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Chapter 159 – Forbidden Heavenly Bone Region

At first, the little guy was running around the divine garden in circles. However, he noticed that even though this area was large, there weren’t really any places to hide himself. Those creatures were all pure-blooded experts, and they wanted to surround him.

“You all are truly disappointing, really hard to get along with!” His darkened his small face and spoke in anger, running out of the divine garden.

When the Bifang, Horned Dragon and others hear what he said, their nose all almost became crooked. This brat actually had the nerve to say that there was something wrong with their personalities? You good for nothing, after taking advantage of others, you still dare to pretend to be the good one!

The Zhujian became even more angry. After losing two chunks of flesh, its eyes even became red. If that fellow really did pan fry one piece and stew the other, it really will spit out blood.

As for the purple clad girl, she had long turned into a ball of light. She was surrounded by divine splendor, and as her purple clothes fluttered about, she was like an otherworldly fairy while she rushed over.

“Stop chasing after me! I don’t want to wrestle you!” The little guy turned around and glanced at her as he spoke.

The purple-haired girl was extremely sensitive towards the word ‘wrestle,’ and bit her bright colored lips after hearing what he said. She truly wished to immediately grab that devilish brat, not to immediately kill him, but to first hoist him up and beat the crap out of him!

The little guy really wanted to make a divine bird or vicious beast yield, but no matter how heaven defying he was, he still couldn’t deal with all of these pure-blooded creatures at the same time. After all, he was still young, and his cultivation time was too short.

At this moment, not only was he howling in grief, he truly wanted to face the sky and borrow three years from the heavens.

Finally, he frantically ran and rushed out of the Hundred Grass Land, leaving this sacred ground.

Right when he exited, his entire body flickered. Propitious vapors surged chaotically, and he could once again use the strength of symbols. However, when he turned around, he was immediately shocked; those creature were even more terrifying.

Behind him, it was as if volcanoes surged one after another, and the blazing light rushed into the heavens. They erupted with incomparable fluctuations, and were covered densely in symbols. The heaven and earth trembled, and all of them were like deities.

The little guy’s eyes flickered with light. He knew that it was the distinctive feature of those that opened up the ninth Heavenly Passage. Leaving the divine garden made things worse, because these Archaic divine birds and vicious beasts were incredibly powerful, able to sweep everything before them.

He directly took out the broken sword and prepared to cut them. However, when he saw the Horned Dragon spit out a net, he hesitated. That precious artifact was too shocking! It was decorated with stars, and flickered with brilliant light.

This net was incomparably terrifying, the aura it emitted shook tens of thousands of souls. The heavens and the earth were throbbing. It was weaved out of Archaic beast tendons, and was fused together with sparkling and translucent scales one after another; it could swallow up all things.

“Those dragon scales are pure-blooded!” The little guy was terrified. This type of precious artifact was absolutely frightening.

On the other side, a ball of light appeared on top of the Zhujian’s head. A whip appeared, and it flickered with multicolored light and surged with divine radiance. It was similarly terrifying as it emitted an aura that was like the stars and rivers shaking.

As for the Bifang, it was currently standing within heaven overflowing flames. A hundred and eight divine feathers appeared behind it, forming one divine sword after another. They rang out with kengqiang sounds, and their killing intent shook all ten directions!

As for the purple-haired girl, she was currently enveloped within a ball of light. Only a vague slender and beautiful body could be seen. Her figure was out of this world, and dense purple energy rose in her surroundings. It was as if she was a fairy, forming a streak of purple lightning as she charged over!

The other divine bird and humanoid creature were incomparably magnificent as well. Their symbols were so powerful it shook the heavens. The area’s mountains were all trembling and making rumbling sounds.

The little guy lifted the broken sword, but ultimately did not hack out with it. He did not want to fight to the death with them, because these creatures came from the Archaic divine mountain, and definitely did not lack valuable treasures.

“Not good! After leaving the divine garden, they became even more powerful, and their accomplishments in symbols are astonishing! I did not cultivate as long as them, and so if we seriously fight it out with symbols, I will most likely bring about a disaster!”

The little guy did not dawdle and activated the broken sword. He left behind an afterimage and entered the mountain forest, charging into the distance.

With a wenglong sound, the mountains and forests behind him were smashed apart. Multicolored light advanced like a flood, sweeping through this open space. It was incomparably terrifying, and there weren’t many things that could stop those pure-blooded creatures.

These individuals were too powerful, and even the hills were blasted into cracking apart before collapsing. They destroyed everything, cutting like a hot knife through butter. They were all chasing after the little guy’s butt.

“This is a bit too powerful!” The little guy was speechless. The only fortunately thing was that the mountain forest was dense, and after entering it, he could hide his body, making it difficult for them to immediately find him.

However, there was a divine bird behind him. It spread its wings and soared into the sky, and the sky was even shaking. Its speed was too fast, and it was impossible for him to break away from it.

“Should we run back to the divine garden? These creatures went mad, so if they catch up for some reason, we’ll definitely become corpses,” said the mischievous stone without much confidence.

The little guy also felt that he miscalculated a bit. Those creatures were truly terrifying, and their accomplishments in symbols were shocking. In addition, they all grasped exceptional precious techniques.

“I truly want to catch one!” He began to salivate after looking at them, and was extremely envious. Those precious artifacts were invaluable, and even the human emperor’s eyes would turn red after seeing them. However, currently, he couldn’t handle that many of them, and was being chased down by that group.

Like a wisp of smoke, he disappeared into the great mountains. The purple-haired girl, Horned Dragon, and other creatures were too powerful, recognizing his tracks. They followed him the entire way, wanting to kill him off.

Similarly, the Bifang was even more vicious. Its eyes were penetrating, and as it soared in the air, its gaze seemed like it could pierce through the forest. It continuously swooped down to launch attacks.

The little guy was extremely angry, and really wanted to chop off its wings. The Bifang and the other divine bird’s speeds were too fast, making it incredibly hard for him to break away.


While fleeing, the little guy was wounded, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. The creatures were not willing to spare him, and chased after him for an extremely great distance. After passing through countless mountain ranges, it disturbed many experts.

In the end, he took out an ancient seal, and his heart became incomparably soar. “Sigh, using it once means I’ll lose one opportunity to use it in the future… It truly can’t be helped ah.”

He stuck it to the soles of his feet and his entire body became a streak of light. It crossed the mountain range and directly disappeared. It was so fast that the Bifang, purple-haired girl and the others felt as if it wasn’t real, and was instantly stupefied.

“What is that? So fast, even I can’t chase after it!” A comparatively smaller divine bird was shocked.

“Its a talisman refined by the Archaic Might — Earth Withdrawal Symbol!” The Horned Dragon’s pupils flickered, revealing an amazed look. It never expected the little guy to pull out this type of thing.

“RIght, it really is that type of symbol.” The purple-haired girl nodded, and her divine splendor dimmed, revealing her true body. Her clothes fluttered about in the sky, and her sparkling white and pretty face carried a look of annoyance.

They did not continue the chase, because they were fully aware of the Earth Withdrawal Symbol’s potency. As long as it was used and transformed into a streak of light, it could instantly transport one to the extreme of the world, making it impossible to chase after.

After that, they quickly dispersed, taking precautions against each other. They were all descendants of Archaic creatures, and were rather apprehensive towards each other.

“You actually have this kind of good stuff?” The mischievous stone cried out.

The little guy’s heart was sore. He did not catch the Horned Dragon, Bifang, purple-haired, or Zhujian, and instead wasted one use of the Earth Withdrawal Symbol, making him extremely unhappy.

Not long ago, on the Divided Treasure Cliffs, there was a green robed male that wanted to kill him. In the end, he relied on this symbol to escape, and it was seen by the little guy.,

Afterwards, the green robed male once again appeared, and he was a Kun clansman. Originally, their clan’s restricted individuals were going to collaboratively kill the little guy, but in the end, they were lead towards the blasting magma, where he borrowed the power of the small pagoda hidden within the flames.

However, even though the green robed male passed through the magma, he was killed off by the little guy’s dragon shears. The ancient symbol was taken from his body, and until now, it was the first time the little guy used it.

The Earth Withdrawal Symbol had another crack on it, and it was clear that a usage was consumed. It was more worn out, making him pant with rage.


The little guy threw the head size mischievous stone onto the ground and sat his buttocks on it while breathing deeply. After running this entire time, he truly became exhausted. He didn’t get a single break during that entire time.

“Hey, where do you think you’re sitting?!” The Divine Striking Stone shouted while grinding his teeth in anger.

“You are so heavy. While running, I still had to carry you along this entire time. I was going to die from fatigue, yet I can’t even sit on you right now?” said the little guy.

“You can even carry things that are ten thousand jin in weight, so how could you be tired just by carrying me? Moreover, I didn’t even say that I wanted to go together with you! Also, couldn’t you have just placed me in the Heaven and Earth Pouch?” The mischievous stone said.

The little guy twitched his mouth. If he did not sit on this fellow, it most likely would slip away. If he placed it into the Heaven and Earth Pouch, there was no doubt that the golden sand in there would all be eaten by it.

The mischievous began to develop a guilty conscience under his gaze, and felt a bit scared as it said, “What are you thinking?”

“I heard from those fellows that you were a Divine Striking Stone. Since ancient times, not many have appeared, and can be refined into valuable treasures. Carrying you by my side is too inconvenient. Why don’t I just refine you into an almighty treasure.”

“Ah pei, do you think you are some Almighty Archaic Being? You even want to refine an almighty treasure! Continue cultivating a few more years.” The mischievous stone curled its lips.

The little guy immediately began to pound at it, creating kengqiang sounds.

“Don’t hit me anymore! It’ll be fine if I shrink myself, right?” It howled out.

Finally, the Divine Striking Stone became smaller, and was only the size of a fingertip. It carried a golden radiance, becoming as smooth as jade; its outward appearance was fabulous.

The little guy was satisfied. He fastened it to his hair, near the small pagoda.

“Ah… What kind of thing is this? Don’t let it get close to me!” This was the first time the mischievous stone noticed the small sparkling pagoda. Even though it was only a finger in length, its spirituality made it feel scared.

“Do you know about its origins?” The little guy asked with curiosity.

“Don’t know!” The Divine Striking Stone directly swayed to the other side of his face. It stayed away from the small pagoda, or else it would begin to feel flustered.

The little guy rested for a night and recovered from his injuries. He prepared to go on his way again, and did not immediately go to where Huo Ling’er, Nine-Headed Lion, and the others were. He was scared that the Bifang, Zhujian, and Horned Dragon were still there.

“The Hundred Shattering Mountain’s most valuable restricted lands include the Divine Treasure Cliffs, Hundred Grass Land, Forbidden Heavenly Bone Region, and a few other places.”

It was early in the morning, and the little guy was talking to himself after he washed up. He decided that he would go and take a look at the forbidden region where the heavenly bone was hidden. He expected that area to definitely not be peaceful.

“That person also entered. I haven’t seen him for so many years, I wonder just how powerful he is now.”

The little guy’s face was peaceful as he took large steps forward.

He used the golden gate to travel through the passage. He continuously crossed many regions and arrived at a bizarre land.

This was a great desert, and it lacked the resources for life. There were stones and sand everywhere, stretching as far as one could see.

There really wasn’t much plant life, and the few vegetation here grew sparsely. Every few li1, there would be a single enormous tree. They were incomparably thick, as if an ancient dragon was crouching in a coiled position, and its branches and leaves were lush and flourishing. The lack of life force made this place appear increasingly bleak.

As he got closer to the heart of the desert, more and more creatures showed up. The ancient trees also began to appear more frequently, and there was more and more vitality.

“This place is truly strange!”

When the little guy reached the center, he revealed an unusual expression. This area was full of vitality, completely different from what he just saw previously.

The most shocking thing was that those stalks of ancient trees were too tall. They reached into the heavens, and were each at least a few thousand meters in height, absolutely shocking. Moreover, those old vines were incomparably thick, and a single one was enough to wind around a mountain peak. They were like enormous dragons, completely different from the desolate scenery from before.

“According to legend, this was originally an area of distressed earth. Not even a blade of grass grew here, however, the blood of Saints died the surroundings of the forbidden region in red. As a result, the vegetation began to flourish extremely magnificently, surpassing all expectations.” A creature commented on this place.

Only the surrounding of the restricted region was full of vitality like this. An enormous bone monument appeared in front. It was as white as jade, with four characters on it: Forbidden Heavenly Bone Region.

In front, too many people had assembled. There were all types of experts from great races. They were densely packed, and even though they wanted to charge in, they were all rather hesitant.

That thirty meter tall bone monument could also be considered a landmark. After walking past it, one would enter the Forbidden Heavenly Bone Region.

This was an area covered in mist. The vegetation was sparse, and was no longer lush. Moreover, there was a gray mist curling about, and countless white bones could be seen in this vast and boundless area.

“This place… Just how many creatures died here?” The little guy was shocked.

The bones were like snow, filling up this great land.


The heart of the restricted area was in rebellion, and all types of tyrannical creatures were fighting. The trembling could be felt even outside of the battlefield, as if mountains were being moved and oceans were being created.

The group of creatures could vaguely see a pair of green pupils. It penetrated through that gray mist, as if it was two divine lamps, making people shiver!

“Pure-blooded creatures are battling!”

Everyone completely gave up. Even the most powerful Archaic descendants remained outside to watch the battle. They were unwilling to take risks, because divine beasts were slaughtering each other there.

“It’s rumored that there was a creature inside that obtained a piece of Heaven Bone! It was full of good luck and was incredibly profound, truly making people jealous!”

Everyone could only sigh, because that was not a battlefield they were willing to be a part of.


An endless amount of radiance was released, and a single human youth could be seen within the mist. It unexpectedly shocked the green-colored divine beast into retreating. Each time he stepped down, it would release waves of rumbling sounds, as if a giant was moving.

“It’s him, the powerful eyed expert Shi Yi!”

“A deity like youth, comparable the a God’s heir!”

Many people were shocked. This was not the first time Shi Yi displayed his might, because after the powerful eyed expert entered the Hundred Shattering Mountains, he was always fighting here while searching for the Heavenly Bone.

His entire body was emitting light, and he was surrounded by a divine radiance. His stature was tall and thin, and his black hair scattered about. He was a heaven warping divinely talented individual, as if the king of deities descended to earth, sweeping everything before him!

The depths of the restricted region was in chaos. Divine birds and pure-blooded creatures were fighting fiercely. It was an area of disorder, yet he easily dispatched them, not receiving any disturbance.

A demonic butterfly appeared, softly fluttering. The heavens and the earth shook with honglong sounds, and a mountain peak within this forbidden land was directly sliced off. It fell off, filling the air with smoke and dust.

“What a terrifying Demonic Crack Butterfly! It’s simply too powerful!” Everyone was shocked.

This butterfly’s body had symbols all around it. It was bright and dazzling, and with a gentle flap of its wings, divine light flew out.

This attack was originally targeted at Shi Yi, but was actually blocked by him and deflected towards that mountain.

“That’s a pure-blooded Demonic Butterfly! Tradition has it that with a light flap of its wings, it could crack open the blue sky!” Someone exclaimed in admiration.

“Who would have thought that it was actually pure-blooded! Being this powerful, if it grew into adulthood, it truly might recreate the Archaic Demonic Butterfly’s divine might!”

The Demonic Butterfly was a meter in length, but it was shockingly terrifying.

“Even a Demonic Butterfly as powerful as this was continuously defeated by Shi Yi four times! It’s truly inconceivable. He can actually fight with a devil God’s descendant.”

“It’s quite clear that Shi Yi wants to force it into submission and use it as his mount or a battle servant!” Someone seemed to have came to a conclusion.

With a honglong sound, the Heaven and earth shook. Shi Yi soared into the sky, and his entire body erupted in divine light like a heavenly deity that moved the heavens and shook the earth! His black hair danced about, and his pupils blossomed with auspicious colors. He opened his mouth, releasing a clear roar. Rainbow colored light shot out, attacking towards the Demonic Crack Butterfly.

“What?! That is the Archaic Devil King — Rainbow Peacock King’s precious technique! He actually grasped it! This is already the fifth amazing ability that Shi Yi revealed!

They were all shocked. That Godlike youth truly was like a deity. Auspicious multicolored light surged, fighting intensely with the Demonic Butterfly. In the end, it was completely suppressed.

“The Imperial Family’s background is truly astonishing, actually including five types of world shocking precious techniques! However, it isn’t quite perfect, as they are all from Archaic descendants2.”

“Shi Yi is terrifying ah… Actually suppressing the Demonic Crack Butterfly for the fifth time!”

They were all exclaiming in admiration. Producing waves of powerful force, this youth was too formidable. No one could defeat him, and within this Forbidden Heavenly Bone Region, it was truly difficult for him to meet a worthy opponent.

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