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Chapter 992 - Coming Out

"This is the strength of the heavenly deity level?"

With a turn of Shi Hao's hands, the clouds in the sky appeared in his hands. Right now, he felt as if he could suppress all enemies now!

Right now, he felt as if he could grab the stars out of the nine heavens, wipe out the powers of hell, connect heaven and earth. He felt omnipotent. Now, he could go out and kill his enemies. 

Blood energy surged, primordial spirit force spread. His flesh was who knew how many times more powerful, his divine senses considerably sharper!

He inadvertently went on a mental journey, entering the cosmos and then sitting down on a great star. The stars in his surroundings were resplendent, swirling about him and evolving the great dao. 

"En, not right!"

Shi Hao immediately became alert, releasing a grunt. He woke up, his expression changing. Only after a long time had passed did he calm down. 

"Is this the residual effect of Holy Sacrifice? Almost lost myself!" He said softly. 

When the great dao first formed, it was extremely easy for cultivators to become confused and then completely lose themselves. 

In the end, he managed to prevent himself from falling into that kind of state, quickly waking up. Otherwise, he might have been completely perplexed and lost, his mind becoming muddled. 

Holy Sacrifice, he entered this realm. After calming himself down, he didn't immediately go out to kill the heavenly deities, instead starting to consolidate his cultivation first. 

In this great era without heavenly tribulation, as long as he didn't purposely guide it, there wouldn't be any lightning descending, so at least he didn't have to worry about that.

His blood energy was still growing, overflowing like a long river, and it also surged like a great sea!

His strength was increasing, becoming even more abundant than in the past!

If he had allowed himself to become confused, he would have missed this dao forging opportunity. This was a type of miraculous realization. As Shi Hao sat there silently, it was as if heaven and earth condensed into one entity.

In that instant, he turned into the mountain, into the grass and plants, resonating with the rivers, becoming a part of them.

In the end, he then became the heavens, becoming one with the sky domain, as if he was the sole deity overlooking the great earth. 

Was this what being a heavenly deity was? Too high to reach, unapproachable, unmovable like a mountain. Even though his eyes were closed, there was already a formless yet already terrifying dignity. The poisonous bugs hiding in the nest were all trembling.

Meanwhile, the Saint Wood shone, streak after streak of multicolored light gathering, all of them entering the crown of Shi Hao's head, and then flowing out from his feet, cleansing his body. 

Holy Sacrifice!

However, it was already different from the past. This was a consolidation, enhancing his cultivation. This was a tempering of his flesh and spirit, the removal of the final blemishes and problems. 

After who knew how long time had passed, Shi Hao opened his eyes. When his eyes opened, two deep streaks of lightning shot out, piercing through the void, dignified and imposing. 

He discovered that the formation here had stopped operating again, but the three heavenly deity level sables didn't come out, allowing him to sit there. 

"Your state just now was extremely strange, as if you were becoming one with heaven and earth without the slightest bit of mortal air. That sable thus decided to ignore us." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

The Emperor Butterfly bobbed its head, lightly moving its wings.

Shi Hao nodded. 

Meanwhile, at this moment, the sables also moved, but when the True Deity Realm ones stuck out their head, they immediately shuddered instinctively, not daring to get any closer. 

A heavenly deity sable arrived, turning into a streak of purple light, piercing the void and rushing forward. 

However, it didn't take action either. After circling twice around Shi Hao, even though its mind was muddled, it sensed danger, deciding to not immediately attack. 

Moreover, it could sense that this person was close to the dao, just now merging with the natural, resonating with heaven and earth, which made its hostility decrease. 

Shi Hao didn't move. As long as the sect master level sable didn't move, then there were no issues. 

After passing that period of perplexity, he became more and more cool-headed. He had heavenly deity level strength, but he didn't immediately leave. Apart from consolidating his cultivation, he was also inspecting himself. 

It was because there were rumors that in the Holy Sacrifice Realm, one's cultivation wasn't stable. When it was high, it was no different from that of a heavenly deity, but when weak, one would be inferior to even the True Self Realm, or even Divine Flame Realm. It was strange and irregular. 

It was clear that this was a type of self-improvement, but there was extreme danger. He had to understand his own body's situation, and only then would he be confident in making a decision to go out and kill his enemies. 

Several days later, he felt himself changing, starting to fall from the peak. 

In that instant, Shi Hao had a type of misconception, as if his body and dao were going to be erased. It was because his own cultivation was scattering, blood energy fading, to the extent where even his primordial spirit became a bit powerless. 

These changes were too sudden, too fast!

In that instant, he dropped from the Heavenly Deity Realm back into a true deity. Not long after, he felt another wave of weakness, directly falling down to the Divine Flame Realm. 

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. He sat there without moving, not leaving this danger spot.

He silently cultivated and carefully experienced this process. He was observing himself. 

Only several days later did his blood energy become exuberant, cultivation shooting up. He began to rise up again, quickly returning to the Holy Sacrifice Realm, possessing heavenly deity level strength!

This change was too clear!

From the peak to the valley, from weak to the strongest, it was like a reincarnation cycle.

A tide rose and fell, one's life went up and down, moon changing from full to new, from flourishing to waning. 

Shi Hao was entranced. Holy Sacrifice was like life, but also like the law of all things. He didn't do anything, only observing his own body.

During this half month, Shi Hao grasped a fixed pattern. He could maintain heavenly deity level strength for two to four days.

Then, he quickly became weak, completely changing in an instant. 

The weakening face made him even weaker than a Divine Flame Realm cultivator, and he would similarly maintain that state for two to four days.

The danger spot's formation revived, and then the sable and other creatures went into hiding once again. Shi Hao entered seclusion cultivation without any worries, guiding over the multicolored light of the Saint Wood to temper his body. 

This time, the dozen or so Saint Wood that were closest to him almost dried up, the multicolored light completely absorbed and sucked out, almost withering away. 

Then, Shi Hao opened his eyes. It was time to go out. 

Meanwhile, at this time, he had just changed from his weakest state to his strongest!

"I should go out. I've already had them wait a while!" Shi Hao stood up, black hair dancing about. His eyes shot out two streaks of golden light, heavenly deity aura pervading the air. 

This type of feeling was extremely good. He was extremely powerful, as if he was omnipotent. It was as if he could pick the stars out of the sky and seize the moon just by raising his hand!

"You're awake?" The Divine Striking Stone who had dozed off was excited. It had long grown bored staying here.

In the underground cave, the sable race were all startled as well. However, they didn't emerge, letting him leave.

The formation was still operating, the danger spot filled with ripples. It was extremely peaceful.

Shi Hao held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, walking out of this place.

He saw two heavenly deities outside, one wearing cyan-colored armor and sitting on the ground. The other wore silver armor, standing on a mountain peak. 

Shi Hao had cultivated in seclusion here for several months. Even if those heavenly deities wanted to kill him, they still lost patience, most of them leaving.

It was because there were still many other places of natural luck in Immortal Ancient that had to be explored and fought over.

Meanwhile, they had long explored through this place. It could completely remove one's cultivation, so if heavenly deities entered the danger spot, they might die. 

In the end, they only left two people behind to guard this place. Of course, every so often, they would exchange people, standing guard here in rotation.

At the same time, there were others who had made arrangements, wishing to use Great Yin Divine Water to destroy the danger spot and eliminate all worries. 

Shi Hao put away the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, appearing at the entrance. 

"You are still alive, really inside after all!" The heavenly deity that was sitting suddenly opened his eyes.

He revealed a look of surprise. There were some who doubted that Huang was in this danger spot, possibly already dying. If not for Immortal Ancient heavenly deity standing his ground, there would already be no one overseeing this place.

"Huang, your aptitude isn't bad, skills exceptional, potential tremendous. Are you willing to join my sect?" The heavenly deity standing on the mountain peak in silver armor said in an amicable manner. 

"Is that so? Then why did you start up the formation behind you?" Shi Hao said coldly.

The silver-armored heavenly deity was shocked. His movements were hidden well, yet they were seen through by the other party. His divine senses were just too powerful.

One had to know that the mountain peak he was on had a strange formation that isolated all types of energy. He only secretly activated it with his dao. 

"Are you using the altar to transmit information, and then calling others over to surround me? What a pity, not running as soon as you could was your biggest mistake." Shi Hao said coldly.

"Junior, are you crazy, or are you stupid? Do you think that you can fight against heavenly deities?" The seated heavenly deity spoke with a deep and cold voice. The cyan-colored armor shone, and then this heavenly deity stood up. 

"It's just killing you two, is there a need to feign madness?" Shi Hao said with contempt. 

The two heavenly deities' expressions immediately changed. They knew that this fella likely succeeded with Holy Sacrifice, or else how could he dare come out?!

Wasn't this too fast? From what they knew, one normally needed ten times the amount of time that had passed so far, and only then would there be a chance of success. In addition, those were all geniuses who possessed heaven warping talent.

Wouldn't this break the record? Their minds were jumping crazily. 

At this pace, Huang really might become the youngest heavenly deity, breaking all past legends!

"Why aren't they coming? Didn't they say that they were going to use the Great Yin Water to reverse the flow of this small world, completely destroy it?" The silver-armored heavenly deity became anxious. The altar had already started up, yet he didn't obtain any response, not even the slightest reaction.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao moved. Heavenly deity energy erupted, making those two individuals' minds shiver. 

"Just Holy Sacrifice, not even a true heavenly deity. Even the light of a firefly dares compete against a bright moon?!" The cyan-armored heavenly deity on the ground released a grunt. 

However, neither him nor the heavenly deity on the mountain peak attacked forward, instead taking action together to operate the altar on the mountain peak.


They tore through the void, forcefully guiding over black water. This black water poured out endlessly!

Great Yin Divine Water! This was something that was guided over from a vicious land, crossing realms to arrive. 

This was what they had prepared long in advance, using this divine water to drown out this danger spot, destroying it. 

Only, they didn't complete all of their preparations, never finding the great yin source!

"Too late!"

Shi Hao turned into a streak of light, rushing over. His body split into two, a spiritual body moving as well to prevent them from escaping, carrying out a suppression. 

The silver-armored heavenly deity already blasted open the void, about to escape, but he discovered that this heaven and earth were locked down, surrounded by Shi Hao's natural laws. This place was completely sealed up.

Moreover, Shi Hao was operating great magical force, making the Great Yin Divine Water flow in reverse, preventing it from entering the small world.

"Just hand over your life!"

"Junior, you are too brash. Even though Holy Sacrifice is the road of divine kings, you still aren't a heavenly deity. Accept death!" The cyan-armored heavenly deity shouted. 

While speaking, he spat out a cyan-skinned gourd from his mouth. It quickly enlarged, and it released bits of chaotic energy. The gourd's opening shone, collecting Shi Hao inside. 

Shi Hao's true body shrunk, spinning about towards that gourd's opening. 

"Heh, this is all you amounted to!" The cyan-armored heavenly deity said with a cold laugh.

However, his smile quickly froze. Huang who was almost sucked into the gourd suddenly erupted, golden light covering the sun. His body quickly enlarged, a fist smashing that gourd to pieces.

In that instant, the winds caused by that fist surged about, engulfing outwards!

This heavenly deity released a loud cry, forming an imprint to resist it. However, he still coughed out large amounts of blood, having an arm blasted apart, body staggering backwards. 

At the same time, in the other direction, the silver-armored heavenly deity was cut off by Shi Hao's spiritual body, the two fighting intensely.


The cyan-armored heavenly deity's entire face was filled with shock, expression frozen. It was because his head had been removed by a single palm from Shi Hao, flying out diagonally.

"We have arrived!"

The void was broken. Two heavenly deities entered this place, providing aid. It was because the altar alerted them. 

"Then you all can die as well!"

Shi Hao shouted. Cold winds roared about, ghosts weeping and deities howling. This small world rained down blood, shocking all creatures.

In the end, four heavenly deity heads fell, all of them belonging to heavenly deities. 

"I should take a stroll around. What Immortal Palace's heavenly deity, what Underworld Clan's powerful figure? All heavenly deities will be killed!" Shi Hao said, his words incomparably cold.

It was clear that a great earthquake was going to shake up Immortal Ancient!

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