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Chapter 983 - Stand Out From the Masses

After who knew how much time had passed, Shi Hao was finally able to move again. The injuries he received this time were truly unexpected. The place of natural luck was actually so astonishing, the trial so terrifying.

He silently thought to himself. If not for the three strands of immortal energy surrounding him, making his flesh powerful to the extreme, and the fact that he experienced the most powerful lightning tribulation baptism, the results would be too horrible to imagine.

He sat here, silently recovering. Only when his body released an ear-splitting rumbling sound, his essence blood completely recovering to its peak did he get up. 

Right now, Shi Hao's body was no longer flickering with golden luster, but instead recovered its normal color, yet it was still translucent like jade, bright like Immortal Gold.

Back then, after cultivating the Willow Deity's technique, his body would display golden color from time to time, a rather strange phenomenon. Now, everything was completely normal. Even when operating that technique, his skin color would still remain unchanged.

He carefully examined himself, discovering that he already reached the late-stage of the True Deity Realm, to the extent where he was almost at the great circle. This type of cultivation speed was truly a bit too terrifying. How much time had passed, yet he already had this type of dao results!

"I've made ample preparations, but this type of speed is still too fast. I haven't prepared all of the divine objects needed before entering the next cultivation realm yet. I'll go look for them as soon as I get out of this place." Shi Hao said to himself.

He held the jade box in his hands. He tried to open it several times, but it remained unmoved. This left him quite shocked.

After carefully analyzing it, he revealed an expression of shock. It was actually because his cultivation wasn't enough, unable to see what was inside.

"I'm already close to the great circle of the True Deity Realm, about to enter the next level, yet I don't have the qualifications to see what's inside?!" He was incredibly shocked. 

After searching around the altar, he verified that there was nothing else. As such, he put away the jade box and jumped off the massive altar.

Several dozen ancient coffins, every single one of them carrying a dao book and immortal seed. Shi Hao's eyes were burning with desire. Why couldn't he move even a single coffin?

Even though he felt that the thing inside the jade box should be even more precious, already enough, when he saw so many inheritances laid before him, he still felt a bit upset.

There were so many scriptures in front of him, every single one of them enough to trigger a great commotion in the outside world, making even great sect masters' eyes red with greed, yet he couldn't obtain them.

Shi Hao was unwilling. From start to finish, he tried at these coffins one after another again. However, in the end, not a single one of them could be opened. 

This was especially the case with the few ancient coffins in front of the altar that were the most unordinary. They were exceptionally large, the scriptures and immortal seeds within indistinct. One could vaguely hear great dao sounds from them.

"Truly unwilling!" Shi Hao said. 

Suddenly, his expression changed. He looked towards the entrance, seeing the Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King barge in, their speed like lightning, fast to the extreme, accompanied by terrifying auras. 

They immediately saw Shi Hao, discovering that he was currently trying to open a jade coffin. They were immediately stupefied.

Soon after, the two of them woke up. They opened up their Heavenly Eyes, seeing what was inside the ancient coffins. Both of them were shocked.

"Great dao scriptures?!"

"The precious texts of immortals?!"

The two of them reacted at the same time , rushing over at nearly the same instant, attacking at Shi Hao.

It was because in their perspectives, the ancient coffin Shi Hao was moving was definitely important. Otherwise, why would he choose that one?

"Do you two have some kind of problem? There are so many coffins, why are you fighting against me?" Shi Hao was furious. He was already discontent to begin with.


He didn't hold back at all, giving each of them a fist, shaking up this pace. Lightning interweaved, all types of mysterious symbols blossoming. The void split open.

However, none of the ancient coffins were damaged. 

"Yi?" Suddenly, the Exiled Immortal stopped attacking, withdrawing. It was because he suddenly felt as if some type of natural luck was currently calling out to him. 

Why was this? He was quite confused.

However, in that instant, the Exiled Immortal understood. Before that altar, one of the massive jade coffins produced light, resonating with him.

"This is…" The Exiled Immortal immediately rushed over. 

At the same time, Ten Crown King also developed a reaction, revealing a look of surprise. In front of the altar, another enormous ancient coffin also shone, resonating with him, making his heart clear. There was a mysterious fluctuation harmonizing with him.

Ten Crown King moved over, standing before this ancient coffin, not moving his feet again.

Was this an immortal scripture? It was actually resonating with them, did it choose them?

Shi Hao felt extremely 'grieved'. He tried everything, yet not a single coffin paid attention to him. However, as soon as these two entered, they developed a strange reaction.

This left him truly annoyed. Even with the jade box in hand, he still felt resentful.

"Why aren't they choosing me?!" He roared, his voice like thunder, shaking up this entire ancient land. 

This great roar woke up both the Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King. They reached out their powerful divine senses, sweeping through this ancient place, and then they couldn't help but feel shocked. All of the ancient coffins had jade books, not lost. However, Huang came earlier than them, yet couldn't obtain one.


Ning Chuan slaughtered his way over, the heavenly diagram shining, carrying great stars one after another. It was as if an expanse of the ancient cosmos descended here.

As soon as he entered, an ancient coffin immediately displayed multicolored light. It was similarly an ancient coffin before the altar, releasing ripples, spreading towards him.

He was immediately chosen? When Shi Hao saw this scene, his eyes became even more red. He was truly angered by these jade coffins, not reacting to him at all. In the end, the others were 'rewarded' as soon as they came. 

"Little Six kid, take my fist! This natural luck belongs to me!" Shi Hao roared, rushing murderously at Six Crown King Ning Chuan. He was truly upset, releasing a vicious attack.

What kind of person was Ning Chuan? He quickly understood the situation. There were several dozen scriptures, but the sinner's blood descendant couldn't bring away a single one. Even someone as aloof as himself couldn't help but reveal a faint smile.

"You dare mock me? Die!"

A honglong sounded. Shi Hao's left hand produced the Reincarnation fist, right hand the Lightning Emperor fist. Time fragments and lightning interweaved, blasting towards Ning Chuan. 

The two fought viciously, going all out.

Meanwhile now, Shi Yi also arrived. He already obtained an ancient coffin's recognition, currently comprehending in that area, about to obtain the dao book. 

Then, the other ancient freaks all came, barging into this place. Several ancient coffins shone one after another, choosing those heaven warping geniuses. 

"I'm going to die from anger! Even those without immortal energy are being chosen, why are they getting them! Where's my dao scripture?!" Shi Hao roared with anger. 

At this moment, everyone who came knew what had happened. All of them wanted to laugh loudly. The one who came first actually didn't obtain any recognition, no scriptures choosing him. 

The corners of many of their mouths twitched, forcefully resisting the urge to laugh. 

They really found this amusing. The supreme being of a generation -- Huang, unexpectedly wasn't chosen, no scriptures selecting him.

Shi Hao's face carried anger, but he didn't feel that upset inside. He did feel a bit resentful, but the main reason was to put on a performance. Right now, the jade box couldn't be exposed, or else he would definitely be attacked from all sides. 

That was why he fought risking everything against Ning Chuan, the battle intense. The first was the conceal the jade box's existence, the second was to stop his mortal enemy from obtaining the inheritance. 

Then, more and more people came, because Shi Hao broke through the Wall of Despair, forging a road. Those behind weren't obstructed.

Chang Gongyan and Cao Yusheng also arrived, transmitting to him that the realm wall had been shattered. Some experts from the outside realm slaughtered their way into Immortal Ancient, so they had to make plans ahead of time. 

Shi Hao's mind was greatly shaken, abandoning Ning Chuan. He couldn't stay here for too long, but he couldn't just leave like that either. He tried to open up the coffins again. 

More and more people came. Everyone knew that Huang actually had nothing to do with the greatest natural luck, unable to obtain any of the scriptures. 

A few people really couldn't hold themselves back, feeling incomparable excitement, feeling joy in his disaster. 

In reality, Shi Hao was also sneering inside, secretly saying 'just laugh, the true item is already in my hands'. 


He arrived before an enormous coffin, forcefully occupying it. He prepared to do everything he could to bring it away. 

Right at this moment, the little fatty ran over while jolting his buttocks, a bit excited, but also feeling a bit wronged, indicating that this ancient coffin was calling out to him. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything, angrily giving this coffin a kick. 

"Stop! Be gentler! This is what I am relying on to become an immortal!" The fatty cried out loudly, feeling incredible pain.

"You! What are you laughing at! You dare ridicule me?!" Shi Hao turned around, staring towards those in the distance. "You can leave, everything in this ancient coffin belongs to me."

That person's face immediately became pale. Even though his status was unordinary, known to be able to travel unhindered through the three thousand provinces, when facing Huang, he was still full of a sense of powerlessness. 

With a hong sound, Shi Hao sent him flying with, standing in front of that ancient coffin. However, no matter what he did, it was still useless.

"Hateful!" He gave the ancient coffin a heavy kick, and then he turned around, leaving this place, looking towards the others.

At this moment, no one dared laugh, all of them keeping quiet out of fear. This devil king couldn't obtain an immortal's ancient scripture, so if he targeted them, using them to vent his anger, then that would be too unlucky.

"You, get out of the way. Let me take a look at this jade coffin." Shi Hao pointed forward. He tried to seize others' coffins several times, but he couldn't obtain any inheritance. 


Suddenly, the Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King simultaneously opened their ancient coffins. That jade ancient book and immortal seed flew out on their own, landing in their hands.

However, no matter what they did, they couldn't read the words in the scriptures, couldn't open the jade book. 

Then, Ning Chuan, Shi Yi, Cao Yusheng and Chang Gongyan also succeeded. 


Suddenly, a sound rang out from beside them. Someone obtained the acknowledgement, opening the ancient coffin. However, as soon as they obtained the jade book, they immediately exploded.

The ancient book and immortal seed rushed into the heavens, turning into a streak of light, breaking through the underground palace, disappearing from this place. Others couldn't stop this even if they wanted to.

Then, this type of event happened continuously, shocking many people. 

Everyone finally discovered that if one didn't cultivate immortal energy, even if they matched with a cultivation dao and ancient text, after opening the coffin, they still couldn't obtain the inheritance, instead exploding and dying themselves. 

This made many people's expressions change!

"Who dares work together with me? If you open the ancient coffin, I'll suppress the scriptures!" Shi Hao shouted loudly, seeming extremely anxious. 

Many people became quiet. Who dared to try this out? Quite few people backed out. Even though the scriptures were excellent, unmatched inheritances, their lives were more important. 

"Yi, where do you think you are going?!" Shi Hao shouted. 

Those who came later didn't know that if they didn't cultivate immortal energy, they couldn't open up the coffin and acquire the books. In the end, they exploded. As soon as that scripture rushed up, Shi Hao took action, rushing forward.


Unexpectedly, this ancient scripture didn't escape, instead withdrawing into the jade container, becoming dormant.


Shi Hao struck the coffin, producing endless brilliance.

In addition, this time, the ancient coffin actually shook a few times. It moved!

"Once it's been opened, the seal is damaged. Can I bring it away?" Shi Hao was excited. However, no matter how hard he worked, he still couldn't open up the jade coffin. 

In the end, he released a great roar, using everything he had, forcibly raising this ancient coffin. 

This type of divine force shocked everyone. The blood energy he released was enough to make many true deities tremble and fall weak onto the ground.

The reason why this ancient coffin could be lifted up was completely because the seal was broken. However, despite this being the case, it still left Shi Hao feeling incomparably strained, exceptionally difficult to carry. His entire face was covered in sweat. 

"Angering me to death! Go!" Shi Hao released a strange cry. While carrying this ancient coffin, he began to run outside.

It was because he knew that the experts of the outside world had also entered, so he had to leave this place. He couldn't waste any more time.

Everyone became stupefied. Everyone obtained scriptures, immortal seeds, yet he directly brought a coffin away, carrying it while running. It really was strange.

Along the way, many people obtained news, now knowing if they should take joy in his calamity or feel shocked. Huang really was weird. 

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