downwards like a sun.


The two were intensely shaken, and were like two golden erupting volcanoes. The others also used their most powerful precious techniques as they rushed forward together to fight that terrifying divine monkey.

Within the pure land, the four Immortal Peach trees by the spiritual lake were flickering with silver light. They were brilliant and dazzling, and their fruit were silvery white. While emitted a sweet fragrance, lightning radiance circled about them, creating a rather shocking appearance.

A group of monkeys protected the area. They were currently fighting fiercely with the pure-blooded creatures.

The Zhujiang went mad. It had a human face and a leopard shaped body that was covered in black scales. Its tail was sturdy and powerful like a black flood dragon, and could absolutely smash apart mountains and rivers. It whipped out with a honglong sound.


Even though the few golden monkeys were formidable, they were still thrashed until they began to cough out large mouthfuls of blood. Two of them had their bones broken and tendons snapped, and after flying out, they no longer budged.

“You’re looking to die!” Upon seeing this, the divine monkey leader’s body shone. It leapt into the air, turning into a streak of golden lightning as it murderously pounced over. Its cultivation realm was deep and profound, strong enough to suppress the intruders.

The Zhujian screamed. A circle of blazing light floated above its head, and a precious artifact was wrapped within. It emitted an undying aura as it suppressed forward.

On the other side, the Horned Dragon was incomparably brave and fierce. It tore apart a few golden monkeys, but was seriously hurt by one of the bosses. A golden claw dropped down, almost breaking apart one of its joints.

“Monkey, I have endured you for too long!” The Horned Dragon was angry. As an Archaic vicious beast descendant, it had its own pride. Even though it was still young, it did not allow itself to become defeated.

It opened its mouth, spitting out a large net. The surface was adorned with many stars, making it brilliant and dazzling. This was a precious artifact with pure-blooded Horned Dragon scales refined on top of ancient beast tendons.

A divine monkey boss tried to dodge, but fell a bit short. After being collected inside, it immediately released a loud howl. Despite its cultivation realm being deep, it simply couldn’t defend against the sharp dragon scales, so its entire body began to pour out blood.


It roared loudly as it struggled against the precious artifact. Its mouth was full of fierce snow white teeth that flickered with cold light.

With a pu sound, the divine monkey finally broke free. However, a part of its body was refined, giving it grave injuries. It lost a great amount of its battle strength, and so when it was attacked by the Horned Dragon again, blood splashed high into the air.

Pure-blooded creatures were generally rather passive because they were still young. This was the first time they killed such a powerful divine monkey boss, and so it immediately had a bit of intimidation effect on them.


The Bifang made its move, also taking out its precious artifact to fight the group of divine monkeys. Even though many of its feathers fell in battle and it had bloodstains on its body, its pupils were still shining. It even rushed towards the silver-colored Immortal Peach trees several times!

A chi sound rang out. It pecked off a silver leaf, directly swallowing it into its mouth. This made everyone feel shocked; this was too savage! Was it trying to devour the whole thing and destroy the Immortal Peach trees or move away the small divine medicines?


The Demonic Crack Butterfly shook its wings, releasing rays of divine light. It blocked off the Bifang, not allowing it to destroy the small divine medicines. It was clear that it wanted to bring away the precious trees.

A honglong sound rang out. A brave and beautiful youth appeared, and the monkeys were forced backwards. He strode over towards those four stalks of small divine medicine, dual pupiled and carrying an astonishing aura.

He was like a dragon or tiger as he moved. Brilliant splendor enveloped his entire body, and with his black hair drifting behind him, he was like a God that descended into this world.

Shi Yi moved as well. He unleashed powerful precious techniques, forcing back more than ten monkeys. He rushed forward to kill, wanting to seize those silver flickering objects.

When one of the divine monkey bosses saw this, it immediately rushed over. With a roar, it tried to block him, and even took out a powerful precious artifact to murderously suppress him. It was a chunk of divine metal that circulated with dark light, and itsmashed down towards the youth.

Seeing this, Shi Yi did not panic. Symbols interweaved within his pupils, and with a hong sound, he unexpectedly froze the space here! The precious artifact was momentarily motionless. Taking advantage of this, he rushed forward quickly.

The boss soared into the air and personally took on the responsibility of killing him. Its body emitted light, releasing a precious technique.


No one knew what type of precious artifact Shi Yi took out. It hacked down on the monkey boss’s precious technique, immediately dispersing it. Soon after, it pierced into the monkey’s chest.

At this moment, the powerful divine monkey released a miserable cry. Its body exploded and blood scattered everywhere.

“What a powerful human youth!”

Everyone became shocked, and no longer dared to belittle his status as a human; all of them carefully took precautions against him. Two divine monkey bosses jumped out from nearby and rushed towards Shi Yi with killing intent. Their cultivation realms were high and both possessed terrifying strength.

The fight reached its climax, and regardless if it were the kings within the mountain range or the divine birds and Archaic vicious beasts descendants by the Immortal Peach Tree, they were all fiercely fighting. It was coming to a conclusion.

The little guy searched within the old forest while the little wolf’s nose continuously sniffed. Finally, it widened its eyes and ran towards an ancient tree, using all of its strength to scratch at a section of land.

This time, it no longer dared to directly claw at the tree trunk and get sent flying. Instead, it tugged at the ends of the little guy’s pants, indicating for him to move quickly.

“Ah, there really is more!” The little guy was pleasantly surprised. He clenched his fists tightly and looked it over; this was truly a bit unusual.

Sure enough, when he used the broken sword to slash forward, symbols began to flee in disarray. After being destroyed, he gently tapped the trunk, and there was hollow sound. He gently pierced open a small hole and looked inside. The wine was sparkling and translucent, surging with multicolored light. In addition, a few spirit medicines were still afloat, not completely refined.

“This is new wine, and still hasn’t been completely brewed!” The little guy was too happy. He saw two silver Immortal Peaches inside as well as many other types of spiritual medicine. It really was like how they predicted; this was absolutely priceless.

He hurried the restricted individuals over. Afterwards, the entire ancient tree was uprooted and collected into the heaven and earth pouch.

“This is amazing! There should be enough to drink within the two tree holes. I need to bring back some for Grandpa Chief, Uncle Linhu, Uncle Feijiao, and the others to try. They will definitely like it a lot!” His large eyes were narrowed until they were like crescent moons. He wanted to let the villagers taste this divine wine, because it will have an extremely great effect on their bodies.

Stone Village would also ferment a bit of wine, but it would always be of the lowest quality crude wine. Even though it was like this, the robust men within the village would still savor it slowly as if it was a type of immortality elixir.

Following that, not only was the little wolf sniffing around with its nose, even the little guy was doing work. He tapped things everywhere, and as long as symbols appeared, he would immediately start digging.

Even though symbols appeared on a few more tree holes, there was no wine. They might have contained wine within them many years ago, but they have already been cleaned out by the group of divine monkeys.

In the end, he was only able to collect the wine from the two tree holes. If any of these tree holes were released to the outside world, it would definitely stir up a tempest; the people will all fight over it.

The little guy moved quickly. The dozen Lion’s Mane mushrooms were all picked up by him within this ancient forest. They were sparkling and released a rare fragrance; all of them were unordinary spiritual medicines.

“The best ingredients for little chicken stewed with mushrooms are done!” He felt extremely happy inside.

The little guy put away the heaven and earth net and together with the little wolf, he decided to return to the divine blanket. After all, this area was too dangerous, and if the group of monkeys noticed what he was doing, they would abandon all enemies and focus on him.

“It truly is an enormous harvest! There’s nothing to be regretful about even if I can’t obtain the Immortal Peach trees,” he murmured to himself.

“I’ll go make Golden Winged Peng stewed with Lion’s Mane in a bit. After that, I’ll drink some Little Devil Wine.” He felt happy just thinking about it, and by now, his mouth was already full of saliva.

“I’ll then roast a Golden Sheep, simmer-fry a few Archaic descendants, and in the end slow-cook a pot of tiger bone soup…” The little foodie wiped away his saliva and somewhat impatiently began to leave this place.

This time, his harvest was extremely great. The Little Devil wine that was formed gradually from over ten different spiritual medicines could not only allow one to undergo complete rebirth, but even had all types of medicinal effects. It could cure all types of illnesses and get rid of all types of terrifying diseases.

The only unfortunate thing was that even though the silver Immortal Peaches wasn’t far from becoming divine medicines, they still weren’t divine medicines. Otherwise, this Little Devil wine would be even more precious, and its rarity would truly be difficult to measure.

“Wu, since there are Immortal Peach trees here, if I don’t dig one up during the chaos, will I be struck by lightning?”

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