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Chapter 163 – Hundred Shattering Heart

The little guy disappeared like a wisp of smoke. While carrying that shining cocoon, he passed over the mountain ridges extremely quickly. In his opinion, things that the purple-haired girl were interested in were definitely not inferior, so he decided to grab it first and think about it later.

“Disgraceful little thief!” The purple-haired girl’s clothes lightly fluttered as she traveled high up in the sky. She was like a fairy that descended from the lunar palace, possessing an unspeakable amount of pureness as she chased after him.

She was truly angered to the extreme. This hateful child lacked basic moral sense, and dared to mount this type of sneak attack on her! What kind of mess of a technique was that? Wrestling was bad enough, yet he also bit her ear!

The little guy paid no attention to her, and only silently cursed. Who told the other party to scheme against him? This was an extremely normal type of fight. He even tried to chew sand before, so what’s so special about a vicious beast’s ear?!

He constantly changed directions, weaving in and out. He ran within the primitive mountain ranges, and would turn around to grumble from time to time. “You are too savage and unforgiving. Are you never going to stop?!”

The purple-haired girl was furious. This little thief was too shameful, actually blaming her instead! Attacking her from behind, wrestling with her, biting her ear, moreover snatching away everything! The precious earring artifact and shining cocoon were both carried away by him.

“Damned little thief, you don’t even know what kind of thing that is, yet you run up and seize it. Too hateful and disgraceful!” She spoke through clenched teeth.

The little guy didn’t care at all. He decided to steal it first and then think about what happens after.

Finally, after an hour of chasing, he shook off the purple-haired girl. After all, there was only one person chasing after him, and it was not several flying divine birds that surrounded him.

“You are truly savage, actually biting off that piece of jewelry from her ear. Why couldn’t I bite off her bracelet?!” The Divine Striking Stone was full of regret. It already shrunk down to a fingertip size, and was swaying in the little guy’s hair.

“You didn’t have the heart of one who is unrivalled!” The little guy said with an unwavering expression.

“Ahpei!” The mischievous stone curled its lips. Biting someone’s ear is something that an unrivalled person does? It felt that it was truly not shameful enough.

“Truly is good stuff.” The little guy moved the earring pendant back and forth. It was only the size of a pigeon egg, and was perfectly round and transparent. Its entire body was purple, emitting sparkling multicolored light as well as dense propitious vapors.

“Let me see exactly what type of stone this is.” The divine striking moved forward, and it was obvious that it wanted to eat it.

“This isn’t a stone, it’s a pearl, so don’t have any strange ideas on it. Otherwise, I squeeze you together with the small pagoda,” warned the little guy.

The fingertip size precious pearl was flowing with brilliant light. As long as it was activated a bit, symbols would immediately appear on its surface, forming a curtain of light. It could be used to protect one’s body, and could also release sword qi; it was truly wondrous.

“It’s only a small piece of jewelry, yet it actually holds divine might!” The little guy was amazed. This kind of precious artifact was truly rarely seen.

The only thing was that this earring was too delicate, and he had no way of attaching it to his hair. In the end, he refined that divine golden chain again, making it longer and thinner. He fastened it to his wrist, and at a crucial point, it could be a great killing weapon.

“Yi, something’s not right!” The little guy shivered. He felt a wave of killing intent, and quickly hid himself.

Following that, he saw a Mang ox1. Its entire body was scarlet red, and as it tread on rocks, they all immediately turned into magma. It could be seen how terrifying and scorching hot its body temperature was.

It directly smashed into a stone mountain, or it can be said it melted its way inside. Magma trickled out, and it once again sealed up the cave, only leaving a small hole open.

“What is this fellow doing? It’s definitely a beast king!” The little guy had his suspicions, and after watching a bit more, he finally understood. This old cow was going into hiding, and was lying in wait for opportunities. It was hunting the geniuses that entered the mountains.

A few divine birds and pure-blooded creatures entered the mountains, wanting to loot the nests of the most powerful beast kings. However, not all of these old monsters left their nests, and they were also preparing an ambush on these pure-blooded vicious beasts.


A blood-curdling screech rang out from the distant mountain range, shaking everything. An extremely powerful genius was executed, and was swallowed by that rainbow peacock.

“So powerful!”

The little guy was shocked. That was definitely a formidable genius. Precious artifacts blossomed with divine light, shining on that mountain range until it became bright and resplendent. However, in the end, it was still no match for that enormous peacock.

He became more and more careful. There was killing everywhere, and there was no area without danger.

“What kind of background does this cocoon have?” The little guy found a remote mountain forest and placed it down. He carefully sized it up. It was like a divine silkworm was hiding inside as it flowed with multicolored splendor.

The Divine Striking Stone said, “This is extremely good material, and is not any inferior to Heaven Silk. There’s isn’t a single blemish, and neither fire nor water can get inside. It’s defensive capabilities are extremely impressive.”

“I wonder when it will break out of the cocoon. Could it be a Demonic Crack Butterfly?” The little guy was suspicious, and was incomparably hopeful.

“When have you ever seen a Demonic Crack Butterfly living in a bird nest?” Spoke the mischievous stone.

“That’s true.” The little guy placed the large egg inside the heaven and earth pouch.

Suddenly, a roar rang out from the distance. The earth quaked and the mountains shook, making even that rainbow peacock in the air retreat. It actually did not want to approach that mountain range.

“So powerful! That was the central region of the Hundred Shattered Mountains. Exactly what type of creature is that?” The little guy was amazed.

After arriving here, he became extremely careful and prudent, because he knew that there were beast kings in hiding. They could release a terrifying attack at any time.


The great earth trembled, and the Zhujian appeared. A huge chunk of flesh was torn from its back, and blood poured out. It carried with it a gale as it ran away as fast as it could.

Behind him was an old wolf. It seemed rather thin, and was not rather big. It was only a meter long, yet it was terrifyingly imposing. Its two eyes were bright like lamps, and each leap would cross several zhang2. It’s speed was so fast it made people fearful.

Wherever it landed, the ground would inevitable cave in. The sound of the old claws digging into the ground was more terrifying than a thunder god’s hammer.

The Zhujian used a supreme precious artifact. It turned into a circle of light, wrapping itself around its body. It ran extremely quickly, because if it didn’t, it would have been restrained by that old wolf.

“So powerful! It looks like an ordinary wolf, but it was actually this vicious and powerful!”

“Don’t underestimate that wolf. It should have trained for at least several hundred years, and is one of the strongest within the Hundred Shattering Mountains!” Said the mischievous stone.


The sound of wings flapping could be heard. In the distance, a Bifang rose high above the mountain range and cried out. It was using an extremely powerful precious artifact that emitted divine radiance, but it still suffered greatly.

A rainbow peacock was pursuing it, and a single claw was able to tear through its defenses. Feathers swirled in the air, and a rain of blood gushed out. The Bifang fled towards the distance while carrying this injury.

This wasn’t the only place where this kind of thing was happening. Within the heart of the Hundred Shattering Mountains, the few extremely daring creatures that broke into the forbidden land of beast kings were all ambushed.

The little guy began to feel extremely troubled. It took an arduous half a day to finally get to the place where Big Red, Nine-Headed Lion and others agreed on. However, other than the mass chaos, he didn’t see anything else.


A roar once again sounded from within the central region with an extremely strong penetrative power. Even the trees here began to sway, making leaves fly everywhere.

It was so ridiculous that inside of the mountain region in the distance, there were ancient trees that exploded, leaving behind only large areas of fragments flying about.

“What type of creature is it?!” The little guy was endlessly bewildered.


A beam of light rushed over, twisting apart the ancient trees. It pushed its way through the mountain region, and it was precisely a Horned Dragon. Currently, there was blood all over its body, and its tail almost broke off. It was in a sorry state as it fled quickly.

Following that, the little guy finally saw what was in the center of the mountain range. There was a group of monkeys, all of them surrounded by bright and resplendent golden light. They were extremely powerful, jumping from one mountain to another. While crying out with wuwu sounds, they chased after the Horned Dragon to capture and kill it.

There was a divine monkey in that group that was especially powerful. It was not taller than 150 centimeters, but its entire body seemed like it was cast from gold. It was the boss of the group, and was terrifying. It even made the Rainbow Peacock in the air retreat.

It took in and released large amounts of multicolored light, each time cracking apart the great earth. It directly crossing over the mountain range, and was simply too quick and violent.

The Horned Dragon was injured by it. The group of monkeys surrounded it, making the pure-blooded beast almost fall here.


The divine monkey possessed extraordinary strength, and threw out a divine lance that was several tens of thousands jin in weight. With a pu sound, it nailed the Horned Dragon, making it release a wretched cry. The tail that was about to fall off was blasted into mush.

Even while down, it was decisive. With a fierce movement, it broke off the badly mangled tail and used its precious artifact to turn it into a circle of light. With he light wrapped around itself, it penetrated into the mountains.

The Archaic vicious beast heir was extremely powerful, moreover, it had a supreme precious artifact in its hands. However, here, it was still not enough. It received a serious injury, and seemed like it was going to die.

The little guy trembled with fear. This place is too dangerous! Big Red, Nine-Headed Lion and the others could have fallen as well, right?

These golden monkeys all came from the lands that were sealed off. No one saw them previously, and they were all rather powerful, especially that leader, who was even more unreasonably violent!

“Why do I feel like the Horned Dragon took the initiative to provoke the divine monkey? Otherwise, with its ability to conceal itself, it’s unlikely for it to be so miserable.” The little guy said.

“The Horned Dragon must have had its eyes on the divine monkey. There must be some incredible object there!” Said the mischievous stone.


Suddenly, a tall ancient tree trembled. Bright and resplendent light blossomed, and several dozen strands of shining stolons simultaneously rushed over. Some were like battle spears, and some were like small horned dragons as they attacked together.

“This is a Ironblood Ancient Tree!” The Mischievous stone cried out in fear.


The little guy took out the Suan Ni precious mirror, and a barrage of lightning struck down. However, it was difficult to break apart the giant tree’s body. Its entire body emitted light, and its stolons became incomparably sturdy. The entire tree was a precious artifact.


The dozen stolons attacked at the same time. Some were like battle lances, and some were like divine whips as they struck forward. The mountain stones shattered, and even the Suan Ni precious mirror began to tremble.

“Run! Even though your precious artifact is powerful, this tree’s cultivation is too high! You are far from being its opponent!” Said the mischievous stone.

The Ironblood Ancient Tree is a type of terrifying creature, and it was born with spiritual wisdom. It was humongous, and after it flipped out, there wasn’t a single creature that wasn’t intimidated.


The little guy held the broken sword in his hands and hacked down violently. An enormous sword radiance swept past,

The Ironblood Ancient Tree went crazy. Its body immediately became the color of blood, and even the leaves became like so, scarlet and glistening. It went completely berserk, and all kinds of stolons and branches emitted light. They scattered out endless symbols, submerging everything in front.

“Too powerful!”

This ancient tree’s cultivation realm was terrifyingly high. The little guy turned around and ran while using the broken sword to clear the way. He chopped apart a few branches, and at the same time, the pendant around his wrist emitted light, forming a curtain. It gathered around his body, and blocked a large amount of symbols.

With a hong sound, this mountain region exploded. The little guy was like a falling leaf, and flew out from the chaos. He coughed out blood from his mouth.

The Ironblood Ancient Tree rose steeply from the ground and was like a demonic deity. It completely recovered its strength, and it became several times stronger than before. A sparkling stolon thrashed over. With a pa sound, a mountain peak was smashed apart.

“Too terrifying! This is also a king class creature!” The little guy was frightened. This mountain range appeared to be peaceful and lacking in vicious beasts, yet it was still full of murderous dangers.

He began to escape, however, the Ironblood Ancient Tree was truly terrifying. Its entire body was a moist scarlet, and travelled even faster than a giant creature. It chased after him, flattening the mountain region while doing so.

This colossus really did have the ability to move mountains and seas. It emitted a bloody light, and with a sweep of its symbols, rubble collapsed. All types of obstacles were turned into broken pieces.

The little guy fled for his life. The Ironblood Ancient Tree destroyed more enormous mountains, obliterating everything in its way. It crushed apart all the large mountains along the way within the mountain range, and was simply powerful without rival.

Four hours later, it finally broke free. However, there were bloodstains all over his body, and he nearly collapsed.

The little guy went into hiding, and for the next two days, he always moved sneakily through this region. He noticed that the Horned Dragon, Zhujian, Bifang and the others returned, once again appearing here.

In addition, the purple-haired girl also arrived. She came to an agreement with the other pure-blooded creatures, and actually joined hands with them.

In the end, he even noticed the Crack Demonic Butterfly, Demonic Cattail Tree, and Shi Yi’s tracks. They all came from the sealed Hundred Shattering Mountain depths, and did not know what was hiding within these divine monkeys’ nest.

“Over here… This side!”

When the little guy heard this voice, he immediately turned around. To his surprise, he saw the big red bird, and it was currently whispering and hinting for him to come over.

“I almost didn’t notice you!” He was considerably shocked. How did the big red bird come out of nowhere? Following that, he saw Huo Ling’er, the Nine-Headed Lion, and others walk out from thin air.

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