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Chapter 997 - Divine King Tribulation


A clap of thunder sounded, shaking up Immortal Ancient. It struck down on a small world, making all clans tremble in fear. 

What is going on? Could it be that the outside world was attacking Immortal Ancient, wishing to enter?

Everyone's mind trembled. There was no way they wouldn't be nervous.

Then, lightning poured down from the skies, drowning a small world with blazing radiance. It was as if that small world was set aflame, just too resplendent.

The thunder sounds were too deafening and resounding. 

This was not an attack from the outside world, nor was it divine drums, but true heavenly thunder. 

At this moment, everyone knew that someone was crossing tribulation, guiding lightning from the nine heavens. Lightning poured down like a long river, overflowing downwards relentlessly. 

Could it be that another heavenly talent was crossing tribulation to enter the True Deity Realm?

After Huang, Exiled Immortal, and Ten Crown King led the way, some people began to imitate them, wishing to use this method to raise their strength and become kings among creatures. 

Unfortunately, too many people died because of this, not every exceptional talent succeeding, not every young supreme being able to cross tribulation.

Many people died not too long ago, all of them well known geniuses of the three thousand provinces, all of them with great reputations, yet in the end, not a single one of them succeeded.

Forget about them, this was true even for ancient freaks, the losses great. Apart from a few successful individuals, there weren't many who were trying this nowadays. 

It had already been quiet for an extremely long time, no one challenging any longer. They all obediently cultivated to the great circle of the True Deity Realm, no one trying to resist lightning.

So what was going on today? Why did someone try to take this step? Could it be that an exceptional monster had just emerged from seclusion, or could there be some heaven warping genius who believed themselves to be comparable to Ning Chuan and the others?

"Not right, this lightning is just too terrifying, even heavenly deities likely dying if they entered!" Suddenly, someone cried out in shock, face turning pale. 

This was just the beginning, yet the lightning was already flourishing like this, so what about later? It was definitely going to be insane! This lightning was a bit ridiculously terrifying.

Was there a heavenly deity crossing tribulation?

When they thought of this possibility, the expressions on everyone's faces froze. Just how confident would a genius be to dare do this? Did they not treat life as a big deal?

One had to bear in mind that the further one climbed, the harder it would be. If one continued to face tribulation, the dangers they encountered would also be greater; it would shoot up exponentially.

This was true even during Immortal Ancient Great Era. Each time one's cultivation became a level higher, the mortality rate of tribulation would be substantially increased. 

Crossing a heavenly deity heavenly level heavenly tribulation, that was definitely horrifying!

"Not right, who among the natives would dare do this? Even if they broke into the Heavenly Deity Realm, they wouldn't treat their lives like a joke, right?"

It was because everyone knew that there wasn't anyone from the outsiders who had newly broken through into heavenly deity level. 

"It's Huang!"

In that instant, everyone thought of him. Even though he wasn't a heavenly deity, he had strength that was comparable to them!

No one saw this themselves, but a group of people immediately suspected that it was Huang.

"It is definitely him. He was still unleashing a great slaughter not too long ago, yet now, he is already starting to face tribulation!"

Many people trembled with fear, especially those that bore hostility against them. Their faces became snow-white, scalps becoming numb. This fella was too heaven defying, everything he did difficult for others to match.

Of course, there were some who suspected that it was Ten Crown King or Exiled Immortal, because it wouldn't be too unexpected for those two to do these things. 


Immortal Ancient was thrown into chaos. Many people received news, hurrying towards the small world to verify who it was that was crossing tribulation.

"This… is Divine King Tribulation, Saint Tribulation!" Someone sighed greatly.

Holy Sacrifice, this was a special cultivation realm that could be overlooked. There was no need to actually step foot in this realm. 

Once one did step foot in it, their strength would fluctuate from high to low, and then those who ultimately made it through would be known as Divine Kings. Meanwhile, those who failed would fall below even those at the Divine Flame Realm, truly miserable. 

Holy Sacrifice was strange to begin with, so there were naturally some unknown variables when crossing tribulation in this realm. It would be extremely terrifying. 

Divine King Tribulation was extremely difficult. There were some who had deduced that it wasn't easy to cross, couldn't be crossed. 

"That is Divine King Tribulation! Is he really going to attempt it?"

In that instant, news spread, originating from all directions. Many sects' powerful individuals hurried over, wishing to witness this grand occasion. 

Everyone came, seeing the person in the endless lightning, facing the sea of electricity alone. 

It was him as expected, Huang!

The emotions of every single person from the three thousand provinces were complicated. That youth looked delicate and pretty, his age not great, even younger than them, yet he now had this type of accomplishment.

This type of dao fruit left others in despair. How were they supposed to catch up? As part of the same generation, it truly left them a bit dejected. 

This was especially the case for some youngsters who were more arrogant, their eyes dim, knowing that they wouldn't be able to match Huang in their lives, unable to compare to this person.

"His opponents are no longer us, his gaze set in the distance, staring at those exceptional creatures that have lived since ancient times."

Someone sighed, couldn't help but feel a bit bitter and pained. 

Soon after, quite a few people raised their heads again. This type of person didn't need to be chased, no need to be compared with. After all, he was Huang, someone who was completely unique.

If one wanted to compare to him, only the Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King had the qualifications, something they could think about. This was something unrelated to most people, so there was no need to feel discouraged or jealous. 


The heavens split and earth cracked, water flowing in reverse. That type of irregular phenomenon left everyone stupefied.

"What is going on? What is happening?" Many people were stupefied. 

In the skies, a great river overflowed, engulfing towards the skies, turning into a vast expanse and purging the heavens. 

That wasn't water, but rather true lightning. It rose from the ground, hacking towards the sky.

"Divine King Tribulation is strange after all, not something that could be viewed with normal reasoning!"

Soon after, everyone became awake. Divine King Tribulation was different, having all types of strange scenes. It wasn't even strange for the lightning tribulation to originate from the earth. 


A gong sounded, shaking everyone's ears until they felt like they were going to explode.

In the void, a pair of gongs suddenly appeared. They smashed together, crushing Shi Hao inside. Lightning interweaved, the gongs enormous like mountains. The scene was extremely terrifying.

Those were produced by lightning, the gongs crushing down as if they were going to directly blast him to death.

Immediately afterwards, the heavenly tribulation transformed, turning into a large swamp, trapping Shi Hao. A crocodile rose from the swamp, devouring him in one gulp.

Everyone was absolutely dumbstruck. This was just the start, yet the lightning already changed forms, turning into artifacts, creatures, and other things. It was definitely difficult to cross.


Shi Hao displayed his might. Now, his fighting strength was at its peak state, scattering the lightning with his own symbols, freeing himself from the crocodile's body, destroying that part of the void. 

When lightning erupted, the sound of bird cries sounded from above. A group of 'suns' descended, just too resplendent and dazzling, making it impossible for people to open their eyes.

That was a golden-bright and dazzling sun, within it divine birds, all of them with golden bodies. Right now, they tore open the scorching sun, spreading their wings and diving down. 

A group of Golden Crows carrying heaven and earth fire essence and endless lightning covered the sky and hid the earth. They drowned out this place, covering everything in golden radiance.

Everyone's expressions immediately changed. This type of heavenly tribulation was just too astonishing, too terrifying.

It was because those Golden Crows had heavenly deity aura. What kind of scene was this?

One that to understand that there was a group of Golden Crows diving down, carrying lightning, the light of destruction as they dove towards Shi Hao. 

If this was an ordinary person, how could they dodge, how could they even resist? It was completely a death situation. 

There were heavenly deities here, their expressions immediately changing!

"This isn't prepared for normal people, but the tribulation prepared specifically for those who cultivated three strands of immortal energy!" An elder said with a light sigh. 

This type of tribulation was definitely enough to kill other creatures, not something that could be crossed at all, a hopeless situation. 

Sure enough, Shi Hao released a roar. His fist shone, three strands of immortal energy rushing out. He displayed the most powerful precious techniques to resist those Golden Crows and lightning. 

This was an intense battle, a type of life and death trail!

Even Shi Hao's current expression was grave. He slaughtered his way into the Golden Crow flock, golden feathers immediately flying about, carrying blood, withering away. 

This blood came from the Golden Crows, as well as Shi Hao himself. He faced this group of lightning creatures, resisting the concentrated lightning, suffering injuries as a result.

This was a great decisive battle!

In that instant, the one in the skies attacked, Golden Crows released great cries, the scene astonishing.

Eventually, Shi Hao became like a young Heavenly Emperor, his hair dishevelled, body covered in bloodstains. He unleashed great attacks, meeting enemies from all sides head on.


He stood in the void, sending out one fist per creature, blasting those golden suns apart. The scene was terrifying. 

Golden Crows were killed like this one after another, blood pouring everywhere!

Everyone became dumbstruck as they watched this. Was this the true Huang? This was the embodiment of his strength!

Shi Hao's flesh was damaged, cracks covering his body. It was because this battle was extremely difficult, the lightning too powerful, extremely concentrated.

However, when the golden suns disappeared, the divine bird sounds retreating, Shi Hao passed this trial. He rushed up, piercing through the lightning, ascending to the second layer of heaven. 

If it were others, this might be considered completely ended. 

However, the most powerful lightning tribulation was shocking beyond imagination. This was just the start.

If nothing unexpected happened, then he needed to ascend nine great heavens, slaughtering through heaven and earth one after another, and only then would it be considered complete.

Everyone believed that it would be extremely difficult for Shi Hao. The time spent in the second layer of heaven would be long, the injuries even more serious, but things weren't as they expected. 

Shi Hao released a great roar. This time, he displayed the Willow Deity Technique, using it to support himself, causing his blood energy to surge. Then, he used other precious techniques, slaughtering towards the heavens. 

He passed several great trials in succession, quickly entering the fifth great layer of heaven, charging forward like a hot knife through butter!

Even though he bled during this process, his battle clothes tattered, body covered in injuries, even having his bones broken, the lightning couldn't stop his footsteps. 


The sixth layer of heaven, he encountered an opponent. There was a creature riding on a heavenly horse, black heavenly spear in hand. He stormed over, the heavenly spear deep and cold, cutting apart the sky. 


Sparks flew in all directions. Shi Hao fought an intense battle against him.

In the end, it had just started, yet nine creatures like this immediately appeared, only with different weapons. They all flocked over. 


Shi Hao fought a great battle. This was not a normal person. Those opponents were all ridiculously powerful, able to fight him head on. 

This was a bitter battle. Hot blood fell from Shi Hao's body. He displayed magical force, risking life and limb, everything only for the sake of rising above, crossing this trial, refining himself into the most powerful Divine King.

This was Divine King Tribulation. He needed the lightning to refine his body, temper his primordial spirit, making himself even stronger!

An intense struggle was carried out, blood dyeing the skies red.

In the distance, Yun Xi came, dressed in purple clothes, standing high up in the skies. Her graceful bearing was moving, pure and beautiful.

She released a light sigh. The youth from back then already grew to this extent, far surpassing her expectations. He was just too powerful. 

Yun Xi heard news of Shi Hao's matters, because he was just too famous. Each time great winds and clouds stirred, he wouldn't be missing. However, she never visited him. 

The events of the past left her feeling ashamed and uneasy. 

This was the first time she saw Shi Hao in Immortal Ancient after being separated for many years. When she saw his unmatched style, she seemed to have seen her clansmen's regret and helplessness. 

On the other side, Yue Chan also arrived, her eyes flickering, not saying a single word, just watching quietly.

Only, the granduncle at her side spoke endlessly. Even though he was given a beating by Shi Hao, he was still generous with his praise towards Shi Hao's great power, from time to time even involving Yue Chan.

This left Heaven Mending Sect's holy lady annoyed and angry, but at the same time, her emotions were all over the place. 

"What most powerful? He might just die here, blasted to death by the lightning." Yue Chan refuted her own granduncle. 

Soon after, Shi Hao killed those opponents, rising up to the seventh layer. He even captured a heavenly horse, giving it a try, unexpectedly using it as a mount.

This left everyone's tongues tied and mouths agape. 

Of course, he paid the price for this. That heavenly horse roared, and then exploded, turning into lightning. 

Fortunately, he had long made preparations, leaping up to slaughter his way over to the seventh layer of heaven's lightning sea.

"Not good, Huang's body was broken in the seventh great layer!" Someone cried out in alarm. 

This was a hard battle. Not only were there creatures, there were also mountains and rivers, all formed from lightning. They exploded from time to time, and there was even ascension light.

He was chopped in half at the waist!

However, he forcefully condensed his body, healing his broken body, making it through. 

Under everyone's eyes of disbelief, he made it through into the eighth layer of heaven.

It was too fast, this type of speed leaving others shocked!

"Is he trying to break a record? To use the least amount of time and directly charge through?"

"A great disaster will be waiting for him in the ninth great heaven. It is still unknown whether he will survive or not!" There was someone who spoke like this. 

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