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Chapter 164 – Divine Monkey Treasure Land

“You guys are all fine?” The little guy’s eyes were round as he stared. He himself even got into difficult situations several times while being attacked by the Ironblood Ancient Tree, yet in the end, these guys were rather carefree and relaxed.

This was especially true for the Big Red Bird. Using one of its wings like a hand, it held a roasted lamb leg. It ate while walking over casually, rocking from side to side. Grease dripped from its mouth, and it was so carefree and content that it made others want to give it a few smacks.

“So miserable looking. Did you get beaten up by someone?” Asked the big red bird.


The little guy removed the Divine striking stone from his hair and directly threw it at the big red bird. In the end, the mischievous stone cried out with ao ao sound while rolling on the ground, complaining about the pain.

The big red bird was dumbstruck. It was originally grimacing in pain, yet after seeing how this rock acted, it couldn’t help but question itself. Was its head really that hard?

However, it then saw how smooth and sparkly the stone was, without a hint of damage. After rubbing the huge blister on its own head, it immediately began to stomp in angry. It was flustered and exasperated as it said, “What are you bitching about?!”

“I’m in so much pain… About to break… Your head is too hard, is it made of steel?” The mischievous stone shouted.

The big red bird swallowed the roasted lamb leg in one gulp and jumped over. Slamming down with all its strength on the stone, it said, “Talking stone, after speaking to me like that, let’s see if you’ll break or not.”

“You should just save your energy. This thing gave even the Horned Dragon, Zhujian, and other Archaic vicious beasts several big bumps on their hands. You won’t be able to break it.” The little guy advised.

“Damn stone!”

The group of people were all curious, asking how that could be. The little guy quickly explained a bit, leaving all those that heard him dumbstruck.

“Right, where were you guys hiding? I saw you guys come out from nowhere. Have you guys encountered the massacre caused by the indigenous creatures these past few days?”

“In the beginning it was extremely dangerous, but we had a unique treasure here, allowing us to easily avoid the great calamity.” When their experiences during the past few days were brought up, the people’s expressions became that of amazement.

At first, they went all over the place to search for spirit medicine while feeling rather relaxed. With the group of Archaic species walking together, no one dared to provoke them. However, the wave of beasts erupted, and the indigenous creatures released their fierceness as they moved out to hunt. The entire small world became a bloody wasteland.

During the initial stages, they did indeed encounter their attacks. They almost died on the spot, because there were Golden-Winged Pengs, Rainbow Peacocks, Silver Feathered Bird Kings, and even a group of powerful golden monkeys here; it was incomparably terrifying.

“Fortunately, brother Luan’s family property is quite ample, actually possessing a Cloud Piercing Boat. It must have been refined through the clan’s Rainbow Precious Bone, making it extremely fast. It allowed us to escape the group of beast and bird kings’ pursuit.

The Rainbow Luan bird originated from an ancient race. Originally, they were pure-blooded divine birds, but later on, a few unforeseen events occurred. Their bloodlines thinned, but the race’s foundation was still there.

“Of course, we were lucky to have the fire nation princess’ divine blanket, hiding our presence. It allowed us to hide in the void, making it so that no one could see us.”

This was the skin of an Archaic Void Beast. It contained an out of the ordinary ability, and after it was refined into a precious artifact, it allowed one to hide between the heavens and the earth without being discovered by others.

The little guy was curious, and so he hopped onto that enormous divine rug. He noticed that there were a few white jade tables set up, and on top of them were roasted meat and berries. These people truly knew how to enjoy themselves!

He was utterly speechless. He killed his way over with strenuous effort while fearing that something bad happened to them. He almost threw away his own life, yet in the end, these fellows were all leaping and frisking about, each of them more healthy than the last.

“I’m warning you, you better not have any ideas about this divine blanket!” Huo Ling’er stared at him, because she was fully aware of his character.

The little guy was embarrassed and mumbled, “What’s there to be so selfish about, not like you lose anything if I just touch it a bit.”

“This is my father the emperor’s possession.” Huo Ling’er was tall and slender, and her fiery clothes flickered with multicolored light. Her curves moved up and down, and they were extremely large and wonderful. Her appearance was exquisite, and even though her age was not great, her figure was still better than those eighteen and nineteen year old’s.

“The human emperor’s treasure?!” After the little guy heard this, his saliva gurgled.

This really was the Fire Nation Emperor’s treasure, and he bestowed it upon the daughter he doted on. Otherwise, where would they possibly see such a legendary Void Beast Skin?

“Exactly what is there within the mountain range depths?” The little guy was extremely curious. The Horned Dragon, Bifang, Zhujian, and purple-haired girl all entered, and it was obvious that there was a great purpose for doing so.

“I don’t know. The shitty monkeys are too strong. I used the divine blanket to look around, and yet in the end, I was still almost caught by a damn monkey!”

When this topic was brought up, the big red bird immediately became angry. It sneaked in like a thief while hiding itself to look around the forbidden area, yet in the end, it didn’t know how, but was still discovered by a monkey. It tore at the big red bird’s feathers frantically with its claws, making the big red bird’s butt region bare. Its tail feathers were almost completely plucked clean, leaving it in an extremely sorry state.

“What did you say? That leopard-bodied, cow-eared, single eyed fellow is a pure-blooded Zhujian?” The big red bird’s face fluttered from white to green.

The little guy brought up those divine birds and vicious beasts and asked them whether or not they noticed what these pure-blooded creatures were up to. In the end, it made this group beat their chest and stamp their feet.

Even Huo Ling’er sighed, feeling great pity. The several restricted individuals’ flowery white hair and beards trembled, all of them shouting for the will of heaven.

That Zhujian was also hunted by the group of golden monkeys, moreover having a large chunk of its flesh chopped off by them. It was lying down not far from the divine blanket, and as long as the big red bird took out the black pot, it would be able to collect it. In the end, they did not know, and it was happily taken away by a group of monkeys.

“Stop thinking so much. We won’t be staying within the Hundred Shattering Mountains for many days longer and will be exiting soon. Let’s use this time to quickly find some spirit medicine and other treasures.” The little guy was the one that spoke. He was extremely curious towards the monkeys’ den, and really wanted to find out what was over there.

Two days later, the little guy was convinced that there was some amazing treasure. Otherwise, how could it attract so many pure-blooded creatures? They saw the Horned Dragon, Zhujian, Bifang, purple-haired girl, and others several times.

Finally, those creatures actually grouped together to carry out some kind of operation. They surrounded this central region and continuously wandered around.

It was obvious that they also had concealing treasures that allowed them to mask their presence. Even though they would provoke the divine monkeys from time to time and get attacked, they could still spy from a distance.

In addition, the Demonic Cattail tree, Shi Yi, and the others were also moving out. They were cautious and prudent, and all of them wanted to get near that mountain.

Besides them, there was also the enormous Black Hou, and from the magma walked out a scarlet Mang ox. The Rainbow Peacock, and Golden Winged Peng could also be seen, but they did not yet approach.

“What kind of heaven angering thing did these monkeys do, attracting the attention of so many people?” The big red bird was stunned.

They hid within the divine blanket and watched from the side. After watching for several days in succession, they had a good idea of what went on outside.

Finally, they moved. They felt like they just had to find out what exactly those monkeys were protecting.

The divine blanket began to float, carrying them forward within the void towards that pure land. However, they no longer dared to approach after a while even though there was still a large distance between them, because the divine monkey boss was too powerful. Their spiritual awareness was so sharp it was a bit terrifying. Several pure-blooded creatures that were using their race’s ancient concealment treasures were even discovered by it, almost being struck down as a result.

If these pure-blooded creatures did not rely on the precious artifacts passed down by their ancestors, they all would have died here. Not a single one would be able to survive.

A long time passed. They were still separated by the forest, and were far away. After wasting an entire day, they could only make out a bit of the scene inside.

This was a pure land, and strand after strand of smoke-like spiritual essence was being emitted. A small sparkling and transparent lake lied at the center, brilliant and dazzling.

“That lake is formed completely out of spiritual essence! It actually became a liquid form! This is simply too astonishing. This group of wretched monkeys are actually occupying this kind of precious land. No wonder they are so powerful and terrifying.”

Everyone became incomparably fearful. This type of spirit earth was truly rarely seen within this world. The essence energy was like water, and as it flowed on the ground, it collected into a small lake.

Large boulders lied in disarray within the vicinity. Beautiful trees grew here, and there was no lack of spirit medicine here. It was like a fairy tale world with overflowing multicolored light, making the area exceptionally bright.

“What are those? The small trees by the spiritual liquid lake, why are they burning?” The Nine-Headed Lion was bewildered.

“Right, they are a total of four trees. They look like torches.” The Sable also nodded its head.

“Let us take a look.” The two three-eyed brothers walked up and stood at the very front of the divine blanket. The vertical eyed between their eyebrows lit up, and symbols began to spread out as they looked forward.

“They are four small trees roughly half a person in height. However, they aren’t burning, and are just excessively dazzling. Even the branches and leaves are emitting light, and as a result, it looks like there are flames jumping.”

The little guy’s body was powerful, and his spiritual awareness was naturally extraordinary as well. His eyes were sharp, and strange symbols appeared on his eyes. When he looked forward, he also became amazed.

There really were four shining precious trees. None of them were bigger than a person’s waist in thickness, and was roughly half the size of a human. Regardless of whether it were the branches or the leaves, they were all silver; they were like a silver flame as they lit up.

There were two or three silver peaches on each tree, and they were all a moist faint golden color. They were exceptionally resplendent, and seemed like they were carved out of divine jade.

“Really want to eat it…” The little guy wiped off his saliva.

“Look at how mature you are.” Huo Ling’er shot him a look. What a model foodie, taking a bite out of everything he sees.

“Yi, do you guys smell something? It’s almost as if a faint sweet scent is drifting over.” The big red bird’s nose was better than a dog’s.

“Right, there really is a unique scent floating around.” The sable nodded

“This can’t be the legendary Immortal Peach Tree, right?! I heard a long time ago that the Hundred Shattering Mountains had this type of divine medicine, but I never thought that this legend was real!” The Flame Crow exclaimed in admiration, and its eyes were wide open.

“It really is how I guessed after all. These monkeys are protecting a divine medicine.” The Divine Striking Stone spoke and was proud of itself.

“If you knew this entire time, why didn’t you say it out loud?” The little guy stared at it.

“What? If you knew, why did you let us squander this entire day? We owe you a beating, right?”

The group of people had enough, and with the big red bird as the leader, they surrounded and began to beat it.

“I was only guessing! If there turned out to be nothing, how embarrassing would that be? Stop hitting me! There are a few things that you guys definitely don’t know! That isn’t a divine medicine!”

The Immortal Peach Tree was a divine medicine within the Hundred Shattering Mountains, and was far more ancient than the other divine plants. Later on, for the sake of evolving, it searched for the necessary objects within the Hundred Shattering Mountains, but still failed in the end.

“Isn’t it growing well over there?” The Nine-Headed Lion didn’t believe it.

The Divine Striking Stone explained, “The Immortal Peach Tree was aggressive and ambitious, and in order to establish a supernatural foundation, it used too much heaven and earth essence. In the end, it refined itself to death while still alive, leaving behind four seeds.

It could tell with a glance that the four trees weren’t divine medicines. They received the nourishment of the spiritual liquid, and after an extremely long time, they developed sentience and transformed. They were about to transform into divine medicine.

Everyone became dumbstruck. Could it be that four stalks of divine medicine were going to appear at once? This truly made people amazed.

“It’s too difficult for all four of them to turn into divine medicine. Three of them will be sucked dry to support one stalk, so for one new divine medicine to appear is not a problem,” the Divine Striking Stone said.

In that instant, everyone’s eyes lit up. These were actually four stalks of unique precious medicine! They were on the brink of becoming divine medicine, and it was no wonder so many creatures coveted after them.

“The four stalks of medicine are about to transform. Moreover, the silver immortal peaches are on the verge of becoming ripe. They can definitely help one undergo a complete transformation.”

No wonder the Bifang, Horned Dragon, Zhujian and the others couldn’t sit still. They all came here, and it was for the sake of seizing the divine medicine! The purple-haired girl, Shi Yi, and the Demonic Cattail Tree were all like this as well. It was to the point where even the Hundred Shattering Mountains’ Kings Golden Winged Peng, Black Hou, Scarlet Flame Mang Ox, Rainbow Peacock and others were like this.

“They are about to move. I’m guessing that this group of monkeys most likely won’t be able to protect it for long. Even the Kings of the Hundred Shattering Mountains are here, and that Golden Winged Peng and others simply aren’t easy to provoke.”

“Not necessarily. I reckon that the divine monkey at the forefront is unrivalled. The Peng is not even its opponent.”

They speculated that there would inevitably be a great battle here. The four Immortal Peach trees would definitely bring about a heaven overflowing crisis.


Up ahead within the fairytale like pure land, a single monkey stood on a giant multicolored bird’s body as it slaughtered its way over. A golden battle spear was held in its hand, and with a honglong sound, it hacked towards the mountain range in front of it.


There were several beast kings there, and all of them got up. They spat out symbols and held precious artifacts to fiercely contest it.

“They started fighting!”

“Those pure-blooded creatures also made their moves, prepared to take advantage of this crisis!”

“What do we do? Should we fight as well?”

The big red bird, Nine-Headed Lion and others were anxious, as they wanted to take actions too.

“You guys only know how to attack and kill, too savage. We only want the divine medicine, so there is no need to kill,” said the little guy.

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