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Chapter 990 - Path of Nine Fractures

This ancient road was extremely long. It moved through the void, entering a mysterious place. 

Shi Hao entered this passage, stepping on it felt just like stepping on cobblestone, extremely real, but he definitely wouldn't be so naive as to believe that this was just a stone staircase. 

The void split open, vast and boundless. This ancient road ran into the everlasting, unknown as to just how far it would reach. 

At the sides of this road, a rain of light surged, immortal mists pervading the air, indescribably mysterious and holy. Meanwhile, everything in the distance was covered in an expanse of darkness and nothingness. 

The Divine Striking Stone and Emperor Butterfly also chased over, following at Shi Hao's side, following him forward. 

It was secluded and quiet, only multicolored light and flower petals dancing about, the fragrance carrying a type of intoxicating feeling, as if one was making a pilgrimage towards the greatest holy land. 

Outside the danger spot, several heavenly deities worked together, striking a divine drum, blowing a bugle horn, but they had no idea what was going on inside, to the extent where they didn't even know if Shi Hao was affected.

Why wasn't there any activity? In their perspective, once one was affected by the sound waves released by heavenly deities, those who were comprehending the dao would definitely go mad. 

"This brat isn't simple. I feel like he should be unharmed!"

"Is he really inside? Could it be that our suspicions were wrong, that he is actually hiding in a different place?" One of them became doubtful.

"He is definitely inside!" Immortal Palace's heavenly deity was extremely certain, his expression gloomy and cold. Previously, he had encountered the pursuit of the old sable, stirring up a great flame within him, and even more so a type of killing intent. 

"He won't be able to continue living. We'll continue attacking and disturb him in a bit!" Fire Cloud Cavern's heavenly deity said coldly. 

Outside the danger spot, killing intent surged. Eight or nine heavenly deities surrounded this place, not letting a housefly go. They were hoping to trap and kill Shi Hao, not allowing him to escape.

It was because his growth speed truly left these heavenly deities a bit fearful. If he was given more time, he might just directly become a heavenly deity, reach equal footing with them. 

At that time, the three strands of immortal energy would turn into great dao flower petals, suspending above his head. Who could contend against him then?

Just the thought alone made them shiver inwardly. That definitely couldn't be allowed to happen, they had to throttle this monstrous growth!

Otherwise, Huang might break a record, establish a legend for breaking into the heavenly deity realm in the shortest amount of time!

In the great spatial rift, the ancient road extended outwards, reaching deeper and deeper. Shi Hao didn't know how long he traveled, only seeing this stone path still releasing light.

His surroundings were incomparably pitch black, as if he took just a single step further, he would be drowned out by overwhelming darkness. 

Those pitch-black areas couldn't be explored, impossible to see through. Nothing could be seen at all. The Divine Striking Stone and Emperor Butterfly continued to look all around them, feeling uneasy inside, but they didn't see anything. 

One could vaguely hear the roaring sounds of a beast, making one's heart tremble. However, it was extremely indistinct. When one strained their ears to hear it, they then wouldn't be able to hear it anymore.

Shi Hao's Heavenly Eyes were already opened, sweeping forward. What shocked him was that even with the Heavenly Eyes, he could still only see a hazy scene. Darkness shrouded all directions. From time to time, he could see shattered great stars. 

Every single one of those stars was incomparably massive, all of them the cosmos' giant stars!

It was unknown what kind of great battle it was that had happened. A few stellar fragments drifted through this void, as if they were crushed under someone's claw, but also like they were hacked apart. 

Once, Shi Hao saw a scarlet eye that flickered in the darkness, as if there was a giant beast moving about. When he stared at it, it then turned into a strand of black mist.

"So strange!" Shi Hao was on guard, becoming extremely careful. What he saw along this path was extremely shocking. 

In the end, everything became peaceful and still again, and even the ancient path became dim, about to lose luster.

As for the distance, it became even more dark, the great stars he occasionally saw now all gone, only a nothingness and coldness.

This path seemed more and more endless and isolated. Apart from the Divine Striking Stone's occasional muttering, there was no other sound.


Shi Hao was shocked. He seemed to have arrived at the end of this path, the road ahead broken, stone path severed. In the middle was darkness, but there was still another piece of road on the other side. 

Who was the one that broke the road?

Shi Hao stood here, looking at the other side. However, it was far, unable to see it clearly. 

Was he still going to continue? He became silent.


Shi Hao produced a bone artifact. This was one of his many spoils of war, a true deity magical artifact. It flew forward.


Blood radiance appeared in the void. This bone artifact was shattered, destroyed on the spot, turning into white-colored powder. 

This sinister? Shi Hao shivered inwardly. His Heavenly Eyes displayed dao laws, sweeping forward.

He carefully produced the Defying Dragon Scale, holding it in his hand. He reached it outside the broken road, and sure enough, there was blood radiance that flew over, producing kengqiang sounds when it landed on the scale, sparks flying everywhere. 

Shi Hao approximated the strength of the power. Then, he jumped off, crossing this path to reach the other side.


This wasn't any less than heavenly tribulation. Blood radiance poured out in waves, to the extent where there was even black-colored lightning that interweaved, continuously hacking over. They emerged from the void, attacking him. 

The broken part of the road wasn't that wide, but Shi Hao suffered attacks, so it took him two hours to make it across. This left him greatly shaken. 

His blood and qi were actually roiling, blood flowing from the corners of his lips, blasting him until his skin split apart. This type of impact was unimaginable. 

One could well imagine that if it was anyone else, they would have undoubtedly died. Without three strands of immortal energy protecting them, without the tempering of the flesh from crossing tribulation, how could one stop this?

Shi Hao even suspected that this was prepared specifically for people like him, only the most powerful able to step foot here, make it across.

Other than this, one could only rely on supreme mysterious treasures!

Just like that, when he proceeded further, he encountered eight more locations where the road was broken, so nine when added up all together.

"Path of Nine Fractures?!" 

Shi Hao was incredibly bewildered. He saw these bloody words engraved on the stone path, the scene shocking. 

When he continued, there were more words: Long Life Path.

What kind of blasted place was this, actually having these types of descriptions.

After being attacked nine times, even the powerful Shi Hao's flesh was ruptured, finding it a bit difficult to continue. Blood flowed, erupting with golden radiance. 

He sat down, starting to rest and recover. It was because what seemed to be the end was just up ahead, so he was going to face it at his most powerful state. 

The Willow Deity's technique was extremely astonishing. It made his blood energy surge, his body completely recovering soon after. His fighting strength was great, life aura flourishing. 

Finally, Shi Hao reached the peak. He directly walked to the end. There was a stone wall here that stood before him. 

When he turned around, the path was already gone, completely vanishing. Then, longlong sounds rang through the air, and stone walls crushed down from above. 

A sealed stone room was thus formed, separated from the outside world. Primal chaos surged within.

"Not good, we've fallen into a dangerous situation!" The Divine Striking Stone's expression changed. This was walking right into a trap! They were now sealed here. 

Shi Hao activated his precious techniques. He released a fierce strike, and then the stone room changed. Every single wall turned into a part of the heavens, vast and boundless. 

Upon closer inspection, one would find that this 'wall painting' was like the world, able to hold all.

"Shatter the heaven and earth, obtain long life!" 

These words appeared in this stone room. At first, Shi Hao didn't recognize it, because it was too ancient, but after analyzing it for a long time, a type of imprint emerged in his mind, allowing him to mysteriously understand.

What oppressive words! Break through heaven and earth, and you will see long life!

Shi Hao's eyes were deep. When he stopped moving, this place became peaceful, nothing else happening, as if he was going to be trapped here for all of eternity. 

"Open!" The Divine Striking Stone shouted strangely, throwing itself towards the wall. 

A dang sounded. Sparks flew everywhere, but that wall didn't move. 

"What kind of stone material is this? I'm going to eat it!" It cried out, treating it like immortal material, rushing over and bit down on the stone walls, wishing to devour the stone material here. 

However, he couldn't chew through it. The stone wall was too rigid, lightning and sparks splashing out from between its teeth.

Shi Hao thought to himself for a bit, and then he personally took action. Three strands of immortal energy surrounded his fist. He activated his most powerful methods, doing everything he could to bombard that wall!


This strike was like that of a matchless divine king, its radiance filling this secret room. The stone walls violently trembled, dust continuously falling, as if it was going to collapse.

"Heavens, why did a person now appear?!" The Divine Striking Stone cried out strangely.

Shi Hao didn't pay this any attention, still brandishing his fists, from the Lightning Emperor secret method to the Kun Peng Technique, and then to the Reincarnation Fist and others, displaying them one after another, to the extent where he even used them together. 

"Another one!"

"Ah, the third person came out!" 

During this process, the Divine Striking Stone was ranting and raving in fear. Figures appeared one after another between the endless fist radiance, all of them seated in the secluded room. It was just too sudden. 

When Shi Hao finally stopped, the private room became ten times larger, and more than ten individuals had appeared. It truly left one stupefied. 

Shi Hao examined them closely, not saying a word. 

Among these individuals, there were extremely aged elders, heroic and domineering middle-aged men, outstanding and elegant young ladies, and extremely pure children. 

However, from their eyes, Shi Hao could tell that not a single one of them was few in years, their pupils all displaying the vicissitude of time, experiencing endless years. 

Everyone sat there, skin shining, eyes deep, none of them budging an inch.

Every single person possessed exuberant vitality, vivid and lifelike, as if they were cultivating in seclusion. Only, their unmoving eyes were just a bit too strange. 

Shi Hao sighed. These people all died, these were just their bodies, no souls within them. 

What was unexpected was that their physical bodies didn't decay, still possessing life force. As long as a primordial spirit was added, they could stand up, able to possess terrifying divine might. 

"Why are things so strange?"

Shi Hao walked forward. These were figures that were blasted out from the stone walls. He had no idea why they were hidden inside of the walls.

"Shatter heaven and earth, obtain long life. Could it be that by breaking through these stone walls, one could coexist with the world?"

He revealed a strange expression. He walked around these fallen shells, wishing to find out more. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao was stupefied.

Even the Divine Striking Stone couldn't help but cry out. "Achieved immortality?!"

There was a crevice behind every single one of their backs. There was no blood, the opening extremely level, holy light seeping out from it. It was incredibly strange. 

This was the case for every single one of them, as if these creatures had freed themselves from their physical bodies, leaving behind this opening. 

"Why is it just like what's recorded in bone books? Is this ascension?!" No wonder the Divine Striking Stone cried out, this really was exactly the same as what was recorded in ancient records.

Those wounds, the holy light, and those people's flesh shells were vivid and lifelike, surging with vitality, all of them just like the legends.

There were ancient legends of people achieving immortality, leaving behind one's mortal envelope, which was precisely the physical shell. Only the primordial spirit flew out, entering another heaven and earth, enjoying long life there. 

"Don't tell me that these people became immortals, and that these are their mortal envelopes?!" Shi Hao found this a bit difficult to believe. 

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