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Chapter 987 - Saint Wood 

Of course, if he failed, then his end would be extremely miserable!

When that time came, even if he did live, he would rather be dead than alive, becoming weaker than even a normal True Deity. 

All things had a price. If the price wasn't paid, then there wouldn't be anything in return.

The mountain path was rugged, winding into the depths of mountain peaks.

Ancient trees towered into the sky, apes howled and tigers roared, as well as many other strange creatures roaming about. A single roar from them could scatter the clouds in the sky.

Shi Hao was shocked. This place was too dangerous, a few creatures powerful to the point of making even heavenly deities feel restraining fear. 

Soul Race's old heavenly deity followed, escorting him, because he just couldn't feel at ease, traveling with him to this ancient land that was known to have Saint Wood.


An enormous bird spread its wings, and like a dark cloud, the skies were covered, nothing visible. It was too large, its scarlet eyes like two blood moons.

As for just how long its body really was, it was hard to say. One had to calculated it with li rather than the normal zhang[1]!

"The Saint Wood is an irregular treasure, the places it exists in having astonishing spiritual essence density. That is why great primitive vicious birds and ancient beasts reside nearby." The old heavenly deity said. 

He specially reminded that these places even more so had heavenly deities that went mad. The enormous vicious bird in the air was definitely terrifying, powerful enough to kill all creatures. 

Heavenly deities and sect masters, after suffering from the curse, some would become muddle-headed, some going mad. It was just like this mad bird that they saw before their eyes.

That was why they definitely couldn't provoke it. Once it was angered, it definitely wouldn't give up until the two of them were dead, difficult to escape from this mad heavenly deity's pursuit. 

Not long afterwards, they proceeded into the mountain range depths. They saw a Barbaric Ox along the way that was even taller than a mountain peak, its body covered in mud, stone, and grass, unknown just how long it had been since it woke.

However, when the two of them passed by, it unexpectedly moved, releasing an astonishing aura.

The old heavenly deity quickly produced a secret treasure, withdrawing their auras, and then disappeared from this place. That Barbaric Ox opened its eyes, scarlet like a blood lake, sweeping through this place. 

Sect master!

Shi Hao was shocked. They actually encountered an existence that exceeded heavenly deity level. This Barbaric Ox had lived for a truly long time, its enormous horns as sharp as heavenly blades.

Then, it closed its eyes again, continuing its sleep.

Just like that, they passed several dangerous places in succession. If they didn't encounter mad heavenly deities, then they encountered strange beasts, all of them overlords of their domain. 

If an ordinary person rashly barged in, they would undoubtedly die without any path of life to speak of.

Fortunately, he had a heavenly deity following along, as well as their race's secret treasure that could conceal their aura, avoiding these ancient beasts and vile birds. Otherwise, they would have been in danger.

They finally reached their destination. That was a forest full of spiritual essence, looking as if True Dragons were rushing into the heavens. That place looked especially scary.

Saint Wood!

Shi Hao wasn't the only one whose eyes lit up, even Soul Race's old heavenly deity revealed a look of surprise. This type of treasure land was something even they attached great importance to. 

Unfortunately, Saint Wood was extremely special. Not only did it easily attract poisonous bugs and vicious beasts, it was difficult to transplant. Once it left its original place, it would die.

Unlike heaven reaching ancient trees, the shrubs Saint Wood came from were only a foot tall, not even the height of flowers and plants. However, they took root here one after another like azure drakes, their roots wriggling about in a complex manner, incredibly bold and strong. 

Every single one of these shrubs were releasing auspicious multicolored light, able to cleanse the soul and even more so temper the flesh. It was an incredibly strange thing, a type of holy energy pervading the air. 

The shrub's leaves were of every color under the sun, all of them different.

Some of the small tree's leaves were spotlessly white like fine jade, other shrubs the entire tree golden. There were also some that were red like blood diamonds, completely transparent and shining, releasing dazzling splendor. 

As a result, everything before them had mists rising into the air, swirling with flowing colors. It was incredibly sacred.

"En?!" Shi Hao was shocked. There was someone who reached this place, someone sitting in the forest in seclusion. 

The shrubs were precious and not that many in number, only forty nine in total. There was a white clothed individual sitting here, wrapped under holy energy, cultivating like a divine king. 

Ning Chuan!

Shi Hao's eyes went cold. There was actually this opponent cultivating in isolation here, wishing to break through.

This person's cultivation was extremely fast, also wishing to take that step, entering a brand new domain. This wasn't outside of Shi Hao's expectations, since the other party was a Six Crown King, accumulating for six eras. He had likely already thought out his own path a long time ago, likely that six eras ago he was already about to take that step. 

"I have to hurry!" Shi Hao felt like time was more and more pressing. This enemy was about to break through, he definitely couldn't fall behind!

Shi Hao really wanted to take action, but he endured it. It was because from his intuition, he sensed that there were dangers here, there were likely experts hiding in secret.

Then, he sensed it, and even the Soul Race's old heavenly deity hinted for him to be careful, not to act recklessly.

"Centaur Race, Ancient Fiend Race's heavenly deities?!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

There were actually heavenly deities from these two clans here, and they were both 'acquaintances'. They were precisely Ma Yue and Mo Luo, two people that had previously tried to kill him.

Shi Hao's face fell. These two had previously tried to attack him, but he didn't blame their races, even giving them Lightning Tribulation Liquid.

It was to the extent where he even wanted to help them neutralize the dangers after crossing tribulation this time. 

However, these two clans were actually secretly helping Ning Chuan. This was his mortal enemy!

"Truly scheming greatly." Shi Hao's face became a bit chilly, eyes deep as he stared forward, not saying anything else.

The two races had previously entered the Soul Race, saying that they could shelter Shi Hao, sending him to a secret land to cultivate in seclusion, but he refused. It was because he feared that Ma Yue and Mo Luo within the two races would secretly take action. 

He never expected these two clans would spread their net so wide, even working with Ning Chuan. 

"Let's go. There are two heavenly deities here, this old one just a single person. If an intense battle breaks out, things might not end well." Soul Race's old heavenly deity said.

Shi Hao nodded, not saying anything else. They came in high spirits but returned disappointed. However, before leaving the mountain range, he still acted out.


His fist smashed outwards, shattering the mountain peak, startling all of the ancient beasts. He even more so sent a few enormous rocks smashing down on that Barbaric Ox!


A heaven shaking roar sounded, this mountain region unable to become calm again. Several mad heavenly deities were enraged, and that sect master level Barbaric Ox even more so rebelled, going crazy. 


Shi Hao fled quickly, disappearing at the same time with the old heavenly deity. 

Afterwards, they searched about, entering ancient lands one after another in search of Saint Wood. The results were far from ideal. 

There were some places that were actually occupied by heavenly deities of the outside world. Some people predicted that the Exiled Immortal, Ten Crown King, and others might want to break through, and as such, they guarded these Saint Wood sources. 

Only Ning Chuan who had a terrifying sect master,background great wasn't affected. There was someone protecting him.

Soon after, Shi Hao learned that the Exiled Immortal was stuck inside the Vicious Nest, not coming out this entire time!

As for Ten Crown King, he was chased by several great heavenly deities together, his current whereabouts unknown. 

"Those places with Saint Wood actually have heavenly deities occupying them. This isn't good!" Shi Hao frowned. Now it seemed like Ning Chuan might become a divine king  a step before him. 

"Centaur Race, Ancient Fiend Race, you two really are something!" Shi Hao said to himself, feeling anger inside. He had previously helped these two races' heavenly deities, giving them Lightning Tribulation Liquid. He unexpectedly walked so close to enemies. 

"What other places have Saint Wood?" Shi Hao asked. This question had to be solved quickly, or else it would affect his breakthrough speed. 

"This… there is only that place. It is too dangerous. This old one will likely die if he enters!" Soul Race's old heavenly deity's expression was grave. 

Not even he anticipated that all of the Saint Wood places would be occupied.

"Lead the way!" Shi Hao said. 

"Little friend, going there is too risky, a dangerous place. If we really go, it will be nine deaths one life." The old heavenly deity said, feeling quite conflicted.

He mentioned specially that that place even more so restricted magical force, someone as powerful as him would be temporarily weakened into being an ordinary person, unable to use his great divine abilities.

"No harm. It is enough as long as you bring me there. I can enter by myself!" Shi Hao's expressions was unwavering, setting his resolution. 

"Alright!" The old heavenly deity nodded.

"Huang, where are you? You still aren't coming out to confess your sins?!" That day, heavenly deities roared, ringing through every small world. 

"Huang, you can't escape! Not even this enormous Immortal Ancient can hide your guilty body. If you want to live, then hurry and confess your sins!"

Immortal Palace's heavenly deity arrived, his body releasing a terrifying aura, blood energy surging, shocking all of Immortal Ancient's clans. His power was too great, far surpassing that of normal heavenly deities. 

One had to bear in mind that Immortal Palace's core members never exceeded five members. He was one of them.

From young inheritor to heavenly deity, and then to sect master, this was the ladder that had to be climbed. He was precisely the core members' heavenly deity, many years ago known as that era's most powerful young inheritor!

"Sinner's blood descendant, you slaughtered the innocent in Immortal Ancient, filthy blood running through your body, inherent nature vile and vicious, you will be suppressed, not allowed to bring chaos to this world!"

When he heard this heavenly deity's voice, Shi Hao immediately understood why Ning Chuan was able to cultivate in isolation unharmed. His people came inside.

At the same time, he felt great anger inwardly. These people dared to mention sinner's blood. 

"If someone offers Huang's whereabouts, pointing out where he is, then they will be my Heavenly Country's ally! Huang will definitely become a pile of dried bones." Someone said coldly, voice descending like frost of the twelfth lunar month. 

Everyone became even more shaken up. This was Heavenly Country's Death God, definitely one of the most terrifying and cold-blooded individuals. Anyone would feel fear towards him. 

Deities entered Immortal Ancient, all of them wishing to kill Shi Hao. 

It was because this was something that a few great sects were in consensus over. If he was given the chance to grow, then it was likely that no one could keep him in check. He had to be killed now.

"These good-for-nothings all coming, are you all not scared of me giving you all a pleasant surprise?!" Shi Hao said coldly, feeling great anger inside.

These heavenly deities all believed themselves to be high and mighty, already expressing their intentions before even capturing him. They were incredibly overbearing, not placing him in their eyes at all. 

"I have to take that step and become a Divine King, slaughter all those heavenly deities in Immortal Ancient. I will let those great sects feel great pain for a hundred years!" Shi Hao said, his voice resounding.

Finally, Soul Race's heavenly deity brought him to his destination, a forest. He felt a powerful domain's fluctuations as soon as they approached. 

"En? Effects magical force?!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

Soul Race's old heavenly deity nodded, telling him that it was even more terrifying inside.

Shi Hao nodded, having him go back. He was going to proceed alone.

Soul Race's od heavenly deity felt embarrassed. Out of fear that something unexpected would happen to him, he was determined to follow along, wishing to ensure his safety. It was because he was still waiting for Shi Hao to save his clansmen.

Shi Hao saw that he wasn't acting artificial but truly sincere, but the more this was the case, the more he couldn't let this elder take the risk. He strictly rejected, and then proceeded alone.

When he entered this valley, it was still barren without a stalk of grass. However, he discovered a strange energy that reduced him to becoming an ordinary person. His magical force and cultivation completely vanished.

Then, a group of ants crawled out from the underground nest, every single one of them several zhang long, pitch black and shining, their strength extraordinary. 


An ant threw itself over, unexpectedly not depending on magical force, only its flesh strength enough to collapse a mountain peak. 

"How powerful!" 

This was without a doubt going to be a fierce battle. 

Shi Hao had previously had his body cleansed by lightning tribulation. He fought against these black divine ants. Sparks flew everywhere, keng qiang sounds ringing through the air.

In the end, he slaughtered his way through the ant swarm, charging forward. 


The sounds of wings flapping sounded. Shi Hao's scalp felt numb. Right in front of him was a group of centipedes, every single one of them several feet long, silver wings growing on their backs. They covered the sky as they rushed over.

This was an incomparably dangerous situation, a group of poisonous divine bugs. 

Meanwhile, right now, Shi Hao's magical power couldn't be used, only able to rely on his flesh, so it was dangerous to the extreme. Fortunately, his body was truly too powerful, smashing into these centipedes until zheng zheng sounds rang out and fiery light was released, not broken through. 

In the end, the Emperor Butterfly woke up. With a flap of its wings, it started back all of the poisonous bugs. 

Without a doubt, the Emperor Butterfly displayed great use. In the following road, several dozen species of vicious bugs emerged, all of them incomparably powerful. Those were dozens of tribes. 

However, these bug races had already gone mad, unable to communicate with. Their instincts still remained, so they were startled back by the Emperor Butterfly's aura. 

If Shi Hao tried to charge his way through himself, it was unknown just how long it would take, definitely nine deaths one life. However, by relying on the Emperor Butterfly, he made it through more scared than hurt.

In the end, he saw a place with large amounts of Saint Wood, every single stalk the height of a person, their numbers reaching several hundred. It was like a forest, releasing the most brilliant radiance.

"My path is going to begin!" Shi Hao's voice was firm!

1. 1 zhang= ~3.5m 1 li = 500m

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