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Chapter 122 – Nine-Headed Lion Defeated

The red sun was setting. The horizon still had some traces of scarlet, but was on the verge of fading away. The sky was already turning dusky.

Within the prairie, lion roars shook the heavens, causing people’s souls to almost jumping out of their bodies. All of the people quickly retreated into the distance, avoiding this terrifying battlefield.

The little guy was engaging in a great battle with the Nine-Headed Lion. He charged into the depths of the prairie, staying away from that imposing mountain. The range of the battle extended extremely wide, and the divine splendor created from precious techniques shocked the heavens.

The golden lion released a long roar, its nine heads simultaneously howling. Nine distinct golden ripples were rising, as if nine waves were pouring over, shaking the heavens and the earth with rumbling sounds.

This was the precious technique of the golden lion’s bloodline. The true Lion Roar Technique was released, and the soundwave traveled outwards. The great earth began to rupture, breaking apart all of the various grasses in the prairie. They all collapsed, creating a terrifying scene.

The little guy withstood the attacked with all his strength. The two reached the climax, attacking along the entire way. They shifted vertically and horizontally several hundred li into the distance, and the scope of the battle became greater and greater.


The Lion Roar Technique was extremely shocking. The nine heads all roared, and the sound wave emitted seemed have its own nature. One could clearly see the boundless golden ripples undulate up and down like a tsunami. It hid the sky and covered the earth, like raging waves beating against the shore.

They weaved in and out as they attacked with killing intent, changing the battlefield non-stop. They encountered more mountains within the prairie, and under the lion’s roar, the golden billows engulfed everything. These smaller mountains were completely hacked up into pieces. Moreover, there were a few giant boulders that were smashed apart, transforming into fine powder.

The group of people who followed along were dumbstruck. Each and every one of them were trembling. This sound wave method was too powerful, and this remarkable ability was only usable by the bloodline of the golden lion.

The prairie was boundless. The lion king angrily howled while the powerful individuals were engaging in this power struggle. The roar shook the mountains and rivers, and currently, it was a survival of the fittest. The powerful devoured the weak, and this was the current state of the great wastelands.

The golden lion’s figure was terrifying. It was solid and heroic, and each time those large golden claws dropped down, there would always be a mountain splitting power. It collided with the little guy’s fist, and as symbols covered the sky, divine sound rumbled. It caused all of the people in the distance to be overwhelmed with shock.

The people were not shocked at that golden lion, but rather at that small figure. How could he possess such a powerful amount of strength? When their physical bodies collided, he didn’t lose any ground at all.

It was to the point where it was possible that he had an edge in this fight.

The golden lion was constantly relying on the symbols that were covering its golden claws, and was not completely dependent on its physical strength to suppress its opponent. Each time the two individuals collided, it would always emit waves waves of thunder-like sounds, screaming across this savanna.


Other than their bodies clashing, glaring light would erupt between them from time to time. Precious artifacts were also used, and the nine flying swords that originated from the Nine-Headed Lion’s mouth unceasingly hacked and sliced.

This was a terrifying precious artifact, and it had two forms. It would sometimes form into a sharp sword, and other times transform into fierce lion teeth. They were extremely dazzling, as if nine suns were oppressing everything.

It was evident that the nine flying swords were formed from the teeth of a golden lion. However, it did not belong to this young lion, but was rather passed down from its elders. Otherwise, it was impossible for it to possess such formidable strength.


The nine golden teeth covered the sky, and all of them were roughly a meter long. They released an astonishing amount of light beams. It swept past the little guy’s head, chopping off a few strands of hair, slicing off a nearby mountain.

“What a powerful treasure!” The little guy was apprehensive and made an all out effort. The bone mirror within his hands emitted streaks of lightning radiance. It shone into the sky, shooting intensely at his opponent.


The lightning radiance struck against the fierce teeth, shocking the skies into created loud sounds. It was as if they were striking steel against steel, like a drum in heaven was ringing. It shook everyone until their hearts began to beat fast and their souls began to tremble.

The little guy met a true opponent. The golden lion was truly terrifying. The two fought until the sky and the earth were turned upside down. The gale whistled, and the entire prairie began to sway back and forth.

“Too terrifying. Where exactly did this human youth come from? He is actually able to fight on equal terms with the golden lion, not faltering in the slightest!”

“Why do I have the feeling that his physical body’s strength is shoulder to shoulder with that of an Archaic vicious beast child? This is too inconceivable right?”

Everyone was discussing, and those other races’ hearts were alarmed and their bodies were leaping.

Within the battlefield, the Nine-Headed Lion was even more shocked. His realm was comparatively greater, yet he was only evenly matched. If the two individual’s cultivation periods were identical, then it would truly be anything but reassuring.


This was the case especially during the first large collision. The golden lion roared, and the sound waves were like a rising and falling body of water. It was earth-shattering as it pushed downwards. However, that human youth was like a deity. Precious light covered his body, forming a divine ring, completely blocking it.

The little guy had also fought until he went crazy. He was not fighting the same as he typically did, and it was the first time he felt so strenuous. Blood boiled within his entire body, his eyes were raised, and he had a threatening heroic spirit.


A volcanic crater appeared on top of his head, and the scarlet ‘magma’ surged. A golden precious artifact bobbed up and down, emitting a dazzling multicolored light. It rushed out, slashing towards that golden lion.

The bone shears were constructed, and it was formed out of two golden bones. It appeared as if two Flood Dragons were coiling around each other as they emitted penetrating rays of light. There was nothing it couldn’t overcome, and nothing that it couldn’t shatter.

The golden Flood Dragon shears charged past in that instant, emitting waves of dragon cries and Flood Dragon hisses. It made ten thousand spirits tremble, making them want to kneel down and serve it!

The Nine-Headed Lion was greatly alarmed, and quickly evaded the attack. It transformed into a streak of golden light that weaved left and right within the grassland. It sometimes went east, and sometimes went west, as if it a blazing golden sea was migrating. Within sou sou sounds, golden light flashed in between, dying the entire grassland in gold.

It was constantly moving, quickly shifting spots. With a kacha sound, the golden pair of bone shears streaked past, chopping off a mountain. The upper half of it collapsed, tumbling down with rumbling sounds and causing endless smoke and dust to splash outwards.

The golden lion was in a difficult situation. A large portion of its temple hairs had been cut off, and one of its heads were about to be split open. A terrifying wound was inflicted, and as blood flowed, even its eyes were dyed in red.


The lion’s roar shook the skies. A string of prayer beads flew out from within its body, and they looked as if they were formed out of gold. Moreover, they were all transparent, and while their radiance scattered about, it was as if nine worlds were suppressing everything, colliding together with the bone shears.

The noise created was like thunder. An enormous collision occurred in this area. Divine splendor permeated the air, and the auras were heaven shocking. The dazzling radiance submerged the prairie, making people frightened as the two individuals fought.


Finally, both the little guy and the golden lion spat out blood. They both retreated backwards, and their divine artifacts also returned, dropping beside their respective owners.

“So powerful!” This was the first time the little guy sustained an injury after coming to this small world.

The Nine-Headed Lion was even more shocked within his heart. It was older than this human by a few years, and its cultivation realm was a level higher as well. In the end, however, their fight was only a draw; how terrifying was this?!

“He truly is shoulder to shoulder with a Horned Dragon’s heir, who exactly is he?” The golden lion revealed a bit of reverence. He felt a bit scared and upset within his heart. He was worried about the little guy’s elders. Could it be that it truly was a Pi Xiu, Dragon, or other divine creature?

As for the spectators, they were even more fearful. The Nine-Headed Lion was definitely a well-known figure within the Archaic descendants. In the future, if it received a great opportunity, then there might truly be a chance that it would transform towards that of a pure-blooded vicious beast. However now, it was injured, and had difficulty suppressing that human youth!

“Again!” The little guy opened his mouth, restraining a pure smile as he maintained a respectful expression. Currently, he was like a battle saint, and his gaze was terrifying as he charged forward.


The golden lion violently roared. There was no way out of this battle, and it had to achieve victory.

The two individuals once again fought with their lives on the line. The little guy’s body was emitting precious light, and a silver disk appeared. It enveloped around him, and in addition, the palace, ancient trees, and devil bird within the moon appeared, making the silver moon appear even more magnificent.

At the same time, he opened his mouth to spray out a mist. He used the Suan Ni’s precious technique, submerging the entire grassland in a unique mist. Even if one’s eyesight were like lightning, it would still be difficult to penetrate.


The little guy went crazy, using the Green Scaled Eagle’s bloodline to protect himself while using the Suan Ni’s precious technique. He charged forward like a Flood Dragon.

The mist was like an ocean, thoroughly submerging this area. No one was able to see what exactly happened. The little guy carried out the most terrifying attack within the ocean of mist. His body was erupting with lightning radiance, making him into a golden lightning God.

No one could see what was going on within the mist, and could only heard lion roars and the little guy’s light shouts. The two individuals engaged in a great and intense battle, and in the end, a lump of astonishing light was suddenly released, scattering the mist.

Everyone was shocked, and they noticed that the little guy and the golden lion were fighting in close combat. They were tangled together, rolling on the grassland; they were both covered in blood.

Precious artifacts traded blows, creating deafening noises and heaven piercing rays of divine light. Their real bodies were engaging in the most dangerous and ruthless close combat battle.


The little guy was sitting on top of the golden lion’s body, grabbing the hair on its face and using all of his strength to pound the largest head in the middle. Incomparably terrifying ear-splitting thunder-like sounds were ringing out.


Right at this time, the golden lion’s pupils turned ice cold. It angrily hissed, and lump after lump of terrifying light flew out towards the little guy on his back. Those were small golden lions, and were vivid and lifelike.

“Mark of the Fearless Lion!”

Far in the distance, everyone cried out in alarm. The several Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples’ complexions paled in an instant. This precious technique was too famous, and it was the magical ability from the golden lion’s bloodline.

However, even if they possessed the emperor’s bloodline, they could only utilize it upon entering the adult stage. No one could have imagined that this young Nine-Headed Lion’s cultivation realm could utilize such a skill.

The divine mark shocked the world, its power incomparably terrifying. Rays of bright and resplendent splendor were emitted, causing the great land to collapse. Rocks pierced into the skies, and the golden radiance submerged everything.

This mark technique could move mountains and shift oceans. It could call forth rain, and agitate lightning within the ninth heaven. It truly was mysterious and terrifying.

Even if the Nine-Headed Lion did not fully grasp this skill, just this strike at a fledgling level would still make people tremble. This grassland was all split up and in pieces.

The little guy flew out horizontally, quickly hiding to avoid the attack. He felt as if mountains and rivers were oppressing him. Mark of the Fearless Lion was indeed like this, ferocious and tyrannical, carrying the power to move mountains!

The little guy lightly shouted, and did not use his Suan Ni precious technique to block the attack. He also did not create an Archaic devil bird. Instead, a divine light appeared, and he was about to use another technique.

He recalled within his heart the various essential information within the True Primordial Record, in particular the diagrams of the fights between the horned dragon and the deities as well as the Golden Winged Peng slaughtering Gods. They appeared within his mind one after another.

That was a catalog of battle Gods, and it recorded the highest existences fighting with their lives on the line in great battles. He obtained endless enlightenment from this.

Within that divine diagram, there weren’t any precious techniques recorded down. However, all of the common usages of symbols and profound mysteries were recorded within the True Primordial Record.

The little guy moved horizontally, symbols flickering within his palm. It continuously changed, and from his mouth he shouted, “Unload!”

He did not attempt to imitate the battle diagram, because never had the exact same battle occurred twice. The situation was different, and blindly imitating would only lead to disaster.

The symbols in the little guy’s palms continuously changed, from flame symbols to lightning symbols, and then to wind symbols. It triggered a string of rumbling sounds, continuously unloading strength. Meanwhile, his figure was swaying back and forth. Sometimes he was advancing as boldly as a Taotie, other times he was like an Archaic divine ape leaping into the heavens; he was even like a horned dragon evading within the seas.

In merely a split second, the little guy’s pose changed a total of more than ten times. He could have attacked or fled, and the symbols within his hands reflected similarly.


The Mark of the Fearless Lion finally exhausted up all of its strength. It was neutralized by him, and its strength dropped.

The little guy had not used any precious techniques yet, and was only using symbols. Hundreds of different types were assembled together, causing the Mark of the Fearless Lion to decay and breaking it apart.

This was the enlightenment he received from the divine diagram. The divine light appeared, signifying that top level great battles did not necessarily use unrivaled divine methods. He felt as if he had entered a new world, and everything became clear within his heart at once.

The golden lion’s pupils were dim. This terrifying great divine method exhausted too much of its essence energy. It was now dispirited, so it turned around and ran.

“Where are you running to?!”

The little guy suddenly jumped, riding on top of the Nine-Headed Lion’s body. He lifted his fists and smashed downwards, appearing incomparably heroic.

Everyone was dumbstruck. The golden lion lost, and it did not have enough blood and vital breath left. Its power began to turn frail, as if it was being pressed down onto the ground by the little guy.

The Nine-Headed Lion angrily howled. It entire body was flourishing with golden light, shaking its head and its tail. Precious techniques erupted, trying to get him off of its body. However, the little guy also emitted light, and as lightning interweaved, he continued to suppress it.

From the distance, he was like a small sovereign God descending into the mortal world on his divine beast.

Everyone was baffled. This was the magnificent Nine-Headed Lion, reputed to be unparalleled within the youth. He actually lost like this, being degenerated into a mount!

“You are making me hesitate. If I go out riding this kind of golden lion, how awe-inspiring would that be. Directly eating you would be too much of a waste,” said the little guy to himself.

He had once heard that in the distant past, a Nine-Headed Lion mount was among the top ten. Even various Gods favored such a mount. Its entire body was bright and resplendent with gold, and with nine heads, it really was incomparably bold and powerful.

The little guy was extremely happy. Even ancient deities wanted to make such a creature yield and become their mount, so now that he had one for himself, was it better to eat or raise it?

“How about I eat a few heads, and then find some healing medicine. You can then slowly grow them back, how about it?” He was speaking in a consulting manner.

When the Fire Nation princess and a few other humans geniuses heard this, they were all similarly speechless. Other races felt a bit scared and upset; this was too savage!

Hou! The Nne-Headed Lion angrily roared, and a golden radiance erupted, submerging the grassland.

“Don’t be angry. I won’t eat you immediately,” the little guy menacingly spoke out. He was currently rather conflicted. He really wanted to roast this Archaic species, yet he wanted to keep it for his mount.

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