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Chapter 129 – The Restricted

This child was too lowly. How could he act like this? The Rain Clan members were all cursing. This truly was worthy of being that crazy child from the Void God Realm. They had only been in contact for such a short time, yet they have already witness his best.

Yu Zimo’s heart was in complete disorder, and all of the symbols around her body were unsteady. On the other hand, the little guy violently attacked. Golden lightning were like billows as streaks after streaks smashed forward.


The mottled ancient scroll was damaged, and a snow white and exquisite body fell. The Rain Clan’s female genius turned pale with fright. The little guy grabbed the opportunity to quickly and violently attack. Lightning interweaved, causing this area to burn flourishingly.

“Charge forward!”

“Everyone move out together and behead him!”

Next to the lake, those geniuses loudly shouted. All of their bodies began to flicker with symbols, rushing forward together. They wanted to obstruct and kill the little guy, absolutely not willing to see Yu Zimo fall.


The little guy’s speed was quick. After defeating the Rain Clan’s genius lady, he followed with a step forward. A fist smashed outward, lighning radiance smashing apart the last of the symbols covering her body.

Yu Zimo coughed blood, which dripped down onto her sparkling and spotlessly white chest, creating an extremely eye-catching scene. Strands of strange light shot out from her eyes, interweaving into a net to trap the little guy. This was the last attack of her psychic precious technique; if this failed, then she would have to admit defeat.

The little guy’s clenched fist emitted light, directly attacking the web. His strength did not falter in the slightest, attacking forward just like before. Although the lightning radiance was shrouded, the terrifying divine force of the fist remained.


A divine voice burst out of Yu Zimo’s mouth as she exhausted everything to defend herself. A pair of jade arms crossed, white and dazzling. They flickered with sparkling and translucent luster, blocking in front of her body to resist the might of that fist.


Right when they came into contact, her arm fractured. A huge shockwave was transmitted through her body, causing her to violently shake. It made the corners of her mouth overflow with blood. Her ears rang with wengweng sounds, and her entire skeleton felt as if it was going to be blown to pieces.

This was a wave of unstoppable divine force. If not for the fact that she dispersed the tremendous force throughout her four limbs and hundreds of bones, her arms would have definitely shattered to a terrible state.

In terms of the physical body, the little guy could contend with that of a pure-blooded Archaic beast young. To collide with a human girl genius like this, it would naturally be overwhelmingly superior. Even though she was as a genius, it was still not enough, as her physical body could not match his.

Yu Zimo flew out horizontally, coughing out blood from her mouth. A pair of deep and quick-witted pupils revealed a shocked expression. Just now, that crazy physical power she saw was something that she had only experienced from Shi Yi a few years ago. She never expected for this child to be like this as well.

“Water snake waist sister, where are you going?!” the little guy called out, appearing to be ridiculing her. However, she saw another divine explosion of light burst, and another fist blasted its way over. Moreover, the golden pair of bone shears and the Suan Ni mirror also rose, aiming to deal the last fatal blow.

At the lake shore, a large amount of geniuses attacked cooperatively. However, they could not stop the little guy’s momentum, and were unable to change anything.

This overwhelmed them with shock. They were known as geniuses, and would gloriously rise to power in the future within their clan. However, they could not do anything about that youth even with so many people cooperating together; this made them feel fear.


Suddenly, a wave of terrifying fluctuation attacked straight at the little guy and the Nine-Headed Lion. Symbols covered the sky, as if the eruption of a volcano was agitating the heavens and the earth, creating a dazzling scene.

“Not good!” The little guy shouted loudly. This type of energy fluctuation was too terrifying, far surpassing the limit that he could bear.

He quickly retrieved the golden shears and defended against this wave of fluctuations; otherwise, something bad might happen here. The approaching party was definitely more terrifying than the group of geniuses by an entire level.

Aohou… The Nine-Headed Lion also loudly roared. Its golden fur stood erect, and it felt as if it was being targeted by a giant creature from within the great wasteland, as if it was going to be devoured.

It had no choice but to spit out the string of golden beads. It carried out its defense, resisting this wave of heavenly might. Otherwise, it would be transformed into meat paste together with the little guy.

“Oh no!”

The little guy’s body trembled, and every hair on his body stood up. He suddenly turned his head around, noticing that a terrifying wave appeared from the other direction as well. It surged up violently in a flash, and endless symbols shot towards them.

The pressure was to great. If they were caught up in it, it would definitely grind them into meat sauce.

“F*ck! How could there be more? Exactly how many experts are there?!” The Nine-Headed Lion also began to scream. It was completely terrified, feeling as if it had sunk through the gate to hell.

The north, west, south, and east all shook. Figures appeared, blocking each respective direction. They each made their moves, besieging the area and cutting off the little guy and golden lion’s escape routes.

The four individuals exerted their power together. A ripple emerged in front of each of their bodies, pushing forward. It was as if a dam had burst from all four directions. These were great waves created from symbols, crushing towards the little guy.

“How could it be so powerful?” The little guy contracted his pupils, feeling that something was wrong.

He operated both precious artifacts, sparing no effort in defending himself. The golden bone shears shook, as if two Flood Dragons were curling up together. They drew out a mist of murderous light, blocking the individual from the east. The pure white precious bone mirror shone, and thick flickering lightning smashed towards the northern individual with the sound of thunder.

The Nine-Headed Lion also pursed its lips. It felt danger, and roared towards the sky. It spat out nine golden fierce teeth, murdering their way towards the individual on the west. Meanwhile, that strand of crystalline bone beads suppress the south.

Fortunately they had a total of four precious artifacts. Each of them were extremely powerful, similar to the precious artifacts that mature Archaic species possessed.

If they did not have these four precious symbol treasures in their hands, the little guy and the Nine-Headed Lion will have most likely have been crushed alive by the oppressive pressure into meat paste without much resistance.

“Something’s wrong. How could four experts at this level suddenly appear at once? This is too unusual.” The Nine-Headed Lion was roaring in a low voice.

If such a young individual could reach such a great realm of power, then that individual would inevitably shake everything under the heavens. The people were all aware of this, and so they came out as four, joining hands to prevent this.

“Who are you you guys?!” shouted the little guy.

Beside the lake, the Rain Clan geniuses were rejoicing. They knew that the few individuals hidden within the mountain peak had moved out. Their power was absolute, and no matter how powerful this youth was, it would still be useless to resist.


The individual from the east did not say anything, and instead went into action. After taking out a large hand, innumerable beams of light shot outwards. With a honglong sound, his palm unexpectedly created a large river, striking over.

The Nine-Headed Lion could feel its fur standing up. This was purely the force of water. The divine river formed from that single palm was not a divine technique that a normal youth genius could use.

The little guy widened his eyes in shock, because before the flesh of that palm was transformed into symbols, he saw that there were wrinkles on it. This was definitely not something a human youth should have.

“How could that be? The Hundred Shattering Mountains has restrictions. After the age surpasses a certain point, it is impossible to enter. How did they come in?” He was loudly shouting while taking out the precious mirror, using the divine lightning to withstand the attack.

“It turns out that it is like this. They are the Restricted!” The golden lion roared, and its eyes revealed an expression of worry. Those were not youth, but rather four senior experts.

“The Restricted?” The little guy was stunned.

The Nine-Headed Lion replied, “There are great opportunities within the Hundred Shattering Mountains. Each time it is opened, there will always be a large group of people who are willing to pay a large price to seal themselves, causing their strength to plummet. Following that, they would replenish themselves with large amounts of essence vitality for their bodies to function like that of a youth. However, entering like that still carries a heavy price. If this small world became aware of this, then they would meet a calamity.”

The Hundred Shattering Mountains was known as a mountain, but in actuality, it was a small world. After the ancient saints shed tears and blood here, the mountain began to protect itself by pushing out people that could cause huge damage.

After so many years, the people concluded that the rejection had something to do with the relationship between age and cultivation.

However, even if it was like this, each time the Hundred Shattering Mountains opened, there would still be a group of individuals who surpassed the age restriction who wanted to enter. They would look for ways to sneak in, all for the sake of obtaining heavenly opportunities like gaining divine medicine, heaven bones, inheritances from the saints, etc.

However, the price they had to pay was extremely large. As long as they were noticed by this small world, they would definitely die a miserable death and transform into ash.

Since ancient times, only an extremely few amount of people have successfully gotten away with this and exited safely. Each time individuals who have surpassed the age limit enter, more than ninety percent of them would die.

For the sake of finding a precious treasure that was extremely important to them, the Rain Clan had no choice but to send out four overage individuals who were all supreme experts within their clan.

This carried an incredibly great risk, because they could not exert strength exceeding the limit. Otherwise, as soon as they were discovered, those four would undoubtedly die.

When the little guy thought back to those cloaked individuals beside the Fire Nation princess who all had their real faces masked, he immediately came to realization. They were most likely also the Restricted. Otherwise, after entering the Divine Cave, how could they have successfully discovered the precious egg? It must have been because they were extremely powerful, obtaining it after striving their hardest.

“Although the ones we are fighting to our utmost with are powerful, they have their arms and legs tied. They don’t dare to use all of their essence energy, and can only pressure us to a crucial point,” said the Nine-Headed Lion.

“I am going to stake it all against you guys!” The little guy shouted loudly with the intention of fighting with everything he had against the four great experts. Symbols erupted all around his body, and the two precious artifacts simultaneously emitted light.

Sure enough, the Nine-Headed Lion acted similarly. It shook off the little guy and stood up like a human. Precious artifacts were condensed, and with no regard for personal safety, it began to fight a great battle with the four great individuals.

This area was immediately immersed by brilliant radiance. The large rivers all boiled, and water vapors rose. They aggregated towards the four great experts, being borrowed by them. Symbols flourished even more magnificently.

The little guy suddenly charged forward with the intention of destroying everything indiscriminately, murdering his way towards the east. Upon seeing this, the Nine-Headed Lion also roared. It was incomparably solemn and stirring as it said, “I would rather sacrifice myself and die for righteousness than lose my moral integrity!” It charged forward as well.

The four great experts were all startled. This human and mount pair created the most powerful precious techniques, revitalizing those four precious artifacts. The two emitted an aura that even made their hearts tremble, leaving them with no choice but to carefully take precautions while defending themselves.

From the perspective of those four individuals, it really did seem like the human and mount pair were going to risk it all. The four great experts had no choice but to make an all-out effort as well. They prepared to put their all into the fight and capture them.

However, right when the human and mount pair were going to burst with dazzling radiance, they suddenly rushed into the skies, changing directions. They both had a precious artifact supporting their feet as they rushed into the heavens, fast to the extreme.

The little guy was standing on top of the precious mirror, soaring through the skies. He saw that the Nine-Headed Lion was doing this as well, and said, “Litle bro, you truly aren’t righteous. You actually shook me off with the intention of fleeing.”

“My ass! Aren’t you running too?” The Nine-Headed Lion threw sidelong glances at him. That side still looked as if jade and common stone were going to be burned alike. It changed directions, facing its buttocks at the little guy as he said, “Until we meet again. No, I hope we never meet in this life again!”

While standing on top of a string of crystalline bone beads, it vanished like a wisp of smoke.

The four great experts were resentful. They sealed off all directions, however, it was impossible for them to thoroughly seal off the heavens as well. The man and mount pair escaped into the sky. The four of them stood on beast skins and precious bones, soaring into the air to chase after them.

The little guy scratched his head, and did not say anything unnecessary. He followed behind the Nine-Headed Lion’s butt, and moreover, his speed was even a bit faster. In the end, he passed it, running in front.

“Ah?” The Nine-Headed blinked its eyes, and then all of its fur stood erect. It turned around, seeing the four old fellows chasing madly. It became the scapegoat, blocking behind the little guy.

“Big bro, spare my life! Let’s not play around like this anymore! This group of people came for you, please don’t get me caught up in this!” The Nine-Headed Lion was about to cry.

“Little bro, if one of us is blessed, then we share. If we face difficulties, then we must similarly face them together. As brothers, we have to work as one to break out!” The little guy’s words resounded, seemingly extremely strong-willed.

“Then please stop running in front of me! Right now, I am eating your dust, and might as well be a meat shield. Those old fellows’ precious techniques are about to hit my butt!” The Nine-Headed Lion spoke in a sullen tone.

In the end, the Nine-Headed Lion and the little guy were still too young, and could not withstand the four great experts. They were chased until there was no route into heaven and no gate back to the earth.

Along the way, they sometimes fought and sometimes battled. Blood fell, and they sustained heavy wounds.


The Nine-Headed Lion angrily cried out. Its right chest was struck by raindrops, and that area became like a sieve. Holes that bore through its body caused the golden light surrounding its body to be dyed red.

It was on the verge of collapsing in the air, and it was a tragic sight. Even the precious artifact below its feet was becoming dim, about to fall down.

While fleeing, they continuously fought bloody battles. The confrontation lasted too long, and the fact that they lasted for so long was already an amazing feat.

The little guy was also wounded by a curtain of rain. The downpour carried a destructive divine force, and as it smashed on top of his body, he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

If it were not for the sake that his physical body was on par with that of a heavenly rank Archaic beast youth, powerful to the extreme, then this attack would have caused his bones to snap and his muscles to tear, transforming him into a lump of meat sauce.

Hou… The Nine Headed Beast angrily roared. It was forced to dire straits, and blood covered its entire body. Its golden fur was dripping, transforming into a dark red color.

“Go!” The little guy shouted toward it. He blocked in front of the four great experts, cutting them off.

The Nine-Headed Lion stared blankly. It never would have thought the little guy would fight to grant him an opportunity to live at the crucial moment. The little guy’s actions toppled its image of him within its heart.

“Why aren’t you fleeing?” asked the Nine-Headed Lion.

“They came after me, so you should hurry up and leave!” At the point of life and death, the little guy’s entire body emitted light as he urged it to leave quickly.

The Nine-Headed Lion’s expression was conflicted. This human youth’s behavior was too different from before. It was not smiling mischievously and messing around, but actually had this side to him.

“Fine, I’m leaving. If you manage to live, I won’t allow the Nine Spirit Grandpa to make trouble for you. Our past debts have been written off,” roared the Nine-Headed Lion in a low voice.

“Little bro, you disappoint me too much. It turns out that you have hated me this entire time.” The little guy was extremely angry.

The Nine-Headed Lion was a bit ashamed. After all, the little guy was currently blocking off four great experts and creating a route of life for it. From the distance, it halted and said, “Let’s talk about things after you survive.”

“Alright! At time time, you need to treat me to roasted lion heads!” The little guy laughed.

“F*ck off!” The Nine-Headed Lion erupted in anger, suddenly turning around. The golden light around its body was bright and resplendent as it instantly left into the distance, disappearing into the limit of the horizon.

The little guy spat out some bloody foam, retrieving the smile from his face. He coldly stared at the four experts and tightened his fist as he said, “You all should be careful of the wrath from the heavens. Making this type of large fuss, this small world will inevitably notice.”

“It is unlikely for us to be revealed just by capturing you.” One of the individuals revealed a cold smile as he replied mercilessly.

“Wu, look, when his eyes are raised, doesn’t it remind you of a certain someone?” Right at that moment, an elder opened his mouth. He was trying his hardest to suppress his own cultivation, because currently, he was extremely emotionally stirred; even his chest was moving up and down.

With these words spoken, the other three were immediately shocked. All of them stared at the little guy.

At this time, the four of them no longer tried to hide their true appearances. They recollected the rainy mist, revealing their true bodies. There were two middle aged men and two elders. Their pupils were all extremely bright, as if they were golden lamps.

A middle aged man sucked in a breath of cold air before saying in a trembling voice, “Could it be that you really are the child from that year?” He stared at the little guy with an expression of disbelief. He felt that when this child got angry, it bore a remarkable resemblance to the angry Shi Ziling!

“You guys should have noticed before. The strength of his physical body is powerful to an unreal level, not less than that of Yi’er a few years ago at all. This… Is too inconceivable!”

“Could it be that you really are that little evil creature from back then?” An elder from the Rain Clan spoke with a gloomy face.

They did not feel a twinge of guilt for what happened back then, and even more so never apologized. The only thing they wanted to do was to cut the weeds and pull out the roots, eliminating any sources of trouble. Their current tones and attitudes were even more pitiless and cold.

A raging anger ignited within the little guy’s heart, wishing that he could immediately kill these four individuals. His two hands formed fists, and as lightning danced about, it enshrouded and submerged everything.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” The few individuals could not see his body, and did not know what expression he was making.

A middle-aged man opened his mouth and said, “That year, my grandfather’s younger brother was in charge of supervising that battle. From within the empire he rushed out, commanding a large amount of experts to hunt them all the way to the western border. A bone sword had pierced through Shi Ziling’s lung, pity that it missed his heart by a bit.”

He was called Yu Kun, and was an extremely well-known expert within the Rain Clan. At that moment, his eyes emitted strands of divine radiance as he stared at the little guy, wanting to penetrate through that curtain of lightning radiance to see his expression.

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