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Chapter 144 – Divided Treasure Cliff

“My sword… My sword…” The voice was sporadic, constantly starting and stopping.

The little guy who did not fear the heavens or the earth was completely scared. When he saw his reflection in the Suan Ni precious mirror, he noticed that black-colored characters appeared on his forehead, and that the voice had something to do with this.

“Damn it!” The little guy was frightened. He already clearly knew that this was going to happen. The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s ancient deity’s existence was extremely old, and should the individual chosen by it fail, then that individual would be cursed by black characters and inevitably die.

“Ghost grandpa… You stupid idler!” The little guy was resentful.

The Divided Treasure Cliff was grand and majestic, and it towered into the clouds. A ring of black fog circled about the mountain, as if it was an imposing Archaic devil mountain. It carried an oppressing aura!

An ancient road lead into the mountains. The road was paved with limestone, and the effects of time were permeated within. No one knew just how many heroic youth passed by here before, but in the end, they still ultimately dyed this demonic mountain in blood, never again coming out.

The Bifang, Pi Xiu, Golden Divine Bird, Demonic Cattail Tree and the others stood on one side. They were on guard against each other, and all of their auras were shocking. They were definitely the group of powerful geniuses that no one wanted to provoke in the slightest.

The little guy was cursing, and his mood was naturally not very good. Darkening his face, he directly walked forward. As if everyone owed him ten precious artifacts, he paid absolutely no attention to those powerful experts.

Not even a single blade of grass grew within the mountain, and the entire place was an ash brown color. A portion of the mountain rocks were a dull red color like that of bloodstains. The limestone stairs were extremely long. He ascended those stairs, and as he ascended the stairs, his small face increasingly darkened as he fumed with anger.

“How am I supposed to know what kind of sword it is? It’s not like anyone told me what it’s like, so how am I supposed to find it? This headache is killing me!” The little guy wrinkled his nose and walked up the mountain.

Beside the road, the Bifang, Pi Xiu, Demonic Cattail Tree and the others were flabbergasted. This human youth unexpectedly didn’t even give them a single glance, walking past them arrogantly just like that.

You have to understand that among those who entered the historical ruins, who would dare act so absent-minded? As long as a single one from this group appeared, one would immediately feel dread and stay off to the side.

“Absolutely unbridled and unrestrained.” The Violent Ape spoke out, the gaze in its eyes chilly.

When the little guy heard this, he was awoken from his own world. He turned around to look at them, saying, “Gorilla, what are you looking at? You really were born ugly. Yi, are you really pure-blooded?”

The Violent Ape was an Archaic descendant, and its race was powerful and tyrannical. Its ancestors were known as the Divine Ape, so who dared to call it a gorilla? It truly was absurd! It was so angry that its nose was turning crooked!

The little guy shook his head and said, “I promised uncle that one day I will make a pure-blooded vicious beast yield. Are you the one?”

The Violent Ape was furious. With a fiery gaze in its eyes, it wanted to jump out in anger and tear him to shreds.

In the back, the Golden Divine Bird’s pupils were even colder. Strands of magical radiance were emitted from its pupils, staring straight at the little guy.

“Forget it, I’m not in the mood. I have to find that rotten sword, or else I will definitely die from the curse.” The little guy hung his head dejectedly before turning around and climbing the mountain.

The gazes of the group of powerful creatures were like sharp blades. After hearing those words, they immediately felt apprehensive and couldn’t help but take a few steps back. Things like curses were the extremely strange, as even a slight mishap might incur a disaster on themselves. None of them were willing to get involved.

Hou… The Violent Ape beated its chest fiercely, venting out its discontentment. It was as if a heavenly drum was ringing out with dong dong sounds.

The Demonic Mountain was grand and majestic. It was impossible to see the peak while walking, and there was no end in sight. This was the little guy’s first time scaling such a giant mountain. It wasn’t even like climbing a mountain anymore; it was like scaling a plateau, because the mountain was simply too huge.

Giant stones were laid about in disarray on the mountain, creating a bizarre landscape. However, this wasn’t actually the pure land. Black mist circled around this area, and the entire heaven and earth was extremely dusky. From time to time, large skeletal remains could be seen. They were all left behind by the geniuses of ancient times.

This small world opened once every hundred years. Who knows how many heroic youth’s bones were buried here.

“Ya, that’s a Bi’an. Unfortunately, the primitive symbol bone had been picked up by someone a long time ago.” The little guy looked around before continuing to walk forward.

Nine-Headed Bird, Jiao Tu, and the remains of all other ancient creatures that one could imagine were there. Along this road, he noticed all types of human remains, all of them as solid as iron and stone.

This was the accumulation of countless years of time, and was the ‘precipitation’ that collected from ancient times until now.

The mountains were extremely dusky, and the higher you went, the more concentrated the mist became. The little guy was prudent as he took precautions, because it was extremely dangerous within the mountains. One could tell just by seeing those skeleton remains, as too many powerful creatures died in the past.


Suddenly, a cold and remote sharp point appeared, attacking straight towards the middle of the little guy’s back. It was steady and accurate as it approached fiercely. This was a green lance, gorgeous and shocking. Only when it closed in on the little guy’s body did it burst out with a bone penetrating killing intent.

Goose bumps appeared on his body, and all the fine hairs on his body stood erect. His body shifted horizontally, and like a flat scroll, he drifted towards the side. With a dong sound, the green lance’s point smashed into a ten thousand jin giant boulder. With a slight tremble, the rock split into pieces.

Following that, the green colored lance swept past fiercely, carrying with it a frantic gust of wind. The rocks on the ground flew into the air immediately afterwards. Smoke and dust covered the air as wuwu sounds rang out.

The little guy retreated. Like a spirit ape, he crossed over a large boulder before turning around to observe the situation.


In that area, the entire forest was in broken and shattered. The green lance’s spear point was firm as it swept past a large amount of boulders. Following that, it began to follow over.

This wasn’t actually a human, but rather a strange plant. The green colored lance was its stolon. It was solid and its point was sharp, and with the ability to pierce through iron and stone, it slaughtered its way over.

The little guy firmly believed that he had never met this plant before, so there was no hatred between them. It was clear that this was a pure killing desire, wanting to steal the precious artifacts on his body.

After entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains, these types of things happened often. In particular, those that visited this giant imposing mountain were all extraordinary. On their bodies would inevitably be rare and precious spiritual treasures, easily causing others to lust after them.

The little guy’s pupils emitted light. He walked forward to meet it head on, preparing to fight a great battle against this strange plant. The green lance carried with it symbols as it emitted waves of bluish green light, its might absolutely tremendous.

However, when the little guy began to use lightning, it surprisingly became alarmed. Its natural instincts restrained itself, alerting itself that its life was in mortal danger.

Before this, it had never met the little guy before and didn’t know how powerful he was. He appeared to be a single human youth, so it thought that it could quickly kill him. It never thought that it would be so troublesome.

It was also worth mentioning that it was extremely powerful. Under the little guy’s violent attacks, it withstood ten moves. It definitely could be considered a formidable genius!


With the little guy’s attack, half of the stolon was hacked until it was charred. Leaves rustled as they fell, and this plant was in dismay. The stolon pierced into the ground, and it quickly fled; however, it was impossible for it to get away.

Golden lightning flew over, once again enveloping it. With a hong sound, its body was scorched back, causing it to receive a fatal injury.

The little guy’s eyes revealed divine light. He pounced forward with the intention of breaking that stolon and seize that green lance because that was definitely a rarely seen precious artifact. At the same time, he also wanted to acquire its symbols and precious methods.


This plant knew its own fate. Its body emitted light before shattering soon afterwards. It wanted to destroy its own life imprint and symbols.


The little guy took out the bone shears. In that last crucial moment, he sliced off that battle lance. With a dang sound, it fell onto the ground, not perishing together with it.

“Sigh, what a pity. The battle lance is a bit short, and the symbols are hidden within.” The little guy picked it up. This battle lance was roughly the height of a person, but it was still a bit shorter than its original length.

“I’ll give it to Dazhuang, Pihou and the others as a present.” He was always gathering symbolled bones with the intention of giving them to the villagers after returning to Stone Village.

The mountain was massive. The higher one went, the more people he encountered. In the next few hours, the little guy fought fiercely with others several times. There were also many corpses that had died not long ago scattered around the road.


A streak of precious light flew out, and that was the birth of a precious artifact. There were quite a few hidden within the mountains, and it immediately drew in a group of creatures. They surrounded it, and all wanted to obtain it. Naturally, a large battle occurred as a result. It was unavoidable, and soon after, bloody mist permeated the air.

“The Golden Crow Wing has is appearing in this world!” Someone shouted loudly.

“It’s a precious artifact that survived from the ancient times!” In front, a group of people were loudly roaring as they frantically attacked.

There was a golden wing that covered the sky. With a gentle flicker, flames overflowed the sky. It melted the entire mountain area, causing lava to boil and rush downwards.

The little guy cursed. He turned around and fled, because he was currently situated in the low parts. He was about to meet that flood-like lava head on.

He took out a precious artifact and sped out. He was almost dragged into the great battle above; this an absolute disaster.

“Heavens, the Golden Crow Wing has been obtained by someone! How could that precious artifact choose a new owner? The experts above were all crying out in alarm.

A large golden bird rushed past, and within its mouth was a golden precious fan. Like a shooting star, it streaked across the sky and disappeared to the other side of the mountain.

“It’s that creature!” The little guy was astonished, and then became incomparably envious after. He previously met that Golden Divine Bird before, and knew that it was extremely powerful.

“Sigh, creatures with wings are just faster than those with legs. It began its ascent after me, yet ended up ahead. I’m so pitiful,” the little guy mumbled.

At the same time, he was on alert. That giant golden bird was extremely powerful to begin with, and was quite similar to the Great Peng. Now that it also obtained that precious fan, it would definitely become even more terrifying. He needed to seriously watch out against it.

The Divided Treasure Cliff was extremely huge. The little guy continuously climbed up the whole way in search of precious artifacts, and after arduously climbing for several days, he still haven’t reached the mountain peak. Instead, during the course of his journey, many bloody battles occurred. As long as a spiritual object appeared, there would inevitably be a blood-reeking massacre.

Golden light flickered. He took out the dragon shears and killed a human expert. A head flew high into the air, carrying with a string of blood. The headless body collapsed.

This was an expert from the ‘Li Race’, and was similar to the Kun Race. Within the Starting Ground, he previously wanted to seize the little guy’s precious bone so he took action. In the end, he was thrown into the human mountain.

In these next few days, he continuously rushed upwards and fought with many other people. He encountered many attacks from mysterious people, allowing him to thoroughly understand the origins of the Four Great Clans.

The Kun Race were completely exterminated within the historical ruins. There were still the Li, Yuan, and Meng Clans. They finally met with each other within the Divided Treasure Cliff, inciting a bloody battle.

For several days, the little guy’s body was bruised and riddled with scars. He was extremely powerful, but the opposing party had ‘restricted’ individuals. It was as if they were souls of the dead that wouldn’t disperse, and would constantly appear time and time again. There were a few times where his body almost met a huge disaster.

Fortunately, he was powerful enough. Even though he was still young, the genius youth from the three clans were far from being his opponent, and they were completely reliant on the actions of the ‘restricted’ individuals. During the course of events, the little guy killed twenty to thirty people within the three races, almost cleaning out their geniuses.

This made the remaining ‘restricted’ individuals erupt in anger. They were completely driven mad, swearing to find him and torture him to death.

The mountain was towering and majestic. The closer one got to the mountain peak, the greater the danger, because those that could reach this point were all the most powerful group of people. The little guy forged ahead arduously on foot and finally reached the mountain peak, arriving at the true Divided Treasure Cliff.

The three race’s ‘restricted’ individuals were almost here as well. They intentionally lagged behind to outflank him, waiting for a moment to deal a fatal blow.

The mountain peak was vast, like a plateau. It really wasn’t some small region, and various giant boulders lied about in disarray. They were in all types of bizarre shapes, as if they were petrified precious artifacts.

In reality, there really was such a legend. The ancient saints shed tears and dripped blood, and after the vast amount of people collapsed, their weapons were arranged on top of the Divided Treasure Cliff.

There was an ancient monument that stood tall and upright. On top of it was inscribed a few characters that warned the people that they they must not create a clamor here or disturb the deep slumber of the ancient saints. They must not cause destruction again and destroy the Divided Treasure Cliff.

This was an area of prohibited land, not allowing people to fiercely battle.

“This this real?” There was a vicious beast that spoke out, because it wasn’t really convinced.

“The owl over there also did not believe this and wanted to destroy a large boulder. In the end, it became a pool of bloody paste.” A humanoid creature acquainted with that vicious beast reminded.

Not far out, an enormous creature fell onto the ground, turning into a bloody paste. Only a few shattered white bones that were sparkling with radiance remained; it died an incredibly miserable death.

All of the geniuses took in a cold breath. Turns out that this place was not easy to provoke after all.

Even though the ancient saints have fallen and were hibernating deep within the ground, their resting place could not be damaged.

Quite a few people entered the Stone Forest, diligently reacting to their surroundings while searching for precious artifacts. According to legend, there were quite a few hidden within the giant boulders.

“Ah, that huge boulder is emitting light!” Many people were in shock.

A large boulder cracked open, emitting precious light within the cracks. The stone covering it came off, revealing a precious artifact!

It was a staff, sparkling and transparent. It was scarlet red like blood, and was not longer than a third of a meter in length. However, it was incomparably dazzling, and a large amount of symbols swirled around it. It emitted rumbling thunder-like sounds, creating a frightening scene.

“Heavens, could it be that it really is a weapon left behind by a saint? The Divided Treasure Cliff’ rumors were actually true?” The people were all crying out in surprise.

In front of that giant boulder was a bird. Its entire body was green, and was adorned with blood-colored streaks. It was circulating with a blazing light; this was precisely the Bifang. The staff dropped in front of its body, and was acquired by it.

“It’s a pity that the staff is damaged. It’ll be difficult for it to display the ancient saint’s might.” The people were regretful and noticed that the staff was actually already broken. It was only a small chunk.

However, this was still enough to shock the world. If this short staff was properly cared for and refined, it could still become a powerful and precious treasure.

“Why did that creature acquire it?” One of them couldn’t accept this. He raised his voice and charged forward.

However, a pu sound rang out, and a terrifying beam of light shot out from within the Divided Treasure Cliff. It immediately smashed him to pieces, turning him into a lump of bloody paste.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. They all calmed down, no longer daring to speak any more nonsense.

The Bifang turned around, and with ice cold eyes, it swept its gaze over everyone.

“We will also enter the Stone Forest and attempt to communicate with the ancient weapons. We will obtain precious artifacts that we can consider our own!” Passion burned within the eyes of these geniuses that came from the various clans, and all of them flocked inside.

After entering, the little guy felt as if he didn’t have enough eyes to see everything. He looked at a crouching tiger stone, then at the green cow stone before staring at the True Devouring Moon stone in front of him. His large eyes blinked, and were full of joy.

“Mine, mine, they are all mine!” The little miser’s eyes were full of stars as he clenched his small fists.

If these giant boulders truly all had precious artifacts sealed within them, it would be absolutely astonishing. The Divided Treasure Cliff would not only have treasure in its name, but also in reality.

Li, Yuan, Meng Clans’ ‘restricted’ individuals all moved up. After observing the inscriptions, they once again stared at the little guy. Their eyes were suffused with ominous light, but when it was all said and done, none of them dared to act blindly without thinking.

“We can’t do anything here. After leaving the Divided Treasure Cliff, we will take his life!”

The little guy also saw them, directly giving them a condescending look. He then flipped his head around, completely ignoring them, making the group of people so angry that their faces were turning green.

“Yi, Big Cat you came too.” As soon as the little guy turned around, he saw the White Tiger.

The White Tiger released a low roar, its eyes filled with ominous light.

“Big Cat are you trying to speak? Why do you sound weaker than a little kitty that was just born? Speak louder.” The little guy placed his hand beside his ear, hinting that he couldn’t hear what it said.

The light coming from the White Tiger’s eyes were completely cold. In a very low voice, it said, “Once we leave the Divided Treasure Cliff, I will take your life!” It naturally did not dare to roar too loudly, or else it would definitely be turned into a lump of bloody paste.

The little guy did not get angry at all. On the contrary, he wiped away his saliva and said, “I look forward to our splendid reunion.”

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