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Chapter 133 – True Supreme Water

The desert was vast and boundless. As golden sand flickered about, it made people a bit dizzy. While stepping on top, one would often feel a burning pain as well as waves of scorching heat attacking their feet.

If it was an an ordinary person walking here, then they would certainly not be able to withstand the heat for a long time before fainting. The temperature of this desert was high to the point of being terrifying, as if it was a giant furnace.

Currently, the Rain Clan’s mood was fiery and passionate like the desert. They were full of joy, because they were closing in on their destination with the True Supreme Water in their sights.

A divine reservoir could be spotted just two li away. It was only a meter in diameter, however, it was exceptionally conspicuous within the golden desert.

Although the divine reservoir was small, there were still waves of intimidating power coming from it, as if they were the waves from a huge storm. The divine fluid was bright and translucent, and had a type of divine luster as strands of multicolored like illuminated from within.

Moreover, dense mist rose and auspicious vapors were surging about as they enshrouded that area. Even if if one was uninformed and had never heard of the True Supreme Water, they would still be able to tell that this was a unique and priceless treasure.

This was due to the fact that the view was extremely astonishing, matching the characteristics of the treasure.

“This is great! There is hope for the rise of our Rain Clan. If we are able to obtain this divine reservoir, our clan will definitely be incomparably splendid in the future, recreating the glory of our ancient family name.” Yu Wencheng was excited, and even his beard and hairs were trembling.

The group of people surveyed the scene from an elevated position, and they were all extremely hopeful. What did that reservoir of water represent? They all knew just how important this was for their Rain Clan. All of them were extremely excited, to the point where their bodies began to tremble.

As long as a single drop appeared in the outside world, it would immediately trigger a sensation. The value of this water reservoir was truly impossible to measure!

Yu Kun reminded, “Be careful. The True Supreme Water has a soul, so we cannot recklessly damage its symbols. We need to carefully close in on it, using the Rain Clan’s natural water’s affinity to obtain its trust.”

Although the True Supreme Water was considered a divine liquid, it seemed to have a mind of its own. After using the symbols and natural laws, it could take to the skies or flee on the ground; it was difficult to truly capture.

They had to get its approval first. If they tried to forcefully seize it, then it was impossible to obtain this entire collection of water.

The Rain Clan’s people were all silently praying as they took steps forward, pausing with each step. They recited their clan’s ancient incantations, and the force of the water in this area immediately became more active, emitting a blue mist of light.


A black tiger roared, creating a black whirlwind. Several sand dunes were directly rolled up into the sky. It was an extremely terrifying sight, and that tornado reached the limit of the sky.

“What is this? Why did a vicious beast appear?” Everyone was suddenly startled.

“It’s not a true vicious beast. It is created out of symbols, and is half real and half illusionary. Do not be deceived by it,” Yu Wencheng muttered.

He began to examine it. Even though they were within the desert, there were still bluish green ripples moving up and down. It extended from where he was, obstructing that black tiger and attempting to reveal its true form.


With a loud burst of sound, the black tiger exploded, blowing up on the spot. It became sand, and the tornado also disappeared.

However, right when the sound of the wind died down, a different noise began to sound. If was as if the joints between bones were being displaced.

Kacha, kacha…

Golden sand began to shake, and then the desert began to split open. A pile of snow white bones appeared, quickly assembling together. It formed a bird of prey, only that it lacked feathers.

Symbols flickered above its head, emitting a strange fluctuation and a rather terrifying aura.

“This was a powerful expert within the desert back then. Who could have thought that the True Supreme Water truly had a spirit, being able to summon and reconstruct these dead remains.”

Multicolored light flickered, and the sound of joints moving rang out again, causing another section of the desert to be torn open. This time, ten bones appeared at once, all with symbols circulating about them.

“So many strong beings have perished here!” The group of people exclaimed

At the same time, many of their eyes began to reveal a fiery passion. Those were all precious bones! There was a total of ten of them, and regardless of what else happened, just these treasures were already extremely astonishing.

“We cannot directly attack, or else we might agitate the True Supreme Water. If it escapes, locating it again will be troublesome,” said Yu Wencheng.

“This True Supreme Water is truly formidable. It has the unique characteristic of transformation like a guardian spirit, and can actually manipulate these skeletal remains.” That legless elder exclaimed.

The True Supreme Water was currently trying to grant these skeletons life. The symbols once again shone with vitality, creating a rather terrifying scene.

“Fortunately, we made sufficient preparations and deduced the various things that could have happened within the Hundred Shattering Mountains.” Yu Kun nodded his head.

They took out a precious bottle, and after opening it, a dark yellow mist surged. Soon after, it gave off strands of dark light. The three individuals simultaneously used their precious methods, urging the dark light into forming ripples, pouring it forward.

Dark light danced about, sending waves of patterns over. It formed all types of creatures one after another. There were monsters, dragons, humanoids, and all of them were completely different.

This was the Hellwater refined by the Rain Clan. The cost to produce it was extremely high. Many symbol bones were smelted in a furnace, and water from the Yin river within the tombs was used to refine it, causing many symbols to be fused together.

Of course, the precious bones that were used were typically fragments. They were all precious artifacts that had been ruined during the course of a battle or those that had just been created, so they were not as valuable as symbol bones.

Otherwise, how could a bottle of Hellwater make such a large clan feel so much pain? It was because they had to use up so many symbol bones in the smelting process!

The Hellwater1 was boiling, and the mist drifted about. However, the light that formed was not actually yellow, but was instead a dark light. Strands of the dark light flew out, wrapping up everything in front. All types of symbols resonated, and as if a gate to the underworld was being opened, this entire area became gloomy and sinister.

Skeletons were scattered one after another within the desert. Within the dark light, their motion unexpectedly became sluggish. In the end, they fell with hualala sounds. The bone joints collapsed, completely disassembling.

“This is really effective!” The group of people were overjoyed, and were extremely stirred up.

“Our goal for refining this bottle of Hellwater was for the sake of exploring the Forbidden Land of Death. I never expected for us to waste it here. A person should be happy with what they have, I guess. If we are able to obtain the True Supreme Water, then we’ll just wait within the desert without going anyway until the exit out of the Hundred Shattering Mountains opens.”

Everyone within the Rain Clan looked at the divine reservoir in front of them. Their hearts were stirred up, but they did not forget to put up necessary precautions. This divine liquid was psychic, and could summon skeletons to do its bidding; only the heavens knew what it was going to do.

“Why have you disturbed me from my slumber?” A weak and indistinct existence appeared, and it had a bewildered look.

All of them were shocked. This divine reservoir really was going to transform into its spiritual body after all! It was originally already full of divinity, so if it truly did succeed, then it would definitely be incomparably powerful in the future, to the point of igniting divine flames and sealing deities.

Luckily, its existence was still weak. The road to forming a spiritual body was still far off, so dealing with it was still possible.

“We are the descendants of the Rain Deity. Our ancestors are the same, we have no malicious intentions…” The Rain clan’s elders tried to communicate with it.

Suddenly, the ground cracked open. A beam of green light flew out, and a vine appeared at that location. Its body was sparkling and translucent, and it was several zhang long. It was not that thick, but it was similar in shape to a Flood Dragon.

 “There was actually a guardian!” Everyone from the Rain Clan became fearful.

All divine existences had vicious birds and beasts protecting them. They never expected a vine to be here, and it seems like it received some benefits from the True Supreme Water. Its roots were nourished, and had an ample amount of spiritual essence; it was extremely powerful.

“This is the last obstacle. As long as we defeat this Spirit Vine, the True Supreme Water will be in our hands.” The Rain Clan members all clenched their fists, and light burned within their eyes.

“I will fight with it.” Yu Kun stepped forward.

“Be careful, and beat it quickly. You cannot harm it, or else the True Supreme Water will become angry and directly flee!” reminded Yu Wencheng.

“Don’t worry.” Yu Kun nodded his head, and walked out. He took out a sheet of beast skin. Symbols covered the sky, forming a heaven and earth net. It emitted countless rays of multicolored light, trying to ensnare that vine within.

“What a strange precious artifact!” In the distance, the little guy’s head popped out from within a sand dune. He had an amazed expression on his face.

“It is rather powerful, but compared to the heaven and earth net from ancient legends, it is still far off. This is merely an imitation. The real thing is created by refining a chunk of a heavenly ranked Archaic vicious beast’s skin. It is terrifying beyond belief, and there is nothing that it can’t restrain,” said the silver-gowned youth Xiao Tian.

After hearing those words, the little guy became stupefied. He immediately felt a burst of fascination; just how powerful were those ancient saints and deities?!

“Don’t think too much about it. The heaven and earth net is one of the most powerful precious artifacts since ancient times. Do you think that an Archaic divine bird or vicious beast would just casually be killed to allow you to create the precious artifact? You have to understand that they could kill deities.” Xiao Tian woke him from stupor.

A fierce battle erupted within the desert. Although it was an imitation, this beast skin net was still terrifying. There were endless symbols, and it was almost as if it was going to swallow up the entire desert.

That vine was rather terrifying as well. It rose together with its roots, transforming into a dark green Flood Dragon. Symbols flickered, shooting out rays of sword radiance. Soon after, it collided together with that heaven and earth net.

“Good, capture it inside!” The Rain Clan people were excited.

However, as they were cheering for what was to come, that beast skin actually broke apart. The Spirit Vine flew out, sweeping across. Yu Kun coughed out large amounts of blood, and a large amount of his bones were broken, receiving heavy injuries; he was defeated.

“So powerful! This Spirit Vine is too formidable! It actually destroyed the heaven and earth net. We cannot defeat it!” The Rain Clan’s people seemed to have been doused in cold water. Their bodies felt cold, and a wave of worry flooded their their minds.

“It seems like we have to reveal our trump card. I am truly unwilling ah… That is our Rain Clan’s true secret…” Yu Wencheng sighed.

“If we have to use it, then just use it. Otherwise, we really don’t have any special way to fight it. Everything else can only be used to intimidate that spiritual existence a bit.” Yu Kun wiped off the bloodstain from the corner of his lips as he spoke.

“In the distance, the little guy’s large eyes were moving about. He stared at the strange scene in front of him while showing an astonished expression.

“They brought out an altar. What are they trying to do?” The big red bird was also rather curious.

The Rain Clan members all knelt down in worship. A small black altar that was not over a third of a meter tall was set up. A sheet of yellow paper rested on top of the altar. Yu Wencheng and a few others began to chant the incantations silently, activating the precious technique and starting the ritual.

Suddenly, that yellow sheet shone, igniting into flames. Following that, an area of characters appeared, penetrating the paper and branding itself in the air as brilliantly as a star.

“Imperial Decree of the Divine!” The silver-gowned youth Xiao Tian shivered, feeling an incomparable shock.

In the midst of his absent-mindedness, they heard the chants of ancient deities. The ancient incantations were transmitted from an ancient world, solemn and divine. It made people revere, making them want to kneel down in worship.

“What is this…” The True Supreme Water revealed a suspicious voice. Meanwhile, that vine began to tremble, leaning towards that water reservoir.

“This is the decree left behind by clan ancestor Rain Deity. Although he never personally wrote the inscription and only spoke of it orally, there were still a few divine sounds recorded. This is sufficient to prove that we are similar, and are close to aqueous forms.” Yu Wencheng opened his mouth.

In the distance, the little guy was horrified. The Rain Deity’s decree, although only passed down verbally, still had so much power. If it was hand written, just how terrifying would the decree be?

If there really were written decrees passed down within the family, then it would most likely be able to easily massacre powerful existence, destroying all types of precious artifacts!

With a simple interaction, the Rain Clan proved their relations to the Rain Deity. In addition, they also took out a few divine remnants. Of course, they were not precious artifacts, and were only used ink stones, paperweights, etc. Pure and holy radiance revolved around them.

“These items did not have many symbols, and could not display any fighting strength. However they were special, as the aura made the True Supreme Water feel rather intimate, allowing the Rain Clan to come close in the end.

“We will bring you out of this world into our Rain Clan. There, you can mature at an even faster pace, perhaps being able to truly seal deities!” said Yu Kun.

After the True Supreme Water felt the aura of the Rain Deity, its attitude towards them completely changed. It was willing to follow them; after all, it only had a lump of hazy consciousness, and did not have any complex thought patterns.

“They succeeded! What do we do now?” The little guy stared with his large eyes. His gaze was fixed in front; everything happened too fast, and there was a dramatic shift in the trend of events.

“The Xiao Clan also prepared an unusual treasure for me. As long as we get close to the True Supreme Water, we will definitely be able to get some of the divine liquid. Unfortunately, now that the Rain Clan got ahead of us, it will be too dangerous to approach with their protection.” Xiao Tian was anxious, feeling incomparable regret.

The little guy heard what was said, and his eyes immediately lit up. “I am not scared of danger. Let me try!”

Currently, the Rain Clan’s expression were solemn and respectful. They were incredibly serious and devout as they asked the True Supreme Water to enter a jade cauldron, wanting to bring it away.

Everyone’s hearts were emotionally stirred. They were truly about to obtain this True Supreme Water into their hands! The Rain Clan was destined to be incomparably glorious, perhaps forming a country as a result in the future!

They all felt as if they had done an outstanding service, and that they would definitely be celebrated in the future.

“Although everything we are doing is for the Rain Clan, the results of our efforts will affect all of the Rain Clan’s people. Our clan will thus once again rise abruptly in power!”

“For this moment, I have waited a long time. We will soon succeed!”

The True Supreme Water transformed into a lump of light in mid air, entering that jade cauldron. Without missing a single drop, it entered completely.

The Rain Clan people released their breaths, as if they had been relieved from a burden.

“There’s no time, send me quickly!” The little guy made Xiao Tian take out the precious artifact. He prepared to erupt with power and directly crash his way through.

With a weng sound, a tortoiseshell shield appeared in Xiao Tian’s hands. They flowed with a bluish green light, flickering with symbols and profound mysteries as he utilized it.

The little guy made a soft shout, and then suddenly soared over. His two feet were standing on the turtle shield. Erupting with a wave of powerful energy, he directly leapt out.

You have to understand that with a stamp of his two feet on the ground, it was enough to make the great earth crack open. He had an unrivaled explosive force that allowed him to directly soar into the skies and land on a mountain summit.

Currently, he was precisely using this explosive strength that others had difficulty striving for. However, the movement was horizontal, directly aiming for that jade cauldron. Right when it was about to reach the climax, he smashed over like a shooting star.

At that moment, the little guy was not the only one who was sent flying by the force. The silver-gowned Xiao Tian also flew out, but he flew as a result of the shock. That powerful precious artifact in his hands unexpectedly cracked, pushing him out five or six li. Following that, the shield completely shattered.

He was dumbstruck. If the little guy did not warn him and had used a different precious artifact to protect his body, then his two arms would definitely be broken.

“I flew five to six li from the recoil?!” He could not believe it. How terrifying was the force in that youth’s two legs?

Similarly dumbstruck was the Rain Clan. All of their emotions were solidified on their faces. They really thought that the heavens were falling and that a calamity was coming, because the True Supreme Water was agitated!

A devilish brat dropped down from the sky like a meteorite, directly smashed towards the jade cauldron precious artifact. He was currently flopping there, continuously swallowing large amounts of the True Supreme Water.

The Rain Clan’s people were completely stupefied. This was too unrealistic. A hallucination, definitely a hallucination!

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