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Chapter 158 – Return From a Rewarding Journey

The snake tail danced about madly. It actually wanted to escape, releasing many rays of golden light like a small sun. The bright light was so intense that it was difficult to see properly.

The little guy fumbled with the snake, and finally grabbed hold of it firmly. However the snake’s tail was actually dividing into five little snakes. Each of them was only as large as the belly of a finger, and was about to escape in various directions.

“You aren’t allowed to run!” The devilish brat was angry, and enclosed all of them around his hands before stuffing them all into his mouth. With his cheeks puffed, he was threatening to eat them completely if they tried to run again!

The golden liquid collided against each other. The little guy’s mouth started to bulge, sticking out in one area before swelling in another. This was a result of the five little snakes trying to escape by tormenting the little guy.

“There really is an Immortal Spring huh. I thought it had dried up a long ago! It’s truly unimaginable that there was still something here, and five drops have been captured by you!” The mischievous stone was shocked.

“Do you have any ideas on how to seal them off?” The little guy was covering his mouth with his hands, and asked with unclear articulation.

“Seal it into the jade container, then they can’t run off anymore.”

Hearing this, the little guy quickly fished out the small jade container from his bosom and placed the five small dragons inside before stuffing it with a piece of cork.

Then, he curiously stared at the mischievous stone. This guy seemed to know too much. When he was inside the divine garden, he should have drunk quite a bit of the Immortal Spring right?

“You became sentient a long time ago, and contain a huge amount of golden liquid within your body, right?”

“No such thing, don’t set your ideas on me!” The mischievous rock who was gulping down huge amounts of crystal jumped up in fright before quickly rolling to one side, staring at the little guy in alarm.

The little guy didn’t ask anything else. Time was very tight now, and he wanted to catch that golden dragon. If he was late, the dragon would most likely be shared evenly between those creatures.

“There’s no point in going, you won’t catch it. Those people’s hopes and efforts will also come to nothing. Since the Immortal Spring has successfully taken corporal form and it was roused awake like that, it would be able to fly into the heavens and burrow deep into the earth, unable to be caught by anyone anymore.” The mischievous stone shook its head.

As long as divine liquids like this have taken form, they would acquire sentience. As long as they are given some time, they will become strong rapidly and turn into Guardian Spirits, so much so that when enough time passes, becoming a divine spirit won’t be an issue!

Inside the divine garden, the domain does not affect the Immortal Spring. The golden liquid changed form into a dragon1, and could travel far away in an instant, burrowing deeply into the soil.

Kengchi, kengchi

The Divine Striking Stone started to crunch on the sand violently. The surface had been eaten completely, so he started to swallow the sand underneath. This place was filled with endless rays of golden light, rising to the top in clouds of mist and smoke, like golden waves. This was all due to the Immortal Spring.

Although that golden little dragon had long vanished, this place was still pervaded with divine light. The sand had been nourished by the spring for an immeasurably long amount of time, and long had its own spiritual nature.

“Don’t try to snatch anymore from me. You already have the golden liquid, and you can’t eat all this anyway!” The mischievous stone cried out.

“I have to bring some back to the willow deity for him to recuperate, and I also have to save another Guardian Spirit.” The little guy plundered some too. The beast sack served a purpose at the moment, and was piled up and filled beside the pool.

The mischievous stone fought with him over the sand. Both of them had similar characters, completely devouring this divine pool. This was still not enough, as they even dug deeper into the ground and continued.

In the end, there wasn’t even a meter of it left. They had already exceeded three meters in turning all the soil over. The golden rays of light were completely gone, because the golden soil had all been stolen by these two greedy eaters. This place became completely ordinary.

“I ate to the point of bursting, so full!” The mischievous stone burped in satisfaction. Its whole body shone with light, unexpectedly becoming a little more crystal-like, giving out a faint golden luster. It was much more appealing to the eyes than before.

The little guy opened his eyes widely. This was the first time he felt that he met his match. This guy was perhaps a little strong? He ate half the silt from the spring and appeared like nothing happened to him. He was able to digest it completely, seeming more and more magical.

“You digested it completely?” The little guy asked it. That mountain of golden silt was larger than him, and he actually swallowed all of it.

“How can I digest it all in such a short while. I’m reserving and storing the golden sand at one side, leaving it for later before I absorb it. It’s all valuable treasures!”

“It won’t be as good then, right?” The little guy asked nonchalantly.

“You don’t know what you are talking about! The older the wine, the more aromatic it is. Even divine sand like this is more delicious the older it is. Being bathed by the Immortal Spring for so long, the taste is even better,” the Divine Striking Stone said as if hit was drunk and enchanted by something, before quickly coming to himself and shutting his mouth immediately.

The little guy pounced forward and picked it up immediately, saying, “There is definitely something strange about you. Say, was this pool of divine spring drunk up by you?”

“It hurts! I’m gonna crack, quickly release me!” It screamed like a pig being slaughtered.

Now that you think about it, it was strange that as soon as that golden liquid vanished, the domain also became weaker, as if it followed that golden dragon and vanished.

“You clearly said just now that you ate the golden sand here in the past!” The little guy punched it, each punch stronger than the last.

“Don’t hit me anymore, I’ll confess!” The mischievous stone howled miserably.

Turns out that it had eaten this divine sand quite a few times already, and after being found out, it was expelled through the laws of this region. It was difficult for it to get closer to the divine reservoir, and only now after the Immortal Spring was about to dry up did it finally get the opportunity to get closer.

Indeed it had not only eaten the divine sand once, however later on it was chased out by the rules of this place, finding it difficult to approach the divine pool. Today the Immortal Spring had dried up completely, that was why it had another chance to approach the place against.

“Was the golden liquid emptied by you?” The little guy’s expression was hostile, staring at it.

“I can only eat rocks, after swallowing that liquid, it all flowed out!” The Divine Striking Stone was dispirited. It was guarding a treasure mountain, yet could not reap any harvest.

“But you must have gotten quite a few benefits, how much sand have you eaten?” The little guy questioned.

“The first time, I ate about two hundred or more jin before being chased away. The second time was less, and the third time I entered, I was knocked away!” The Divine Striking Stone was resentful.

According to what it said, it ate to its satisfaction only on the fourth time, being completely full.

It was really quite different now, shining with light golden luster. It was more crystalline, and using the little guy’s words, it had a better appearance, a little like a jade stone.

“How did the Immortal Spring become so little?” The little guy was doubtful.

“It became sentient and tried to evolve, to become a dragon-like living being. You think there isn’t a price for this? All of it was used up completely, and it almost failed!” The mischievous stone said.

“What a waste, we probably won’t see another Immortal Spring again in the future.” The little guy was depressed.

“That might not be the case. It has become a spirit and succeeded in making a corporal form. Once it grew stronger in the future, creating more golden liquid would definitely be possible.”

After finding out about this, the little guy became extremely happy. After all, he gained five drops of golden liquid, and the medicinal effect would definitely be astonishing.

“I’ll give grandpa chief one drop, so that this time, he can definitely be cured of all the hidden ailments, and his body won’t be in decline anymore. I’ll give another drop to the Willow Deity, and perhaps it can comprehend some rules and secrets from it. Giving Dazhuang, Pihou, and Ermeng one drop each, to let them have a stable foundation… Ai, there’s isn’t a lot.” The little guy counted on his fingers, find out that there was simply too little. He could only save one or two drops, causing him to be at a loss.

A while later, he came to his sense, saying, “Little stone, you dare to eat my divine sand secretly!”

“No I wasn’t! I was helping you check to see if these beastskin sacks were leaking.” The mischievous stone rolled to one side.

“I recall now, that sentient flower, didn’t you say there was a stalk of sacred medicine? Your sentience might be because of it, so this can’t be false right?”

“There is indeed such a flower, but it isn’t enough to enlighten me. It fought for the sand with me, but it was also chased out at the end. That guy wanted to swallow the golden liquid too.” The Divine Striking Stone was discontent.

“That is a sacred medicine ah, where did it run off to?” The little guy opened his eyes wide, asking it anxiously.

“I fought with it, before biting a mouthful out of it. It ran away, but I can feel that it is still nearly the medicinal garden,” the Divine Striking Stone said.

“You bit it? That is a sacred medicine! Where did you put that treasured medicine?” The little guy held it up.

“Sacred medicine is indeed a good thing. Of course I wouldn’t waste it, such an action would cause me to be struck by lightning. I buried it deep in the ground, when it became dirt and soil, I ate it.” The mischievous stone was immensely proud of itself.


The little guy smashed it towards the ground and did his best to stamp on it, making it scream out aoao in pain. Rolling on the ground, it said, “Don’t hit me anymore! Next time we see it, I’ll help you catch it!”

“You should be struck by lightning!” The little guy was infuriated and regretful. That was a stalk of sacred medicine ah, rarely seen on earth, and the stupid stone had actually biten it. This was already said and done, but this stone actually went to bury it into the ground, waiting for it to rot into dirt and soil before consuming it. The most hateful part about this was that it was completely satisfied by what it did.

“Leave quickly, or else those pure blooded creatures will return and snatch those few drops you have when they find out they can’t catch up to the Immortal Spring.” The mischievous stone changed the topic, urging him to leave.

The little guy nodded his head. The beastskin sack was full of sand, and it was too conspicuous.

He heaved eight sacks on his shoulders while attaching three more sacks to the mischievous stone for it to carry before quickly leaving the divine garden. He originally wanted to make those Archaic species to help out, but after looking around, he found that they were long gone.

The smell of blood pervaded the divine garden. Dozens of creatures had died during this time. Their races were different, and all of them died recently. They were most likely killed by the pure-blooded creatures.

“I finally came out.” The little guy released a breath of relief before taking out the Heaven and Earth Pouch. Removing the golden rope that fastened it, the opening momentarily shone with rainbow light before sucking in the eleven sacks of divine sand.

The palm-sized small sack could absorb a great number of objects, and anything could be kept inside. When used, it was indeed very convenient and also quite powerful.

“What do you want now?” The mischievous stone was held and evaluated in the little guy’s palms. It shivered in fear.

“To catch the young of an Archaic vicious beast or divine bird, then to search for that stalk of sacred medicine,” the little guy said.

“Then go, what are you grabbing me for? The mountains won’t change, the rivers will continue flowing, we will meet again in the future!” The mischievous stone cried out.

“ I just want to let you see the world!” The little guy said.

Entering the divine garden, this brat finally loosened up and relaxed. He had completed his task and found the Immortal Spring. Now, he was looking about to see if he could find something of even more value.

Half an hour later, he dug up eight stalks of spiritual medicine in this perimeter, even digging up the soil and roots completely to keep it intact.

“After planting it in stone village with some golden soil, it will definitely grow well. At that point, the whole village will be filled with spiritual energy!” The little guy was delighted with himself, wanting to forge a paradise for his people.

He immersed himself in finding spiritual medicines, and wanted to take everything here with him.

There were many ancient medicines in the medicinal field, but the domain there was too strong. Even if it were to be dug up, it would also shatter into pieces.

During this period of time, he encountered pure-blooded creatures several times, while also becoming a member to search for that golden dragon. After being tormented for almost half a day, they ended up empty-handed.


Along the way, he fought with the Zhujian  again. This fight was quite violent, and he managed to tear off another piece of flesh medicine.



The purple haired girl cried out in unison with the mischievous stone. She engaged the little guy in battle and got hit by the same move again, being smacked by the stone in the middle of her crystal white forehead. A large lump swelled up, making that girl shiver in anger.

At the end, the little guy started to run away, scampering off frantically. He wanted to subdue the descendant of that Archaic vicious beast, battling it repeatedly. However, what resulted was that those creatures couldn’t find that golden dragon, and started to cooperate against him to snatch that dragon’s tail, engaging in a chase after him.

“You guys are unreasonable, how can you all be like this?” The little guy was extremely angry. He was surrounded, because those powerful creatures had joined hands to kill him off.

“Kill him!” The Zhujian roared in rage. Two pieces of flesh had already been torn from its body. It heard that fellow say that when he returned home, he would barbeque a piece and stew another, making it absolutely furious.

The purple haired girl’s beauty was out of this world, akin to an immortal who was way above the common populace. However, at this moment, she was furious. She was actually hit three times by that stone, and now her crystal white forehead had three lumps!

Ordinarily, she was aloof and remote, surrounded by an unearthly aura with many gifted youth of various races revolved around her. Even the descendants of gods didn’t dare be disrespectful towards her. Yet today, she was tormented by this brat, infuriating her to the extreme.

What was most unforgivable was that when she was ambushed just now, that brat jumped onto her back. He grabbed ahold of her neck while stamping and biting, arguing noisily about how he wanted her to guard some lousy village. This couldn’t be tolerated!

Her, a daughter of heaven, unmatched in her generation who looked down on various races fell to such a state? Being a guard dog for someone, protecting some lousy village?

In reality, she was currently in a rather sorry state. Just now, when that brat was chattering nonstop while wrestling her, it was quite intense. It scattered her beautiful hair everywhere, throwing her clothing in a mess as they toss and turned about on the ground.

They were fighting in such close quarters, and that brat wrestled with her over the ground. This was too hateful, what was this humiliating fighting method?

The Bifang was also extremely angry and had his face darkened. That human youth kept arguing noisily about how he was going to bring it back to see a deity, saying how there was an extremely powerful tree deity there. He really treated it like some country bumpkin! Its race even ate true deities in the past, yet he was trying to kidnap it like this! It sent a slap over, not wanting to hear his noisy chatter anymore. In the end, the hateful child yelled with aoao sounds and continuously pulled out a few of its most brilliant feathers. He was saying how he was going to bring it back to some lousy village and give it to a tiger girl to play badminton with.

“Kill him!” A Horned Dragon was also roaring, transforming into a ray of light before killing towards the little guy!

That hateful rascal was chirping deviously non-stop, continuously wasting its time. He kept saying how it wanted to borrow some dragon blood for some medicinal primer or something, and that it would invite it to eat some dragon blood stewed great Peng.

In the end, the little guy caught it off guard and ripped off two bloody dragon scales before running off.

Those creatures all chased after his ass. The little guy darkened his small face and began to contemplate with a serious expression. In the end, he reached the conclusion that these fellows were not easy to associate with, and that their personalities were too lousy!

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