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Chapter 157 – All Mine


Sparks flew in all directions. The little guy collided together with that creature’s black claws, creating a thunder-like noise. The earth beneath their feet cracked, and it was incomparably violent and fierce, as if two volcanoes collided with each other.

The creature’s pupils were ice-cold, and did not utter a single word. It was entirely focused on the little guy as it carried out its murderous attacks. Its speed was simply too fast, resembling a streak of lightning. Moreover, it was possessed extraordinary strength, making it absolutely terrifying.


An exploding sound rang out in the air. The creature’s tail swayed. It was a black-colored flood dragon tail with thick scales, as if it was forged out of liquid metal. The tail had a metallic texture as it flickered with an ice cold light, hacking towards Shi Hao’s head.

This kind of exploding sound was extremely ear-piercing. One could see just how great its speed and power was. Even if it was a mountain that was targeted, it would still be smashed to pieces.

The little guy quickly retreated backwards, and his body seemed to almost be lying on the ground. That scaled tail swept right above his forehead. A lock of hair was immediately cut off before turning into fine powder.

He jumped up and pounced towards that creature’s back. His two palms were sparkling as they sliced towards the middle of its back. It created a sharp wuwu sound, as if a divine weapon sliced across air.

The creature was extremely calm. It suddenly turned around, and the vertical eye on its forehead emitted light. Even though it couldn’t use any precious methods, it could still make one’s mind feel unstable, as if their souls were about to be hacked into pieces. At the same time, its pair of black-colored claws once against stretched out. Dark light danced about, crossing swords with the little guy.

Sounds of metallic objects colliding continuously rang out. The two individual’s palms and fingers emitted light, and both of them were dazzling. This was a reflection of their powerful peak level flesh, and both of them had the power to break apart precious artifacts with their bare hands; this was an incomparably powerful battle.

They fought at close range. Even though they were still submerged within the golden light, they could clearly see each other, making the little guys extremely shocked. This was a bizarre creature that had a human face, but instead of the normal two eyes, it only had a single vertical eye on its forehead; it was extremely weird.

Moreover, it had the body of a scaled leopard. The leopard body was slender and sturdy with black-colored scales covering it densely, carrying a truly shocking strength. Behind its body, there was a powerful flood dragon tail. It could annihilate everything  by itself, and with a flicker of dark light, even mountains could be smashed into pieces.

“Zhujian!” The little guy finally remembered what type of creature it was. It truly was an Archaic vicious beast’s young after all, moreover being a species that was extremely difficult to deal with.

Zhujian; human face, leopard body, ox ears, and a single eye. Long-tailed and powerful.

It was particularly terrifying because of its extraordinary strength. It could move mountains and overturn seas, and was worthy of its great Archaic reputation. In addition, it could release a huge roar that could kill.

This was definitely a pure-blooded Zhujian. It possessed a shockingly great strength, and was fiercely fighting it out with Shi Hao. Their attacks battered the land until it cracked, causing the great earth to shake with rumbling sounds.

You have to understand that there was an Archaic restriction here. The domain covered the area densely, and could easily tear through an intruder, making it so that only a few people could break into the divine garden’s mountains and forests.

The little guy fought a huge battle with it, and his eyes were clear and bright. He was extremely focused, and did not have the slightest bit of contempt in his heart. This was because this was the first time he fought a life-threatening battle with an Archaic vicious beast youth.

The Zhujian was even more shaken, feeling far more shock than Shi Hao.

It was a pure-blooded vicious beast, and was super strong even within his own race. However, currently, it could not immediately kill a human youth, and actually received an attack.

It’s worth mentioning that it already reached the ten thousand extreme realm while in the Blood Transformation stage. It naturally became stronger and more powerful, and its flesh reached an inconceivable level.

It felt that in the future, its flesh could reach a Saint level, so how could it possibly have known that right after exiting the Archaic divine mountain, it would immediately meet this type of human youth? It was actually not able to take care of him.

The little guy fiercely contested it, and he was extremely angry as well.  He had his cheeks swelled, and his large eyes were widened; he felt that this strange creature was truly hard to strike.

“Why won’t you fall after two or three strikes? Why are you so strong?!”

After hearing his words, the Zhujian’s eyes revealed a completely ominous look before going completely berserk. Originally, it already felt rather stifled and wronged, but now, it was even more unbearable.

After exchanging ten or so blows, the little guy took out the mischievous stone from a beast skin pouch and directly smashed out.

With a dang sound, sparks splashed out everywhere. The Zhujian roared in rage, and unexpectedly couldn’t avoid it. It was struck by the mischievous stone right in the forehead, almost colliding with its only eye.

The other creatures were all startled, and they were even more certain that this was the Divine Striking Stone. One shot, one hit; it was simply impossible to avoid.

“Please, don’t hit anymore… What am I being smashed against? I’m about to die from pain!” The mischievous stone was howling in grief.


The little guy held it in his hands, immediately beginning to smash down continuously. Even though the Zhujian was using everything it could to contend against it, it still felt its arm becoming sore and numb. Its claws were in intense pain, because that was a sacred object that could be refined by an Archaic might into a most valuable treasure.

After attacking for a long time without any success, the little guy loudly shouted and used his arms to grab the Zhujian, fighting it out at close quarters.

The Zhujian was angry. Its race was  known as the Powerful Divine Kings, and during the Archaic years, they would call the wind and summon the rain, sweeping everything before them. However now, there was actually a human who wanted to make it yield with brute force!

Hou… It opened its mouth to roar, and its voice was loud like a divine clock. It shook the area until it began to ring with weng weng sounds. The other creatures really wanted to cover their ears, because they were starting to feel extremely uncomfortable.

The little guy was affected the most, and directly coughed out a mouthful of blood. His entire body began to violently tremble, almost splitting apart.

Other than possessing extraordinary strength, the Zhujian’s voice was also loud like thunder. It would make shake others to death, and was truly terrifying.

“You are making me angry!” The little guy flipped out. His cheeks swelled, and his two hands became pinwheels. They danced about continuously, and all of them slapped down on the Zhujian’s body.

Because the two were tangled together, it was impossible for them to avoid these various attacks.

The Zhujian did everything it could to fight back, and a fierce struggle broke out between them. Earsplitting sounds erupted, as if two mountains had collided together.


The little guy’s palms were too powerful, striking one of the Zhujian’s claws until it started to spasm and its chest began to move up and down. It spat out blood from its mouth.


At the same time, the little guy’s palms and fingers dropped with the intention of breaking off one of its arms. In the end, it did not twist apart its bone, but it did tear off a chunk of flesh.


The Zhujian’s roaring voice was as loud as thunder. Fortunately, the little guy was prepared, sending a similar sound wave back as he screamed towards it. His voice was like a divine drum, and was unexpectedly not inferior to the Archaic vicious beast descendant’s.

“I am going to eat you!”

The little guy was fuming as he yelled out, and threw that chunk of precious flesh medicine into his bag. Following that, he began to attack with even more ferocity, and was even more imposing that the Zhujian.

Everyone was stupefied. Was this still a human? Why did it seem like he was even more savage than an Archaic vicious beast? He truly was ridiculously powerful.


Even though the little guy was also spitting out blood, he still occupied the advantage. A palm slapped down, striking the Zhujian and making it stagger. Moreover, it created a bloody wound on its stomach region.

The black scales began to fall from that region, and fresh blood gushed out. However, what made the devilish brat regretful was that there wasn’t a second chunk of precious flesh medicine.

The Archaic vicious beast descendant was too powerful, and couldn’t be oppressed and dealt with like ordinary descendants; a bloody battle had to be fought with it!

Right at this time, a slender figure appeared. A bright jade palm slapped out, and it was pure white and brilliant as it struck towards the little guy’s back. It was incomparably terrifying, and actually twisted the space around it!


The little guy turned around, directly meeting it with his palm. A terrifying energy wave erupted between the two individuals, and like a tornado, it engulfed everything.

It was precisely that purple-haired girl that attacked, because she wanted to take care of the little guy a long time ago. Now that the opportunity presented itself, she naturally wanted to make her move!

“Ya, it’s you! You and this Zhujian should both help protect my village.” The little guy’s eyes were widened until they were perfectly round.

The purple-haired girl’s body had a layer of divine splendor covering it, and her fair skin could be seen. It was like jade as it carried a type of sparkling luster. Her large eyes were quick-witted, and her red lips were bright-colored.

However, in the end, everything was still shrouded by the divine splendor. He could only catch a glimpse and could not clearly see everything.

Her pupils were spiritual, but currently, her gaze was extremely cold. She unleashed killing blows targeted towards the little guy, and she was like a divine phoenix as she made her move. Even though she was graceful and elegant, she still carried a vast and mighty wind.

The two individuals fiercely fought hand to hand, and were like two lumps of light as they collided.

The Zhujian roared in anger, and also joined the fray. Immediately, the little guy’s face changed, revealing an expression that was uglier than crying.

Suddenly, a divine bird threw itself over from nearby. Green colored feathers emitted light, and it was adorned with red streaks. It blazed magnificently, and it was the Bifang.

“You truly are a divine bird!” The little guy made a bitter face, and his brows wrinkled together. If these creatures all charged over at him, then he could only flee.

It was obvious that he over thought things, because the Bifang rushed towards the Zhujian. It was not defeated, and as a result of the huge enmity between them, they directly began to fight a bloody battle.

“Thanks bird brother!” The little guy was extremely happy.

“You and I aren’t on close terms!” The Bifang responded, and did not have any intention of joining hands. Creatures like itself did not have many things to be scared of.

“Wait until you are caught and we go back to Stone Village, then we’ll be close!” The little guy muttered with an extremely soft voice.


The purple-haired girl was truly too powerful. She didn’t even reveal her true form, and dared to contest the little guy in her human form. Moreover, she was incredibly imposing, and her battle strength was absolutely shocking.

“Come back with me to Stone Village quickly!” The little guy cried out with loud ao ao shouts, and his body immediately lit up. The joints of his arm sounded like beans being fried, and his strength exploded; he wanted to make his opponent yield.

The battle was incredibly fierce, and the two individuals burst with multicolored light as they continuously clashed.

Suddenly, from not far out, a noise rang out from the spring. Golden ripples surged outwards, covering the sky with dazzling light. There were creatures that were about to enter the divine reservoir, startling everyone.

“Don’t fight over it!” The little guy shouted and looked at the divine reservoir. Several creature were rushing over, and he naturally wanted to follow along as well.

However, the purple-haired girl continued to attack like before. The corners of her lips carried a sneer, and she was incomparably calm, unaffected by the activity there.

Her skin was sparkling white like jade, and her eyes were quick-witted. Even though her true appearance was hidden behind a hazy silhouette, making it difficult to see everything clearly, as the divine splendor was shed off more and more, it made her appear extremely refined, as if she was a fairy that did not eat the food of common mortals.

Her attacks became more and more powerful. As her purple clothes drifted about, it was as if she was going to ascend into immortality as she exhausted everything she had against the human youth.

The little guy was angry, and turned a blind eye towards her unmatched appearance. Using all of his strength, he threw out the mischievous stone. With a peng sound, it it struck the girl right in her sparkling white forehead.

“Aiya…” The purple clad girl cried out in pain. It could be seen that there was a blister swelling on her snow white forehead.

She was extremely ashamed and angry, and went completely mad. Essence energy surged from her entire body, releasing an undying divine radiance in front of her.

“If you keep annoying me, I’ll smash your incisor teeth apart next time!” The little guy harshly threatened and added, “After making you yield, I’ll make you squat while you guard the village every day!”

Hateful child!

The young lady was furious, and was gnashing her teeth in extreme anger. Ordinarily, who dared to treat her without the utmost respect? Even if it was a hand to hand fight, it would always be a disciplined and upright fight. This devilish brat actually dared to threaten her.

From childhood until now, there still hasn’t been anyone able to injure her. Forget about those sweet-talking geniuses from various races, even those true deity descendants treated her with courtesy.

Today, she was actually smacked by a stone, firmly striking her forehead. This was truly the first time in her entire life, and it was an aggravating and painful experience.

The most hateful thing was that the stupid stone was still loudly crying out, talking about absolute nonsense.

“The pain is killing me, it really is killing me… What kind of forehead is this ah… It’s harder than a wall formed by a God…”

Was it ridiculing her about how thick her face’s skin was? The young lady was so angry she started spewing flames out of her eyes. She attacked with even more ferocity, and not only was it directed at the little guy, she also wanted to smash the stupid stone apart.

“Hurry up and seize the Immortal Spring. After lasting from the Archaic times until now, it should have dried up a long time ago. There shouldn’t be that many drops left, and if you arrive late, you will end up with absolutely nothing,” reminded the mischievous stone.

When the little guy heard this, his large eyes immediately widened until they were perfectly round and he began to shout noisily, “Mine, mine, all mine!” He quickly charged forward.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” The young lady shouted.

She once again made her move, and tried her best to stop him. She decided that she absolutely couldn’t let him go!

With a peng sound, the little guy tossed out the naughty stone again, and it truly was a chunk of Divine Striking Stone, with a one strike one hit ratio. Even though it hadn’t been refined into a valuable treasure, within this area where precious techniques couldn’t be used, it truly was the most powerful weapon.


The young lady covered her forehead and released another screech. This time, it was symmetrical, and the two blisters were like a pair of dragon horns.

She was so angry her entire body began to tremble. It was simply unbearable! Normally, everyone look up to her in reverence, and was always at the center of attention. She was like an otherworldly fairy, but today, she constantly had stones thrown at her.

This hateful human youth!

The naughty stone was sensitive, and rolled over in an instant with extreme speed. It could tell that here, it was still safest sticking with the little guy.

“I’m coming!” The little guy rushed forward.

The other creatures already entered the divine reservoir to try and seize the Immortal Spring.

After arriving here, everyone’s movements became slowed, because the domain was too terrifying.

Even the purple-haired girl, Zhujian, Bifang, and the others were like this. They wanted to attack fiercely, but when they stretched out their hands, it was as if they were old people, slowed down to an inconceivable amount.

The golden divine reservoir began to boil, and all types of multicolored light began to surge. However, everyone there began to cry out loudly. They were suffering, yet at the same time, they were pleasantly surprised.

The suffering was due to the domain being too powerful, as if it would shatter their bodies. They were happy because once the golden fluctuations entered their bodies, it would nourish their essence energy.

Soon after, all of the creatures fell into the divine reservoir.

“Why isn’t there a divine spring, and only silt?” The little guy was unsatisfied. He was the first one to come down, and after scooping around with his hand, he did not see any golden liquid.

“This is also good stuff!” The mischievous stone dashed in bravely, smashing into the silt before opening its mouth to swallow with all its might.

This silt was extremely sparkling and transparent. It was rather moist, and flickered with golden multicolored light. All of the fluctuations were created by it, releasing a powerful and immortal divine energy.

The little guy was at a loss, because it was the first time he felt as if there was an aspect where he was inferior at. The playful stone was swallowing with large gulps, yet he could only watch impatiently. He felt that even though his own appetite was great, he still could not digest this type of thing.

The other creatures were also struck dumb. Even the purple-haired girl stopped her attacks.

“Where is the Immortal Spring?”

“How could the divine liquid have dried up? Why is it like this?!”

Everyone began to squat down to search, because they all felt unwilling. It was truly difficult for them to have reached this place, and their bodies had gone through too much suffering since symbols and precious techniques couldn’t be used at all.

“I’ll eat, eat! I’ll also eat!”

In the end, the little guy went against the heavens. Leaning towards the center of the divine reservoir, he dug out the sparkling silt and also delivered it to his mouth. He wanted to be shoulder to shoulder with the Divine Striking Stone.

When the mischievous stone saw this, its jaw almost dropped onto the ground. The sparkling sand in its mouth all flowed out, and it howled, “Don’t fight over this with me! You can even eat this?!”

“There’s nothing I can’t eat!” The little guy spoke fiercely and tried his best to chew. He hoped to chew out a bit of the golden liquid.

Suddenly, he became disappointed. Even though the sand was moist, it did not shed any of the golden liquid.

“Refine, refine, refine it all!” The devilish brat puffed his cheeks and blurted with an inarticulate voice.

Even the Zhijian, Bifang and other pure-blooded vicious beasts were frightened. Truly savage ah… This devilish brat was even more brutal than them! Exactly who was the Archaic vicious beast descendant?

At this time, even that purple-haired girl was stupefied. How could this fellow even nibble on earth? She momentarily forgot about attacking, and did not make any moves.

“Stop stealing from me!” The mischievous stone was resentful. Why was there an opponent even in sand eating? It began to hurriedly swallow.

The little guy puffed his cheeks and widened his eyes. He really was a bit at wit’s end, because it seems like he couldn’t digest this stuff. He was absolutely furious, and in the end, he opened all of the pouches he carried on his back and began to fill them up with this sand.

He began to compete with the mischievous stone, the two of them rolled and fought all over the floor. They made the silt fly in all directions, making the Zhujian, Bifang, and purple-haired girl dumbstruck; they were absolutely speechless.

“Is the human race this violent? Why is it that my grandfather told me that this is the race that is the easiest to bully? That old fart tricked me again!” A younger divine bird was extremely angry, feeling that it was deceived.

The mischievous stone was too good at eating, but the little guy also wasn’t someone easy to deal with. The silt was almost completely cleaned out, and soon after, the two of them directly scooped towards the bottom.

The little guy spat out a mouthful of silt and revealed a happy expression. He opened his mouth to chew downwards. This was because he saw a small golden snake, and it was only a third of a meter long.

“The Immortal Spring is actually transforming! It wants to take form, no wonder it’s drying!”

Everyone cried out in surprised, rushing out together.

The snake woke up from its slumber. It opened its eyes, and had an ominous and threatening look.

However, it was shocked to find that there was a human youth that was even more savage and was the first to try and eat it. With a kengchi sound, the little guy bit down on its tail.

Hou… WIth a roar, the golden snake flourished magnificently with light. It cracked open the reservoir, doing everything it could to struggle free. Its tail then broke off.

Soon after, it turned around and fled, turning into a streak of fluid light before leaving the divine reservoir and rushing into the distance.


The Zhujian, Bifang, and purple-clad girl were all shocked. They ran outwards, chasing after that snake.

“Mine!” The little guy opened its mouth, and as a result, the tail fell out. His hands moved about in a flurry, grabbing it quickly. He was extremely annoyed, and ran into the distance while shouting, “Mine, mine, all mine!”

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