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Chapter 982 - Obtaining Natural Luck

The other coffins were all like this as well. The corpses within them disappeared, each leaving behind a scripture and immortal seed.

The coffins were all chiseled out of jade, the simple and ancient designs carrying a sparkling brilliance. The jade books were mysterious, surrounded in hazy mists and multicolored light. 

Needless to say, these were precious dao books left behind from the last great era!

Shi Hao's eyes flickered with divine light, his mind rising and falling. He immediately understood; this was the place of inheritance!

Behind the wall of despair, above the nine heavens was a hint of light, a gleam of hope for those after them. This was precisely it. 

"The cultivation methods of the last great era?"

Shi Hao was moved. He really wanted to see what the so-called last great era's methods were like. He had heard that they were different form this world's for quite some time, the main reason because they cultivated by relying on immortal seeds. 

He produced a spiritual body, commanding it to advance and test out an ancient coffin. His true body stayed quite far away to prevent any accidents from happening. 


Shi Hao was shocked. It unexpectedly didn't move, not opening up the jade coffin. With his current strength, forget about a coffin, even an entire mountain could be lifted. 

When he used natural laws, the jade coffin even more so shone, secret force swirling about, rejecting him.

There was no way to open the coffin. This mean that he couldn't obtain this jade book. 

What did this mean? Shi Hao stood in front of it, and then walked a circle around it. Since he managed to come here, it was reasonable to assume that he should be able to obtain the natural luck. 

He raised his head and looked outwards. There were other ancient coffins up ahead, but the difference between each one was quite great. The number of inheritances here couldn't be considered few, should number at least several dozen. 

He continuously tried a few times, but none of the coffins displayed any reaction, no way to open it. 

Shi Hao didn't force things, because there were still more ahead. He continued forward. The color of the coffins became different, all of them belonging to a rare ancient jade. 

In addition, when he looked inside of them, he found that they all carried headless corpses, their flesh bodies not decaying, blood still surging with vitality, as if they would spill out from the coffin. 

"So many unmatched experts died in the past?"

Shi Hao was shaken up. The blood of the people here was sparkling, still glistening and bright. They were definitely not ordinary, quite possibly true immortals!

This type of scene was too terrifying. Several dozen coffins, what kind of great fighting strength was this?

Even if they weren't immortals, they were still forbidden existences at the peak of the great dao, simply unimaginable. 

However, they all died, all of them beheaded. Just how terrifying was the enemy? Was this the reason behind the despair everyone felt?

At the same time, Shi Hao recalled another thing. When he was chasing the ominous back then, he had previously ended up on that blood-soaked large black boat, on it a stone cauldron. 

Back then, he had been shaken up, because it was filled with heads, all of them belonging to unmatched experts, possibly immortals!

Now, so many headless corpses appeared here. Could it be that there was some type of relationship between the two? Don't tell me they were connected?

A group of experts of this level died just like that, leaving him deeply horrified. As he watched these headless corpses, Shi Hao seemed to have heard a bugle horn from the last great era, the sounds of endless experts tearing murderously at each other, the most powerful creatures shedding blood…

Shi Hao broke out into a cold shiver. The unmatched experts of the past were now all headless corpses, their blood already cold, all of them arranged here. It truly made one sigh with lament.

Soon after, all of these coffins began to change inside. The corpses vanished, leaving behind a jade book and an immortal seed. 

He tried them all, but in the end, not a single ancient coffin opened. 

This made him frown. So many inheritances, but he couldn't obtain a single one of them?

Shi Hao didn't utter a sound, continuing forward. When he reached the end, he saw an altar. It was extremely vast, stretching before him like a great mountain. 

He carefully approached, arriving before it. 

This altar had all types of diagrams carved on it, from creatures to starry domains, from a speck of dust to a boundless sea. There were past natives, and even true immortals. 

The diagram was extremely ancient, crossing the endless river of time. This was an altar from the last great era.

It towered here, so enormous, unknown as to what kind of use it had. If one ascended it, they would be able to overlook all of the coffins.

Shi Hao walked around it. In the end, he took to the air, arriving at the peak of this altar. There weren't any abnormalities or dangers that occurred. 

An object was consecrated at the top of the altar.

Shi Hao's mind jumped, his eyes immediately shining. In this kind of place, on top of such a grand ancient altar, there was something offered as tribute?

On the altar, chaotic energy pervaded the air, the scene exceptional and unordinary. 

Apart from that thing, there was nothing else. 

Shi Hao rushed over with large steps, reaching in front of it. He took a deep breath, grabbing a jade box. It was quite light, and he wasn't obstructed at all.

"Is this my opportunity?" His mind moved.

He made it through this ancient coffin region, but didn't obtain anything, directly reaching the end. Now, only after ascending the altar did he obtain something. 

Moreover, this ancient altar was vast, able to overlook everything, majestic and extraordinary.

His mind was moved. He couldn't help but become curious, wishing to open this jade case, seeing what exactly was inside.

However, when he exerted force, the jade box shone, and there was a cryptic and indistinct engraving that appeared. It was as if a voice sounded in his mind. 

"Want to bring this away? It'll depend on whether you have the qualifications or not!"

Shi Hao's mind trembled. Wasn't this kind of late? Needing qualifications, he already made it all the way here, yet there were still restrictions.

Immediately afterwards, he shivered inwardly, a layer of goosebumps covering his skin. He felt that a great disaster was descending. 

He immediately rose up, wishing to escape. However, he discovered with shock that his feet couldn't move from the altar, rigidly stuck to the altar's surface, unable to take even half a step. 

Ever since he obtained that jade box, he was already bound in place, difficult for him to escape. 

At the same time, the altar released a beam of light. It was as if immortal swords appeared one after another, every single one of them shining as they pierced through the void. Strand after strand of chaotic energy pervaded the air, making this place appear more and more mysterious. 

Shi Hao couldn't leave. Meanwhile the altar's clouds produced red multicolored clouds, displaying a mysterious power, unexpectedly starting to refine him. 

Shi Hao released a muffled groan, using all of his power to resist this power. Eventually, he gradually raised his feet, but boundless pressure immediately surged over, imprisoning him.


He was pressed down, his entire vertebra about to break, bending downwards. 

Shi Hao released a low roar. He sat down there, straightening his back, using his own supreme being precious technique, as well as the vicious ten divine ability and Willow Deity's method. 

He risked everything. Already reached this point, so how could there be anything unexpected?

He definitely wasn't going to let the jade box go, had to bring it away!

On the altar, the multicolored light and chaotic energy pressed down on Shi Hao, forming a cage, transforming into a cauldron, suppressing him within. 

"En? Want to refine me?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

However, he didn't feel any fear. He couldn't show weakness right now, had to fight to the end.

He had to display his own extraordinary parts. Since a so-called qualification was mentioned, then this was a trial and assessment. He should be able to cross it.


Heavenly thunder erupted, lightning interweaving within that cauldron, all of it hacking down on Shi Hao's body. Then, great yang flames appeared, burning his body. Afterwards, great yin water flowed about, drowning him within.

Shi Hao gasped. At this moment, even someone as powerful as him almost couldn't handle it. All types of power appeared, all of them the extremes of different domains. 

In that instant, he endured several hundred strikes!

If it was an ordinary person, forget about enduring, they wouldn't be alive right now. They would immediately turn into ashes.


After who knew how much time had passed, a primal chaos mound crushed down, incredibly heavy, enough to shatter the stars in the heavens. Shi Hao immediately vomited blood, his bones breaking and tendons snapping.

Forget about him, even heavenly deities would feel horrified upon seeing this primal chaos mound. 

This type of thing that came from primal chaos could be refined into unmatched precious artifacts, so they naturally possessed the power to crush mountains, rivers, stars, and others. Shi Hao's body was extremely powerful, yet he still couldn't hold on. 

It was because this primal chaos mound was too great, too heavy!


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao was crushed until his flesh was in tatters, unknown how many bones broken. After a long time passed, only then did the mound of earth disappear.

If it was an ordinary ancient freak here, that person would undoubtedly be dead right now, not even leaving behind a ruined body.

With a hu sound, golden flames surged. Blood energy surged from within Shi Hao's body, rushing out vigorously. His flesh released pi pa sounds, the broken bones becoming pure white and sparkling, starting to connect back together.

This was the Willow Deity's technique, making his current vitality exuberant. Even though he was injured, he could immediately receive nourishment, able to quickly recover. 

This was what was currently the most heaven defying about this technique.

The Willow Deity had previously suffered disaster, turning into a seed, and then later on, it suffered a lightning strike, turning into a dried up piece of wood. However, it revived again and again, all because of its technique that allowed its life source to become astonishing, able to carry out a rebirth. 

As soon as Shi Hao's body just recovered, a black-colored rock smashed over, only the size of a millstone, but it directly made his bones break and tendons snap, almost crushing him into a bloody paste.

"This is…" He was shocked. This was World Stone!

A piece of stone that possessed immeasurable value, something that would make even the eyes of immortals burn with desire. This was what he was facing.

However, regardless of whether it was the primal chaos mound or this piece of World Stone, neither of them were real, all produced from natural laws. However, the power they contained was real.


Shi Hao earnestly operated his techniques, his flesh quickly recovering. However, this World Stone smashed over again. Even though he used precious techniques to face it, he was still struck. 

He coughed out blood again, his flesh becoming tattered. 

Just like that, he faced this several times, almost turning into a bloody paste!

This trial was truly strange. Shi Hao knew that this was definitely something prepared for an individual with three strands of immortal dao energy. Otherwise, other ancient kings would definitely be killed after coming here.

At this moment, even he almost couldn't handle it anymore. 

Many symbols appeared on the surface of his body. A golden willow tree appeared behind him. Blood energy surged. He restored his injured body, but it was quite clear that if he continued like this, his source energy would be greatly injured. 

No techniques came without a cost. One had to use their own foundational essence to support them. 

Shi Hao felt as if time went back extremely slowly, as if a day dragged on like a year. Even someone with potential as profound as himself felt the pain was difficult to endure. Right now, swords made from natural laws hacked down on his primordial spirit from the void one after another. 

He was restrained on the altar, only able to passively defend. 

Afterwards, metal energy spread outwards. This was liquid formed from Immortal Gold after it was refined. It trickled down from the void, landing on his body.

This was not normal metal liquid. It all carried immortal energy!

"Hateful!" Shi Hao wanted to curse out. What kind of bastard created this trial? It was just too tormenting, a single mishap resulting in body and spirit being obliterated. 

Finally, after who knew how much time had passed, the altar became peaceful again. He was about to fade away, flesh badly mangled, bones broken, his body an absolute mess.

Shi Hao couldn't budge an inch, but in the end, he made it through.

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