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Chapter 117 – Hundred Shattering Mountains

Half a month later, the limit of the great earth began to surge with a mist from the distance. It was hazy and indistinct, and a loud sound was continuously coming out from within it. It was world shaking, and it shot out numerous strands of multicolored light.

Everyone within Broken Sky City were alarmed, as if an ancient deity had awoken from its slumber. From within the mists appeared two eyes, and strands of lightning shot out from within its pupils.

Primal chaos surged within the limits of the great earth, and lightning interweaved. Ear-splitting thunder roared, and torrential rain poured down; it was as if judgment day was approaching!

“It’s coming, the Hundred Shattering Mountains is appearing! The route is opening, and the world is reconstructing!” Everyone from the older generation opened their eyes wide, and were nervously watching carefully.

This area of land was normally rather flat. Now, however, there were some vague shadows, swelling the land into a mountain range that was faintly discernible.

However, if they observed carefully, the great land seemed to be just as flat as before. Those shadows were from a different realm, separated by the endless void, only appearing now.

“It’s coming! It did create another realm after all. However, it only opens today, and it is an extremely rare opportunity. Children, your chance has come! You all might obtain great opportunities within, or you might die and be buried within that land. Choose which opportunity to grasp yourselves!” An elder loudly shouted, shaking the entire Broken Sky City.

“You all still have a bit of time let. Quickly go and prepare.” An important senior spoke out.

Several hundred years ago, there was an outstanding individual who emerged from within the Hundred Shattering Mountains. After he returned, he flew into the skies, and in the end, he became an emperor. There was another who narrowly escaped death, and became the supreme founder after returning.

There was even less of a need to talk about the period of time earlier than this. There were a few names that flickered with the aura of deities. They showed their disdain towards the ancient and the modern, shaking the history of the boundless earth.

In just a split second, the entire Broken Sky City was thrown into disarray. Everyone was moving around, and all types of races appeared. There were flying Divine Monkeys, stones capable of flight, Demonic Butterflies with vibrating wings, giants over ten meters tall, treants that were rooted in the void… Each and every one of the creatures were flickering with symbols, and were ready to charge into the limit of the great earth at any time.

Of course, the most common were still the human race. All types of large and ancient families, top level religions, and ancient imperial families etc. covered the land. They were numerous and dense as they stood before the city wall.

“Little junior disciple, what are you doing? Hurry up, we can’t be the last ones to enter right?” A few of the Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples were anxiously urging the little guy.

“Good food doesn’t need to fear being late. I am taking care of something, so you guys can go first.” The little guy took out all types of large and small packages and piled them together, it was as if he was building a house.

This made the five Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples become dumbstruck. Are you going as a tourist or to fight with others? Why are you carrying so many things? It really was unreasonable.

“Alright, I’ve finished tidying up!” Finally, the little guy lifted up a huge hemp sack and hurried over.

The old monster Tao Ye from the Heaven Mending Pavilion was also a bit speechless. Others were all bringing medicinal powder and weaponry, yet why did this little brat run out from the kitchen, bringing with him all sorts of random things?

There was not much time left, and so Tao Ye did not ask too much. He brought the youths with him as he headed towards the city gate.

“Senior, are there any precious artifacts? Let me borrow one of them, or maybe some jade containers that can hold many items. Carrying this large sack around is too inconvenient,” said the little guy.

“We don’t have any!” Tao Ye shook his head, and didn’t have the time to scold him. He quickly brought the others and charged up the city wall.


The primal chaos coming from the limits of the great earth became increasingly dense. In the end, it was like a white-colored wave as it surged and roared, creating a magnificent sight.

The waves overflowed in the heavens, and created a vast expanse of whiteness. It surged up and down violently, smashing about until all of heaven and earth began to rumble. It was incomparably violent and mind-blowing.

It was a barrage of primal chaos aura, and was unexpectedly extremely terrifying. Many people felt as if half of their lifespan had disappeared in that instant.

It really was a once in a lifetime scene, and was extremely majestic.

It was as if thousands of men and horses were galloping forth and an army of millions were slaughtering their way over. Rumbling noises rang out, and the white mist struck the skies, creating a terrifying scene.


Finally, a loud sound boomed, and the aura of primal chaos arrived. Many people were completely terrified, and they thought that they were being swallowed. Soon after, they noticed that heaven and earth seemed to be splitting apart, and the vast expanse of white surrounded them.

“Being named Broken Sky City, this name truly makes sense.” Everyone sighed.

At the same time, the altar that had been covered with the blood of saints in the center of the city began to emit faint light. It looked like it had revived; it was full of life, and looked as if it had regained its former glory.

“There’s no need to wait! The Hundred Shattering Mountains are open, and we can enter right now!” A loud shout rang out, and an old ape threw his child.

Following that, a Flood Dragon1 soared passed, entering the primal chaos mist.

Soon after, a golden-colored big bird struck the skies, disappearing into the primal chaos.

A Demonic Butterfly flapped its wings, broke through the sky, and quickly entered.

Two White Jade Dragons simultaneously rushed in. They trampled over the great earth, creating rumbling sounds.

At that moment, all types of creatures began to move, and they all prepared to enter the mist. There wasn’t a single one who didn’t want to be the first one to enter the Hundred Shattering Mountains and obtain the greatest opportunities.

The humans naturally did not want to fall behind, and leapt up to chase after them. There were a few who had already arrived at the front and revealed their precious artifacts. They raced against ten meter tall giants, and contested with the descendants of divine birds.

At the limit of the great earth, there was only a single gate. Although, it was incomparably large, there were too many people who were trying to enter. It was impossible for them all to enter at the same time, and the mass multitude of people were stuck outside.

It was to the point where fierce battles took place, and there were a few creatures that began to fight.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion were stuck within that group of people, and the little guy’s large sack naturally caused people to stare at him. All of the creatures that saw him felt extremely strange.

There were many clan elders who were sending off their disciples, and they similarly revealed strange expressions as they looked at him. There was someone who couldn’t hold himself back any longer, and asked, “Little friend, what exactly are you bringing?”

“They are all treasures!” The little guy threw the sack down with a clang sound, and sat himself down on it. Regardless, the road ahead was blocked, and it was difficult to advance right now.

If they are all treasures, why is the bag so big?!” None of them believed him, and even a few of the others races’ creatures were amazed.

“Of course!” The little guy slapped the sack under his butt, and had an accomplished look in his eyes.

“The noble school is indeed powerful, gifting their disciples with so many treasures. It truly makes us revere!” There were people who felt touched.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s chief figure Tao Ye felt his old face developing a fever. What kind of treasure was that? On the way here, he clearly heard the clanking sounds of pots and bowls!

Nearby, quite a few people were revealing ominous glints in their eyes. They were all targeting the little guy, and it was obvious that they wanted to steal from him.

“I’m warning you guys, don’t set your eyes on my treasure. Otherwise, I will throw each and every one of you into a stew!” The little guy glared at the creatures from the other races. It was as if he was protecting his food, and defending his large sack.

All of the surrounding human elders all laughed and one of them said, “Little friend, could you allow us to see what kind of treasures are inside? I am so old already, of course I would not try to steal from you.”

“Alright!” The little guy seemed to be a bit reluctant, and slowly opened up the large sack.

Everyone began to look in his direction, and extended their necks to look at what exactly it was. Even those of other races were no exception, and curiosity  emitted from within their eyes.

Only Tao Ye’s face was completely red, and he wanted to turn around and walk away. He gave the little guy a slap and said, “What kind of treasures could you possibly present, hurry up and put it away!”

“It’s hard to carry if there are too many things. Give me some kind of precious artifact or spirit jar so that I could place these things inside.” The little guy extended his hands as he asked.

“Don’t have any!” Tao Ye was extremely angry. This child was seizing the opportunity to blackmail him.

“Come on, open it. Let us see what is inside.” The surrounding people were all unsatisfied.

“Sure.” The little guy quickly opened up the sack, and all of the items fell out. The group of people extended their necks, and shifted their gazes to look. They were immediately dumbstruck, this… What kind of treasure was this?!

For a long time, everyone was speechless. This child was simply a fraud, making people’s hearts exhausted.

“I say, child, are you sure you didn’t pillage some family’s kitchen?” An elder spoke.

“How do you know?” The little guy opened his eyes wide, and immediately began to explain, “I did not randomly rob someone, I left a message. I made sure to leave my school’s name, and said that this was for borrowing, and in the future, they could go to the sacred land to get it back.”

Heaven Mending Pavilion’s chief figure Tao Ye whose face was previously red now turned black, even to the point where his eyes were going to turn black. This little fraud is too lacking in moral sense. How could he do this type of thing? It simply made them lose too much face! The magnificent Heaven Mending Pavilion needed to expropriate this type of item?! He would rather have this little bastard actually go rob something and loot some expert than do something like this. This was simply unbearable for the Heaven Mending Pavilion, truly a fraud!

Everyone was petrified. No one could have thought that the so-called treasures would be these types of items.

Some of the creatures immediately retracted their necks. What kind of treasure was this? Would he even be able to use those in the Hundred Shattering Mountains? After entering, this rotten brat would only be cannon fodder!

“You all are too dumb, and don’t know how to survive in the wilderness. At that time, you will all definitely be endlessly jealous of me. Roasted lion, slow cooked Feiyi, tiger bone soup… You all will just have to watch jealously from the side!” The little guy wiped his mouth.

“Please stop talking!” The pretty senior sister at the side covered his mouth. Meeting a little junior brother like this really made them all lose a lot of face.

One of the elders was curious, squatted down to carefully observe from the side. This truly was strange, there was every type of seasoning. That kitchen really was thoroughly robbed…

“They’re going, we can enter!”

The sea of people in front of them were disappearing, and countless creatures had already entered. The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s geniuses once again went on their way. They left the chief figure Tao Ye, and headed towards the giant glowing gate.

With a shua sound, they directly passed through. They threw themselves into the passage, and as the hazy mist swirled about, they did not know where it lead to.

“Go, continue charging forward!”

“There are many passages here, and choosing a different route will lead to a different region of the Hundred Shattering Mountains. There are places where the routes connect, so sooner or later, creatures who entered from different areas will meet up,” said a senior disciple from the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

This was what Tao Ye said, and was originally from a predecessor’s personal experience.

Upon entering, they naturally wanted to avoid all of the creatures grouping together. Otherwise, a large scale bloody war would immediately take place.

After entering one of the passageways, the little guy and the others quickly ran forward. They did not know how much time had passed. Eventually, the mists thinned out, and bright light shined down.

Following that, they charged out. In that split second, they felt a wave of rich spiritual essence. It was several times denser than that of even the Heaven Mending Pavilions’ and the spiritual essence was practically liquefying.

“This small world is a treasure! Cultivating here would result in twice the effect with half the work!” Several people were moved.

In front of them was a lake, and it was extremely clear. Strands of spiritual essence rose, and the aroma of ancient medicine floated about. Even further into the distance, there were wild beasts howling.

Some of the mountain peaks were overflowing with color, and were covered with spiritual vines. Beautiful trees were growing, and it seemed like a paradise.

“There are four stalks of spirit medicine there!” A senior sister cried out in surprise, and pointed at the base of a mountain.

Right at that moment, the little guy loudly shouted, and threw the large sack in his hands to the side. Like a human shaped vicious beast, he showed his might, and violently ran out.


Breaking sounds were emitted, and a large tree howled in grief. It broke into two pieces, and quickly turned  into a ruptured tree.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s several disciples were frightened. That was a treant race’s expert, and it would typically be able to transform into a large tree. While concealed within a forest, it would be difficult to discover, and it truly was terrifying.

It was obvious that this was a treant race’s genius. It was definitely a genius, and just now, it wanted to mount a sneak attack on them. In the end, he was snapped apart by the little guy’s physical body while still alive.


In the distance, a large red-colored bird dashed into the air. It flew into the distance, and emitted terrifying fluctuations.

“Big red, don’t go! Come inside my bowl!”

The little guy shouted loudly, and lifted up a large boulder weighing over several thousand jin, directly smashing it into the sky. With a peng sound, the bird cried out in anger and emitted an endless blaze, frying the boulder into magma.

“Little black, you aren’t allowed to leave! Leave behind some food!” The little guy turned his body around, and looked into the distance. He saw a black-colored Horned Bearman, and symbols flickered around its body before it escaped without a trace.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s geniuses were dumbstruck. This little disciple is so fearless! Upon entering the the forest, he was like a dragon returning to the sea. He was coarse and wild, directly scaring off the surrounding powerful creatures, that were geniuses from their respective races.

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