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Chapter 145 – Ancient Sword

The mountain summit was wide and open with all types of giant rocks lying about in disarray. After walking into the depths of the Stone Forest, everyone couldn’t help but sigh. There were many giant boulders with designs on them. They were extremely vivid and lifelike, for example a Golden Crow pursuing lightning, a cow treading on the ocean, a giant Peng bird spreading its wings to take flight… All of them had different shapes and forms.

The ancient diagrams left behind were of all types of species. No one understood what type of messages these diagrams were trying to convey, and since ancient times, many geniuses have passed through here to comprehend and gain enlightenment without much success. Maybe it was simply an account of a past glory.

“Precious artifact, precious artifact, where are you really?” The little guy murmured.

The Stone Forest was extremely vast, and there were too many giant stones. He carefully felt about, yet did not reap any harvest. Even communicating using the symbols recorded within the True Primordial Record proved futile.

“What’s going on? Several creatures already obtained precious artifacts, so why haven’t I gotten anything yet?” The little guy scratched his head in puzzlement as his darkened his small face in confusion.

He looked left and right and saw that a few ‘restricted’ were grouped together, discussing something. One of them wiped a giant boulder clean, and another carefully tried to get a response from it.

The little guy walked over from the back and patted one of the individual’s shoulders and said, “Old brother, any results?”

“Sigh, completely empty-handed.” An elder shook his head, but felt that something was wrong soon after. Something was wrong with this voice, why was it so delicate? All of them turned around at the same time.

They only saw a devilish brat with a dirty face. His eyes were extremely bright as he stood on a chunk of limestone. While tiptoeing, he patted one the individual’s shoulders as if they were extremely familiar with each other.

“Go away!” The beard of the elder who had his shoulder patted stood straight. This was a great life or death enemy ah! After killing off most of their descendants, his skin was actually thick enough to try and worm his way into being friends; it was absolutely aggravating.

“Old brother, pay close attention to your image. We are both able people, and need to have a bit of magnanimity, and even more tolerance.” The little guy stepped on a giant stone and went on his tiptoes, once again patting his shoulder.

The elder’s nose was about to turn crooked. If this place did not prohibit fighting, then his palm would have already slapped over, hitting that devilish brat until he split open like a peach blossom!

“Brat, what you are doing is clearly provocation! Don’t think that we don’t dare move our hands!” The others couldn’t continue watching any longer, and were so hateful that even the roots of their teeth were itching.

“Old brothers, this is where you all are wrong. True opponents are those that appreciate each other’s talents and are mutually respectful. We could fight it out with our lives on the line, but when we sit down, we can also drink and chat merrily about this world’s major events.” The little guy appeared to be regretful as he continuously shook his head.

“Little bastard, who wants to appreciate talents with you. If we weren’t here right now, you still wouldn’t become our opponents. Just a single finger of mine could crush you to death!” An elder’s bad temper erupted, his eyes immediately standing up.

“Old brother, your anger is too great. I dare to say that within your five visceras, the symbols in your liver have some problems. With such a burning anger, it’ll affect your future natural luck.” The little guy took the opportunity to move in closer while stepping on a large chunk of limestone, directly hooking his arm around the elder’s shoulder and embracing his neck.

“Go, go off to the side!” This elder shouted his reply. Shitty devilish brat, what a load of fart, daring to even try to become brothers with this elder. The worst part is that not long ago, you went face to face with us to kill off my descendants.

The few elders were all angered. If not for the fact that they couldn’t use force, they really would have pounced over to skin him alive.

In the end, the little guy shook his head and patted their shoulders. Then, he slapped his butt before turning around and leaving.

“This damn child!” These individuals almost flew into rage.

On the side, a tall and bold, entirely back Violent Ape laughed with hou hou sounds. Afterwards, it looked at the little guy with eyes full of despise. It even filled the air with killing intent.

This was precisely that Archaic species that he encountered at the foot of the mountain. The little guy gave it a sidelong glance and said, “What are you looking? Gorilla, don’t try and become friends with me. I am not familiar with you, and won’t appreciate talents with you. Because you are humanoid, I have no way of throwing you into the pot.”

The violent ape became furious. It pounded its chest and really wanted to roar into the sky. However, at the last moment, it covered its mouth in a hurry, swallowing down a breath of muffled air. The sound of leaked wind was emitted from its mouth.

“Gorilla, what are you giggling about. Was what I said funny? You actually covered your mouth to hide your laugh.” The little guy glared at it.

The violent ape turned around and ran. Its entire body was shivering, using all of its strength to block its mouth. It didn’t dare to let it go as white smoke shot out from its nose.

“Gorilla, why are you running? If you have something happy to talk about, then say it out loud so we can be happy together. Being happy alone is not as good as being happy together! You are too selfish.”

The gorilla truly couldn’t hold it in any longer, and even its ears were starting to emit white smoke. It widened its two large legs and finally strode out of the Stone Forest. Following that, it suddenly jumped off of the mountain peak. Only now did he release his large hand and roar towards the sky, “Yellow skinned monkey, don’t let me catch you! I will tear you to shreds!”

It dropped about ten zhang below and stood on top of a giant boulder. Using strength to beat its chest, it sounded like muffled thunder. The sound shook the heaven and earth as it went crazy there.

“Old Macaque, Transparent Armed Ape brothers, you all need to be careful. Down there, that gorilla said that he’s going to tear you guys apart and eat you in one bite.” The little guy reminded them with good intentions.

These monkeys were speechless, rolling their eyes together.

The little wandered back and forth in search of his own precious artifact. When he arrived in front of a worn-out rock, he suddenly quivered and began to coldy shiver. The reason behind this was because the gloomy whooshing sound once again rang out beside his ear.

“My sword… My sword…”

He raised his hand, suddenly revealing the Suan Ni precious mirror. He looked at the reflection, seeing a string of black characters appear on his forehead. Strands of dark mist were emitted, lingering around his ears.

“Ghost grandpa, you are always crying out. Give me some concrete directions, or else how will I find it?” The little guy was depressed.

Right at that moment, the tattered stone that was not even two thirds of a meter in length began to emit black smoke. It cracked, emitting kacha kacha sounds before finally splitting open.

“Ah… found it!” The little guy was overjoyed.

With a cry of surprise like this, everyone threw their gazes over. They were all shocked, because another person obtained a precious artifact. It made them incomparably jealous.

However, when they saw that tattered stone, they all became stumped for words. Then, when they saw that there was no multicolored light there and instead had fierce flames spewing out, they all began to grin.

What kind of treasure was this? Forget about symbols, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of a propitious vapor. On the contrary, it seemed as if there was dried cow poop burning, emitting this type of black smoke.

The little guy’s forehead was also emitting a black thread. Why did it not create anything different? It looked just like burning firewood within a cave. Thick smoke was released everywhere; this was simply too unsightly.

In the end, the black smoke scattered, revealing a broken sheet of metal. It was as ugly as ugly could be, and it was rusted until it was full of stains. It had corroded until it was about to rot.

Only after careful observation would one notice that this was a sword. The decorations on the shaft were already rotted, and only the sword bone remained. It was barely enough for a hand to grasp around.

“That sword truly has… Personality!”


Everyone began to mock him, and some of them couldn’t help but ridicule it.

The little guy darkened his small face, also feeling that this sword was excessively simple and crude. Was this still usable?

A kacha sound rang out, and as a result, he didn’t move for a long time. The rock skin that previously split open actually wanted to close up, once again wrapping around the sword.

The little guy wrinkled his nose and crouched down in an instant. His right hand gripped the sword hilt and pulled outwards. However, it unexpectedly did not move in the slightest, making him shocked.

Right at that moment, a wave of heaven overflowing killing intent swept its way over, charging into his body. In that instant, he saw a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. The scene of blood flowing through the great land appeared, and endless creatures were exterminated.

This type of aura was too terrifying, enough to crush a genius. Even the little guy’s powerful physical body was trembling, directly creating wounds. A mouthful of fresh blood bubbled forth, and was forcefully swallowed down.

The others couldn’t tell what was happening, but the little guy already understood that this sword was too powerful. It was absolutely not an ordinary object, and was definitely a great killing weapon left behind by the saints!

The wave of killing intent poured out endlessly, continuously trespassing his body. The little guy was trying his best to withstand it. Finally, he was able to resist it; his mind was in shock.

At this moment, he finally understood why all those people failed in the past. If he was switched out for anyone else, their physical bodies would definitely shatter!

Right at this moment, that decoration in his hair, the finger-length and crystalline pagoda, flashed with a glimmer. All of the killing intent was immediately pushed back like a wave.

Everyone noticed the strange behaviors of that small pagoda.

The little guy released a breath, silently calming himself down and recovering a bit. He once again slowly pulled the sword, and with a qiang lang sound ringing out, the ancient sword broke away from the rotting stone, appearing within his hand.

Pu chi1

Many people immediately began to laugh. This sword was too worn-out, almost losing the sword shape. The sword’s body was filled with rusted marks, and it was only a third of a meter long because the majority of it was lost after being broken off.

Even the remaining portion was broken, and there were clear traces of it being pieced together. The exterior surface of the sword was bumpy, seeming as if parts of it were about to rot off.

The group of people all shook their heads. For an Archaic artifact to have lasted until now was already an amazing thing. Many of them were already damaged, and this was a completely ordinary thing. This devilish brat was simply unfortunate, encountering a damaged and deformed weapon.

“This broken sword’s condition is just too terrible. You should go back and completely reforge it, hehe!”

“It really does match you well.” Even that Violent Ape couldn’t hold back his condescending words. Its bloody mouth was wide open, revealing fierce snow white teeth as it continuously laughed there.

“You should add it to your collection and consider it your most precious treasure.” An individual from the ‘restricted’ pinched his beard and became completely relaxed. When the little guy found the precious artifact just now, they immediately panicked. You have to understand that this was an Archaic artifact, and who knows if a few world shocking treasure will appear or not.

“Even though it’s broken, it is still an Archaic artifact in the end. Bring it back and take care of it properly. Who knows, there might be a day when it will develop a spirit again.” Another relatively younger ‘restricted’ individual mocked.

Haha… The group of people all broke out into laughter, shaking their heads continuously.

The little guy’s face darkened and did not say anything. It was because he knew that this sword was definitely not ordinary after it created that world shocking and unprecedented killing intent. Even the weight alone was enough to scare people to death. It looked like it was about to decompose, but after picking it up, it had several tens of thousands of jin in weight; this was still the weight after having part of it broken off!

This was precisely the terrifying strength of the little guy’s body. Normal people definitely could not lift it as if it were rice straw. Holding it in his hand, he flipped it around as he looked it over.

The bone sword did not have a sharp point, and the areas that were not rusted were black. There were some fuzzy patterns on it, and the sword body was ice cold.

“Your eyes are truly bad. You all can’t even recognize such a unique divine sword, yet dare to ridicule, sigh!” The little guy shook his head and carried the sword on his back as if he couldn’t care less about them.

The more he spoke like this with a sense of indifference, the more it made the others believe that it was a piece of rotting steel. It immediately caused a wave of roaring laughter.

“When that boulder cracked open just now, black mist sprayed outwards. That mist is the dark baleful aura of the ancient battlefield! Even a powerful artifact will slowly decay under it. To have been sealed up since ancient times, constantly accompanied by this dark baleful aura, if it really still had spirit, then it would truly be heaven rebelling.” The White Tiger appeared. It was incomparably cold and detached, carrying a hint of ridicule within its pupils. It was obvious that it was taking joy in his calamity.

“You guys don’t understand!” The little guy looked like he was hiding something. He rubbed the rusted sword on his back and pretended to be speaking bold and visionary words, “Since you have seen the light, your fame and glory will once again be spread widely under the heavens.”

The group of people sneered. The Violent Ape, ‘restricted,’ and White Tiger all stared at the little guy. He did not obtain a sufficiently breathtaking precious artifact, so when he leaves, that will be the best time to kill him.

A group of people entered Stone Forest led by a young lady. Her beautiful hair was jet-black, and her forehead was full and sparkling white. Her chin was sharp, and she had a pair of bright eyes and white teeth. She was extraordinarily beautiful, and carried a type of spiritual nature.

This was precisely the Fire Nation princess, and even though she was only fifteen or sixteen years old, her figure was extremely wonderful. Her curves went up and down, seemingly near perfect. Her pupils wandered about like waves, flickering over. Her neck was spotlessly snow white, and her chest was full. Her waist was small, and her legs were slender; her steps gave off the beauty of a lotus.

Huo Ling’er’s skin was sparkling white like goat jade. Her body had a layer of radiance circling about it, and her pair of lotus arms were wrapped around a small ashy wolf. It was shaggy with large eyes, and with a pair of small wings on its back, it was extremely cute.

Behind the Fire Nation princess were a few cloaked individuals. It was obvious that they were ‘restricted’ individuals, and they were precisely the ones who intruded the Divine Cave to bring out the divine descendant. They were extremely powerful, and their wounds back then have long recovered.

Furthermore, the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s five geniuses were following closely behind, none of them dying along the way.

Everyone glanced over at them with surprise. To be able to bring over such a large group, it was clear that they weren’t ordinary people; they were definitely sufficiently powerful.

“Yi, it’s the Fire Nation princess, the human emperor’s daughter!” Someone cried out in alarm.

With these words spoken, regardless of whether it was human experts or the geniuses of the  other races, they all sucked in a cold breath of air. That human emperor made everything under the heavens tremble, with accomplishments blessed by nature’s luck. He was simply too powerful, and there were numerous powerful races that did not dare provoke him. All of them wanted to retreat.

The little guy carried the broken sword on his back  and walked over like a great model. He directly arrived in front of Huo Ling’er and said, “Junior sister, don’t be scared here. With this senior brother covering for you, no one will dare to set set their ideas on you.”

Huo Ling’er’s large and black jewel-like eyes were raised as she shouted, “Why would I need your protection?!” No matter how you looked at it, this devilish brat was clearly seizing an opportunity, yet he spoke as if it was something to be expected. It made her so angry that she wanted to strike out.

Moreover, she was older than the little guy. If they really were going by honorifics, she should be the senior sister. In the end, she would always be called the junior sister, so she was already in a bad mood a long time ago.

The little guy pinched the little wolf, and the young deity immediately scuttled over to his bosom, carrying with it Huo Ling’er’s unique scent. It rubbed itself against his body, expressing its intimacy.

The fire nation princess jumped again and again, speaking in anger, “I raised such a thankless wretch!” Along the way, all sorts of good things were fed to it. In the end, when it met the little guy, it immediately defected over.

The little guy smiled happily before turning around to the others, saying, “I didn’t say anything false. This is my junior sister who is under my protection. None of you are allowed to randomly have ideas on her, otherwise, I won’t be polite.”

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