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Chapter 16 – Admitting Defeat

Just when Bei Feng wanted to get up, Shi Hao flew over from the sky like a young Peng, then dropped a foot right on Bei Feng’s stomach. With his eyes lit, he looked down.

With a Hong sound, the entire mountain floor lightly trembled. The formidable youth, Bei Feng, was once again on his back.

The Wolf Villagers were all shocked. Bei Feng was an outstandingly talented youth, and he was revered by his entire clan. They could not believe that he lost just like this; furthermore, he lost to a young child.

Many people from Wolf Village armed their bows with the intent to kill Shi Hao, wanting to improve the situation.

Shi Feijiao and the others were furious, and they all armed their own bows as well, aiming at the other party. This was the beginning of a rough battle.

With a Hu sound, Shi Hao grabbed Bei Feng’s collar and lifted him up in front of him like a shield. He placed the body in front of the people from the Wolf Clan to protect himself.

Bei Feng was incredibly angry. He could no longer maintain his usual gloomy and cool-headed composure, and could no longer control himself. Today, he was inflicted with extraordinary shame and humiliation. Being caught like this by an infant was a feeling worse than being killed. Struggling with all his strength, he punched towards the little guy.

Although Shi Hao lacked sufficient experience, his hands and eyes were quick. With a wave of his hand, symbols rotated as he slapped Bei Feng on the stomach first, vibrating his entire body. Bei Feng’s mouth filled with blood and his fist lost its strength.

The little guy didn’t stop here. He lifted Bei Feng who was a lot taller than he was and rapidly rushed towards Shi Linghu and the others.

Bei Feng’s body was slender, and more than half his body was being dragged across the ground through thistles and rocks while being carried like this. With dishevelled hair, compared to that handsome cold youth from before, it was like the difference between heaven and earth. He couldn’t bear the current situation.

While he was still a distance of around 8 to 9 meters away, the little guy fiercely tossed Bei Feng out of his hands, and with a splat, Bei Feng landed in front of Shi Linghu and the others. He rolled a few times before he spat out some blood. His eyes were filled with anger.

“Child, weren’t you acting quite vicious before? Keep acting arrogant, why stop!” After Shi Feijiao finished talking, he took large steps and then stepped on Bei Feng, making a cracking sound. Bei Feng ‘s sternum immediately snapped.

Their strengths were similar, but right now, Bei Feng was a lowly prisoner who naturally could not resist due to having his sternum broken. The pain was so intense that he began groaning and sweating profusely.

“Little guy, you’re too kindhearted. Just then, when facing the enemy, you had plenty of chances to injure him and missed them all. Then after capturing him, your methods were too light. Doing things this wayis very dangerous.” Shi Linghu was teaching him on the side.

“Yiya!” The little guy a bit embarrassed, and almost seemed to be a completely different person from the little tiger before. This was the first time he fought with all of his strength, and the only reason he acted this way was due to seeing his uncle wounded after almost being shot to death. The enemy was too barbaric, and that’s why he urgently engaged in the fight.

“Greetings, friends from Stone Village, show some mercy, ask for whatever comes to mind. We can talk things over.” The Wolf Villagers were anxious. This kind of potential was shockingly desolate in a youth. If he were to die, their clan would suffering huge losses.

“Now you want to talk? You steal our prey that we worked so bitter and hard for and attempted to kill our clansmen. When you ruthlessly and cold-bloodedly shot at us, why didn’t you think of the consequences?! ” Shi Linghu angrily said.


On the other side, Shi Feijiao directly stomped his foot again. Kacha. One of the bones in Bei Feng’s arms was snapped off, causing his face to become twisted. However, he still didn’t mutter a word.

“Don’t! Stop! Everything is our fault, can’t we apologize for our crimes again?” An elder from the Legendary Wolf Clan yelled out anxiously.

Even their hunting squad captain yelled loudly, wanting to negotiate. He was a towering individual of 2.34 meters and was normally an oppressing and imposing person, however, right now he was no longer the unyielding and overbearing person he was earlier.

“Your mom and dad we talk. We don’t care about anything else, we’ll beat him up first!” Er Meng’s father said this in a spitting rage. These days, everyone in Stone Village held back a stomach full of fire. How can this end in just one sentence?


His fan-like palm dropped down in an arc and slapped right on Bei Feng’s face. It directly lacerated a part of his flesh, and his whole body flew over 10 meters horizontally .

“You brat, you dare to scowl at me. Four or five of my brothers were almost killed by you. Each arrow malicious and penetrated their inner organs. Where’s your arrogant strength now! Show me!”


When Bei Feng rolled under Shi Linghu’s feet, he also used his legs to kick out with the force of several thousand jin, which was enough to kick a ferocious beast to death. Despite Bei Feng being so strong, he also had a few bone broken. His mouth twitched, and blood spilt out like water.

Not long ago, his arrogance was insulting, callous and tyrannical. Right now he became a prisoner under their feet. His head was cracked, his hair was messed up, his body bloodied, and he was completely silent. The discrepancy was too huge.


Everyone from Stone Village hated his previous attitude bitterly. That type of grim and arrogant person made everyone’s teeth itch. Now, everyone got a chance to give a piece of revenge, you get a kick and I get a kick. Living in such a desolate place, every person had a well-built physique. After a round of this, Bei Feng was almost tore apart. Who knew how many of his bones had snapped or had gone soft.


The Wolf Villagers grew increasingly anxious and armed their huge bows, and wanted to exert pressure to alleviate the situation because if this continued, even Bei Feng will become a cripple and lose all hope in rising up as a genius.

“All of you, stop and go stand on the side, we are not done with him. Let us take out our anger on him  before we talk!” Shi Feijiao said.

Everyone gave a kick and a slap. Not long after, Bei Fen was tossed so much that he quickly lost a human form. His nose was bloodied, his face was swollen, and bones were broken everywhere. He had a miserable appearance and no longer had that a trace of that callous expression.

At this precise time, a group of children rushed up, especially Pi Hou. He kicked him with all his might and said: “You almost shot my father to death. Who cares if you are arrogant, so what! Weren’t you still captured by the little guy!”

“Our clan’s little guy is only a bit older than three years old, you’re over 10 years old. You are not even able to beat him. Do you still believe you can act violent and stand above others?” The group of children were beating him up while taunting him.

Now, a group of people surround Shi Hao, and were not stingy in showing their praise. Not even the people of Stone Village thought that he was this strong, and was able to directly capture a youth whose terrifying strength was on par with Shi Linghu.

“Friends from Stone Village, did you get rid of your anger yet? This should be good enough right?” Everyone from Wolf Village was getting worried. If this continued, a genius would be turned into a cripple. After that, what difference would there be between him and a dead dog?

“Alright fine, let’s discuss then!”Shi Linghu sat his buttocks on Bei Feng’s body and completely made him his horse. This made the people from Wolf Village want to rip their own hearts out. That strong man, nearly 2.5 meters in height using that much strength to sit, even an oxen would collapse.

But under under the house of another, they had to yield and could only use kind words to persuade. They did not dare show their resentment.

“We are friends that live in the middle of this desolate land. Even if we had a few disagreements, we will still see each other often. We beg you to forgive us of our recklessness this time.” A rather eloquent man from Wolf Village’s hunting squad said.

“My ass, what do you mean we meet with each other so often. Everything is so easy to say. What were you doing before? Why did you want to kill our clansmen?!”Shi Feijiao criticized.

With a wave of his hand, Shi Linghu said: “Stop speaking bullshit, we don’t want to hear it. Tell us, how will you compensate us?”

“This…”The Wolf Villagers all frowned. The captain of the hunting squad said: “We will make amends and apologize here, and we will give all the prey to you. How about that?”

Er Meng’s father rolled his eyes and said: ”The prey was originally ours. You injured so many of us. You think just gifting us some stuff will make us even?”

“Alright fine. From now on, we’ll leave this part of the mountain, and we’ll never cross into your territory again. We’ll also return all of the prey back to you. How about that?”A person from Wolf Village said.

“Bullshit! These were what we had before. After all this talk, you do not have a speck of sincerity!” A person with poor temperament from Stone Village shouted.

Shi Linghu waved his hand and said: “I don’t want to talk with you guys anymore. It’s alright for us to release this youth, but in addition to everything stated before, leave behind all the weapons you have on you. Only then can you carry him back, and don’t ever appear in front of us again.”

“What, no way!” The people from Wolf Village shouted. To them, weapons were like their second life. Living in the middle of the mountain, they could not survive without these weapons.

One must be aware that there are very few metal deposits here, and it was very difficult to extract any. It was very difficult to obtain even one handy weapon, and it took a long time to smelt and polish.

“Then there’s nothing more to talk about. Someone come and chop this kid’s brain off for me and bring it back to Wolf Village.” Shi Linghu bellowed.

“Okay!” A youthful and loud voice responded, and with a broadsword, he swung down to behead Bei Feng.

“Don’t do it, we agree!” An important person from Wolf Village shouted hurriedly to stop him.

The faces of the other people from Wolf Village turned ugly. “Do we really have to give away all these weapons?”

“If we don’t have weapons, we can make more. Although it is time-consuming, in the end we will still have some hope, but people…, we cannot resurrect them. Bei Feng’s potential is extremely high. In these large and desolate lands, a person of his caliber is rare. In the future, it will be him who protects our clan.”

The people from Wolf Village all compromised and piled up the iron arrows, Dragon Horned Bows as well as the sharp broadswords one after another. Their hearts were all bleeding.

Originally, there should have been a blood battle, however, with the sudden appearance of the little guy confronting the dreadful innate talent of Bei Feng, the battle changed, and a bloody conflict was avoided. Otherwise, no one knew how many people would have died.

The group of people returned from their bountiful journey back to Stone Village.

The following days, Stone Village was quite peaceful. However, the depths of the mountain was certainly not calm. Often, the cries of beasts shocked the sky and shook the entire mountain, causing avalanches.

“Chief, sooner or later that dreadful Suan Ni from the heart of the mountain will die. Recently, it continuously roars and struggles.”

A person came and reported directly to Shi Yunfeng.

“That is perhaps a true species of an archaic descendant. It could be considered powerful even within the depths of the mountain. If we could somehow obtain its remains, extract its true blood and copy down its skeleton’s primitive symbols, then it could undoubtedly be considered a heaven shocking treasure!”

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