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Chapter 989 - Advancing At Lightning Speed

The void split apart, a rain of light showering down. This place became more and more brilliant, surrounding Shi Hao inside.

The Divine Striking Stone and Emperor Butterfly were stupefied. This type of scene was truly too miraculous, streak after streak of light flying out as if someone was ascending to immortality. 

In addition, this type of trend continued. Eventually, one could see sparkling flower petals dancing about Shi Hao, to the extent where there was even a sweet fragrance.

This was an astonishing irregular phenomenon!

Those flower petals fell from the cracks in the void, sparkling and translucent, incredibly fragrant. They looked more and more holy and divine, as if they linked up to the Immortal Domain. 

The Divine Striking Stone was stupefied. It opened its mouth, biting down on a flower petal, wanting to see if it was real or just condensed from light.

However, in the end, it still couldn't tell. This type of thing was strange, vanishing from its mouth soon after.

Shi Hao didn't move. He closed his eyes while sitting there, silently sensing his surroundings, carefully using the Saint Wood to cleanse his body. This was a strange and complex process that couldn't be rushed. 

This type of refinement needed to be repeated over and over, requiring a long amount of time, to the extent where multiple cleansings were needed before one could step foot in that domain. 

Holy Sacrifice was extremely strange, and also extremely difficult. 

For Shi Hao who had already reached the great circle of the True Deity Realm, with his talent, if he wanted to immediately become a heavenly deity, he already could.

However, he didn't want to do it like that. He wanted Holy Sacrifice, to cross this difficult, but essential divine step!


A long river tore through the air. Many great stars fell, spinning about here. The scene was incredibly strange. Together with the ascension scene, it made one look even more forward to it. 

This process continued for several days. Shi Hao's flesh was nourished, dao laws tempered, soul forged. The Saint Wood resonated with the world, the light it released truly possessing strange effects, assisting with his Holy Sacrifice. 

There were rumors that when immortal bones from the last great era decayed, the plants that took root on them changed, and that was how Saint Wood was created. 

Of course, these were just rumors. How could immortal bones decay?

There were others that said that Saint Wood weren't plants of this world, but rather came from a mysterious ancient world, possessing strange uses. That was why it was rare and precious, things that were regarded as extremely important by those of this world. 

Regardless, it possessed divine effects, there was no need to doubt this. 

Five days later, Shi Hao opened his eyes. The Holy Sacrifice this time temporarily ended.

His body felt relaxed and clear. After silently sensing his body's state, he found that his body was pure and without any imperfections. Did he accumulate enough already, about to break through this realm?

In the end, Shi Hao shook his head again. He couldn't break through in the very first time. He had to accumulate more and undergo the process a few more times. It was because he wanted to reach perfection!

In addition, he felt that his cultivation speed was fast. He was only twenty years old, yet he could already undergo Holy Sacrifice, about to enter a realm that was comparable to heavenly deity domain. This type of accomplishment was rarely seen even if one searched from past to present. 

It was to the extent where Shi Hao even suspected that he might have broken some record!

If news of this gone out, it would naturally trigger a huge uproar. 

In reality, there was no need for it to pass around, because there were already rumors going about. This was precisely the reason why those sects wanted to eliminate him. His growth was just too fast!

Regardless of whether it was Ning Chuan or Ten Crown King, even though they were powerful, that was because they had accumulated for a long time, long deducing the path that they were going to take, so that was why when they let go, they could advance at flying speed. 

He was different, rising up in one era, yet already established such a great dao fruit, leaving others stupefied. Even a few sect masters inwardly sucked in cold breaths of air!

In the eyes of many people, Huang was formidable!

It was to the extent where a few sects that held favorable impressions towards him privately sighed in admiration. Huang was unique, no one else like him from past to present!

There were even some who said that with his talents, as long as he could continue living, even becoming an unmatched Heavenly Emperor was completely possible. 

Of course, there were also people who retorted, believing that there were heaven defying monsters like him before, erupting with great viciousness at first, but later died out because of the masses. 

There were some who said that these geniuses couldn't live for a long time. There were others like him, but they all fell early, dying prematurely.

There were even more so some who believed that Ning Chuan and others weren't inferior to Shi Hao. They only sealed themselves for the sake of acquiring the greatest natural luck in this era. Otherwise, they would have long became overlords of the three thousand provinces, becoming the most terrifying higher realm giants!

After silently comprehending for two days, Shi Hao was going to enter seclusion cultivation again. The crack in the distant marsh closed, the multicolored light disappearing, fluctuations receding.

"Not good, we have to leave!" The Divine Striking Stone warned.

Shi Hao got up, quickly bringing them away. 

Sure enough, soon afterwards, su su sounds rang out, the sables in the underground cave all rushing out, searching their surroundings with red eyes. 

Shi Hao didn't leave. He was waiting for the next opportunity. He felt that this dangerous place had set patterns. The formation would release symbols after every period of time. 

"Huang, I know that you are cultivating here. Just come out and confess your sins!"

Several days later, a massive sound rang out, shaking this ancient land.

"Sinner's blood descendant, if you want to keep your life, hurry up and admit your wrongs!"

Heavenly deities had arrived outside, standing at the edge of the dangerous land, coldly gazing into this place, their great dao voices shaking the void. 

It was clear that this was a terrifying sound method. If Shi Hao was comprehending the dao, cultivating, then it would definitely cause violent disturbance, a single mistake making him go mad, inflicting devastating heavy injuries!

Those two heavenly deities' methods were vicious. Even though it was just sound, it was definitely fatal!

Shi Hao's eyes immediately became cold, but he didn't reply, hiding in this dangerous area without coming out.


Suddenly, a heavenly deity took action. A great cliff was uprooted as soon as he raised his hand, refining it into a boulder, and then it smashed fiercely into this danger spot.

That was Immortal Palace's heavenly deity, his aura terrifying, methods forceful. This strike was enough to destroy a pure land. If nothing unexpected happened, forget about creatures, even the Saint Wood and other divine roots would be smashed into ashes. 

He was this decisive. Regardless of whether Shi Hao was inside, even if he destroyed spiritual roots like Saint Wood, he still acted fiercely!


Natural laws extended, symbol patterns lighting up. The reason why this place was regarded as a danger spot was precisely because there was an ancient damaged formation here. As a result, his attack wasn't effective.


That enormous rock smashed open, blasted into pieces. 

However, the creatures residing in this danger spot were startled. Three sables turned into three streaks of purple light, rushing over, their eyes red as they roared, chasing after those two heavenly deities. 

At the same time, Shi Hao's eyes became cold. He also acted, having the Divine Striking Stone take action, set a formation, arranging a few formation banners. 

Shi Hao displayed secret methods, silently moving all of the formation banners into the underground cave. 

The formations already began to operate, but they didn't explode. It would be some time before they would act.

Shi Hao didn't even turn around, immediately changing locations. He still didn't leave the danger spot, going into hiding. 

A moment later, a world shaking sound erupted from the underground cave. The formation banners exploded, the mad sables that had lost their minds immediately went crazy. This was especially true for that sect master level old sable, woken up by the explosion. When its red eyes opened, even the great earth trembled. 

It sensed its offspring's aura, sensing that there were heavenly deities fighting intensely.

Immediately afterwards, it turned into a streak of purple light, rushing outside the restricted area, its roar splitting the heavens. Terrifying aura covered heaven and earth. 

"Hurry and run!"

The two heavenly deities' expressions immediately changed, using secret methods, quickly tearing apart the void and rushing inside.


The old sable's claw slapped down, purple light overflowing into the sky, drowning out the void.

"Ah…" One of the heavenly deities released a blood-curdling scream, the lower half of its body torn off, removed by the purple light, suffering a serious injury.

Immortal Palace's heavenly deity was truly extraordinary, not being harmed. He grabbed that other person and moved through the void, disappearing from this place. 

Even though there was no danger to his life, the two heavenly deities were still furious. What kind of status did they have? Yet they actually encountered such danger after entering Immortal Ancient. 

Immortal Palace's heavenly deity's eyes became cold. He just had this feeling that this old sable didn't appear immediately, only startled later on. It should have been guided out by someone. 

"Huang should be inside. He must be killed!" He said coldly. 

Half a month later, the danger spot's marsh spit open again, multicolored light erupting. Strange fluctuations engulfed this ancient land, all of the creatures hiding once again.

Shi Hao held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, entering the Saint Wood forest again, starting his seclusion cultivation again. 

This was an opportunity. Even though it was dangerous, he had to seize it!

This time, when he carried out Holy Sacrifice, sure enough, he felt a new sensation. Several hundred ancient trees shone, the leaves changing from golden to silvery white, and then to a lush green. All different colors and brilliance shone, flickering with holy splendor as they wrapped around him.

This was a cleansing of the soul, refining the sacred bones, forging a divine king!

Shi Hao seized the opportunity, using all types of law force, cleansing his soul, muscles, and bones with the divine light from the top-down, outside in, continuously tempering himself. 

One could see his soul becoming more and more brilliant, the slight blemishes being burned away, his flesh becoming more and more perfect. Blood essence roiled, surging like a heavenly river.


In his surroundings, a rain of light danced about, space exploding. A mysterious ancient road appeared, leading into the endless unknown.

"Ei? It really appeared?!" The Divine Striking Stone cried out strangely. 

In the ancient past, exceptional geniuses like this had existed, and an ancient path like this had appeared before. In the end, when that person took it, it was unknown where it led to, and that person never appeared again. 

Shi Hao opened his eyes and stared at that path, not saying a word. He carefully sensed and thought about it.

At this time, he became increasingly pure and holy, ascension light blossoming from the surface of his body. That ancient road became more and more clear, stretching out before his body, about to guide him inside.


At this moment, more and more heavenly deities arrived outside, every single one of them with powerful auras, divine force surging. 

"Are we really going to get rid of Huang? This person is quite extraordinary. One has to know that a few mysterious guests arrived in the three thousand provinces. These individuals are too powerful, those youngsters so powerful we can't even raise our heads. If we kill Huang now, it won't be too good, right? If we had a stunning figure like him fight against those mysterious guests, it might be a bit better," someone said.

"Haha, it's not like Huang is the only one who is strong enough. Ning Chuan is enough, enough to replace Huang!" Someone said with a cold laugh.

"There is no need for Huang to continue living. Just directly kill him." Underworld Clan's heavenly deity said coldly. He then produced a bone horn, blowing it. 


Demonic sounds split the skies, making even heavenly deities feel restless, forcing them to use mysterious techniques to resist it, let alone others!

"This is an underworld treasure that can make one go mad! Dao brother has truly planned well." Demonic Sunflower Garden's heavenly deity sighed with admiration, and then produced a small drum, saying, "Allow me to contribute."

Dong dong...

Drum sounds shook the skies, making one's blood surge, as if the body was going to be split open. 

Without a doubt, if someone was cultivating in isolation, suffering this type of attack, they would be in huge trouble, perhaps exploding to death!

Immortal Palace's heavenly deity released a heh sound, and then also activated a secret treasure, releasing terrifying divine sound to disturb space, wanting to make Shi Hao explode to death, his methods vicious. 

In the depths of this dangerous place, Shi Hao's expression changed, his mind truly affected. He said coldly, "Do you truly think I am that easy to kill?"

Three strands of immortal energy swirled around him, wrapping him within. His body and mind were calm, resisting that demonic sound, not receiving any fatal damage.

After a long time had passed, when the terrifying sounds became weak, he said to himself, "Wait until I come out, I'll kill every single one of you!"

Shi Hao stood up, and then took a step towards that mysterious ancient road.

"Brat, you… are going inside?!" The Divine Striking Stone was shocked. 

"Just taking a look, see where exactly it leads to!" Shi Hao said, his voice resolute. He wanted to get to the bottom of this. 

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