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Chapter 1461

The Fire Nation Princess was absolutely stunning, drawing the attention of everyone standing there. However, with the devilish brat standing on the side, it was like a blot within a beautiful landscape. Many people wanted to give him a good beating.

“What do we do?” The ‘restricted’ individual frowned. That hateful youth actually walked together with the fire nation princess, making them rather fearful of the consequences.

“No matter what, we have to eliminate him. Otherwise, when he leaves the Hundred Shattering Mountains and enters the Heaven Mending Pavilion, it really will be difficult to make our move.” Someone muttered.

Stone Forest once again restored its peace. Everyone once again went on a search to find their own precious artifacts. However, after so many days, there weren’t even ten precious artifacts that were obtained in total.

It was clear that it was extremely difficult to gain any harvest, and that a certain set of conditions had to be met. However, these people did not actually know how to meet these conditions.

“Old brothers, have you guys found any treasures yet?” The little guy asked, casually leading Huo Ling’er and the Heaven Mending Pavilion senior sisters and brothers over to give them an idea of the circumstances.

“Go away to the side!” The several ‘restricted’ individuals truly hated it whenever the devilish brat was involved. Every time they saw him, they would immediately get extremely angry.

“Junior brother, you are acquainted with them?” A senior sister from the Heaven Mending Pavilion asked. Seeing how familiar he was right from the start, she truly thought that they were old friends.

The little guy nodded and said, “En, I’m quite familiar with them. We’ve accompanied each other along the way these past few days, about to become intimate friends.”

“Ah, so close, hurry and introduce us. We should pay our respects,” the senior sister from the Heaven Mending Pavilion said.

“Don’t, there’s no need to be that intimate.” The little guy indifferently shook his head.

“Why?” A senior brother didn’t understand.

“Do you see that fat old man? I killed his grandson. There’s also that thin old fellow, I killed both of his grandnephews. As for that black old man, I think I kicked his sister’s son to death…” THe little guy pointed at them one after another before explaining.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion senior brothers and sisters were stupefied when they heard those words. What kind of relationship was this? Didn’t you say that you accompanied each other along the way? Exactly what type of God angering things did this savage child do?

On the opposing side, the group of old men were shooting flames out of their mouths and eyes. Their ears were sending out white smoke; they were simply too angry. This shitty child really needed to be killed.

Huo Ling’er also stared at him, saying, “You’re trying to put on a show again!”

“No no, what I said was the truth. They tried to kill me this entire time mercilessly, and in the end their younger generation were killed off by me. I feel like I developed friendly relations with them and wanted to find some way to settle our past disputes, but in the end they did not appreciate my kindness. They just had to constantly shout beat and kill towards me. Too unfriendly,” said the little guy.

The group of people were speechless, and all of them had completely stupid expressions on their faces. Settle what past disputes? It was definitely not something that could be forgiven unless he died.

“Old brother, beating and killing each other is not right. Can we not sit down and chat about it if there is something? If we started out with a toast under the bright moon, we wouldn’t have had to have this type of tragedy between us. Sigh. What is there to be said about this…” The little guy walked up and stood on his tiptoes, once again patting the elder’s shoulder.

“Little bastard, we’ll wait and see who is right!” The elder couldn’t restrain his anger any longer, and his lungs were about to explode. He pulled the sleeve of his gown away, not wanting to stay together with him any longer; otherwise, he would die from excessive anger.

Several days later, the little guy completely gave up. Outside of that tattered sword, he did not obtain a single precious artifact. On the contrary, there were a few other creatures that obtained treasures, and after adding all of them up, there were finally almost ten of them.

He was lying on top of the crouching tiger stone, sleeping with loud huhu sounds. He did not waste any more time, and decided to preserve and nurture his spirit2. He made preparations to leave this place and search for the Unaging Divine Spring.

If it was possible, he truly wanted to smash apart these giant boulders with a hammer and retrieve the sealed ancient weapons. However, he did not want to get punished by the tribulation, and so he had choice but to hold it in.

Suddenly, the little wolf began to cry out with ao ao sounds. It began to squirm about within Huo Ling’er’s bosom as it stared at a giant boulder. It was strange and difficult to describe, and that boulder actually split apart, emitting a bright and resplendent radiance.

“Heavens, there’s another formidable precious artifact!” The people were shocked.

This was a bone ring, and was an azure color. It was as if it was carved out of precious stones, and it was unknown what type of creature’s precious bones this was created from. It possessed a type of astonishing spiritual nature, and even though so many endless years have passed, the luster and gloss did not decline at all.

With the appearance of this ring, it immediately created waves of sound. Symbols covered everything densely, as if the entire area was covered in a sparkling and translucent layer. It transformed into an azure color, and Huo Ling’er was enveloped within, her skin sparkling and her pupils moving about lively; she appeared more and more beautiful.

“Ancient weapon! What a pity, it also has a bit of deficiency.” The people were regretful. This bone ring had a piece missing, and was not a complete circle.

Everyone sighed. Until now, there still hasn’t been a perfect ancient weapon, and all of them were damaged.

However, when they thought about this, they all became relieved. If a perfect and whole one did appear, then it would definitely be able to become a country subduing absolute treasure. It would make even a Great King unable to sit still.

This bone ring was not large, and fitted Huo Ling’er’s wrist perfectly. It was like a jade bracelet, sparkling and transparent as it flickered with radiance.

As long as it was activated, it would shine. There were a terrifying amount of symbols, so many that it was almost blinding. It suppressed the space around them, and needless to say, its might was certainly great.

Huo Ling’er was delighted, wearing it around her wrist. In the end, the little wolf continuously nipped at her, wanting to take it off of her and give it to the little guy.

The Fire Nation princess was extremely angry, saying in a reproving tone, “I wasted my love on you! You anger me to death!”

The little guy was naturally roused awake, quickly running over, saying, “Truly not bad, it’s a good precious artifact. Being so beautiful, if it was given as a gift to the tiger girl’s group, they will definitely be very happy.”

“This is mine!” Huo Ling’er cried out in anger, wearing it on her snow white wrist. She was unwilling to take it off and tenaciously held the little wolf while asking the little guy suspiciously, “Who is this tiger girl?”

“A little sister that is sturdy and beautiful like me,” said the little guy. After thinking for a bit, he added a sentence. “Much prettier than you.”

After hearing the first half, Huo Ling’er was still blinking her eyes and holding in her laugher. With such a strong and sturdy build, what kind of beauty was that? After hearing the second half, her rage surged violently, screeching, “Go die!”

She hugged the little wolf and twisted its plump butt before directly leaving in rage. She truly couldn’t stand the little guy.

“Truly an unfathomable mystery.” The little guy shook head.

“Junior brother, you are still young. Wait two years, you will understand then what is called beautiful, and what is called sturdy.” A senior brother from the Heaven Mending Pavilion walked over and patted his shoulder, speaking in a profound voice.

“Tsk, do you think I’m dumb? What do I not know? Senior brother, didn’t you peep at senior sister while she was taking a shower last time?”

“Don’t say random things! I never did those things!” This Heaven Mending Pavilion senior brother became anxious before turning around and walking away.

Behind them, the two senior sisters from the Heaven Mending Pavilion were already revealing murderous glares.

The little guy finally calmed down, and began to look everywhere out of boredom. He was preparing to end his trip to the historical ruins. He couldn’t benefit any more by being here, and was only wasting his time.

He rubbed the small pagoda in his hair and said to himself, “Other than that rusted sword, there’s only you. Why aren’t you moving? Even the symbols are gone, so what are you useful for?” The little guy was annoyed. He wrapped a few more circles of hair around it, binding it even tighter.

The little guy arrived at the edge of the Stone Forest and looked at the dusky sky. As a result of the mist being so thick, he couldn’t see the sun formed by the Golden Crow.

“Why isn’t there any precious artifact that will just show up, waiting for me to pick up?”


A streak of fiery light slashed across the dusky sky, directly falling down.

“It really came?!” The little guy was overjoyed, but soon after, he once again wrinkled his forehead. It was actually the big red bird, dyed in blood from top to bottom. It was extremely tired, gasping for breath as it dropped at the mountain summit.

“Ah, you really are here! We need to hurry and save the others! The Nine-Headed Lion, Sable, and the others are about to be rippd into corpses by the others!” The big red bird seemed to be extremely impatient.

The little guy was shocked. The Nine-Headed Lion was so powerful, yet there was someone who who could shred these Archaic descendants into corpses? Who exactly was this terrifying?

In an instant, he once again calmed down and said, “How did you know where I was?”

“I heard someone say this while in the middle of the battle!” The big red bird continuously cursed, and its entire body was emitting light. It was trying to recover from its wounds, and was extremely impatient as he hurried the little guy along.

The light in the little guy’s eyes flickered, and he rubbed the sword on his back. His eyes immediately lit up, and there wasn’t the least bit of fear in them.

“Wait a moment!” He rushed back to the Stone Forest, calling Huo Ling’er over. “Junior Sister, are those under you ‘restricted’? Help me out in a bit.”

He turned around, allowing the big red bird to inform them of the situation. Afterwards, he didn’t say much else, jumping onto the back of the big red bird and directly entering the mist.

The battlefield was not far, roughly twenty li from the foot of the Divided Treasure Cliffs. Currently, the battle was almost over, and it appeared extremely bloody.

The Nine-Headed Lion was dispirited and lifeless, all of the golden light around its body dim. There was a large hole in its chest, breathing deeply as it laid in a pool of blood.

Beside it, the Flame Crow seemed to have scorched itself, and all of its black feathers were in disarray. Moreover, there were some golden tail feathers that pierced through its body, causing fresh blood to rush out.

The Three Eyed Race’s two brothers’ foreheads were almost cracked open, and there was a clear claw mark there. Luckily, their vertical eyes had not been scratched off.

The Rainbow Luan was also fighting, but it was currently already at its dying breath. Its body was almost ripped into two halves, and it continuously cried out in a low voice.

The sable had its forelimb twisted, and it was clear that it was broken by someone. The bone was fractured, and it was an extremely grave injury; the opponent’s methods were extremely fierce.

They were all still alive, and were gathered together, carrying out their final stand. However, after encountering this type of serious damage, they definitely couldn’t last that much longer.

The little guy looked towards the other side, and when he saw who the enemy was, he became relieved. The Nine-Headed Lion’s group’s losses were not unjustified, because the opponents were truly powerful enough!

The creatures at the front were all creatures that he met before. There was a golden divine bird that was like a great Peng, standing on top of a mountain stone motionless. There was a violent ape, roughly ten meters in height. Its entire body was covered in black hair, and fierce teeth lined its blood mouth. It was currently beating its chest, ringing out with dong dong sounds. A White Tiger stared towards this direction with cold and gloomy pupils while emitting a terrifying aura.

Other than these individuals, there were also roughly a dozen other Archaic descendants. Each and every one of them were extremely powerful, all of them flowing with killing intent. Some of them were humanoid, blossoming with precious splendor.

They held an absolute advantage from just numbers alone. WIth enough power to suppress the Nine-Headed Lion and the others, there was no need to explain just how deep the cultivation realms of those creatures were, as they were powerful enough to be shoulder to shoulder with the ‘restricted.’

“We only carried out some simple plans, yet you all obediently delivered your lives over. Truly well-behaved.” The White Tiger spoke calmly in a cold tone. There was a type of arrogance on its face, carrying a look of a disdain.

“Stupid cat, do you think that me and the savage child don’t know your dog fart schemes? He came over precisely to eat you guys!” The big red bird clamored loudly.

“You won’t die unless you are looking for it. You all are playing a death seeking tempo.” The little guy looked towards that group of Archaic species.

“I’ve tolerated you for a long time already. Today, I will tear you to shreds!” The Violent Ape was the first one to roar in anger.

The White Tiger shook its head and looked at the little guy. It sneered in disdain, “You are the one playing the tempo of delivering your death. Being so rude to me, there has never been a human who have lived long after doing such a thing.”

“I’ve wanted to try tiger bone soup for a while already. I am thankful for this brilliant reunion.” The little guy replied, and then looked towards that golden Luan.

From beginning to end, it did not move, nor did it make any sounds. However, none of them dared to ignore it, because its aura was too terrifying.

“You walked out from the Archaic sacred mountain, so are you truly pure blooded?” asked the little guy.

“Why does it matter?” The golden divine bird replied, shooting out strands of golden threads from its pupils, intimidating those around it.

“If you are pure-blooded, then I will make you yield and carry you out. If you aren’t pure-blooded, then I’ll directly eat you!” said the little guy. The Nine-Headed Lion, big red bird, and the others were all injured, and as a result, he was now truly angry.

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