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Chapter 991 - Unwilling To Ascend

"If it was me, I definitely wouldn't abandon my body!" Shi Hao said to himself, his voice extremely resolute.

The flesh was the root of great dao. Once the primordial spirit left the flesh shell, it would then be like duckweed without roots, eventually scattering one day. 

Shi Hao didn't know what it would be like after becoming an immortal, but he had heard instances of immortals with flesh bodies, those didn't have to abandon their flesh carapace.

When he saw these remains in front of him, he was greatly moved. Were these all left behind by the most stunning individuals in the past? If not for the opening in their backs, one would truly suspect that they were still alive. 

"These girls really are pretty, their styles unmatched." The Divine Striking Stone sighed with admiration. 

There were old and young, male and female. The young women here were all different, but every single one of them were great beauties, yet now, only flesh shells remained. 

"Already gotten this far. Will I become an immortal after blasting through these stone walls?" Shi Hao was a bit skeptical.

Since he arrived here, reaching this ancient path's end, then he obviously had to give it a try. Moreover, the path back couldn't be seen, so he had to force a new one.

Shi Hao moved his body, using all of his force. The third supreme being precious technique awakened. Even though it didn't completely fully evolve, when used together with other precious techniques, it would increase their power by several times!


The three strands of immortal energy turned into three True Dragons, winding around his arm as they struck the stone wall, creating a deafening sound. 

After eight strikes in succession, the stone walls ruptured, shaking back and forth. Then, Shi Hao sensed a massive aura, as if a large world opened up, currently calling out to him.

At the same time, his entire body was in intense pain, his primordial spirit unexpectedly about to leave his body, wishing to head into that realm!

"It was actually this type of situation!" Shi Hao was alarmed. His flesh was in great pain, about to split apart. The primordial spirit was sucking away at his essence, wanting to truly separate and leave.

This was not his own doing, everything happening too suddenly.

"Suppress!" Shi Hao shouted. 

He immediately sat down, mouth chanting the True Primordial Record, silently operating bone texts. He suppressed himself, resisting that terrifying suction force.

This was incomparably difficult. A golden gash appeared on Shi Hao's back, about to split apart. That primordial spirit moved down from his head, devouring all types of essence.

This process was almost a bit unstoppable. Shi Hao's flesh was going to be cast aside, his primordial spirit about to cross realms and leave!

"What kind of place is this?" The Divine Striking Stone cried out strangely, hiding behind and trying to help Shi Hao. However, there was nothing it could do.

"Close!" Shi Hao grunted.

He used the Willow Deity's technique, operating blood energy to forcefully close the wound on his back, as well as even more so transferring his own foundational essence, stabilizing his primordial spirit, not allowing it to leave.


That wall was shattering, splitting apart on its own, ascension radiance too brilliant. There was even more so a rain of light and flower petals scattering down, surging from a strange place. 

In the eyes of many people, these people had already achieved immortality. They definitely wouldn't refuse and would rather allow it to smoothly happen. However, Shi Hao's head was covered in sweat, fiercely resisting. 

"I cannot go! Higher realms, lower realm, I still have old dear friends, how can I leave?!"

Shi Hao struggled about. He felt uneasy about the strange unknown. He definitely wouldn't allow the loss of his flesh, leaving behind the foundation of his great dao, his flesh carapace. 

"En, this is?!" 

At the same time, Shi Hao was shocked. He felt a type of strange sensation that was a bit similar to the Void God Realm and Spirit Realm, it was extremely strange. It transmitted over from behind the walls. 

At this time, golden light shone endlessly. The crack on the wall was incomparably dazzling, as if streak after streak of lightning were moving.

Shi Hao was terrified. The stone wall seemed to be hiding some type of secret behind it. Was it the place of ascension? However, why was there a Spirit Realm aura, only several times greater!

Shi Hao immediately became horrified, his fine hairs standing on end!

Many questions immediately rose in his mind. Was this how Spirit Realm was formed? Was it truly condensed by the spiritual force of archaic deities?

Why did he have this misconception as if he found the very source? What kind of place was that?

Shi Hao didn't dare enter. His intuition was telling him that if he went in and investigated, he would lose his flesh body. Only the primordial spirit could head there!

He gave these mortal envelopes a look. Did these individuals truly achieve immortality or were their primordial spirits forcefully seized? Would the day come when they'll reappear in this world?

After a short period of time, Shi Hao felt a bit disarrayed. The place behind that stone wall made him feel extremely unstable, his heart pounding a bit, as if he was going to suffocate.

"Suppress again!"

Shi Hao released a short shout. He was now truly anxious. His primordial spirit was about to leave his body and enter that stone wall, head inside the mysterious land. 

All of his divine abilities unfolded, and then he finally stabilized himself. His flesh body closed, blood energy surging, primordial spirit returning to its original location. His primordial spirit was that close to be sucked away, it was extremely dangerous. 

The walls also slowly recovered, the cracks disappearing, light receding, becoming ancient and simple-looking again. 

"When one steps into the domain of long life, is it really transcending or is it a disaster?" Shi Hao's body was ice-cold. When he calmed down, he broke out into cold sweat. The experience just now was too strange.

His current self couldn't touch that place yet, or else he would definitely be in great danger.

He decided to leave, no longer studying this place. 

However, his rewards today weren't small, learning of shocking mysteries. He just felt like that place had the aura of Spirit Realm, only more divine and extraordinary. 

"When I return to the three thousand provinces, I'll completely research Spirit Realm and find clues, see what kind of background the place I almost entered has!"

After saying this, he turned around, smashing against the stone wall in the direction of where he came from. 

Finally, he blasted through the stone wall blocking his path of return. That ancient path appeared again. He didn't even turn back around, bringing the Divine Striking Stone and Emperor Butterfly with him as he sped along, thus returning!

He didn't bring away a single one of those mortal envelopes. Regardless of whether they were truly dead or still possessing life, he didn't want to bear any type of karma.

Shi Hao returned. He was still in that ancient forest, Saint Wood flourishing with flamelike brilliance, surrounding him. 

Seclusion cultivation!

He chose to undergo Holy Sacrifice, to strengthen himself and become a king among deities. 

Suddenly, great dao sounds rumbled, symbols interweaved, descending from the void and hacking down on his body. 


He used his arm to protect himself. His entire right arm became dim, releasing a strange fluctuation. Shi Hao immediately staggered.

At this moment, he felt like the magical force in his right arm dissipated greatly, as if a great cultivation realm had been severed from him, pushing him back to the Divine Flame Realm.

This was Holy Sacrifice, extremely dangerous. Forget about not having succeeded yet, even the process of being attacked had the dangers of falling from one's cultivation realm. 

Normal people all prepared powerful weapons to take on the disaster in their own place. The weapons would be destroyed, but they themselves would be fine.

Shi Hao didn't do that, not using weapons in his place, instead using this to temper himself, to wake himself up, allow himself to understand the dangers of Holy Sacrifice more clearly. 

In the end, Shi Hao operated divine force. His entire body shone, flames raging. That faint right arm displayed luster again, returning to normal. 

He wasn't going to use weapons in his place, instead using his flesh to resist Holy Sacrifice. 

This was extremely dangerous, but it allowed one to improve oneself more. If he could make it through this, it would be the same as going through refinement again and again, an astonishing and terrifying baptism.

Not long after, the damaged formation ripples disappeared. The sables appeared again.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao had no choice but to go into hiding. Only many days later when the creatures went into hiding again would Shi Hao have the opportunity to go into seclusion cultivation a third time.


That day, lightning hacked down, not true lightning but even more terrifying. That was a mass of natural laws and dao traces, descending because of Holy Sacrifice. 

Shi Hao coughed large amounts of blood. His chest was struck, a hole almost produced. Divine light surged, and then it quickly faded.

He had another terrifying feeling. His chest was blasted through, his cultivation realm declining, his entire chest became dim, great dao patterns there waning. 

This was extremely dangerous after all. Shi Hao's expression changed. Without using weapons to take on the disaster in his place, he might be struck down from the nine heavens at any time, returning to the realm of mortals. 

This time, Shi Hao had to struggle for a long time before his chest shone again, restoring his cultivation, not allowing it to worsen. This was a type of tempering, making his dao more pure. 

In this world, there were abandoned artifacts, remnant artifacts, holy artifacts and other things left behind. These were all weapons that had underwent tribulation from Holy Sacrifice. 

Shi Hao treated his own body like a weapon, refining it like that. It truly was reckless, but he was hoping for it to make him even more powerful. 


The drum sounds were astonishing. There were definitely heavenly deities taking action outside, disturbing Shi Hao again, shaking him up until his qi and blood surged, almost spitting out blood. 

It was because he was in Holy Sacrifice, his body suffering tribulation from time to time. This type of attacks now became useful.

"I'll just treat it as a type of training!" Shi Hao's eyes became resolute, casting aside all else and seriously facing Holy Sacrifice, wishing to break through. 

"Is that younger generation youth really inside?" Someone asked. 

Then, the sounds of scriptures rang through the air, ringing through the depths of Immortal Ancient. It became more and more terrifying.

There was a heavenly deity chanting the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture. There were immediately illusions everywhere, boundless force sweeping towards Shi Hao, engulfing in all directions. 

This was, without a doubt, Divine Temple's heavenly deity. At this moment, he also took action, stopping Shi Hao's Holy Sacrifice, wishing a disaster upon him. 

With the withdrawing and appearance of symbols in this danger spot, Shi Hao had already entered seclusion cultivation eight times. He discovered that even though he faced many dangers, he still made it through more scared than hurt. 

Up until now, Holy Sacrifice went extremely smoothly. Shi Hao truly felt as if he had been turned into a sacrifice, one offered to himself. 

Shi Hao underwent shocking changes during this period of time. His flesh had been refined almost entirely top-down, his dao disappearing several times, but then reappearing again. 

During this process, Underworld Earth's heavenly deity, Demonic Sunflower Garden's heavenly deity and others were moving about,verifying that he was inside the danger spot, frequently disturbing him.

Immortal Palace's heavenly deity even more so declared that Huang must be killed, that it was useless even if he fled to the ends of the earth.

Ninth time, tenth time!

Eventually, Shi Hao entered seclusion for the tenth time. 

His entire body had been sacrificed once. There was no need to make any more delays.

Shi Hao's body shone, igniting himself, carefully controlling this process as to avoid accidentally becoming a heavenly deity. Right now, he was going to ascend into the Holy Sacrifice Realm. 


An enormous sound rang through the air. Shi Hao's body trembled, flames surging. Strange sounds rang out from his body, as if things were being shattered. He was no longer bound by shackles. 

Holy Sacrifice succeeded, he ascended into this strange realm!

At this moment, his blood energy surged several times, his cultivation quickly growing, entire being becoming who knew how many times stronger. 

This realm was extremely unique. Once one entered it, they were comparable to heavenly deities, enough to fight against them.

Now that Shi Hao's Holy Sacrifice succeeded, entering this domain, his true fighting strength naturally became terrifyingly great. 

"Should I kill them first or acquire Lightning Tribulation Liquid first?" Shi Hao stared into the skies, and then he looked outside this dangerous place.

During this period of time, he encountered many dangerous situation, all of them as a result of the disturbance of those outside. 

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