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Chapter 161 – Blood Colored World

The Hundred Shattering Mountains is an extremely dangerous place. The mortality rate was high, and if forty percent of the incoming geniuses survived, it would already be quite good. In actuality, the number of survivors was far from reaching even a tenth during the most terrifying year!

This was a treasure land, yet it was also a blood-dyed demonic earth. Luck and death danced together, and if one wanted to reap the benefits, their life had to be used as a bargaining chip.

The Hundred Shattering Mountains were in chaos, and vicious beasts, birds, and humanoids were fleeing for their lives. The ancient creatures were all incredibly ferocious, as if they climbed out from the pits of hell. They opened their huge bloody mounts and slaughtered towards everyone.


Immediately, miserable cries sounded out from everywhere. All types of ancient beasts appeared from within the mountain abyss, sweeping towards geniuses from all races. They were all extremely old demons and ridiculously powerful.

A loud roar struck down like heavenly thunder. Everything shook, causing sand to fly and rocks to tumble about. A black Hou rushed out from the mountains, and even though it wasn’t pure-blooded, its figure was shockingly large. As it ran over, it carried with it a strong gale, shaking the earth and mountains.

It opened its bloody mouth wide, and immediately bit a Silver Blood Giant to death. It swallowed it whole, and then immediately swiped down with a claw. Three geniuses exploded, and a bloody light entered its mouth.

“Kill it!”

Experts from all races cried out as they began to fight back one after another.

Its pupils were ice cold. They shot out an expanse of gorgeous radiance, smashing apart the area in front of it. Flesh and blood were immediately mangled and mutilated, and all types of limbs fluttered about; no one could fight back.

As soon as this black Hou opened its mouth, more than ten geniuses would immediately be swallowed inside. It was simply a Asura King, fierce and unrivalled.

It was precisely this creature that was without equal during the Archaic year when saints descended. Every creature wanted to avoid it, and even deities being murdered was not a strange sight.

Even though it was a descendant that did not have a pure bloodline, it was still extremely terrifying. They relied on mixed bloodlines, yet they could similarly cultivate to a very high realm; they massacred in all directions.

The black Hou in front was the perfect demonstration of this. It opened an entire road of slaughter, swallowing hundreds of experts. It was crushing everything like a roller, and it was difficult for it to meet a true opponent.

Of course, this was related to its long period of cultivation. After cultivating for endless years bitterly, it became exceedingly powerful. It shouted, and wanted to find the most powerful pure-blooded creatures in hopes of being able to swallow them to advance in strength; it wanted to improve greatly in its road of cultivation.

The geniuses did not have any complaints. Since they already made the decision to enter the Hundred Shattering Mountains, then they had to make mental preparations for these types of situations. Opportunities had to be gained by risking one’s life, and even if their cultivation period was shallow, they had no one else to blame for it.


The black Hou roared, creating a road of killing. It charged towards the most concentrated group of geniuses.

Every region was like this. Powerful birds and beasts broke out from their restraints and seals, murdering their way over. Blood splashed out along the sides, and their gazes were terrifying as they searched for the most powerful food.

It was originally an area of treasure ground, and all types of geniuses were picking spirit medicine, searching for precious artifacts as well as for things that saints left behind in hopes of receiving a heaven defying opportunity. However currently, everything changed, and the pure land had turned into a hell. There was slaughtering everywhere, and they became the food of the indigenous creatures.

Of course, the Divided Treasure Cliffs, Hundred Grass Land, Restricted Heavenly Bone Region, and the seven or eight other regions were the most terrifying. All of the ancient monsters within rushed out with an appetite for Archaic divine birds and pure-blooded beast descendants.


A fierce gale appeared abruptly, and a hundred meter tall Dragon Horned Lion stood up before killing its way over. With a swipe of its claws, mountain peaks were collapsed. It was terrifyingly powerful as it pounced over towards the ten geniuses below.


It opened its mouth to spit out a precious light, and as it danced about, they became brilliant streaks of light blades. The ten geniuses were sliced apart, turning into chopped limbs and broken bodies. Soon after, the fierce teeth within its wide mouth shone, creating a vortex. It directly swallowed all of the bloody mist and corpses into its mouth.

A ruthless massacre unfolded, and this became a blood flowing world. It was vastly different from what it was like previously, and a great deal of geniuses were howling in grief as they tried their best to escape.

They were still young, and if they were allowed to mature, they would definitely have been destined to have names that tremble large regions of people. However now, they met this calamity, and was being hunted down by these ancient monsters; there was no road into heaven and no gate into earth.

However, they truly had no one else to blame. They chose to improve themselves by coming here and wanted to obtain opportunities. As a result, they already made the mental preparations to invest their lives prior to coming here.

A Blue Eyed Golden Pupiled beast1 appeared in the vicinity of the Divided Treasure Cliffs, cutting off the geniuses of all types of races. Its build resembled that of a Qilin, but when its fierce teeth opened and closed, it was incomparably vicious looking. In the blink of an eye, it swallowed those geniuses, blood dripping from it snow white teeth.

During the Archaic years, the Blue Eyed Golden Pupiled Beast was one of the ten great mounts. The saints were extremely fond of it, because beside the fact that it looked like a bold and powerful spirited horse, its power was also publicly known.


Within the historical ruins on the outside of the Divided Treasure Cliffs, corpses were collapsing in large expanses. Bloody rain scattered down, and this vicious beast carried out a great massacre. Its cultivation realm naturally far surpassed everyone else’s.

It was a blood-colored world. The mountains and rivers were in chaos, and all of the powerful individuals were trying to escape. The geniuses from various races were all in fear, and they never thought that this moment would appear so suddenly without any warning.

It would be a vain attempt for them to search for opportunities now, and being able to survive was already a fortunate thing. To protect their own lives was the greatest challenge they had to face during the next few days.

Ordinarily, these circumstances don’t persist for more than a few days. Afterwards, the Hundred Shattering Mountains’ exit would open, and that is precisely the opportunity for them to break out of this blood-colored hell.

Countless golden light flickered, and a golden Peng took to the skies. It covered the heavens, slaughtering its way into the Restricted Heavenly Bone region. It completely scattering the mist in this region.

Its goal was evident, and it was to kill the pure-blooded creatures and eat their precious flesh medicine, refining its own great Peng true blood. It wanted to reach a crucial point and advance another step to become more powerful.


Those golden wings were incomparably huge, and were roughly a hundred meters in width. They swept past everything, and many mountain peaks were directly snapped in half by those golden divine wings. The sliced surfaces were smooth, and were incomparably glossy.

Within the rumbling sounds, several mountain peaks fell, and dust soared into the air.

Towards the numerous geniuses here, it was simply a type of unchallengeable divine might. How were they supposed to resist? Even Archaic vicious beasts descendants were not its opponent.

The bright golden light was dazzling, and the giant Peng’s body covered the sky. It emitted a terrifying aura that made a large number of geniuses feel dread and tremble.

This golden Peng was rather fussy, and did not impatiently make its move. It was constantly searching for powerful food, because its cultivation was extremely long. As a result, weak creatures were not even worth its attention.

Dark clouds concealed the sun, and the large number of bats appeared. Every single one of them were several meters long, creating a large expanse of darkness. They were like a group of pterosaurs as they filled the sky, and in fact, their names were called bat dragons. They swooped down towards everyone.

Their precious techniques were extremely terrifying, being a type of formless fluctuation. It pierced gold and cracked stone, making everyone on the ground immediately cry out miserably. Many creatures began to bleed from their seven apertures, and their ears in particular became badly mangled and mutilated.

This was a place of bloodbath. A single Bat Dragon might not be too terrifying, but with such a densely packed mass that completely covered the Restricted Heavenly Bone Region’s surroundings, who could fight back?

Below, everyone was in a terrible situation. Corpses dropped one after another, and were devoured by the Bat Dragons that swooped down.

In the end, the Golden Winged Peng became discontent. With an angry cry, countless golden divine feathers flew out. With pupu sounds falling incessantly, it penetrated over ten Bat Dragons, and they fell one after another onto the ground.

Its terrifying prestige was not something one could afford to offend. Whoever dared to provoke it will inevitably have to pay with their blood and life, and these Bat Dragons interfered with its hunt.

In reality, Archaic beast young were all powerful and quick-witted. Their senses were extremely keen, and since they previously received their elders’ warnings, they have already used their great abilities to mask their auras, leaving this place at the first moments.

“So powerful! I’m also going to leave stealthily!” The little guy was mixed within the crowd. He attacked outwards, and did not try to stick out. He did not stay at the very front, and was always at the very edge as he began to make a great retreat.

Other than those powerful kings, there were still many others within the Hundred Shattering Mountains. Many creatures that were similar in strength to the geniuses were closing in, carrying out a murderous encirclement.

The people were overwhelmed with shock. When they entered, the breeze was still and the waves were quiet; they didn’t notice these creatures at all. Now, all of them rebelled, appearing together while treating them like prey.

Finally, the little guy escaped from the Restricted Heavenly Bone Region and left this desert. He rushed into the boundless mountain range.

He quickly became dumbstruck, because regardless of what place it was, there would still be fierce beasts wreaking havoc everywhere. The Hundred Shattering Mountains were full of vitality, and it was an extremely vast small world. It produced too many vicious spirits, and they were killing everyone everywhere.

Along the road, he saw too many people die, and even the woodlands were dyed in red. Within those sinister indigenous creatures, there were humanoids, beasts, and even plants. They were devouring experts from all races with large gulps. The sound of crushed bones rang out with gechi gechi sounds, and as fresh blood flowed out, it made everyone terrified.

It was exceedingly miserable; this was a blood-colored world!

The little guy noticed that of the experts that escaped together with him from the Restricted Heavenly Bone Region, seventy percent had already fell, becoming the food of these kings. Scarlet colored blood splashed out, and only a few shattered bones were left behind.

“Older brother!”  A human girl cried out with a heart wrenching scream.

In the distance, a black clad youth released a loud roar. He was doing everything he could to struggle, but it was completely useless. His body was snapped apart by a great crocodile’s mouth before being swallowed.

“Move out of the way!” The little guy cried out.

That girl’s eyes lacked emotion, and when she heard the warning, it was already too late. An enormous sawtooth bird swooped down, and with a pu sound, it bit her into pieces, swallowing a large chunk of her flesh.

The little guy lifted a large boulder that was several tens of thousands of jin in weight. With a honglong sound, it smashed towards the sky. It struck that vicious bird whose mouth was like a sawtooth, smashing apart the flesh where it made contact, making it fall onto the ground.

However, he was still too late, and that girl had already died.

The little guy did not pause unnecessarily and quickly left, because he didn’t have the time to tend to everything; this type of thing was happening everywhere. It was as if he came out from a pile of flesh, and too many creatures were being killed.


An unusual ferocious beast roared, hissing towards him. Its large mouth opened, and its fierce teeth were like daggers. Precious methods rose as it slaughtered its way over.


The little guy also roared loudly, his voice sounding even more berserk. He directly threw himself over, revealing his small snow white canines as if he was going to eat it.

The vicious beast became shocked. Why did it feel like it somehow became the food instead? It rushed forward fiercely in anger.

In the end, the little guy killed it. With a pu sound, its head fell down, and blood frantically surged.

“It’s another formidable precious beast! Even though its symbolled bone shattered, its flesh’s essence is still there!” After charging out of the Restricted Heavenly Bone Region, this was the twelfth vicious beast he placed into his heaven and earth pouch along his road of slaughter.

He did not want ordinary creatures that were killed, and only wanted the most powerful types of strange beasts, because those were the most precious flesh medicines!

“I’ve previously arranged to meet with Big Red, Huo Ling’er, Nine-Headed Lions at the rendezvous point. That place isn’t too far from the Hundred Shattering Mountain’s central region, so I should go and find them.”

The little guy was worried that they might have encountered some disaster. Even though he knew that it was extremely dangerous to look for others within this blood colored world, he still did not want to give up. He left behind a trail of blood as he killed his way forward.

“Yi, I’m getting closer to the central region, the nest of the kings!” He was shocked. He came to this place before, but back then, all these volcanoes and great ponds were all closed off. They were all previously sealed, and no vicious spirits appeared.

Now, things were completely different. The golden passageways within the Hundred Shattering Mountains had disappeared, and every region was connected together. The sealed regions had all been freed up, and the central region became a dangerous land.


While passing through a cliff, he became shocked. He saw that powerful divine bird, and it was unexpectedly also roaming about here.

If he used his physical body to contest it, then he wouldn’t be inferior to anyone. However, the other party’s cultivation period was longer than his, and its knowledge regarding symbols was excessively terrifying. After breaking out from the Hundred Shattering Mountains, it would definitely proclaim itself as a king.

“What is it doing?”

This region was relatively peaceful, because normal vicious beasts didn’t dare invade here. This was an area where kings roamed.

The Bifang’s body was like a crane. Its entire body appeared to be made out of green gold, and there were blood colored streaks running along it. The divine feathers covering it were sparkling and brilliant. It was extremely prudent, and was flying within the shrubbery. It carefully approached a hill where a giant nest rested.

“This fellow is so shrewd!” The little guy revealed a strange expression.

The king left its nest, and was currently looking for food. The most powerful descendants were their favorite. However, these Archaic divine birds and vicious beasts weren’t so easy to deal with. They avoided being killed, and were currently going to the king’s nests to steal things while they were away.

The little guy climbed on top of a mountain peak and surveyed the cliff from the elevated position. There was a nest there, and inside was a silver egg. It seemed like it was burning, and as flames raged, it flickered with bright multicolored splendor.

After the Bifang decided that there were no creatures protecting it, it rushed over and quickly threw itself over. That sharp bird beak easily broke through the divine egg with a pu sound, and it directly began to suck the juice inside.

“Wastrel!” The little guy’s heart was extremely sore. This was definitely the egg of a powerful descendant. If it was bred, it would represent a type of extremely powerful precious technique.

However, the Bifang was a true divine bird itself, so how could it not have disdain towards the precious techniques of other descendants? Especially towards those of other bird species, it needed it even less, and as a result, it directly used it as precious medicine.

“If you don’t need it, can’t you give it to me? Giving you a pile of precious medicine would even be fine.” The little guy was grinding his teeth until they made gabeng sounds. He only had two precious techniques, and they were both obtained himself through trials and tribulations. He could not compare to Shi Yi, Bifang, or Zhujian, and even if he was compared to other descendants, he was still just a suffering child.

“Give it to me!” The little guy opened the heaven and earth pouch while grumbling in anger. Multicolored light immediately sprayed out, and that broken egg was immediately collected into the pouch.

The Bifang immediately became extremely angry after finding out that there was actually someone who dared to steal food from the tiger’s den. It had just eaten a small portion and felt the huge amount of essence accumulated within, but it was then actually stolen by someone.

When it saw that hateful human youth, it was even harder for it to restrain its anger. It spread its wings and pounced out.


The little guy aimed the heaven and earth pouch towards it. His eyes emitted light and wanted to collect the divine bird. If he could have it in his hands, the benefits would undoubtedly be enormous and beyond belief.

“For stealing a bird egg, you must use your body to pay!” The savage child shouted.

On top of his hair, the divine striking stone was speechless.

The Bifang was beyond angry, and cried out furiously. However, its body was beyond its control, and was truly flying towards the heaven and earth net. This was an extremely powerful precious artifact.

“Stop this instant!” The Bifang shouted, and a hundred and eight divine feathers appeared behind it. With a kengqiang sound, it was as if immortal swords were emitting their precious splendor as they submerged the broken cliffs.

The little guy did not say anything else. He took out the broken sword and hacked downwards.

The Bifang’s expression changed. A lump of light was spat out from its mouth, and a supreme precious treasure appeared. It immediately blocked off the thick sword qi, and as a result, the bird’s nest and mountain region below immediately exploded.

Rubble collapsed, forming a cloud of smoke and dust. When the cloud of dust scattered, the little guy’s traces disappeared.

The Bifang’s pupils revealed a vicious light. It leapt towards the heavens in search of the little guy’s whereabouts. However, as soon as it reached a high altitude, a vicious bird cried out from the distance. It was like a milky way galaxy, silvery white and pure. It directly charged over, and was even more furious than the Bifang.


After receiving its anger, the Bifang also fled. This was because the true victim’s family came back, and the master of the silver divine egg returned.

“These fellows truly have guts, actually going against the dao. All of these creatures are making their way into the Hundred Shattering Mountain’s deepest regions to steal everything from the most powerful creatures’ precious ground.” While moving forward, the little guy noticed the tracks of the Zhujian, Horned Dragon, and other Archaic vicious beast youth.

It was not just the Bifang; other creatures all entered as well.

“I like this!” His large eyes emitted a happy radiance. He clenched his fists; how could he miss such a heaven defying chance? Either way, he still had to enter the mountains, so he was just going to loot a bit behind these divine birds and vicious beasts.

“Yi, it’s him!” Not long after, the little guy noticed the purple-haired girl within the Hundred Shattering Mountains’ depths. She was currently stealthily hiding her tracks and moving forward carefully.

“This spotlessly white girl who is being surrounded by a hundred and eight divine rings, exactly what type of divine bird or vicious beast is she? What kind of opportunity is she searching for?” The little guy crouched down and carefully followed along. He felt that if there was a need, he would get into another tussle with her.

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