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Chapter 101 – Sledgehammer Knock Out

This area was extremely spacious and empty, and not even a blade of grass grew within this region; otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough room to contain the enormous black tiger. The little guy was walking quietly on the tips of his toes, and headed towards the cave from the side.

The demonic aura became increasingly dense. Strand after strand of black mist wafted out from within the pitch-black cave that the tiger lived in. It was impossible to tell just how terrifying that beast king was. As soon as one approached it, they would feel a bone-chilling demonic aura attacking their body.

“Not good, it’s too dangerous. If I provoke it in the slightest, I’ll most likely lose my life.” The little guy stopped his movements.

Although the Black Demon Lotus was good, it was not as important as his life. He did not want to recklessly take action, but carefully observe and react instead. He had held his breath, and even closed off his pores a while ago in fear of alarming the beast king.

In the end, the little guy backed off. He retreated step by step, and quickly disappeared into the forest.

He only released a long breath after he was quite a distance away. That was an area that made gave people heart palpitations. It induced a stifling feeling, as if an enormous black-colored mountain was crushing down on his heart, and even his blood was almost frozen solid.

“Its age is written beside the Black Demon Lotus. Could it be that this beast king was already tamed by the Heaven Mending Pavilion?” The little guy was muttering to himself, and quickly recalled what he previously saw.

When that ancient alligator went mad, it had chased him all over the mountains, and startled many fierce beasts into frantically escaping. In the end, the alligator’s actions had alarmed the black tiger, and so the tiger had left its lair to stop the crazy vicious alligator; it was as if it kept the order within this mountain range.

“I hope my guess is correct.” The little guy’s eyes shone, and he disappeared into the mountains like a wisp of smoke.

After a short while, he arrived near a waterfall before stopping a few hundred zhang away. He lifted up a thousand jin boulder before throwing it with all his might.

Symbols curled around the boulder, making it shine. It drew a huge arc in the air and collided against the waterfall. As a result, the entire mountain wall shook as white waves overflowed into the sky. Furthermore, at this precise moment, an explosive roar shook the heavens.

A thick Flood Dragon emerged, and its grayish-green body was as thick as a water jug. With its malevolent looking claws, it immediately rushed out in anger to find the one that disturbed it.

What welcomed its appearance was another enormous boulder that was even heavier. It weighed at least 10,000 jin, and was also wrapped up in symbols as it rapidly flew over. It collided against the Flood Dragon’s forehead, and as a multicolored light flashed, the large boulder cracked into four pieces above the furious Flood Dragon.

As soon as the Flood Dragon saw the little guy, it immediately jumped out and pounced towards him. Furthermore, it opened its mouth and spat out chunks of multicolored light, transforming the forest before it into ashes; even a nearby stream was completely evaporated.

The little guy furiously escaped. Both his legs fiercely stamped down, cracking apart the great earth. He shot into the sky like an arrow, and jumped over a small mountain.

His explosive strength was too powerful. This force had been previously displayed when he broke Shi Yi’s record, and currently, the force generated from that jump really was a bit terrifying.

The furious Flood Dragon was startled, and pursued relentlessly. In that split second, it flattened an entire piece of the forest before arriving at the small mountain. It startled many of the beasts, and they frantically ran away in fear.

The little guy quickly arrived in front of a swamp within the dense forest. He lifted up a huge boulder, and smashed it into the swamp.

With a dong sound, the muddy water was splashed in all directions, and soon after, an ancient alligator wretchedly cried out. It immediately jumped up; that boulder smashed right against the rim of its eye, and almost harmed its eyeball.

It opened its bloody lantern-like eye, and after seeing the little guy laughing, it instantly became furious. Not long ago, it was precisely this little thing that had injured it, and now he actually dared to provoke it.

This time, it truly couldn’t control itself any longer. Its body was like a mountain of flesh, and was covered in dense scales. It rushed out from within the swamp while dragging its hundred meter long body.

Its companion could not stay idle any longer either. It charged out from another side with the intention of encircling this repulsive child and killing him.

The little guy madly escaped and charged into the distance. He then directly soared into the air and leapt over a low mountain range before arriving at another region.

There was a Three Footed Dragon Bird, a devil bird that controlled this mountain region, and no other beasts dared to provoke it. This species had two wings, yet it did not have the ability to fly. It relied on its three feet to move about, and its body could reach a distance of over ten meters.

Although it was far from the ancient alligator’s size, it was still very ferocious and powerful. Typically, it could topple a small mountain with merely a flash of its symbols. It was this forest region’s overlord, and no creature dared to agitate it.

The little guy intruded upon this land without any prior notification, and instantly leapt onto the back of a little dragon bird. He began to randomly smash about, beating it until it began to wail loudly.

This so called little dragon bird was already over several meters long. Its wings were brightly colored, but it could not use them to fly. Its three thick bird claws spared no effort as it struggled to throw the little guy off; however, it was useless.

In the distance, that giant dragon bird turned around, and immediately began to stamp with fury. Where had this little pest come from? It actually dared to bully its only child! Its brightly colored feathers immediately stood up, and it directly charged over.

The little guy smashed down with his fist one last time, and the young bird was in so much pain that it cried out endlessly. Afterwards, he jumped down, and like a wisp of smoke, he ran away.

The enormous dragon bird chased behind him relentlessly, and it was incredibly angry. There hadn’t been any creatures that dared to provoke it before, yet this little ‘pest’ dared to bully its child. This truly was unbearable!

Just like this, the entire mountain region was thrown into chaos. The Flood Dragon, Ancient Alligator, Three-Footed Dragon Bird and even six to seven other regions’ overlords were successfully angered by the little guy. They went psychotic within this mountain range, and intended to hunt him down.

In the end, several of these creatures met up and confronted each other. It got to the point where they began to fight against each other, creating fierce collisions. The entire mountain range was thrown into chaos, and all types of vicious beasts were terrified into fleeing as they covered the mountains and the plains1.

The geniuses who entered the second battlefield were all trembling. They wiped off their cold sweat, as this area was simply too dangerous. The vicious beasts were revolting! This trial by fire was simply too difficult.

Each and every person was scared and upset! In the end, a beast flood emerged from within the mountainous region, wreaking havoc everywhere. They were fleeing in every direction, and so these people naturally suffered from some indirect attacks.

What these geniuses did not know was that this dangerous situation had been caused by a human. This was absolutely not part of the original test, and all of them were terrified as they tried their best to avoid the beast flood.


Within the depths of the mountains, a tiger’s roar rang out. The beast king was extremely angry. It had just returned to its lair and wanted to get some rest, yet it had been awoken again; it was extremely irritated.

A black tornado immediately roiled up from the depths of the mountain range, and a shadow was enveloped within. It charged out while hissing non-stop toward the sky.

“As expected, it seems to have been tamed by the Heaven Mending Pavilion, and it is responsible for guarding and keeping peace in this mountain range.” The little guy’s eyes shone as he raised his brows in joy.

He hid within the forest and concealed his figure. Like a wisp of smoke, he charged into the tiger’s cave.

This time, the black tiger left its nest. It was going to go out and personally pacify this disturbance.

The two passed each other at the same time, and the little guy grabbed this chance to frantically rush in. His little face was choked to the point that it was red, and his body was covered densely in symbols. He transformed into a ray of light, and instantly traveled a long distance.

He ran at his fastest speed to arrive in front of the cave. Black mist permeated the air, and the interior was spacious and deathly still. Only a stalk of Black Demon Lotus was emitting specks of black light.

This was indeed a lotus, but it did not grow in water. It relied on absorbing demonic aura to grow, so its entirety was clear and black. It was only a foot tall, and a sweet fragrance lingered around it.

The little guy stuck his fingers into the soil, and instantly felt the black demonic aura attack his body. Even this layer of soil was dyed ink-black by the black tiger, so it was extremely terrifying.


Soil splattered into the air as he dug out this Black Demon Lotus. Afterwards, he turned around and fled, and did not stop for even the slightest moment.

Although he was small, his explosive power was terrifying. With a few jumps, he instantly leapt over a few short mountains as he rapidly fled.

After he had gained some distance, the little guy changed his route and began to travel through the forest. He no longer jumped about and left this region. He charged towards another desolate forest, and he intended to hide as far away as possible.

Additionally, he was very bold during this entire process. As soon as he tore off the jet-black lotus petals, he stuffed it into his mouth as if he was a cow chewing on roses. Then, he quickly swallowed.

Shortly after, he almost swallowed the entire precious medicine. However, his entire body emitted a black light, as if he was going to combust.

“I need to refine this spirit medicine as soon as possible. That way, even if they tried to search for it, they wouldn’t be able to find many clues,” the little guy pondered.

He had traveled through the great wasteland for over a million li, making him extremely familiar with those terrifying beast kings. He did not dare leave even the slightest trace of himself behind; otherwise, he would be chased until there were no routes into heaven and no doors back to the earth.

Finally, the little guy smeared some of the remaining juice on top of two house-sized green wolves. Soon after, he quickly fled into the distance.

He ran while circulating the bone text to absorb the endless essence energy into his body, refining it into every inch of his flesh. In the blink of an eye, brilliant light radiated as the symbols brightened up. It made him look like a deity, splendid and dazzling.

Soon after, the beast flood was quelled, and the black tiger returned to its lair. However, as soon as it approached, it discovered that something was off. It lividly roared into the sky, causing the endless mountains to rumble and sway in its wake.

It was absolutely furious. Large amounts of black patterns appeared from its body, forming a tornado. It caused the nearby mountain peaks to twist until they were split open, and all types of ancient trees were thrown into the air before exploding into pieces.

The scene of a beast king in violent rage was extremely terrifying. It charged out from within the mountain range to search for the one that had stolen its medicine. Its two incredibly terrifying eyes transformed into two bloody moons that illuminated the entire sky.

The forest that had just calmed down was sent into turmoil once again. This time, it was personally caused by the beast king. With a downward smash of its claws, it instantly smashed apart a mountain, causing rubble to fly into the sky.

“Heavens, if I knew it was going to be like this, I wouldn’t have entered the second battlefield, even if you killed me. Was this the kind of trial by fire truly prepared for us?”

The group of geniuses all felt their scalps turning numb. They were all in hiding as they couldn’t help but tremble. This region was like hell, and was impossible to stay within.

The little guy had already ran a sufficient distance away, and then jumped into the bottom of a large river. His aura was isolated from the outside world, and he followed the river downstream.

He sat cross-legged with his eyes closed, and entered a deep state of cultivation. He was preparing to activate the essence energy within his body to break through into a new realm.

In reality, he could have broken through a long time ago, but he had decided to accumulate an abundance of essence energy in order to lay the most solid foundation. This lotus was something that he truly needed, and its medicinal properties were extremely powerful and tyrannical. A lump of black flame formed within its body, fiercely burning. It roasted and baked his muscles and bones, refining his flesh.

Finally, the little guy swiftly opened his two eyes. His two pupils emitted two streaks of black light that extended over ten zhang into the distance as he stood up from within the water. A ‘volcano’ appeared from beneath his two feet, and the volcano’s entrance was dazzling. It ‘bubbled’ magma outwards, and passed through the soles of his feet.

This time, he opened up his sixth Heavenly Passage, and his power increased to another level yet again!

Right now, his entire body was surging with essence energy as this volcanic crater endlessly spouted out ‘magma’ into his body. It strengthened his body, and as the symbols interweaved, lightning flashed and thunder roared, as if the heavens and the earth were splitting apart.

The little guy remained motionless the entire night, and as he gained insights into the mysteriousness of the symbols, he comprehended a new type of power. Only during early morning the next day did he open his eyes. With a shua sound, a radiance flashed, and the volcano was retracted before disappearing without a trace.


Water blossomed in every direction as he charged out from within the water. He found out that he had rushed out of a large lake!

The sun rose, and shone with warm rays of sunshine. The little guy felt energetic and clear-headed, and after opening his sixth Heavenly Passage, he felt exceptionally powerful, as if he had an inexhaustible amount of strength.

After leaving Stone Village, he had gone through over a million li of land during the course of nearly a year before arriving at the Heaven Mending Pavilion. Moreover, he was currently only nine and a half, and yet he had already reached such a realm; it was truly astonishing.

He followed the stream as he returned, and the distance from his original route was not that great. This was because when he had been thrown into the lake, he had actually stopped, and hadn’t drifted with the waves.

“Ya, this forest is so terrifying. Was there a riot here?”

What was laid before his eyes was the aftermath of a disaster. Broken branches and withered leaves were scattered about everywhere, and it was clear that a tide of beasts had ravaged over this land. It was to the point where even a few mountain peaks had collapsed.

Fortunately, it was not as severe as he had imagined. Although that black tiger had gone crazy, it had not lost its reason. After wreaking havoc for a bit, it returned, and this mountain region was merely a bit damaged.

“There isn’t much time left. It’s about time that I seize a few Heaven Mending Rocks.” The little guy was muttering to himself, and he returned to this mountain region.

He moved around stealthily and covered his tracks. Soon after, he discovered a few corpses, and it was obvious that they had been killed by a human since the Heaven Mending Rock was already lost. This clearly indicated just how cruel and terrifying this second battlefield was.

Not long after, he once again met some dejected youths, and they seemed to have lost their souls and dropped their spirits. Their Heaven Mending Rocks had been stolen, and they were now empty-handed.

“So hateful, that Xiao Tian is too strong. Where did he come from? Even after combining our efforts, we were still defeated.”

“Forget it, we are already fortunate enough to have been able to keep our lives. We need to hurry and look for others in order to snatch away their Heaven Mending Rocks. Otherwise, we might not even make the minimum requirement for passing the trial.”

These few individuals that the little guy encountered had formed an alliance. Although their cultivations were rather powerful, their clothes were all ragged and shabby. They were stained by patches of blood after experiencing a crushing defeat.

“Looks like there really are strong experts… None of these people have weak cultivations, yet they weren’t a match for that individual even after joining hands.” The little guy muttered to himself before disappearing from his original position.

A young man named Xiao Tian with extremely terrifying cultivation was sneaking around the forest in a silver gown. After an entire night of battle, he had already collected sixteen Heaven Mending Rocks.

He furrowed his eyebrows before muttering to himself, “Why didn’t that little fellow show any reaction? I struck him on the back, yet he directly used his strength to leap over a little mountain. This really is shocking. According to reason, he should have stolen quite a few Heaven Mending Rocks already. Why is it that nobody has mentioned him?”

Time slowly elapsed, and another another four hours passed by. A huge battle could break out at any moment as the killing intent permeated into the forest.

“The youngsters of the Wood Clan are so powerful. He came in so late, yet he had already obtained seven consecutive victories.”

There were a few individuals who were dejected after being defeated. Being able to keep their lives was already something to be happy about, yet they were still incredibly frustrated as they chattered softly.

A short moment after, the entire mountain exploded with rays of light. Mountain boulders were crushed under the heavens, enormous trees were smashed apart, and withered leaves scattered about in chaos; the atmosphere was absolutely terrifying.

Shortly afterwards, that place once again became tranquil. A young man whose body was covered in blood escaped in a wretched manner after suffering an extremely heavy wound. After that, a silver gowned youth walked out. He adjusted his breathing, then swallowed a precious pellet. His body instantly shone as he was restored his peak condition.

“The young man of Wood Clan lost, and Xiao Tian won again. He’s so terrifying. He has to be the number one person here. He distinguished himself amongst 90,000 people, so he’s truly a heaven warping genius!”

In the distance, a few losers were astonished as they sighed heavily. They had already suffered heavy injuries; thus, they had already lost the ability to fight back.

The silver gowned youth was wandering about the dense forest alone, and his keen sense swept through every inch of the land. He was constantly worrying, because that person still had not appeared.

Within these geniuses, he was absolutely able to look down upon the others in disdain. However, he felt a lingering fear within him towards the youth who had survived his sneak attack.

There was still something unusual going on. With that child’s strength, a huge commotion should have been raised. At the very least, the number of Heaven Mending Rocks he had seized should have totaled to twenty by now, right? Yet, from the beginning until now, not a single trace of him had appeared.

The silver gowned youth, Xiao Tian, furrowed his brows. He vaguely felt that something was off.

Suddenly, an unusual noise echoed from above his head. The silver gowned youth was vigilant, and struck his palm against the sky. Dense patches of symbols immediately filled the air, then many huge treetops exploded into pieces.

Only a single silver feather descended, yet there was no enemy.

However at this moment, Xiao Tian’s scalp suddenly felt numb as his hair stood erect. He had a bad premonition, and he wanted to reverse the situation; however, it was already too late.

Soundlessly and breathlessly, the dead trees behind him split open. The little guy carried a white bone club as a sledgehammer. With a dong sound, the little guy smashed it into the back of the youth’s head.

The silver gowned youth screamed loudly. His eyes felt dizzy as symbols instantly filled the sky. He tried to stop himself from going unconscious with all his might, and even wanted to turn around to see what who it was.

However, when he turned around, he still failed to see anyone. The only thing he saw was a patch of white that smashed downwards. The white bone club once again descended, and smashed into the back of his head.


The whites of Xiao Tian’s eyes rolled back after being knocked out by the sledgehammer.

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