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Chapter 160 – Dual Pupils

“This youth is truly too powerful. For a human to reach this level, it truly is inconceivable, and rarely seen on this earth!” The Mischievous stone muttered while flickering with crystalline luster in the little guy’s hair.

The little guy’s face was full of concentration. Shi Yi’s accomplishments in symbols were extremely terrifying and profound, making it extremely difficult to gauge exactly how powerful he was now.

The surrounding geniuses were all gasping in admiration. Even though they were all proud and arrogant, when they saw this type of heaven warping and divinely blessed individual, they all couldn’t help but lower their heads, because the disparity was too large.

“It’s the fifth time he defeated the Demonic Crack Butterfly. I wonder if it will surrender now?”


Space began to distort, and the stripes over the Demonic Butterfly’s entire body became brilliant. With a flap of its wings, it flew several hundred zhang1 instantly. It sliced into a hill, penetrating through it.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. That divine bug was too powerful! With just a single flap of its wings, precious light would fill the sky. If it wasn’t Shi Yi that fought it, who else could do so?

The Demonic Butterfly landed on a mountain peak. Its entire body emitted light, as if it was harmonizing with qi through its breathing. Following that, it evoked a resonance between heaven and earth. Countless essence energy frantically rushed towards it, setting it ablaze.

Finally, the Demonic butterfly began to flap its wings before flying over once again. Its two wings flickered, and shocking lightning surged. Electric radiance suddenly appeared, and this place began to curl with clouds and mist as a glaring scarlet light blazed.

“It’s about to release another attack. After challenging so many times in succession today, is it about to carry out its final fight?”

The Archaic Demonic deity’s descendant became angry. It wanted to carry out the final decisive battle, but after constantly losing, it was still extremely unconvinced. This time, it used up everything it had, and exhausted all of its divine power.

The Demonic Butterfly’s entire body radiated light, developing a jade-like luster. Its wings were like two immortal swords, intersecting each other as it rushed towards Shi Yi.


There was still quite a bit of distance separating them, but the thunderlike sound immediately shook the spectators until their ears began to hurt. The lightning radiance was like a sea of stars as it frantically smashed out. Countless lightning radiance hacked about, dazzling and terrifying.

The Demonic Butterfly’s precious technique was astonishing, making all those watching flabbergasted. All of their hairs were standing up vertically.

Shi Yi was like a deity as he stood there. Radiance enveloped him, and his hair fluttered behind him. His pupils flickered with a radiance that made people’s heart rate speed up, as if a God was descending into the world of mortals.

He did not make any unnecessary movements. Directly raising his right hand, he pointed towards the distant heavens. In an instant, he was immediately surrounded by a misty fog that merged with multicolored light. It madly rose, sweeping the heaven and earth.


At the same time, a black cloud began to swirl about above his head. The thunder was world-shocking, and an enormous lightning appeared, hacking its way over.

“He also use a lightning precious technique! So powerful!”

Everyone was shocked, yet they felt relieved in the end. This precious technique was something Shi Yi already used before, and they didn’t see him use a sixth precious technique in the end. If he truly did use another one, then that would simply be too shocking!

“That’s a Rain Clan technique! It’s the suppressing ability from his mother’s side of the family!”

Shi Yi’s thunder and lightning was something that was absolutely terrifying. The raindrops were like sparkling flowers as they filled the sky, and the thunder and lightning were crazy.

“When he uses it, the power is clearly more powerful than when Rain Clan members use it!”

The people sighed. A heaven warping divinely talented individual was incredible after all. Any kind of of remarkable ability, once in his hands, would reveal a power far exceeding the norm. It made it difficult for people to chase after his back.

“One person grasping five great abilities, and any one of them could be considered a clan guarding precious technique!”

Shi Yi was immersed in lightning. The golden light was brilliant, and he was like a deity as he guarded against that Demonic Butterfly. It could be said that the two were like needles in a haystack, as they were all surrounded by interweaving lightning.

This was the most unyielding battle. Tough and bright, there was nothing that couldn’t be destroyed. The lightning was like a river of stars as it hacked down streak after streak, making this place incomparably dazzling.

Everyone covered their ears. Those sound waves were too terrifying, and their ears were about to split apart. The electric light was like a storming wave as it rolled up the inexhaustible sea of thunder.

Everyone was dazzled as they watched. Once one’s accomplishments in symbols reached this degree, it truly could be considered divine; who dared to attack someone like this? The two individual’s intense battle could be considered a historical battle.

Even if the heirs of deities came, they would also be surprised. Shi Yi and the Demonic Butterfly were too powerful!

“If I recall correctly, the martial imperial family only has two supreme precious methods. The rest are merely some small auxiliary abilities. How could he have grasped five clan guarding precious techniques?”

“Don’t all of these belong to the martial imperial family’s collection?”

“The martial imperial family has no shortage of small abilities, but for true supreme precious methods, if a great clan had even one, it could already be considered quite excellent.

Everyone began to mutter amongst themselves. With the Martial Imperial Family’s two great divine abilities and the Rain Clan’s suppressing precious technique, these were only three types. There were still two more, so where did Shi Yi learn those from?

Everyone was bewildered, yet they could only sigh. A heaven warping and divinely talented individual would naturally have his own great opportunities.

Moreover, the Martial King is no ordinary person. During his younger years, he fought with others for the title of Emperor, and his strength is terrifyingly powerful. Even though he hasn’t shown himself for the past many years, the people would still never forget him. It’s entirely possible that he passed down two hidden abilities secretly, and that the outside world merely didn’t know about it.


The Demonic Butterfly was blasted flying. Even though it’s lightning was extremely powerful and was not any bit inferior to Shi Yi’s, in the end, it was still defeated.

Dual-pupiled individuals were extremely terrifying. A dual-pupiled person could turn just a small weakness into something major before attacking fiercely. As long as a small opportunity was given, it would inevitably be destroyed.


Thunder and lightning were dispersed everywhere, and the Demonic Butterfly was unwilling as it turned into a streak of light. It rushed over with its two wings like immortal swords, sparkling and transparent. They were brilliant to the point of making it difficult for people to open their eyes, and killing rays shone everywhere.

Divine radiance erupted from the pair of wings, scattering down streak after streak. It cracked apart the mountain peaks and valleys, and they collapsed with honglong sounds.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock, and couldn’t help but feel scared.

That pair of crystalline and brilliant butterfly wings were truly like a pair of immortal swords. They were too sharp, and the light they emitted could conquer everything as it slashed towards Shi Yi.

Shi Yi was fearless. He opened his eyes and shot out a terrifying net. A divine sound followed, and a radiance formed from mysterious symbols enveloped the region in front of him.

This type of scene was extremely startling, and it was as if the sky was being opened. The hazy radiance was extremely similar to the energy of primal chaos as it surged.

“Dual-pupils opening the heavens!” Someone cried out in alarm.

The rumors were true after all! Shi Yi’s twin pupils truly have immeasurable and profound divine might. It can suppress and kill enemies. His pupils emitted a divine light, focusing on the heaven and earth.

The Demonic Butterfly struggled, but in the end, its two wings went rigid. It was restricted in the sky, and the light from its wings dimmed. It was difficult for it to emit any sword radiance, and was quiet as it stayed in the air.

“Other than this, what else do you have?” Even though the Demonic Crack Butterfly was trapped, it was not frenetic. Its voice was cold and clear, and was actually the voice of a young girl.

Shi Yi did not say anything. His entire body emitted light, and with a hong sound, all types of symbols appeared in the surroundings. The most frightening part was that several Heavenly Passages appeared, and deity like creatures were stored within them.

Within one of the Heavenly Passages was a Rainbow Peacock. It spread its wings and cried out, flickering out with a bright radiance. It was powerful and frightening.

In another Heavenly Passage, there was a Bi’an. It was incomparably ferocious, and was similar in shape and appearance to a divine tiger with dragon horns. Its entire body bloomed with light, blinding one’s vision as it roared with its head held high.

Within the third Heavenly Passage, there was a Golden Peng that seemed to be formed out of gold. Its pupils were like lightning, and as golden light surged from its entire body, it was as if an Archaic deity once again appeared!

The fourth one…

A total of five Heavenly Passages emitted light, and terrifying creatures occupied them. There was a Rainbow Peacock, Bi’an, Golden Winged Peng and others. All of them were circling around Shi Yi’s side, and the splendid rain of light danced about him, making him seem like a king among deities, one that looks at everyone with disdain.

Everyone was amazed. The realm of perfection in precious techniques were reflected in the profound symbols found within these five divine techniques! However, each precious technique was concentrated into a single symbol. As they were nourished within a Heavenly Passage, it gave birth to those Archaic divine birds and vicious beasts!

“One symbol, one precious technique!”

“One Heavenly Passage can store one supreme creature!’

The people became shocked one after another. This was too terrifying! Only one who possessed natural talents as well as an extremely high level of understanding and comprehension in symbol could be so outstanding.

“Worthy of being called a dual-pupiled individual! As long as one appeared within the human race and matured properly, they would become comparable to saints and deity like existences!”

The various race’s experts were all quaking in fear. They were simply not a match for this youth!

Outside the crowd, the little guy fetch a handful of golden silt before tossing it into his mouth. Kengchi kengchi sounds rang out, and his face was expressionless.

The fingertip sized playful stone that was as smooth as jade was flowing with a faint golden luster. Upon seeing this, it immediately cried out in grief, “Wasn’t that left behind for me? How could you eat it?!”

“Eat up, eat up, refine it all up!” The little guy spoke to himself. The sparkling sand was being chewed up within his mouth, and his words were unclear as he said, “I really want to grow up two or three more years!”

“Regardless, you still can’t eat the divine sand! You really can’t digest this stuff!” When the Divine Striking Stone saw how he was wasting it, its heart hurted so much it felt as if it was dying.

“You don’t understand!” The little guy spoke. Even though he was chewing on the golden silt, he was somewhat absent-minded. His mind was everywhere, and scenes from his past appeared one by one.

The Divine Striking Stone was amazed. As it watched the little guy eat the silt, it suddenly felt as if there was something deeply hidden within his heart. He seemed extremely savage, but was actually recklessly trying to increase his strength.

“That Godlike youth is your main adversary?” Asked the mischievous stone.

The little guy smacked it, creating a dong sound and said, “I am without rival!”

The mischievous stone fought back and said, “If you keep smacking me, I’m going to leave!”

The little guy grabbed it in one go and placed it in his mouth before chewing and saying, “How much good stuff of mine did you eat up already? Your essence’s divinity should have improved by a lot, so let’s me see if what you taste like.”

“Save me!” The Divine Striking Stone screeched. This savage child really was biting it with gazhi gazhi sounds!

Shi Yi nce again released the Crack Demonic Butterfly. He threw it into the depths of the Restricted Heavenly Bone Region, into the mist. Following that, the dual-pupiled individual2 entered as well, disappearing from sight.


An hour later, a loud world-shaking sound was released. This entire small world was shaking and emitting light. Every region’s passageways began to turn fuzzy, and all of the golden gates quickly dimmed before completely disappearing.

All of the regions within the small world were fused together, becoming connected. They no longer needed to borrow support from the golden passageways to travel between regions.

The entirety of the Hundred Shattering Mountains appeared, and no longer was it separated into chunks.

It was now reaching the final period of its opening, and was about to end. Anyone who wanted to enter again would have to wait another 100 years. Moreover, this signified that the true crisis was approaching.

From ancient times until now, it had always been like this. When the regions connected, not only would geniuses collide with each other more often, the more terrifying part was that the indigenous creatures of the Hundred Shattering Mountains would hunt and feed!


An oppressive roar sounded out, shaking this entire world. Terrifying auras proliferated from the depths of all the great mountain ranges, shaking all the mountains!

Of these formidable creatures indigenous to this land, quite a few were previously sealed within these narrow regions. Now that they were completely free, they frantically rushed towards their territories.

It was as if they received some kind of order, and began to massacre these geniuses from outside this world!


A group of humongous bats flapped their wings and emitted hissing noises. Every one of these bats were as large as pterosaurs. They broke out from the sealed abyss, hiding the sky and covering the earth as they slaughtered in all directions.

A Silver Leopard awoke within a mist shrouded ravine. After standing its body up, it was over several hundred meters in height. Its entire body flickered with silver scales. It suddenly jumped, and with a hong sound, it descended on a mountain peak. A claw descended, directly causing the mountain top to collapse.


An active volcano split open, and a completely scarlet red Luxurious Cow rushed out. It treaded on magma, and its roar shook this small world. It made all of the mountains and rivers crack open.

“These outsiders dug up and ate spiritual medicine as well as plundered precious artifacts. They have roamed freely around here for too long. It’s about time for us to begin our feast as well!” A Blue-eyed Golden Beast opened its mouth.

It walked out from a great river, and it was similar to a qilin3. There was a pair of antlers on its head, and scarlet scales covered its body densely. Its tail was like a mace, and its claws were extremely sharp. Its entire body was scarlet red, and as water vapors filled the air, multicolored light surged.

On top of a high mountain peak, a Peacock and a Golden Peng were standing side by side. They watched over everything within the mountains and rivers. Following that, their bodies erupted in precious light, causing the mountain to crack apart in all directions. They spread their wings and took to the skies, charging into the mountains separately.

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