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Chapter 118 – Savage Child

After the black-colored bearman heard this, his entire body began to violently shake. This savage child was truly terrifying! After meeting for the first time, he already wanted to eat it?!

Black light erupted from its body, and it broke through many ancient trees as it fled for its life. The symbols transformed into a black flame, and supported the soles of its feet, giving it a surprising burst of speed.

“My bear food!” The little guy aguishly wailed. His expression was bitter, and he was lamenting. In only a brief period of time, that bear had already disappeared. He wanted to chase after it, but he couldn’t escape from the limits of his own body; he was truly regretting.

The large red bird cried out angrily in the sky. Its entire body was scarlet, and it covered the entire sky in a fiery radiance, burning the large stone aimed at it into lava. It was red like blood as it fell onto the ground.

It was extremely angry. It originally saw this savage child smash a treant race genius into two pieces and wanted to temporary avoid its attacks. It wanted to find the opportune time to strike, and never would have thought that it would almost be struck by a large boulder.

This was a Fire Yunque, and it was extremely violent in nature. It couldn’t endure the humiliation of being struck like this, and immediately went berserk. The entire sky was covered in fiery patterns, pouring down towards the little guy.

In the far distance, it seemed as if a giant red flood was pouring down. The heatwave burned everywhere, and the spectacle was extremely terrifying.

“Big red, you will pay the price for this!” The little guy frowned, and loudly shouted. He was being tangled by this Fire Yunque, allowing the Horned Bearman to escape; more importantly, his food getting away.

A silvery light that was as clear as water was emitted from his body, quickly forming into a silver disk. It appeared behind his body, spotlessly white and sacred. It was similar to his height, intimately enveloping him, as it scattered about its silver splendor.

The little guy was like a sovereign. He stood tall and upright on the great land, and his entire body was emitting light. The silver colored disk was like a divine moon dropping down from the ninth heaven, setting off an extraordinary divine effect.

The fiery radiance was like a flood, hiding the sky and covering the earth. It emitted a rumbling sound as it poured down in torrents. Its power was shocking to the extreme! The moon disk blazed vigorously behind the little guy. The silver light was like water, smashing out and instantly hindering the intensity of the fire.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s several disciples were all astonished, each and every one of them ran away quickly in retreat. All of them were shaken emotionally; this little disciple’s performance was too astonishing.

The great flame dropped, dissolving the great rocks and transforming the ancient trees into ash. The surface of the land was transformed into a fiery red liquid, causing waves after waves of lava to bubble about. The entire woodland was transformed into a sea of fire.

The little guy was extremely angry, and emitted a chaotic aura from his body. A large amount of symbols formed around him, and with a hong sound, the silver plate became even more pure and holy. Regardless of whether it was the magma or the fiery radiance, it was all blocked.

At the same time, the five fingers of his right hand opened out. Silver light interweaved, and as if lightning was interweaving, an Archaic Devil Bird formed. It rushed into the skies, throwing itself at the Fire Yunque.

With a peng sound, the two vicious birds collided. Red multicolored light and silver splendor exploded at the same time, causing the skies to reverberate with longlong sounds.

“Going that way!” The little guy was shouting, because he noticed that the Fire Yunque was now clear-headed and was trying to flap its wings in escape.

He quickly charged into the distance, violently stomping on a dwarf mountain. The terrifying strength from his physical body instantly caused the mountain to split apart, and landslides to form; the scene was extremely terrifying. In addition, his body soared into the sky, straight towards the large red bird.

The Fire Yunque was shocked; this child was too savage! To soar into the sky with a single stomp, was he trying to fly!?

It cried out, igniting it entire body. Its precious technique was applied to itself, and its speed instantly increased by several fold in an instant, finally avoiding the terrifying human.

The little guy was not willing to give up, and the center of his palms became transparent, as if it was opened. He erupted with golden-colored lightning; this was true speed, and he smashed into the body of the Fire Yunque.

With an angry cry, the great red bird’s wings exploded, scattering a large amount of red colored spiritual feathers. Part of its body was burnt black, emitting the fragrance of flesh.


A strand of silver light streaked past, and the little guy did everything he could to toss out a silver moon. It was as shiny as blade radiance, striking the Fire Yunque. It caused its body to shake, and a chunk of flesh dropped; its body quickly began to drop as well.

The little guy was laughing happily and said, “Big red, quickly get in my pot!”

The Fire Yunque wailed, and quickly dropped down. Right before it was about to drop onto the ground, it suddenly shifted its body. It stopped the momentum of the fall, and rushed into the distance, while sticking close to the ground.

“Ah, too cunning! It was pretending to be dead!” The little guy was extremely angry. He had just reached the peak of his jump’s power, and was only now beginning to fall; it was impossible for him to drop down and chase after it.

Fire Yunque was like a bird who was startled by the mere twang of a bow. After hearing the little guy’s words, it immediately quivered and ran even faster. Sticking close to the ground, it lowered its body to run as fast as it could. Its two wings caused many of the ancient treetops to be cut off.

The geniuses from the Heaven Mending Pavilion were absolutely stupefied. The little disciple was too ferocious, causing even a powerful Devil Bird to flee in fear.

Within the mountain region in the distance, the Horned Bearman wiped off his cold sweat. He unexpectedly spoke in the human language, “Truly savage!”

With a hong sound, the little guy dropped onto the ground, quaking the mountain into collapsing. A deep crater emerged, and long cracks extended outwards.

He angrily ran up, and he was muttering noisily, “That crafty little bird actually ran away, in the future, don’t let me see you again!”

The Heaven Mending Pavilions’ geniuses looked at each other in dismay, and they truly did not know what to say. This disciple really was even more fierce than a vicious beast…

The little guy ran into the distance, and carried out a large twenty something jin of fresh flesh. Some scarlet red feathers were mixed in, and this was the chunk that was sliced off by the silver moon.

“In the end, I didn’t waste my energy, and can taste this delicacy,” he opened his mouth and said.

Within this mountain region, there were quite a few creatures living in seclusion. After seeing this scene, they were all absolutely horrified. In that short period of time, the entire mountain ground was trembling, the vegetation was thrown into chaos, and leaves were fluttering about in disorder; all of them were trying to escape.

“Ah, there was a Purple Camel hiding there. I heard that camel meat tastes the best, I shouldn’t have allowed it to escape.” The little guy anxiously stomped his feet and opened his eyes wide as he looked into the mountain forest.

After the Purple Camel heard those words, it staggered and almost fell down. Following that, it fled madly into the distance. It changed directions, transforming into a purple streak of light and disappearing in an instant into the sea of forest.

“Yi, there’s also a Golden Sheep! My roasted sheep leg!” the little guy cried out in anguish.

After the entirely golden and dazzling two headed sheep heard this, it immediately kicked its two hind legs and madly ran. Its speed was faster than in the past by an entire level, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

This group of powerful individuals were all geniuses from their respective races, and there were also some humanoid creatures. After hearing the little guy’s words, however, each and everyone of them made themselves scarce. They all feared getting eaten, and it was as if they were trying to evade an epidemic.

“Senior brothers and sisters, let’s eat first. We can explore this little world after and search for heavenly bones, divine springs, and Saint’s inheritances.”

The little guy was extremely agile, and quickly cleaned out that chunk of meat. He washed it by the river, and then directly took out his pots and ladles. A fight was quickly lit, and he began to add condiments to stew the meat slowly.

“You’re really going to eat it? That’s too savage!” In the end, several of those vicious creatures that had not yet left felt their fine hairs stand up. They no longer dared to stick around any longer, and quickly ran away.

“This Fire Yunque is quite extraordinary. Could it be that it is an Archaic Descendant’s later generation? It’s flesh is definitely a type of precious medicine!” After eating a single bite, a senior male disciple was immediately moved.

“It really is as so!” A pretty senior sister scooped out a chunk of fragrant and sparkling piece of tender meat. After entering her mouth, it transformed into a wave of divine essence that spread to her four limbs and hundreds of bones, making her extremely comfortable.

The several individuals quickly moved their chopsticks, and in the blink of an eye, the twenty jin of flesh was completely consumed. There wasn’t even much of the soup gravy left over.

“This flesh is like precious medicine!” The group of people exclaimed in admiration, and currently, they could all feel a small light radiating around their bodies.

“You guys finally understand how important it was that I brought these precious tools now right? Otherwise, how would we be able enjoy such great food?!” The little guy patted his little belly and lied down on a soft patch of grass next to a river. A stick of grass was in his mouth, and he was incomparably satisfied.

He felt as if there was a wave of heat within his body. It created a rumbling noise as it battered within his body. His essence energy was strengthening; if he ate this type of flesh precious medicine everyday,  he believed that it would not be long before he broke through again.

The disciples from the Heaven Mending Pavilion all felt a bit embarrassed, especially the two senior sisters. They were even more bashful; how could they have allowed this devilish brat to transform them into foodies? From entering this little world until now, they only talked about eating. They did not look for any heavenly bones or holy medicine at all.

“There are four types of spirit medicine there. I am going to go and pick them.” A senior brother stood up.

“There’s no rush. Wait until nighttime when we catch a vicious beast. It’ll be delicious when we stew it as spirit medicine.

Meanwhile, a few of the native creatures within the mountain range were muttering.

“Have you heard? There is a little devil king that eats everything! We must be careful, and absolutely must not go there.”

“Too savage, eating the treant and even eating the Fire Yunque. It even wanted to eat that Horned Bearman afterwards, it really is a devil king…”

The group of creatures were discussing among themselves. Right at that moment, a humanoid shadow walked over, sweeping by with a cold and eerie feeling. It immediately made the entire forest feel cold, as if a cold frost had descended.

He walked out from within the depths of the mountain range, and his entire body was enshrouded in a silver radiance. He headed towards that lake, and his aura was terrifying. The nearby creatures were all horrified.

At the edge of the lake, there was a mountain cliff. Some ancient pines were growing, verdant and aged. It was as if a few horned dragons were lying down. Nearby, there were four spirit medicines side by side, flowing with a sparkling and translucent luster.

It was four stalks of Scarlet Orchids, and they looked as if they were made out of blood diamond. Multicolored light dazzled about. It thrived on the world’s spiritual essence, and was currently emitting a sweet scent.

Even the little guy was gasping in surprise. Outside of this realm, a spirit medicine like this would only grow within a spirit mountain. It was extremely rare, yet there was actually four stalks here, absolutely shocking!

The spiritual essence within this little world was too rich, and as a result, it could actually give birth to four stalks of spiritual medicine!

“I feel that the medicinal effect must be extremely astonishing, and it definitely has been growing for many years now. There are flesh colored ring like patterns on it, and it might allow us to break through our bottlenecks.” A few of the young Heaven Mending Pavilion’s disciples were emitting light from their eyes.

A senior brother stood up and began to climb the cliff. He was preparing to pluck them all.

When he was about to close in on those four stalks of spirit medicine, he suddenly felt a wave of coldness. Immediately lifting his head, he noticed that a humanoid creature had appeared, and was currently overlooking him.

“Who are you?!”


This creature was extremely overbearing. With a stomp of his feet, it caused the cliff to crumble. It was as if a mountain flash flood exploded forth, surging down violently with rumbling sounds.

It was all too sudden. The Heaven Mending Pavilion disciple cried out in alarm, and directly fell down. Those several thousand jin boulders tumbled down, and there were many that were even tens of thousands of jin as they fell down one after another.

When that humanoid creature on top of the cliff stamped down, it was as if the entire mountain was collapsing. It buried that Heaven Mending Pavilion disciple under tens of thousands of jin of rocks.

“Senior brother!”

The people behind cried out in surprise. This unforeseen event was too sudden, and not everyone had the little guy’s terrifying physical body. Being bombarded continuously by ten thousand jin boulders would definitely turn an ordinary person into meat paste.

The mountain cliff was crumbling, and large rocks rolled down. Its power was terrifying to the extreme! That senior brother had symbols flickering around his body, but he was still going to be drowned out.


The little guy made his move, and rushed into the pile of rocks. With a smack of his hands, it shook the mountains and rivers until they lost color. He grabbed the senior disciple’s arm and fiercely threw him out. Taking his place, he fell into the collapsing boulders.

The humanoid creature on top of the mountain cliff unraveled a scroll and faced the people below. His silver-colored pupils immediately emitted bright rays of light, and he said, “It should be you guys.”

He stepped down with his foot, and caused the heaven and the earth to shake. Those four stalks of spirit medicine were plucked into his hands, and the entire mountain was destroyed by him. It crashed down, submerging the little guy within.

Symbols flickered, and thunder rolled about the little guy’s surroundings. It caused many of the boulders to shatter. In the end, he rushed out, and was no longer buried by the mountain rocks.

“You should be that human race’s special child, right?” He stared at the little guy, and his silver pupils were incomparably penetrating and terrifying.

“Who are you? Why are you attacking us?” shouted a senior sister from the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

“Nine-Headed Golden Lion told me to subdue you, and I do not want him to do as he pleases. Come with me, and become my battle servant. In the future, there will be a day when I will allow you to return to the human race, and you will be able to split the earth and become the emperor!” He stood atop a large boulder, overlooking the little guy. His entire body was silver white, and he did not look at anyone else. Divine splendor flickered about, emitting waves of terrifying fluctuations!

“What kind of creature are you?” the little guy asked.

“I am your king. In the future, you will follow me by my side, and initiate the glory into immortality. Using the titles of your human race, I am your future master!” The silver creature opened his mouth, and a sea of fluctuations were instantly emitted. A terrifying aura poured over like a wave.

The little guy’s face immediately darkened. He walked forward and began to circle around the creature, sizing it up and down.

“What are you still considering over?” asked the silver humanoid creature.

“To want meat, but there isn’t any. Bones, on the other hand, are plenty. You are still a humanoid, so how am I supposed to eat you? Even if I stew you, it would still be unappetizing, and I fear that it would harm my heart.” The little guy spoke with a his face darkened, and he grumbled in anger, “Why are you a humanoid? What am I supposed to do with you?! Tell me, how am i supposed to dispose of you?! To bury you alive, or cook you with steam?!”

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