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Chapter 165 – Little Devil Wine

“To actually dare steal my divine medicine, have you all forgotten what happened to your ancestors?” This golden monkey was extremely overbearing. It pointed its golden battle spear forward and faced the opposing parties.

“Shitty monkey, hand over your life!” Fiery light overflowed into the heavens, and the entirely scarlet Mang Ox rushed over. Magma surged, and everywhere it treaded upon turned into boiling scarlet liquid, raising the temperature to an extremely high degree.

“A Mang Ox isn’t good enough to be my opponent. A small cow like you even wanna flip the wind and waves? You aren’t going to go after pure-blooded creatures, and instead have your eyes on me, you truly picked a route of death!” The divine monkey’s temper exploded. Golden light overflowed from its body in all four directions, and with a single leap, it directly rose several hundred zhang into the air. It used the golden battle spear like a large rod and thrashed out downwards.

With a dong sound, the scarlet magma on the ground surged like a huge wave, rising several hundred zhang into the air. The golden battle spear smashed with a kengqiang sound into a scarlet blade.

The demonic cow changed forms and stood up in human form. With a giant blood-colored blade in its hands, it fiercely collided with the divine monkey. However, it was actually forced backwards. After coughing out blood continuously, it shouted, “What are you all waiting for? Take down that monkey and the four stalks of divine medicine by the pure land’s spiritual lake will be ours!”

In the sky, rainbow colored divine light flickered. A huge peacock swooped down towards the depths of the mountain range. It did not participate in the fight, but instead directly rushed towards the spiritual lake to seize the divine medicine.


The monkey shouted loudly, and with a hong sound, the spear smashed down. The scarlet Mang Ox’s expression changed, because it was left with no choice but to resist with all its strength. As a result, the divine monkey was able to borrow this strength to soar into the air. It sat on top of a multi-colored giant bird and chased after the Rainbow Peacock.

After a loud rumbling sound, the Mang Ox roared loudly. The earth beneath its feet cracked apart, and at the same time, magma surged like a huge wave, covering its body. It continuously retreated while blood dripped out of its mouth.

“Monkey, you are too overbearing. Back then, you killed so many of our ancestors and seized the divine medicine without leaving behind even a single stalk. After acting like this, did you truly not fear the kings all coming after you?” Shouted the Rainbow Peacock.

It opened its mouth and spat out a precious imprint. It circulated with symbols as it flew over.

“The weak will serve and the strong will rule. It has always been this way, and if I wasn’t strong enough, I would have been eaten by other creatures a long time ago. There isn’t much to say about this.” The golden monkey’s body was not large, but it was imposing and bold. The golden battle lance in its hands pierced forward, causing a multitude of golden light to burst forth. With a qiang sound, sparks flew everywhere and divine multicolored light surged.

The precious imprint flipped around as it flew out, continuously growing in size. Finally, it smashed apart a strip of the mountain range, emitting an expanse of auspicious color.


In the distance, a golden great Peng flew over. As it spread its wings to take to the skies, its massive body could clearly be seen. Its firm and fierce body emitted golden bright and resplendent light as it directly used its divine wings to sweep over.

With a honglong sound, the entire heaven and earth seemed like it was about to shatter. Its physique was powerful and unmatched. As it looked at that monkey, it felt as if it was looking at an ant.


The golden monkey released a roar and jumped off of the multicolored giant bird. Its body quickly grew large, and it looked like a golden mountain as it stood up within the mountain region.

This type of aura and forcefulness completely shocked all of the kings stiff. They all began to feel somewhat scared and upset.

The monkey was incomparably divine and brave. A fist smashed down on the great Peng’s wings, causing golden divine light to burst forth. A honglong sound rang out between the two individuals, creating a violent gale that engulfed the mountains and rivers.

Rubble and broken pieces of wood all swirled up together. It was like a tornado, causing sand to fly and stones to roll. This entire mountain range was in utter chaos as it violently began to shake.

The Golden Winged Peng’s body was tyrannical; however, after the divine monkey used its precious method, it became equally lofty and powerful. Its combat strength was unrivalled, and it was impossible to resist.

“So powerful!” In the distance, the big red bird withdrew its neck. These two giants were too powerful, and their cultivation realms far surpassed its own.

“That’s the Heavenly Law and Earth!” The little guy’s large eyes shone as he stared at the monkey’s powerful physical body. Speaking to himself, he said, “What a pity. The symbols within Hairy Ball1 were destroyed; otherwise, my comprehension would be more profound, allowing me to understand more!”

With a weng sound, the great Golden Winged Peng circled around before swooping over once again. It spat out a golden divine sword that was circulating with auspicious multicolored light, and shot it out towards the monkey.

The divine monkey sneered. With the battle spear that similarly grew in size, it sprinted forward. Symbols erupted everywhere; this was a confrontation carrying the force of the dao and law.


The sharp and clear metallic sounds shook everyone’s bodies until they began to sway back and forth. Divine multicolored light shot out in all directions due to both precious artifacts emitting light. All types of mysterious symbols radiated, and in addition, the powerful force caused the entire mountain range to shake, making numerous tree leaves shatter.

The monkey bared its fangs, revealed a mouthful of snow white fierce teeth. It stamped on the ground and directly soared into the skies. Brandishing its battle spear in his hands, it smashed down on the opponent in front of it.

Meanwhile, after enduring the fierce collision, the great Golden Winged Peng exhausted a severe amount of divine strength. It almost lost control over the golden divine sword, and was sent flying together with its owner outwards. After seeing the divine monkey follow up with another attack, it couldn’t help but release a roar. Its wings moved, activating its primitive symbols. Transforming into a blazing wheel, it charged downwards.


The great Peng coughed out blood, and its body flew outwards. Cold light shot through the divine monkey’s eyes, and it quickly shrunk. It fell down on the multicolored giant bird and looked disdainfully in all directions.


Suddenly, a streak of black wind swept over. A Hou appeared, and its body was entirely pitch black. Symbols radiated as it soared into the sky to kill the monkey.

“None of you are worthy of being my opponent. Unless that old fellow whose already at death’s door comes, don’t even think about trying!” The divine monkey coldly laughed. It opened its mouth to release a hiss, spewing out a golden colored gale. The wind was sharp like blades, cutting apart the mountain ridge in front of it.

The black Hou roared, and its entire body was in sharp pain as bloody scars appeared on its body. The black light it released also struck the monkey’s body; however, it did not inflict any injuries.

“You dare!”

The divine monkey roared, and while riding the multicolored giant bird, it rushed towards the pure land. It was extremely enraged, and its battle spear was like a windmill as it murderously charged towards the Rainbow Peacock.

Kengqiang sounds rang out incessantly as the enormous Peacock released an expanse of feathers. Rainbow colored light shot out streak after streak, and they were all its feathers. They turned into divine swords as they hacked over, falling in front of the monkey and multicolored giant bird’s bodies.

The divine monkey angrily roared. Its entire body erupted in precious light, protecting itself and its mount. An enormous curtain of light was constructed, blocking all of the incoming feather divine swords.


Following that, he thrusted the spear out. The tip of the spear became adorned with stars, as if an ocean of stars were moving. This powerful strike actually carried with it the imagery of the milky way falling.

With a pu sound, many feathers shattered. The Rainbow Peacock recalled the mountain sized precious imprint and blocked the spear. However, it was still shaken to a point where it coughed out large amounts of blood.

“Everyone, we need to go up together. Ignore the divine medicine for now, because if the monkey doesn’t die, even the Heavens won’t be able to tolerate it. Have you all forgotten how it murdered our ancestors?”

An entirely silver white creature whose body was covered in thorns rushed over. It had a flood dragon head, hedgehog body, and crocodile tail; it was a ferocious Thorn Beast!

It was obvious that this was an extremely aged Archaic descendant that was powerful to the extreme. Silver flying swords shot out from all over its body to block off and kill the monkey.

With its roar, the Golden Winged Peng, Rainbow Peacock, Black Hou, Mang Ox and other kings all grouped up and came over. They were currently carrying out a group battle against the divine monkey, wanting to kill it together.

This region immediately began to boil. This one battle made the heaven and earth lose light, and caused the sun and moon to lose color. The mountain range trembled, and a great catastrophe arrived.

These creatures were too powerful, especially the divine monkey. The more it fought, the more brave it became. It did not have any fear, as if it possessed unlimited strength.

“Too powerful! This monkey is terrifying after all. If it truly gave everything it had into this fight and fought with its life on the line, it would be even more powerful than an emperor that cultivated for several hundred years!” A restricted individual beside Huo Ling’er said.

The Fire Nation princess nodded her head. This divine monkey was a mixed descendant, but through countless years, its cultivation gradually grew deeper. Now, it truly reached a great level, and was a creature that was worth the human emperor personally taking action against.

“They infiltrated the pure land and are making their move.” The Nine-Headed Lion was carefully observing the Bifang, Horned Dragon, and the rest of their group this entire time.

“That’s not important. The other monkeys aren’t easy to deal with either.” The mischievous stone spoke.

Sure enough, when the group of experts entered, a group of golden monkeys became alarmed. The ground flickered with symbols, and restrictions emitted light. Tens became hundreds as the monkeys charged out together.

“Why are these monkeys so powerful?” The little guy was shocked.

Within the group of monkeys, there was surprisingly not a single weak member. They cried out with aoao sounds and revealed their fierce teeth. Their bodies emitted dazzling golden light as they encircled the intruders.

In particular, every single leader’s fighting strength was astonishing. The pure-blooded creatures were chased until they became terrified, because the monkeys’ cultivation levels surpassed theirs.

Right at that time, the Demonic Cattail Tree began to move, and the Crack Demonic Butterfly as well as Shi Yi appeared. They began to charge murderously into the group of monkeys, because they also wanted to seize the four small stalks of divine medicine.

With a shua sound, purple light flickered. The purple-haired girl made her move, and in her hand was a golden horn. With a light stroke, the entire symbol formation was disposed of, and she quickly rushed forward.

In the distance, the divine monkey’s pupils were cold. It fought with everyone while keeping an eye on the pure land. A ruthless smile could be seen from its lips. “Pure-blooded creatures, I like!”

The creatures fighting with it were even more shocked. If they were able to kill this monkey, then today’s harvest would be simply too great. Other than the four stalks of divine medicine, there was also a Horned Dragon, Zhujian, and others! This was simply an irresistible enticement.


Several dozen stolons rushed over like hornless dragons. All of them emitted scarlet multicolored light, locking up the monkey. The Ironblood Ancient Tree appeared as well, and it also wanted to seize the divine medicine; as a result, it made its move against the divine monkey.

“We should make our moves as well. Be careful not to be detected. We are going to take advantage of this crisis,” the Divine Striking Stone suggested.

The group all agreed. The little guy already took out the heaven and earth pouch in preparation of collecting treasure at any time.

Huo Ling’er was graceful and elegant, and was absolutely gorgeous. She personally steered the divine blanket refined from beast skin. Wordless and uncommunicative, they entered the pure land without being detected.

Right at this time, the small wolf in the Fire Nation Princess became restless. It continuously struggled and moved about before ultimately jumping onto the little guy’s body. Suspending itself off his body like a koala, it continuously breathed in and out. Following that, it tugged on the devilish brat’s hair, pointing toward a direction.

That area was close to the spiritual lake, and there was an expanse of ancient trees. They were all incomparably tall, and light shone from the tree’s bodies. It gave birth to a spiritual medicine that resembled a monkey head.

“Lion’s Mane2!” Huo Ling’er was astonished.

These mushrooms were all shining. They grew on the the tree trunk, and were all sparkling and translucent. While emitting spiritual essence, there were more than ten in number, all of them extremely gorgeous.

“Rumor has it that it is a rare delicacy on par with lion head and tiger bone soup. After being refined into precious medicine, I believe the Lion’s Mane will become extremely delicious.” The little guy’s eyes were fixed on them as he quickly wiped off his saliva.

“You all wait over here. I’ll go and collect them!” The little guy jumped off the divine rug and carefully made his way over. The ancient trees grew densely, and since the divine blanket was rather large, it was impossible for the rest of them to travel that deep.

Without alarming any enemies, he directly arrived in front of these ancient trees. He was incomparably happy and was about to pick them.

However, the little wolf, on the contrary, seemed rather anxious. It stopped him, moreover jumping onto the ground to dig up part of an old tree trunk.

With a hong sound, the little wolf was sent flying. That thick old tree trunk shone, revealing terrifying symbols.

“Wuwu…” The little wolf became worried, hinting for the little guy to quickly make his move. There seemed to be some kind of priceless object within the tree trunk. It didn’t even act like this when it saw the Immortal Peach Tree.

The little guy did not say anything more and took out the broken sword, slashing outward. The symbols on the tree’s body were immediately shattered. Afterwards, he struck the ancient tree, only to find that it made a hollow sound.


He used the broken sword to cut apart a small hole. Immediately, a wave of strong fragrance overflowed, making people feel a bit intoxicated. The young deity immediately widened its eyes and became incredibly happy.

When the little guy saw this, he immediately enlarged the hole in the tree. As a result, dense multicolored light rushed out and a strong fragrance assailed his nostrils. It transformed into divine light and submerged this area.

The hole in the tree was full of liquid. It was sparkling and transparent like exquisite wine, the fragrance making people feel as if they were becoming drunk.

“Little Devil Juice! It’s a exceptional type of precious medicine!” From on top of the divine blanket, Huo Ling’er widened her eyes from incomparable shock.

The little guy already had the heaven and earth pouch out during the first moments, turning it into a heavenly curtain to isolate this area. He feared that the rich fragrance would startle other creatures.

“Is this a type of wine? It seems like something that would taste really good.” He did not know the value of the Little Devil Wine, and while leaning on the tree, he drank a small sip. Suddenly, he felt as if the sky was spinning and the earth was turning, almost becoming completely intoxicated. In addition, the fragrance flooded his body, making countless rays of multicolored light gush out from his pores.

“Such powerful medicinal effects!” The little guy was shocked.

At this instant, he could sense the flavor of many precious medicines; for example, the Scarlet Orchid, Black Jade Lotus, Snow Jade Ginseng, Scarlet Flood Dragon Vine, and others. They were all extremely strong.

This was made from spirit medicines?!” The little guy stared with his eyes wide. His felt his heart tremble, because this was definitely an absolutely priceless and rare treasure!

“Wu, there is still a partly peachy flavor.” He recognized the flavor, and couldn’t help but look towards the Immoral Peach Trees in the distance. Could it be that the Little Devil Wine had some of the silver immortal peaches inside?

This… Truly was worth a terrifying amount!

The little guy believed that he would be able to break through the ninth Heavenly Passage soon. It would be extremely beneficial for his body, and who knows, it might even be able to restore a bit of the Supreme Being Bone!”

The liquid from this tree hole was not inferior to those four Immortal Peach Trees. It truly was an opportunity that was difficult to imagine possible.

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