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Chapter 103 – Heaven Warping Martial God

The little guy quickly felt a sense of loss, and also a sense of bitterness, however, it quickly left. Immediately after turning around, he already began to throw these thoughts out of his mind. The only thing was, leaving like this truly made him feel unreconciled.

In order to leave a trace of his existence, he went and found a large rock. It was not that eye-catching, and was a sturdy boulder. On top of it, he engraved: Heaven Warping Martial God. Just, Open, and Honorable!

He paused, thought for a bit, and added another sentence: Hammer In Hand, Ruler of Land.

Afterwards, he slipped away instantly like a wisp of smoke.

The little guy broke through the symbol barrier to the eighth region and looked left and right like a thief. After seeing that nothing was out of the ordinary, he rapidly charged into the forest.

“Hu…” He released a long breath; everything was once again back on track.

“I don’t know when they are going to come. I’ll find a place to rest first.” He walked inside and climbed up an ancient tree. He drove away a fierce bird, and temporarily took control of this huge bird nest. After that, he ripped apart some leaves before sleeping soundly inside.

That fierce bird began to emit its long wretched bird cries into the air. What was going on here? A devilish brat actually seized its nest! If another vicious bird took it, it would not have cared. What is a human brat trying to do by taking control of a bird nest?

The little guy did not notice. He did these things a lot in the past. Compared to lying on the ground, a vicious bird’s nest was softer and more comfortable. He slept soundly inside as he ignored everything else.

The fierce bird was quite angry. In the end, it had no choice but to descend on a nearby mountain as it stared intently, waiting for him to leave.

It was already dusk after he did all of those things. He slept soundly, and only woke up at dawn during the next day.

The little guy rubbed his large eyes, and crawled up from the bird nest. He faced the morning sun, and began to stretch everything out. He felt as if his entire body was relaxed and comfortable under the warm sunshine.

With a sou sound, he jumped off the ancient tree, and began to look for food and a place to bathe in.

That vicious bird stared intently as it stayed overnight on that mountain. Its eyes were practically red by now, and it almost charged over with killing intent several times. However, it was able to endure it until that devilish brat finally left.

“Brother, have you stolen a bird egg? Let’s eat it together.” At this moment, a youth nearby spoke.

“Why do I feel like he just woke up from that nest? Just look at his drowsy eyes,” muttered a young female.

This was a pair of brother and sister whose strengths were extraordinary. Originally, they were able to pass the trials through the own efforts, but it was announced that everything they did previously was useless. Everyone had to redo everything again.

“Morning.” The little guy greeted them.

“You couldn’t have actually took control of that bird nest and slept right?” That young female’s large eyes widened as she covered her little mouth while exposing her astonishment.

“Why would I do that? I love birds. I’m friends with them.” The little guy talked while he sat down as if he was familiar with them. Then, he tore off a shiny, golden bird leg from the fire in front of the siblings, and began to enthusiastically bite into it.

“But you’re eating a bird leg right now.” The young maiden muttered and pouted. This was what she normally loved to eat the most, but now it had been snatched away by an unknown child.

“I’m so deeply hurt. You guys actually cooked some birds to eat. If I can’t see it, my heart will calm down. Eat it quick!” The little guy started to beckon those two to eat with him.

“What kind of person is this!” The young maiden was very dissatisfied.

“That’s right. What happened this time?” The little guy scooched closer to them, and asked them about the situation.

“What else could have happened? We have to restart. I blame it all on that milk baby who always do such heaven angering things. Because of him, we have to go through the hassle of the trial again!” The young girl was panting with rage.

The little guy immediately erected his ears to listen carefully. He asked quite a bit about the current situation, then asked “Did those elders of Heaven Mending Pavilion say anything?”

The young male opened his mouth and replied, “They will. They had laid out an inescapable trap over the Second Battle field to seal it a long time ago. This time, they’ll capture that milk baby for sure!”

After the little guy heard, he immediately beamed with joy. He almost rolled over onto the floor as he began to laugh non-stop. The siblings who saw him were astonished, since they did not know what was going on.

The young maiden was very violent as she waved her fists and said, “This time he won’t get away since the elders interfered with the Second Battlefield. They have to severely punish him, and there are many people who want to beat him up. They all want to do some heaven angering things to him.

The young male said, “En, the excitement this time is real. It’s rumored that Heaven Mending Pavilion even allowed some special outsiders to observe. On the surface, they are taking a look to see how many geniuses will finally succeed, but in reality, they were allowing all those powerful people to take a lot at that hateful child.”

“That’s right. This time, they’ll catch that hateful child under the watchful eyes of everyone. This show will be very interesting to watch!” The young maiden waved her fists with great excitement.

“Great, haha…” The little guy also seemed extremely happy as he laughed in a carefree manner. The young maiden immediately had a favorable impression of him, since it looked as if they had a common enemy.

The three enjoyed their breakfast to their heart’s content as they laughed and talked.

Before they parted ways, the little guy took out two bottles of precious medicine. He poured out one pellet from each to give to the siblings before quickly leaving.

“So sweet. What kind of medicine is this?”

“Yi, it seems like dragon powder and tiger medicine. A single portion can strengthen the bones and instantly restore one’s energy. The other can heal injuries with great effectiveness. They’re both extremely precious.”

The siblings both muttered. They wanted to find the little guy again, but they had already lost sight of him.

These were naturally the spoils of battle that he obtained from the silver gowned youth’s body. The little guy was incredibly happy because he ate and drank enough from them; therefore, he wanted to return the favor. He held a grass stalk within his mouth as he leisurely strolled through the eighth region.

This time, because they were going to recruit 3,000 people from the eighth region, the difficulty of the checkpoints had been lowered a lot. In the end they were going to pick the first 3,000 people people who passed the trial.

The little guy met many young people along the way. All of them charged forward with all of their power. Around noon, there were already 1,000 people who passed the trial.

“It’s about time, I should leave as well.”

He picked a time when a lot of people left together. There were over a hundred people who had similar strength that simultaneously reached the exit. He quickly made his way over, and exited with this large group of people.

In the end, all of the elders from the large clans were so cheerful that their faces bloomed, and they were extremely happy. In addition, those ‘ritual attenders’ from the large powers were also laughing, although it was difficult to confirm what the true meaning behind their expressions.

Only a few elders from the Heaven Mending Pavilion were sighing in despair. They were extremely bitter, and after seeing groups of hundreds exiting the testing grounds, their faces turned green. Was this still a test? For them to recruit this group of people, and this many of them, the Heaven Mending Pavilion really was in a tremendous mess.

“In a bit, we will settle our debts with that little devil!” Elder Xiong Fei fiercely spoke. “You made a mistake! By participating in the trial by fire, you are already one of the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s disciples, and there is no way around it! By passing through that barrier, you no longer have anywhere to run to!” Elder Zhuo Yun also stressed with a dark expression.

Finally the 3,000 people completed their exam. It could even be called ‘earning an accomplishment just by walking’, and other than the Heaven Mending Pavilion, everyone else was beaming with happiness.

“It’s time for us to go to the Second Battlefield and see how much time is left!” Elder Xiong Fei waved his hand. It was as if he had the power to devour an entire country, and was incredibly heroic.

However, it seemed as if he was gritting his teeth no matter how you looked at it, and that was what was creating this powerful expression.

“Let’s go. I ask that everyone follow us inside to attend the ceremony, and gaze upon our Heaven Mending Pavilion’s mainstay and geniuses!” Elder Zhuo Yun loudly shouted, and it seemed as if he wanted to swallow the two words ‘mainstay’ and ‘geniuses’.

“I wonder if it is possible for the 3,000 children who successfully passed through the previous exam to see just what kind of place this Second Battlefield is? To allow them to gain some knowledge and experience.” Several elders from large clans opened their mouths at the same time.

“That’s fine!” Elder Xiong Fei waved his hand, and directly agreed.

The Second Battlefield was opened, and everyone moved in.

The little guy also squeezed himself into the group of people, and his face was carrying a happy smile. His large eyes formed crescents, and his two canine teeth within his mouth were bright like crystals. He was extremely happy, and followed everyone inside.

Within the Second Battlefield, the silver gowned youth woke up. This time, he was unconscious for too long, and a violent pain tore through his head. He felt extremely dizzy and unwell as his body only took up a small area; he couldn’t stretch out his limbs.

Soon after, he was completely awake, and he immediately released a miserable shout. “Come out right now!”


His head violently smashed into a boulder, causing him to feel a wave of pain. He was angry to the extreme. To repeatedly do it twice, even three times, that person knocked him out with a sledgehammer from the dark again! This truly was an intolerable bullying that was incomparably unbearable!

He noticed that his body was within the cracks of a rock, and the outside was blocked by someone. This was most likely done out of fear that he would be eaten by wild beasts. With some effort, he made his way out, and the sunshine cruelly shone down. It penetrated through the leaves, and the sun was already raised high into the sky; it was most likely already a new day.

“I was unconscious for an entire night?” He was inwardly angry. The attacks all came from a sledgehammer, and it always struck the same place. This time in particular, a pressing fury attacked his heart, as he had been unconscious for too long.

Xiao Tian raised his head towards the sky. His heart was at a loss, and he was extremely dejected. He was obviously the number one genius, yet he was about to be eliminated like this.

There was a huala sound, and he felt that something was fishy. He lowered his head, and his bosom was full and bulging. After removing the contents, he noticed that it was a sack of Heaven Mending Rocks. After turning it around, he noticed another package nearby, and it was incredibly familiar. It originally belonged to him, and after opening it up, it contained another pile of Heaven Mending Rocks.

The silver gowned youth was immediately stunned. What was this? He was clearly robbed, so how could the stolen goods have returned to him?

He quickly picked up the animal hide package, and also extracted the Heaven Mending Rocks within his bosom. He combined them, and carefully began to count. In total, there were twenty pieces!

“What is going on?” He was a bit perplexed.

A moment later, he snapped back to reality. He began to stomp in anger, and he was extremely resentful. His teeth were clenched as he said, “Are you messing with me?!”

Who in the world does things like this? Did you even need these Heaven Mending Rocks? You attacked with such a blunt stick, and then stole everything like a fiend without leaving a single item.

Now, everything was actually returned. What was the most frustrating was that he was still smashed by that hammer like before! If the items were going to be returned, then just return them. Instead, he was knocked unconscious, and he couldn’t even see who did it!

Ao… The silver gowned youth was originally rather handsome, yet now he had been transformed into a beast. He roared endlessly, and caused the mountains to rumble and shake.

His entire body was covered densely in silver-colored symbols, and he was close to going berserk. This truly was an intolerable bullying, and for the attacker to make a round trip and attack with the sledgehammer in succession, even if it was a God, he would still be seething with anger.

Nearby, the other youngsters were overwhelmed with shock. What a powerful shockwave! This level of power was indeed terrifying, and was enough to completely sweep away their group of people.

Si… The roaring ceased, and the silver gowned youth began to inhale cold air. He painfully covered his forehead; there was a large blister in that area, and it was awfully painful.

In the distance, the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s elders had already lead the large group into the Second Battlefield, and arrived just in time to hear the world shaking roar. They immediately revealed their astonished and satisfied expressions.

“What a powerful child, definitely a Heaven Warping Genius. After ten years, another formidable genius has joined my Heaven Mending Pavilion!”

“Not bad, this child is unusually talented. His blood and energy is surging, and the voice is like the cry of a dragon. If he is carefully nurtured, it is highly likely that he will become a world shocking Overlord.”

Elders Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun both did not hold back their praises. They had just entered the genius battlefield, yet they had already met this type of youth, so how could they not be happy?

The other large powers also endlessly admired. The Heavenly Mending Pavilion was truly formidable when it came to passing down their inheritance. Talented individuals emerged generation after generation, and these youngsters were sure to demonstrate extraordinary talent and skill.

It was to the point where some of them even had thoughts of stealing away these geniuses.

“Let us bear witness to this genius’ color and elegance,” said elder Xiong Fei.

All of them nodded their heads, and they were all in expectation.

In the distance, the silver gowned youth was facing a lake. After seeing his own appearance, he almost shed tears. A huge blister sat atop his forehead, and it truly looked as if he had a horn on his head. From the start, the two strikes both hit the same spot, and he looked like the child of a unicorn.

“So hateful!” He bellowed in rage.

The group of people quickly pressed onward, and wanted to see that genius.

In addition, the group of people also thought that it was about time that they saw that legendary devilish brat.

The Second Battlefield was now sealed, and it was definitely for the purpose of capturing that little devil. Just thinking about it made the people excited and stirred up, as that little heaven angering thing was finally going to be exposed, and was no longer able to run away!

“Wu, soon, I will allow everyone to appreciate a stalk of precious medicine. It is a medicine rarely seen in this world, and this treasure was raised by a black tiger. In the future, it might transform into a divine medicine.

Elder Zhuo Yun absent-mindedly spoke out, and he spoke in a graceful manner with an incomparably calm and collected tone. When needed, they had to reveal some of the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s inside information. Only in this way could they make every direction tremble, and recruit even more geniuses.

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