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Chapter 102 – Never Lucky

Xiao Tian truly hated it. When he had finally turned around, he still couldn’t seen who attacked him from behind, and was smashed by a sledgehammer onto the ground instead. The whites of his eyes rolled over as he passed out unwillingly.

The little guy threw away his white bone club as he clapped his hands and said, “You dare to sneak attack me? Fair enough, consider us even now.”

If anyone else was here, that person would definitely be dumbstruck. The one who distinguished himself among 90,000 people, the reputed number one genius, Xiao Tian, was actually knocked out like this.

This white bone clue was sparkling and translucent. It was something left over by a vicious beast. Unfortunately, many years had already passed, and its symbols had already been extinguished. However, its durability was still astonishing, and so the little guy picked it up and thought that it was perfect as a hammer.

With just these two strikes, he sneakily attacked the number one genius, smacking him onto the ground.

Without a doubt, this was only possible through his ample preparation. He had set his eyes on the silver gowned youth a long time ago, and finally decided to deploy his sneak attack here in order to win with a single strike.

He originally wanted to fight with him. However, when he was being chased by that ancient alligator earlier, the silver gowned youth sneakily attacked him. He did not forget this earlier rudeness, and therefore smashed him like so with the sledgehammer.

The lamenting Xiao Tian was still feeling hate the moment he passed out, because being knocked out like this simply made him feel wronged!

The little guy squatted down. With nimble hands, he flipped the silver gowned youth over skillfully, and started to quickly search his body for treasures.

Within the blink of an eye, everything on Xiao Tian switched over to a new owner, and everything was stolen by the little guy. Apart from the 25 Heaven Mending Rocks, there were also two bottle of priceless precious pills that could replenish blood essence and treat wounds.

The rewards were extremely abundant, but the little guy was still dissatisfied as he muttered, “How come he doesn’t have any precious artifacts? He’s too poor.”

How could he not know? Xiao Tian was a heaven warping genius whose goal was to stand alone at the top of this competition. Although his clan had precious artifacts to give him, he did not bring any over. He was only trying to prove that he was the strongest amongst the 90,000 people.

The little guy threw the silver gowned youth onto an ancient tree so that he would not be eaten by wild beasts. He then picked up his bone club and left with confidence and ease.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Xiao Tian finally woke up. The pain in his head was killing him, and then he suddenly remembered something. He sat up and almost fell down from the tree.

“Aiya, it hurts so much!” He comforted the back of his head with his hands. He felt like that area was going to split open, and it was incredibly painful.

Afterwards, he felt an extreme pain on his forehead. He rubbed it with his hands, and a blister that felt like a horn appeared in that area. It angered him so much that he almost fell.

“Huhu…” The silver gowned youth was depressed. He was a genuine heaven warping genius. When he traveled to countless large clans with his clan elder, he had never lost until today.

He never could have thought that he could have actually suffered so much today. Furthermore, he did not even seen his opponent’s face.

“It has to be him!” Xiao Tian remembered the child that he once smacked. At the time, he thought that there was a Heaven Mending Rock on him, so he wanted to steal it. He never that the child’s skill was so astonishing.

What he regretted was, he didn’t even see that child’s face at that time either. His opponent did not even turn around, and instantly returned his favor before leaping over a little mountain.

“It’s so infuriating!” The silver gowned youth was incredibly depressed. After losing so badly, he didn’t even figure out who his opponent was or what he looked like. This truly made him lose face.

After thinking for a bit, he jumped off the ancient tree and arrived behind a river. When he saw his reflection, his veins immediately exploded. That blister on his forehead was too big, and it actually seemed like he was growing a horn.


When the veins on his forehead popped, the large blister on his forehead was naturally provoked. It made him extremely angry. He couldn’t even vent his anger because it would only make the pain worse.

“Don’t let me see you again!” After the silver gowned youth finished shouting, he immediately covered his forehead with his hands. He released an aiyo cry and gnashed his teeth.

The little guy was very happy because he settled the problem with two strikes of his sledgehammer. He didn’t need to waste his energy to find any more people at all, and he saved so much trouble. Furthermore, this almost made him seem good-natured, because he did not need to fight anyone and could get along with the rest of the geniuses instead. This way, everyone would benefit, making his heart completely satisfied.

“Ai, there’s still some trouble. I hope the precious bones that I dug out of the eighth region won’t be discovered by those old men. Otherwise, all of my efforts would be wasted.” He was a bit worried.

“Hairy Ball is not here. Otherwise, I would let it leave with the ancient precious bones first,” he muttered to himself. When he entered the eighth region, Hairy Ball was not allowed inside. No one was allowed to bring in anything that would give them an advantage in battle to avoid cheating.

The little guy finished his mission. He was not greedy, so he did not fight for more Heaven Mending Rocks. He satisfyingly slipped away from the forest.

“Ei, something interesting happened outside. Are you guys unaware of the situation?” A young man was giggling with happiness.

There were several youths ahead who were clearly in an alliance because they did not fight with each other. They had enough Heaven Mending Rocks in their hands as they walked in unison in order to defend each other.

“What happened? How do you know?” someone asked.

“There’s a little kid who just came in, and had not seen a tablet yet. He did not know what was going on and foolishly asked me for advice. I asked him what happened outside, and he actually told an interesting story that almost made me laugh to death.”

“Tell us quick! Tell us quick!”

“The eighth region imploded. Exactly 8,900 people finished the trial and came out of the last checkpoint. Those elders of the Heaven Mending Pavilion looked like they had seen a ghost, and almost passed out.

“That’s impossible right?”

“It’s true. It’s rumored that the symbolled bones of the eighth region was plundered clean. Therefore, the barrier over the area lost its effectiveness, and those people were able to successfully complete the trial.

In the forest, several youths widened their mouth to form a ‘O’ shape. They were absolutely speechless; this was a bit too outrageous, right?

“Why does this seem so familiar. I feel like I have seen this before.”

“I feel it too.”

“It’s like that milk baby at the Void God Realm!” Someone said in alarm.

They suddenly went into a heated discussion.

“Ai, something’s off. How does that person who just came in know about what happened at the eighth region? He wasn’t in that region.” Soon after, some came to this realization.

“Although he’s from the second region, he heard it from other people. After such a shockingly huge even occurred, the people of Heaven Mending Pavilion quickly went and examined every region. Therefore, every region knows now.”

“So it’s like that!”

In the distance, after the little guy heard these, he became anxious. His little hands were crossed together as he sighed deeply.

He had anticipated this a long time ago, and was always painfully worrying over this. After hearing this now, he realized that the situation was worse than he had imagined. Everyone in Heaven Mending Pavilion knew about it now.

At the eighth region, Xiong Fei, Zhuo Yun, and several other elders were discussing with the elders of the large clans. In the end, they clenched their teeth and almost shed tears after agreeing that 3,000 people could pass.

Although it seemed like a lot to cut so many people out of these 8,900, after they recalled the past tests, it was still satisfactory. After all, to have 3,000 people remain still far exceeded their previous exams.

“The eighth region needs to redo its selection. Apart from the geniuses who went into the second battlefield, this trial doesn’t count.”

How were they going to go about selecting these 3,000 people? Perhaps the only way was to redo it.

The little guy was incredibly confused. After he saw a few youth who came in late, he indirectly heard about what happened outside, and became really anxious.

“Ai, this problem is pretty easy to get rid of. However, I wasted so much time and effort to pitifully collect these twenty Heaven Mending Rocks, yet I can’t even use them anymore. This is too heartbreaking.”

If the silver gowned youth heard what he said, he would certainly have spat out blood and became furious. Those were things that he expended a great deal of effort and time to obtain. He had to fight for them with his life! How could the little guy’s insignificant effort even compare to how hard he worked for them?!

The exit to the eighth region was closed off, but all the geniuses converged after entering the second battlefield.

The little guy carried his sack full of Heaven Mending Rocks, and chose to escape back through the third region.

With a hong sound and without any suspense, he used his powerful strength to smash the flashing symbol barrier, and appeared within the third region.

After that, he looked left and right like a thief, and immediately ran towards the exit. He did not want to be a genius anymore. He only wanted to become an ordinary disciple who passed the trial.

Naturally, he smoothly passed the trial.

However, after coming out, he was a bit dumbstruck. How come there are so few people here? If he tried to blend in with this group, if he was still noticed by an elder in the end, he most likely would still be exposed.

Ai, the little guy sadly furrowed his brows.

“Why is the eight region so lively?” He saw the large crowd, and it was like a sea of people. Just like in the third region, he once again sneakily merged with the crowd.

“The eighth region is too outrageous. It’s been sabotaged so much by that odd kid from the Void God Realm. Right now the elders are gathering these people up to test them again. Ai, they’re so lucky. They are actually giving out 3000 spots to them,” a young man absent-mindedly spoke out. Before he said anything else, he found that the person who asked him the question disappeared without a trace from his side a long time ago. It looked as if he had seen a ghost.

Naturally, the like guy ran off like a wisp of smoke and disappeared into the third region again. Then, he broke the barrier to the second battlefield in order enter the genius’s trial by fire again.

“This time, it has to work!” he happily said.

He planned to slip into the eighth region from the second region to join this large group of people. After that, he would come out with this entire group. That way, he would become completely innocent, after all, who would pay attention to him amongst a group of 3,000 people?

“Ai, the amount of people within the geniuses’ battle field are too few. There are only a hundred or so geniuses there. I would stand out too much.” The little guy sighed heavily.

“It really has become a huge mess… It’s such a pity, I already spent a great amount of effort in order to get these twenty Heaven Mending Rocks. Originally, I wanted to stand at the top and step onto the stage as number one. The Heaven’s laws are so unfair. I’m so unlucky.” The little guy had a bitter appearance.

“How come I hear someone talking about twenty Heaven Mending Rocks still being unfair? Not fair my ass!” The silver gowned youth happened to appeared in this area. He was so angry that he instantly smashed apart sky reaching ancient tree with a kick.

“Yi?” The little guy reacted, and quickly rushed over. He hid between branches and leaves, and saw the silver gowned male once again.

“It’s him again!” The little guy stroked his chin and pondered. The Heaven Mending Rocks would be useless in his hands. Should he give them back to the silver gowned youth?

At this moment, there were truly a thousand knots within his heart. He was truly resentful and sighed nonstop. He felt that he was too unlucky.

Little did he know, the truly unlucky people were the people without a single Heaven Mending Rock right now, and were on the verge of being completely eliminated. One could imagine the depression in their hearts.

“Fine… Why am I so kindhearted. I’ll return them to you! However, if you make a profit in the future, you have to repay me!” The little guy made his decision.

Xiao Tian’s heart was like a nest of flames. He was so bitter that he couldn’t say a thing. He was originally the number one genius, but he was on the verge of elimination now. Right now, it was very tough for him to find a person to steal from. People were either in hiding, or had formed powerful groups to defend against him.

“So worrisome.” The little guy muttered to himself.

However, the people who were truly worried could not even speak about their worries right now. The only only thing they could do now was foolishly wander about this forest.

The silver gowned youth absentmindedly and aimlessly walked about. Suddenly, his fine hair stiffened, and his scalp numbed as a bad feeling overcame him. He quickly reacted, but it was too late.

He felt a pain on the back of his head, and his eyes darkened. This was exactly the same as the last time when he was knocked out by the club!

“F*ck, He’s back again!” Right now, he could not help but swear. He used all his strength to widen his eyes; otherwise, with those random golden stars above his head, he was going to pass out. Furthermore, he wanted to turn around at all cost to see exactly what was going on.

However this time, before he even turned around, that big white bone club immediately turned his face around as that sledgehammer smashed onto his large blister from earlier.

“Uh…” The whites in the silver gowned youth’s eyes rolled over as he passed out with a burning fury that reached the heavens.

“Ai, I’m so unlucky,” the little guy said with a depressed look. He was still rather sad as he spoke while standing in front of this silver gowned youth’s face.

He did not know how this silver gowned youth would react after hearing him say these things. Perhaps he would become a madman, and roar with rage for three days and three nights.

“Remember, if you profit in the future, you have to pay me back!” The little guy waved his fists, then threw the bag of Heaven Mending Rocks beside the silver gowned youth.

At the same time, he conveniently removed a hairpin that seemed pretty expensive between the silver gowned youth’s hair. Last time, he overlooked it. This time, he searched again.

“I’m so unlucky.” The little guy lonesomely turned around and walked toward the eighth region.

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