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Chapter 147 – Vajra Divine Force

“You are going to eat me?” The giant golden bird glanced over. Its pupils were like golden whirlpools, terrifying to the extreme. It was as if they could swallow souls.

“I… Why do I feel dizzy?” The big red bird was horrified. Currently, all of the fur on its body was standing up, and only after it shook its head fiercely did it snap out of it.

The golden divine bird’s pupils were deep, swirling like an ocean abyss. It truly seemed like it would drag out and suck in someone’s soul. If it was another creature just now, they would definitely have harbored a grudge.

It stood atop a boulder, bright golden light shining from its body. It possessed a type of innate prestige, as if it was a golden divine spirit descending into this world, overlooking the people under it.

The little guy felt his heart shiver. This giant and mystical bird was extremely powerful, and he had to constantly stay on alert; otherwise, he would definitely pay dearly for it.

“There’s not much to be said. Let me go first, I’ll tear apart this yellow monkey. I can’t stand him any longer!” The violent ape angrily roared. It strode over with large steps, and was the first one to make its move.

The great earth shook again and again, and the stones on the ground were all jolted upwards. It was ten meters tall, but the force that it trampled down with far surpassed that of its body weight. The black hair covering its body were a third of a meter in length, absolutely terrifying.

“Be careful, this Violent Ape has extraordinary strength. It possesses the Vajra divine force precious method.” The Nine-Headed Lion reminded him from the rear in a weak voice.

The Rainbow Luan1 groaned. It was the one that suffered heavy injuries from the Violent Ape, almost being torn in half. Currently, there was blood all over its body as it laid on the ground. Within their group, it was the one that received the greatest injuries.

With a hong sound, that black Violent Ape’s feet stamped down, carrying with it a domineering aura. There was even a type of coarse and wildness, as well a bit of contempt. It looked down from above with the intention of trampling the little guy alive.

It widened its mouth to reveal its fierce teeth, fierce and terrible looking. This was a type of unbridled confidence meant to humiliate. This was an indifference like a giant dragon crushing a bug, an unblockable killing force that pressed down!

Who was the little guy? He had never been humiliated by someone before, and was without a doubt powerful. His hand revealed the Suan Ni bone precious mirror, fiercely and accurately shooting out a streak of thick golden lightning. It directly smashed into the center of the Violent Ape’s foot.

Ao… The violent ape immediate roared in pain.

Even though that large, dustpan like black foot had symbols flickering about it, as a result of its arrogance and wildness, it lacked some protection. After getting struck by the lightning, the curtain of light around the center of its food was penetrated, emitting a scorched and burnt smell.

The little guy did not give it any time to catch its breath. He charged forward, directly taking out the golden bone shears. Aiming towards the area that was scorched black, he sliced forward with a sharp divine radiance.


Blood blossomed in all directions, and the Violent Ape sustained a wound. However, he quickly responded to this unforeseen event, and a big dipper divine body protection appeared. Dark light rose dramatically, and it immediately soared high into the air. It jumped ten meters into the sky, avoiding a terrifying attack.

The Dragon Shears returned, carrying with it a string of blood. The little guy’s expression was cold as he once again raised the precious mirror in his hand. A thick streak of lightning hacked towards the sky.

The Violent Ape was furious, and never thought that it would be the first one to be careless. It was actually on the defensive, and was the first one to be on the losing end.

Even though it was enormous, it was rather flexible. With a flip in the air, it traveled a few meters before dropping onto the group with a honglong sound. It smashed down with so much force that it caused the ground to rupture. A large black hand dropped down with a muffled sound, causing a boulder that was tens of thousands of jin to instantly shatter.

It was furious. Now, all of the scorn and contempt in its heart completely vanished. It retreated backwards, light emitting from its entire body. A wave of heaven overflowing black mist rushed out, forming a tornado that circled around itself.

These were Vajra symbols that contained a world shocking divine force. Its entire body began to grow dramatically, making it much taller at once. Its body reached an astonishing thirty meters, making it huge section taller than it originally was.


The violent ape rushed over again, dark light covering its body. It was as if a black-colored clock was strapped to its body as wengweng sounds ran out. It charged over, and the ground that was stepped on immediately crack open. Giant boulders rose up, and the earth was like a tide as it surged up and down, wanting to drown out the little guy.

This was a huge wave, formed out of the black-colored symbols erupting from the the giant ape’s body. There were roughly ten waves smashing forward, slamming into the little guy below.


The little guy shouted loudly. His two legs stamped against the ground, and silver-colored symbols began to proliferate. A precious moon appeared in the sky, wrapping itself around him; he was actually levitating in midair, as if he was a deity.


The little guy shouted loudly, continuously changing hand signs. All types of symbols appeared, and his body continuously changed. One moment, he was like a great Peng spreading its wings, another moment like a Horned Dragon breaking into the sky, then he would be like a True Devouring Moon… These were all symbols recorded within the True Primordial Record, and even though they were not precious methods, they could still allow a person to advance in their cultivation. However, when the little guy used these symbols, there was actually a type of revitalizing power!

With a loud peng sound, that black-colored wave was completely dispersed. Even though the youth in the sky was small, that type of strength was unmatched. A fist smashed forward, shaking everything between the heaven and earth.

The Violent Ape’s pupils were fierce and malicious. A dustpan-like large hand swiped out, as if it was tribulation lightning striking down, wanting to squeeze the little guy into meat sauce.

Both sides began to emit light from their bodies, and a net-like pattern appeared. This was not purely the strength of the physical body, as it also had the strength of symbols inside. With both fused together, it was definitely terrifying.

Finally, they collided together. That large hand seemed like it was going to completely envelope the little guy, however, at this moment, it was actually jerking and convulsing. The Violent Ape roared angrily, feeling an incomparably sharp pain.

That small fist was like a drill bit as symbols circulated about it. It smashed into its flesh, splashing out a large amount of blood, making it frightened.

This was clearly a small body, but the force emitted was even greater than its own. After colliding together, it tore through its flesh, making it terrified.


The Violent Ape roared and hissed. The dark light around its body burned even more magnificently, in the end truly forming a black-colored clock. Ringing out with wengweng sounds, it shook the little guy away.


The little guy fiercely moved his palm, slapping right onto that giant black clock. A heaven shocking sound rang out, echoing for several thousand li.

“What a powerful precious method!” He was shocked. The Violent Ape’s defensive strength was astonishing. This black clock was not much different from a genuine one.

The black giant ape howled, beating its chest towards the sky. The large clock left its body, and the dark light flourished even greater. It shone towards the little guy, its aura shocking and terrifying.

This clock was too big, and its speed was extremely fast. It was difficult to avoid, and when the little guy fell onto the ground, he was surrounded and trapped by it!


“Yellow-skinned monkey! To fight with me, I’ll kill you until even your skeleton becomes shattered!” The Violent Ape cried out while beating its large chest with both hands.

Dang, dang…

The giant clock released an ear-splitting sound. It activated the large clock, wanting to shake the little guy to death inside, transforming him into a lump of meat paste.

In reality, in the past, it always defeated powerful enemies this way. Many of its past opponents were pressed into crushed bones and bloody mist from the clock’s ripples. It had yet to fail, working a hundred times out of a hundred.

However, this time, it did not immediately reveal results. The little guy was surrounded by a silver moon, and as he stood there, it was as if he had taken root while he fought against the clock’s fluctuations.

“En, yellow monkey, you are quite powerful. Again!” The black giant ape suddenly roared. Its two hands continuously slapped over, this time with even more symbols poured in. The large black clock emitted light, and an ancient character appeared on its surface. It drew out the word ‘seal.’

The big clock became even more terrifying, and the clock’s sound waves caused all of the nearby mountain rocks to turn into fine powder. Meanwhile, the little guy in the center was surrounded by the silver moon, unaffected like before; the only difference was that his body was now swaying a bit.

“I don’t believe that you can endure much longer!” The Violent Ape was furious, and its two hands began to smack around even more fiercely. Ancient characters appeared one after another, respectively: Kill, Refine, Sacrifice, etc.

The big clock emitted a strange noise, as if it was offering sacrifices to a higher being. It wanted to use the little guy as a live offering. The dark light was like a flood as it enveloped the center.

“Gorilla, is this the limit of your skill?” The little guy’s entire body emitted symbols and raged with flames. Following that, they suddenly erupted, and with both his palms moving, it continuously slammed down on the same area on the large clock. Finally, with a hong sound, it directly blew up the large black clock.

The black giant ape’s enormous body flew out horizontally, colliding into a stone mountain. After spitting out blood from its mouth, only after a long time did it stand up again. It roared towards the sky as it charged over.

“Divine Patterns Armament!” It roared loudly. It was truly like a glaring Vajrapani, emerging into this world to subdue demons and deities alike.

Its four limbs emitted light. The symbols formed a protective armor, appearing on its arms. Incomparably violent and tyrannical, it charged over towards the little guy.

This place immediately erupted into chaos. The Violent Ape displayed its might, and its divine strength was world shocking. It even pulled up the Stone Mountain from its roots, chucking it towards that youth.

However, what made people shocked was that that the human youth was still full of life. After being struck so firmly, he did not retreat at all. Just the strength of his physical body alone was already several tens of thousands of jin. Together with the strength of symbols, his divine might was astonishing, far surpassing any of his peers.

This region began to shake, and the two individuals exchanged about ten moves. The little guy grabbed one of the giant ape’s fingers, directly beginning to swing it about. With a peng sound, the Violent Ape smashed into a stone mountain, causing stones to fly out randomly.

All of the fight’s witnesses became dumbstruck. That little figure could actually swing the Violent Ape’s body? This was too fake-looking, making them feel as if everything wasn’t real.

The Violent Ape angrily roared. That finger was broken.


The little guy swapped and hugged a different finger, once again spinning it around and slamming it into another stone mountain. Smoke and dust rose, and giant boulders tumbled down, almost burying the Violent Ape.

“Ao…” It roared angrily. It sustained injuries in succession, and even the number of symbols decreased by a lot. Its body shunk, once again becoming ten meters in height.

The radiance in the little guy’s eyes exploded. He had no intention of showing mercy, rushing forward immediately. He locked down the Violent Ape’s body and began to pound it with all his might.


This time, he directly grabbed the huge ape’s wrist and began to spin it around. Smashing it into the ground, it shook the earth until it created ten to hundred meter long cracks.


Following that, he then spun the head region, smashing the Violent Ape onto the rocky ground on the other side. It shook until the entire mountains began to tremble, creating a shocking scene.

Everyone there was dumbfounded. Just how much terrifying strength was stored in that small figure’s body? He was actually this formidable, as if he was throwing a scarecrow around! He spun the ten meter Violent Ape from the east and smashed it down to the west; it was simply too terrifying.

“Stop him!”

On the other side, there were more than ten powerful Archaic descendants that suddenly moved out together. They couldn’t helplessly watch the Violent Ape that was still alive get ferociously smashed to death any longer.

Immediately, there were four to five experts that rushed over. There were humanoids, vicious beasts, and even vicious birds. Their steps cracked open the earth and their wings struck the skies as they arriving together.


Precious light flickered and symbols covered the sky. There were also precious artifacts pressing downwards; it was a terrifying scene.

The little guy roared loudly, not holding back at all. The golden bone shears soared into the sky, the Suan Ni precious mirror shone, and a silver moon rushed up. Countless strands of lightning danced about, and there were all types of symbols clustered together. The sky was bright and dazzling, completely drowned out by his own strength alone.

Not only did he use precious artifacts, he also used his remarkable abilities, using all of his strength to attack those few creatures.

Waves of terrifying sounds were emitted up ahead. There were sounds of precious artifacts being shattered, fierce birds wailing, and even the loud sounds of huge monsters collapsing.

The five experts that rushed over all received heavy attacks. One of the fierce beasts had its precious artifact smashed to pieces by the golden bone shears. The creature itself was also killed, its body into two pieces. Fresh blood surged as it poured out.

There was also a vicious bird that was hacked by lightning. Its entire body was scorched black, and it fled after encountering this difficult situation.

The little guy stopped and turned around. The gaze in his eyes was incomparably cold and serious. On his back were several bloody scars that flowed with blood. Even his bones were about to be exposed.

Other than those five powerful creatures, there was another expert that made its move. It chose to mount an assassination, almost tearing open his back. It far surpassed those five Archaic species, and was extremely terrifying.

The white tiger was extremely cold and unhurried. It placed the claw with blood sticking to it into its mouth, mocking with a sneer, “The flavor is not bad, it’s the type of blood that I like.”

“You’re looking for death!”

The little guy took steps forward, and then abruptly broke into a run. He stepped over the Violent Ape’s body, rushing towards the White Tiger. In the end, after ten steps dropped, the Violent Ape suddenly released a heaven shocking bellow. All of the bones in its body exploded, completely shattering; it would no longer get up again.


The white tiger also moved. Its roar shook the heaven and earth, forming an area of blazing white light. As if rushed out, it brought with it a sweeping gale. Within the brilliant splendor, it fiercely fought against the little guy as they collided again and again.

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