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Chapter 123 – Divine Cave

Naturally, the Nine-Headed lion was extremely furious. Its bloodline was noble since it was a descendant from an extremely powerful lineage. Who would dare to stand in its way other than a reincarnation of an ancient deity!

Golden rays of light erupted, dying the grass in gold. It shook its head and flailed its tail while symbols densely covered its body as it fiercely struggled. It wanted to kill this human youth.

However, the little guy grabbed its mane and sat upright on top of it like a motionless boulder. It was as if he had combined with the lion, and was merely growing on top.

“If you struggle more, I’ll actually eat you!” The little guy carefully warned.


The Nine-Headed Lion fought for its life; naturally, it did not want to surrender. The symbols from inside its body gushed outwards with indiscriminate killing intent, because it wanted to force the little guy off its back.

Soundlessly and breathlessly, the prayer beads reappeared. Every single bead was sparkling and translucent like a small world lingering with hazy mist in order to suppress the little guy. At the same time, those nine golden fangs transformed into flying swords that hacked right at the little guy’s head.


The golden bone shears lightly rang, and the Suan Ni’s precious mirror also shone. They blocked those two precious artifacts as they fiercely clashed.

The little guy was angry, and he no longer relented. He grabbed its golden mane with one hand, and his other hand formed a fist that was going to strike its head. Golden light exploded outwards as dazzling as an erupting volcano, making the entire atmosphere in the area surge.


The golden lion painfully cried out with its hissing voice. One of its heads was beaten into a blood mess, and it almost split apart.

“Human child, you’re making me angry!”

The Nine-Headed Lion furiously roared. Every single one of the golden hairs over its body stood erect; it looked quite intimidating. One of its heads rapidly grew larger to the point that it was actually several times larger than it had been. It looked like a millstone with dazzling golden light around it.

“Junior, becareful!” Behind him, one of his Heaven Mending Pavilion’s senior brothers warned him that the Nine-Headed Lion was going to self-destruct.

The little guy lightly gasped, then rose into the air off the lion’s back. He really did not want to meet a mutual death with his opponent.

However, what shocked people was that the swelling lion head rapidly shrunk back into its original state. Furthermore, that Nine-Headed Lion was activating its precious artifact in order to strike the little guy who was in mid-air.

“That spiteful deformed lion!” The little guy coldly grunted with a hiss out of his mouth. His entire body transformed into an ocean of thunder and lightning as golden lightning danced in the air. Even his hair turned gold like a resplendent nova.

“Go away!”

He withdrew the shears which counteracted the prayer beads into order to use it to hack the Nine-Headed Lion. At the same time, he used his own supreme precious technique that controlled lightning to resist against that string of prayer beads.


The little guy appeared sparkling and translucent as he used his precious technique to defend himself. Resisting those nine incredibly dazzling prayer beads was like trying to defend against an entire world. He was so shaken that a trace of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Everyone was in incredible shock and awe. How powerful was the body of this human youth? He was unexpectedly evenly matched and able to contend with those prayer beads when he used his precious technique.

At the same time, the golden shears were very effective. They transformed into two Flood Dragons, rapidly swooping downwards.

Its two tails tangled together as it emitted the hisses of dragons. It cut through the air and rapidly chop down.

The golden lion was in dismay, and quickly dodged, but it was still too late. Two pu pu sounds echoed through the air as two of its heads on the left were chopped off. Fresh blood violently gushed out as they dropped to the floor.

“Ahh…” It emitted a world-shaking howl. It was brimming with reconciliation and fear. It withdrew its precious artifact, and quickly retreated.

Pu, pu

Another two soft noise occurred as blood rushed ten feet into the air. Another two golden lion heads dropped to the floor, and the golden lion sadly howled. Its two heads furthest on its right were cut off by the shears.

It wasn’t as heaven defying as the little guy. It was unable to defend itself against the Flood Dragon shears with its own precious technique.

This was because regardless of if it were the golden shears or the golden prayer beads, they all far surpassed its own level. How could an ordinary being defend against them?

At this moment, the nine fangs flew flew back into the golden lion’s innards. The nine prayer beads shone as they appeared underneath its feet. Afterwards, as if it had been ignited, they turned it into a lump of light, and helped it rapidly retreat while sticking close to the ground.

“Where did it go. Leave my precious artifact behind. Give my lion head blood medicine back!”

The little guy shouted loudly. He stood on top of the pure white and shining bone mirror that flickered with multicolored light. He also left the ground and rapidly charged out. With a pair of golden shears in hand, he relentlessly chased after.

Many people were puzzled. Only the few disciples of the Heaven Mending Pavilion knew that what the little guy called his so-called precious artifact was precisely those two that belonged to the golden lion. In his mind, they were already his.

Everyone was shocked that the battle concluded like this. The Nine-Headed Lion suffered a crushing defeat, and the little guy was too powerful.

Huo Ling’er as well as ten other geniuses were incredibly apprehensive, and the Silver Blood Giant, Feather King as well as the other creatures were in fear. This human youth was too savage. He even defeated the Nine-Headed Lion, and wanted to eat it now, making them absolutely terrified.

As they reminisced about how they desired to take in this human youth as a battle slave, these creatures couldn’t help but tremble. This was truly courting death, since they were taking the initiative to provoke such a little devil king.

Everyone chased, since they wanted to witness the final result.

The golden lion was chased to the point that it couldn’t go to heaven nor earth. It could not shake off this savage human youth. Although his little face looked delicate and pretty, to the golden lion, the little guy seemed like an aggressive predator that descended from an evil beast with the intention of eating it.

Finally, it was forced to the point that it had no other choices. It escaped to a lofty and majestic mountain. Without any choices, it charged into a pitch black cave halfway up the mountain.

“The Nine-Headed Lion entered the Divine Cave!” The group of people cried out in surprise.

“Not good, we have to hurry inside as well. Otherwise, if it obtains the fortunes of deities by chance, it would be too late to regret,” shouted the Fire Nation’s little princess.

The Silver Blood Giant, Feather King, and the group of other creature were hesitant. They did not know whether to enter or not.

“Everyone, let’s work together!” Huo Ling’er said. Her umber brows pricked up as a hint of excitement overcame her sparkling snow white face. She knew fully well that this was the grave of a deity.

The little guy stopped in front of the divine cave, and did not actually enter. It was completely dark inside, and it was also incredibly deep. There were waves of whimpering echoing outwards as if spirits were weeping.

Furthermore at this moment, the sky was full of stars and the moon hung high in the sky. Under this type of night, this divine cave simply seemed like a devil cave, which made people feel fear.

“Rotten embryo, are you coming inside with us?” Huo Ling’er asked as she glanced at him with the side of her eyes.

“If I go inside, I want to make this Nine-Headed Lion yield and become my mount. There’s going to be a big ruckus,” the little guy honestly said.

Huo Ling’er resolutely refuted and said, “No, you can’t fight once we’re inside. You’ll stir up some forbidden powers. We have to combine our powers and explore together. This is the resting place of an ancient deity, there will be supreme treasures that she left behind here.”

“Then you owe me a mount,” the little guy said. At this moment, he retracted his golden lightning, withdrew his two precious artifact, and became completely relaxed.

“I don’t have one!” Fire Nation’s princess stared at him with her large eyes.

“Then I won’t go.” The little guy shook his head, and blinked his large eyes. He carefully warned and reminded, “I feel that this place is very strange. It makes me feel uneasy. It’s best that you don’t go inside. Stay outside, I’ll treat you to some simmered lion heads.”

“Coward!” Fire Nation’s princess furrowed her brows. She was convinced of the little guy’s power, and wanted him to follow her. However, after seeing him reject her so straightforwardly, she knew there was no choice.

In the end, Huo Ling’er lead over ten geniuses into the divine cave.

The Silver Blood Giant, Feather King, and a group of other creatures also followed, since they formed an alliance with the Fire Nation’s princess. Originally, they were hesitant, but after seeing the little guy grinding his teeth, this group of people’s scalps became numb. Who was the Archaic Descendant here? How could a human youth be so savage, and wanted to eat them?

This group of creatures were truly in fear. Even the powerful Nine-Headed Lion was defeated, so who amongst them could become his opponent? All of them were trembling, and did not dare to stay near him.

The few disciples of the Heaven Mending Pavilion did not go inside. As they traveled, they trusted the little guy more and more.

They kept watch from the outside.

“Junior brother, are you hurt?” A pretty senior disciple handed over a bottle of spirit medicine for him to use.

“It’s nothing. I’ll be fine after eating a meal. I only coughed a little bit of blood. That lion was truly difficult to deal with. It surpassed my initial expectations.” The little guy shook his head.

These people were all speechless. How could it only be difficult? The Nine-Headed Lion was absolutely a top-notched ranking creature, yet you managed to chop off four of its golden heads. If news of this spread, it would certainly instill a huge wave.

“Dinner time!” The little guy was delighted as saliva spilled out of his mouth.

The four golden lion heads were carried over by the three senior brothers. There was no stench at all; on the contrary, it had an obvious sweet fragrance. It was clearly visible how powerful of a medicinal effect that its flesh had.

A river flowed by the mountains. After a bit of handling, the lion heads were washed clean, and they stacked up near a cauldron by the shores.

“Junior brother you… Are truly completely prepared.” The seniors from Heaven Mending Pavilion had a strange look on their faces.

No wonder his satchel was so heavy. There was actually a miniature cauldron inside. It genuinely seemed as if he was moving, since everything that should be there was there.

“Cauldron cooked lion heads are the best. An iron pot isn’t thick enough,” the little guy said.

Flames throbbed as an hour had already passed. The lion heads within the cauldron shined as boiling water undulated up and down while multicolored light circulated around it, and the fragrance of meat assailed their nostrils.

“Senior sister, throw those four stalks of spirit medicine inside. This pot of precious flesh medicine is bound to be even more astonishing.” The little guy smelled a mouthful of sweet aroma, and an intoxicated look appeared on his face.

The four stalks of spirit medicine they plucked by the lake assailed their nostrils. Multicolored light lingered around them, and each of them were dazzling. The moment, they were tossed inside the cauldron, auspicious colors immediately gushed out.

“It’s almost done. Let’s it simmer for a bit longer. Extract the juice, and the lion heads would taste even better.”

With a cauldron lid over it, flames flickered and a sweet aroma snuck up on everyone. The lion heads were boiled golden, and its meat were already soft. Its blood essence was boiled into divine light, and entered into the juice. Then, it soaked inside the sweet meat.

Without needing any details, anyone could tell this was absolutely a stove of unimaginable precious medicine!

Many of the Nine-Headed Lion’s best features were concentrated within those eight heads, and not within its actual head. It was the place where its divine nature and essence energy was stored, so it contained a huge amount of power.

After cooking it like so, the Nine-Headed Lion’s divine golden powers were immediately dissolved into a potful of precious medicine that emitted multicolored light, and assailed everyone’s nostrils.

On top of that, there were four more stalks of spirit medicine inside, so the medicinal properties were even more powerful. The golden liquid within the cauldron looked like the juice of the sun. It was so splendid that it enchanted people.

“So sweet. I can’t hold back anymore.” The little guy licked his mouth. His saliva was almost flowing out, and his eyes were twinkling like little stars.

“Good. It’s almost finished,” a senior brother said.

“Dinner time!” The little guy shouted. He scooped up a golden lion head and bit into it. It melted as soon as it entered his mouth, and golden juice gushed. Multicolored light surged forth like a little flaming volcano.

“So powerful. This kind of medicinal effect is too astonishing!” The disciples from Heaven Mending Pavilion all cried out in alarm. They felt as if their own bodies were on fire, and their seven apertures were gushing with light.

“Eat it quick, it’s better when it’s hot.” The little guy swallowed with big bites. Concentrated golden juices flowed, and the fragrance wafted into his nostrils. It practically made him feel limp and numb.

“I’ve heard a while ago that the Nine-Headed Lion’s head is very special. It’s one of the greatest delicacies in the world, and it’s also a very precious medicine. Looks like that’s a fact now.” Even the two pretty senior sisters couldn’t hold their poise anymore as they entered in the scramble.

The golden head did not have any bones; it was all sweet golden meat. There wasn’t a skull inside, and it contained pure divine essence.

Once the five geniuses of Heaven Mending Pavilion drank a head and a half of golden juice, they couldn’t budge anymore. They immediately sat down and activated their symbols as they started to train.

The little guy shouted out as he ate heartily. He was so happy as he ate. Golden juices splashed in every direction, and they were everywhere around his mouth. In his extreme excitement, he almost swallowed his own tongue.

“So full!” By himself, he ate two golden lion heads as well as over half of the golden juice inside the cauldron. Finally, he laid on the grass beside the shore without moving an inch.

“Junior brother, stop being lazy. Hurry up and train. Use this opportunity to breakthrough,” urged the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s seniors.

“No need, I’ll store this vast amount of essence energy within my flesh and bones. Next time I breakthrough, I’ll use it.” The little guy satisfyingly gave a little burp.

A few moments ago, he used the Ziyun heart to breakthrough and opened his seventh Heavenly Passage. Therefore, he wasn’t very anxious right now. He needed to lay his foundations correctly in order to avoid any hidden dangers.

During the latter half of the night, multicolored light shone as the five geniuses of Heaven Mending Pavilion broke through one after the other. Each of them were in glowing spirits as they jumped up with full of joy and excitement.

“Many thanks to junior brother!” They genuinely thanked from the bottom of their bottom.

“It’s nothing. Next time, we’ll eat a Feiyi or a White Tiger. There are many delicious things here.” The little guy unperturbed said. Then he went to sleep inside, and sank into his dreams while a pure smile hung on his little face.

Those few people looked at each other. Such a savage junior brother, yet he looked so cute and delicate. It truly made people speechless.

The night was already deep, and rumbling noises echoed out from within the Divine Cave from time to time, but it did not disturb these people’s rest at all. Only during the late night when some rustling noises spread through the air did the little guy suddenly sit up with his hair erect.

From every direction, one pair of extremely huge verdant eyes after another lit up like lanterns, surrounding them.

“Heavens, they’re all wolves the size of mammoths. Are we dreaming?” The seniors from Heaven Mending Pavilion woke up with a worried look as well.

“This situation seems off. Their actions indicate that they want to siege the divine cave, so we’re surrounded.” The little guy frowned.

This was more severe than a beast flood since it was only made up of one species; therefore, they had some order and discipline. The entire field was full of them as they covered the sky and grounds. It was simply unknown as to how many of them there were.

The most important thing was that they were all descendants of some variation, and not ordinary wolves.

They were as large as elephants. Some were silvery white, some were jet-black, and some were navy blue. They were all incredibly savage with glistening hair and fur. Their eyes were lit with some cunning and savage radiance.

“Run!” The little guy softly shouted. He lead the way toward the tallest mountain, except he wasn’t entering the divine cave halfway up the mountain, but towards the summit instead.

“Most likely, they are preparing to enter the dark cave. We’ll wait for an opportunity, and take advantage of the disarray in order to use your precious artifacts to escape.

Right now, there were wolf descendants in every direction as far as the eye can seen. It’s even possible that some wolf king who knew powerful precious techniques awaited in the darkness as it waited for the best time to show itself.

Suddenly, a long hiss echoed through. Silver wolf around ten meters tall appeared in the east, and howled towards the moon. Its entire body emitted precious light, ordering the wolf pack to charge into the divine cave.


Directly north, a huge scarlet wolf around ten meters tall stood on its hind legs. Scarlet multicolored light flickered all over its body. There was a single horn on its head, which made it appear extra frightening.

From every direction, wolf howls rang in succession. In the blink of an eye, ten wolf kings who comprehended powerful precious techniques appeared, and they all frantically attacked the divine cave.

There was an uncountable number of huge wolves that charged into the dark cave. The entire mountain simply seemed like a bottomless pit as countless huge wolves charged inside, but there wasn’t even a splash of water. They couldn’t fill up the cave at all.

At this moment, those wolf kings also moved out, charging into the divine cave.

At dawn, the entire mountain rocked as if an earthquake occurred. The mountain body practically looked like it was collapsing.

Aoo… the Silver Blood Giant rushed out with blood and wounds all over its body. There were wolf corpses who bit into his body who wouldn’t let go even in death.

“It’s not a divine cave, but a devil’s cave!” He staggered out while on the verge of collapse.

A shadow flashed past, and the Feather King charged out too. His pair of rainbow wings were badly torn as muddled flesh appeared all over its body. He seemed as if he was practically going to fall into its own blood.

They did not have many subordinates remaining, since almost all of them died.

Following them was Huo Ling’er who also had blood all over her body, but it was unknown whether it was her own blood or the wolves’. The cloaked people beside her were bloody too as they protected her in the middle.

Behind them, over ten human geniuses charged out. Each of them suffered heavy injuries. Their steps were weak, and they were on the verge of toppling over.

“This is the grave of a wolf god, and the wolf pack’s breeding ground. It’s not a divine cave at all!” The last one to come out was the Nine-Headed Lion who had blood dripping all about its body.

“What did you guys find?” The Silver Blood Giant turned around and looked at Huo Ling’er.

Beside her, a cloaked person lifted up a beast skin bag that emitted golden splendor. It seemed like it was unable to hide what was inside.

“It’s only an egg,” Huo Ling’er calmly said.

“What? That’s the offspring of the wolf god!” The Feather King was astonished.

The golden lion and Silver Blood Giant were even more shocked. This was the situation described in the engravings on the walls of the divine cave: the wolf god has an offspring inside of a golden egg.

“Would a wolf lay an egg?” The little guy asked his seniors from on top of the mountain.

“Normally… It wouldn’t”

“Sister, your egg is fake. It’s not the wolf god’s egg. Let’s just eat it together!” The little guy eager rushed down the mountain as he swatted away the wolf pack that charged towards him.

Hou… A group of wolf kings appeared. Their precious techniques flew into the air as symbols submerged this entire area.

The cloaked person beside Huo Ling’er was greatly shaken and suffered a heavy injury. The bag in his hands shattered, and a golden egg the size of a water bowl dropped out.

The Nine-Headed Lion, Silver Blood Giant, and Feather King as well as the subordinates they had left all charged forward with the intention of snatching it away.

Huo Ling’er, and the ten human geniuses were anxious. They charged up as well, and wanted to seize it.

The ten wolf kings roared. They ordered the dense wolf pack to surround and trap them within.

Finally, the golden egg was knocked away flying. The little guy charged up and embraced it with one hand. He was incredibly happy as his large eyes became like crescent moons. He said towards everyone, “Let’s go! We’ll cook and eat it!”

“No!” Everyone’s expression changed, and they charged up together.

“It’s delicious. You have to trust me!” The little guy was delighted as he embraced the golden egg. He swooped down the mountain bravely against the wolf pack; like a wisp of smoke, he vanished without a trace.

“Ahh… no!” The group of people wretchedly screamed. They were practically going crazy while they chased behind him. They couldn’t just let him eat it.

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